There’s a few people who are going to understand what FIP is.  The people who scored a 2400 on the SATs.  Or 1600 if you’re old school, literally.  The people who use a Bunsen Burner to light their pipe.  The people who know what is in a Twinkie.  You know, real smart people.  Me?  I just know that Twinkies are delicious.  Luckily, there’s people out there that figure out these highfalutin numbers like FIP and give ’em to us plain and simple.  Okay, so let’s take a Exhibit A pitcher who has an ERA of 2.75 but his FIP is a 6.75.  A -4.00 difference.  That means he’s been very lucky and there’s a good chance his ERA is going to go way up.  So here’s a list of pitchers with the biggest difference between their actual ERAs and their FIPs. (If your guy’s on the list, it’s not a great sign.)

Kevin Millwood – -2.06 difference.  Surprise, surprise or no surprise, no surprise.  Either way, Millwood has been getting lucky on balls in play, leaving a ton of guys on base that should be scoring and, before yesterday, hadn’t been striking out anyone.  The summer months in Arlington + Millwood = Uh-oh.

Matt Cain – -1.72.  Seems like this guy’s been a sell high guy since his first start of the season.  Here’s the thing, stranding almost 90% of baserunners is SS Minnow-type numbers.  Hold him, and you may end up looking like Gilligan.

John Lannan – -1.71.  Few strikeouts, plenty of walks, Nats pitcher, lucky on balls in play… I think you’ve heard enough.

Johnny Cueto – -1.54. He’s cut his walks this year, which is a good sign, and his FIP is only 4.10 so that’s not terrible.  He’s young and will probably tire as the season goes on so he’s a decent sell candidate, but I wouldn’t move him for an Intellivision, unless old school video games are your thing.

Trevor Cahill – -1.18.  He’s in a similar boat as Lannan.  No Ks, plenty of walks, a team that doesn’t score many…  Blech.

Rick Porcello – -1.14.  He may have a correction in July and August, then, because of his age, he’ll probably get shutdown towards the end of August.  Or he’ll have starts skipped.

Zach Duke – -1.03. His FIP is only 4.21.  You’ll take that mark on the year from Duke and like it.

Joe Saunders – -1.02.  I’ve been saying not to buy this guy since the preseason, so I don’t need to say more, right?

Ted Lilly – -1.02, which is a 4.06 and he’s about a 4 ERA pitcher so that’s not surprising. With his Ks, he’s well worth owning.

Yovani Gallardo – -1.01.  It bummed me out to see him on this list.  He’s pitching closer to a 4 than a 3 ERA.  Luckily, he’s K’ing over 9 batters per nine.  I’d put that in my pipe and light it with my Bunsen Burner any day of the week.

  1. Corey says:

    I’ve yet to figure out the difference in all of the pitching “ips” (Dips,lips,fips)

  2. Not to beat a dead horse or pit razzball against Mr. Roto even more (although, his subsequent meltdown in that 24-hr. chat kept the flames smoldering longer than necessary, at least on his end), but I listened to an espn fantasy podcast last week where neither Matthew Berry nor his co-host knew what FIP is. If I remember correctly, their guess was “fly balls in play” (?).

  3. Eric C. says:

    Adam Jones or Kemp for rest of season? Or avoid both if possible? (I’m a bit worried about Kemp batting 9th and Jones has fallen down to earth a bit. eep)

  4. Corey says:

    VanHammersly: I understand it is an acronym for Fielding Independent Pitching Statistics, at least that’s what I thought it was?

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Corey: Ships, pips, dungarees rips… They’re tricky.

    @VanHammersly: Hehe, know what’s funny. And not actually funny, but weird. Guy on PTI said Razzball was his favorite fantasy baseball blog.

    @Eric C.: Kemp

  6. sean says:

    I vigorously support free trade and oppose GM/commissioner intervention in fantasy baseball, but this trade today irked me a bit:

    Joe Mauer and Fernando Rodney for Chris Iannetta, Alex
    Rodriguez and Chris Volstad.

    Rodney and Volstad cancel out in my mind (sort of) and we’re left with Mauer for A-Rod and Iannetta. I wouldn’t trade A-Rod for Mauer straight up, let alone give up power hitting C plus the Lighting Rod for Minnesota Joe.

    I may have to resort to Grey’s earlier Mad-Lib…

  7. Just thought I would throw in xFIP for Zach Duke. His is 4.59, so I think that hurts a bit and would get rid of him quickly.

