After a painful hiatus Lance and your boy Ralph are back at it again. Lance is fresh off the Winter Meetings, and I’m just fresh off. We open the show with some interesting tidbits Lance picked up out in Vegas and follow it up with some discussion of the Rockies recent acquisition of Daniel Murphy. What’s to become of Brendan Rodgers and Garrett Hampson? Don’t worry, we’ll tell ya! We finish the show with some dynasty strategy talk, walking through the first half of a recent startup league I’m participating in. It’s another dynamite performance from Lance, and a slightly above-average phone in job on my end. It’s the Razzball Prospect Podcast powered by As always make sure you stop by, and support our sponsor by picking up some of the freshest T-shirts out there.

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  1. Racehorse says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast — any talk of Rockies hitting prospects is a must listen.

    I definitely understand why Rockies hitting prospects can be somewhat overrated, but the idea of missing out on the next Rox big bat (I almost dropped Story from my dynasty team’s minor league roster Feb-2014) gives me the hives.

    I have Hampson, Tapia, Welker, and Vilade stashed …

    Any thoughts on Ryan Vilade?

  2. jose H says:

    You mention being high on Nico Hoerner. What kind of future power do you see on him? Is he a posible 20/20 in the future? I like what i have seen of him, whether he play SS OR 2B.

  3. goodfold2 says:

    me likely that prospects live not only has a top 30 for every team, they are detailed for all of them. i’m guessing you write some of that stuff or no? anywho, i got that psycho early 30 team draft (6 rounds, we now have 40 or maybe 45 prospect slots in this league) starting in maybe 2 weeks or so. very happy to see that you guys are almost DONE already with those 30 team lists (FAR ahead of most other industry lists like this at least basing that on previous years when it’s like half are done by january or so). one thing, do you (or anybody else over at prospects live) have a top 300 or 500 updated since end of MLB season (i could use your top 500 of course plus the first year players list and plus the 30 team lists but it’s quite hard to merge this stuff together, a few years back i got kirilloff rather than acuna since i didn’t effectively merge the 1st year guys (kirilloff was my 1st rounder) with previously unowned guys on ranking them)

  4. Clokwerc says:

    Who do I start take in mind I have Trubisky as my QB..

    Cohen Or Carson?

    • goodfold2 says:

      @Clokwerc: wrong side of site.

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