Ok, I wasn’t going to report this until a month in, but since Rudy decided it was time, it’s time. As you can see from the league, through two weeks, I’m more ‘pert than some, and less ‘pert than two. What can we take away from my two weeks of league ‘perting? Well, I told ya’ll not to draft pitching too high and I didn’t. My top pitcher was Aaron Harang and I didn’t draft him until the 73rd pick and my second pitcher off the board was Rich Hill at 103. So you figure my pitching’s in the crapper, right? Out of a possible 75 points, I have 47.5 points. Dang, maybe you don’t need to draft pitching early. Anyway, here’s the pretty pictures of my league. I suggest you click on them and bask in my short-lived glory. The second picture is my “crappy” pitching staff. Actually, with the loss of Rich Hill recently, I shouldn’t put crappy in quotes, I may be playing with my back against the wall in these next couple of weeks. Hopefully, Shawn Hill can return shortly and pitch as well as I think he can. BTW, I must be the only one interested in Shawn Hill in my league because I picked him off waivers, then dropped him for Speier last week, only to pick Hill up again when I re-dropped Speier. As I said in the beginning of the year, don’t hold your waiver wire pick. Just use it and use it. Well, without further ado, as if there hasn’t been enough ado.

  1. john says:

    Considering your disdain for Wood, I’m surprised you have him in your ‘pert league

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    I’ll take anyone (except Jason Bay) if they fall to the right spot.

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