    (xFIP helps account for luck on homers against)

  8. Dave says:

    Okay, so how does FIP cope with teams simply having good defense? Why would a pitcher who keeps getting bailed out by his fielding not keep getting the same support?

  9. Ashley says:

    Who do you like more between Luke Scott, Cody Ross, and Vernon Wells? In a vacumn, rest of season.. Thanksss

  10. Joe from Point Pleasant says:


    Thoughts on Kevin Correia?

    Just picked him up in one league after noticing that he had a 20-2 K/BB ratio in his last 4 starts. He also pitches at Petco which can’t hurt. After his next start at texas, his schedule actually becomes very easy too. He’s also the Padres ace, not that that means anything nowadays.

  11. Porcello’s xFIP is pretty good at 4.27. Component ERAs that don’t use batted ball data are kind of unfair to guys like Porcello who have great GB%. With that said, he’s struck out only 9 guys his last 4 starts, possibly concerning.

  12. Thunder Dan says:

    I was offered this trade in my monster 20 team league, in which we roster a mind-blowing 28 players: his Kevin Slowey and Todd Coffey for my Scott Downs and BJ Ryan. It’s H2H, and holds are a category.

    I’m actually pretty well stocked with closers — I also have Kerry Wood and Soria. And hell, if I win saves every week — that’s just one category. I need to think of the big picture here!

    I’m finding that starting pitching is very valuablein a league this big. You can’t stream effectively because even the crappy starters are rostered. My SPs are Lincecum, Bedard (DL), Pavano (DL any minute now), Kyle Davies (demoted for sucking so much), J.A. Happ and Charlie Morton!

    I countered with McCutchen/Slowey for Downs/Ryan in an attempt to get a little more, but I was tempted to take the original deal. Thoughts?

  13. EricB says:

    Agree with Troy Patterson. xFIP is a great statistic as it adjusts the HR/FB ratio to league average. I use it all the time.

  14. Scott says:

    @Thunder Dan: I like either deal for you. You need Slowey.

  15. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: Millwood is like a hot potato,we all know he’s going to explode one day,I even gave him a try last start

  16. JR says:

    Funny. I was just thinking about that “FIP is the way your hair looks after Jeffrey does it but before you wash it” line and laughing earlier in the day…

  17. The only problem I have with xFIP is some players get lower HR/FB based on stadium and this does not account for it. Just look at any pitcher on the SF Giants. Their starting staff in 2008 all had HR/FB under 8%

  18. SaltyBiscuits says:

    I hate that FIP has caught on because now my leaguemates do things like “researching stats that matter” before trades instead of looking at K’s, ERA and Wins.

    In other news – do you have any confidence in Kansas City/KC’s bullpen to trade for Soria? I mean, he hasn’t had a save in 14 years. Not to mention the rotator cuff injury. I’d probably be giving up Harang for him, in a league where I have a decent amount of SP depth (J.J., Gallardo, Harden, Lowe, Slowey).

  19. G says:

    I have 2 offers on my table that someone offered me. I give up Crawford and get Reyes and Hamilton. Im not sure if that one because im worried about having 2 injured players and neither played well before their injuries. I’ve heard Hamilton is progressing really well but on the flip side Reyes timetable is a ? so Im worried about that. The second trade is giving up Beuhrle and I get Asdrubal Cabrera. I need MI help with Callaspo starting at MI but can I get more for Beuhrle? Pulll trigger on these trades? Which ones? thanks in advance and also what website do you get these FIP stats at?

  20. Eric H. says:

    I’m pretty strong in pitching but playing catch-up in the power categories (Hey, Joe Torre, thank you SO much for batting Matt Kemp eighth!) … Would it be reasonable to offer Votto, Lind, Bruce (and either Vazquez, Weaver or Beckett) to acquire the Prince and Carlos Lee?

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: I agree with you, but it’s not a terrible, vetoable trade.

    @Troy Patterson: True

    @Dave: Balls that were caught may get through, some of those walks may come back to haunt people, etc.

    @Ashley: Wells

    @Joe from Point Pleasant: I own him in an NL-Only and agree with your assessment.

    @Doug Ault: Yeah, I’ve been riding him in one league, but I’m ready to drop at any point.

    @SaltyBiscuits: I wouldn’t trade for a closer, especially not that one.

    @G: I wouldn’t do either trade. You can get FIP at Fangraphs, it’s in the blogroll on the right.

  22. There are problems with all of these component ERAs but all are better than using ERA to predict future performance and there are more problems with FIP than with xFIP.

  23. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Jim Johnson just got picked up in my league…..did I miss some news about Sherrill? Or is this just a preemptive pickup?

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eric H.: That’s too much. And you should be trading from your strength. Your pitching. Vazquez or Beckett and Votto should get you Prince. If it doesn’t, don’t do it.

  25. @Grey: Haha, that’s good publicity. Are you able to see whether razzball gets a bunch of hits each day from Bristol, CT (or wherever the bro from PTI was located)?

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    @VanHammersly: Nah, I can’t tell. I mean, I have the capabilities, but don’t really know how to use them.

  27. @ grey/anyone: I owned Markakis. Dealt him. He got dealt again. Now that owner has put him on the trading block. He’s kinda been up and down from .280-.290 something for a couple weeks. Miniature slumpage.

    Personally i love the dude, in a strictly fantasy baseball man crush sorta way.

    Since he’s on the block do you think any of these pitchers could get him STRAIGHT UP, or am i just dreaming:

    beckett, slowey, jurjjens, wainwright, or shields…

    I also own Johan, but thats not happening. So pitching wise i’m good even if i did lose a beckett or wainwright.

    (the owner dealt me alexie for fernando rodney straight up earlier right before alexie came back to life, and he’s also dealt DYE straight up for Ryan Franklin this year)

    DEEP 12 teamer 20 cats H2H

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony Y: Sure, one of them can get it done. I’d try for Jurrjens, Wainwright, Slowey or Shields, in that order.

  29. @Grey: Yeah i’d defly like to keep my JOHAN, beckett, and maybe wainwright threesome together….

    I gotta see what the guy wants. He sets his OF’ers on the block but didn’t say what he was looking for…. Looking at his team, pitching would be my guess….

  30. Ham says:

    My month long courtship of Carlos Lee is getting out of hand. What about this one, I give Harang, Gordy Beckham, and Huston Street for Carlos Lee and Tulo.

  31. Mr Baseball says:

    Are the yankeees any better this year with C C sabathia on the mound then with Mike Mussina last year?

    Michael Cole Mussina won 19 games for the New York Yankees last year

    Carsten Charles Sabathia has won 6 games for the New York Yankees so far this year

    The Law of identity states unless C C Sabathia wins 13 more games this year – then the Yankees were better last year with Mile Mussina on the mound last year

  32. by the way my order would be offer Jurjjens first, then slowey, shields, and last wainwright…

    how come you’d offer wainy second?

  33. Mr Baseball says:

    everyone still loves wang ( its the waiting that is the hardest part I imagine for those fantasy owners that won’t drop him – they feel even if he gives up 6 runs a game the yankees can score 7 – MLB hitters are hitting 410 against Wang – Ted Williams frozen Head could get a hit against Wang – broken head single

  34. @Mr Baseball: DID you watch capt cheeseburger pitch about 14 CH SHO’s for milwaukee last year in the second half? Plus wins are an abberation. I’d go more by QS’s than wins. A pitcher can throw 7-8 great innings then one donkey middle reliever can come in and BLOW the win…. I mean is Dan Haren not been good this year because he doesn’t have that many wins? No he’s been absolutely brilliant. The stupid diamond backs can’t score or hold his lead he leaves in their hands.

    I wouldn’t compare CC to Mike Mussina.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony Y: That was the way my brainium spit them out? Actually, with news that Slowey’s start is being pushed back, I’d flip-flop those two. Still like Shields slightly over Wainwright. They’re all close though.

    @Ham: I’d take the Tulo side.

    @Mr Baseball: That kind of talking could get you in an hour long convo in a Brooklyn bar.

  36. black love says:

    Beltran to the DL
    Oh the PAIN!!

  37. Doc says:

    Beltran on DL

  38. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    Need advice on who to start this week, (16-team, H2H-Points). Can only start three of them. Who SITS?

    Harden @DET (Porcello)
    Marquis @ANA (Saunders)
    Smoltz @WAS (Zimmerman)
    Lowe vsNYY (Pettitte)

  39. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    I just read that Halladay may actually pitch this week, (Sunday vsPHI (Moyer). It’s a H2H-5X5 league…do I roll the dice with Halladay or start schmohawk Wellemeyer (@NYM (Redding) and MIN (Slowey))?

  40. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    CBS has this to say about Wellemeyer this week:

    “Need a victory in Fantasy Week 12 (June 22-28)? Pick up two-start pitcher Todd Wellemeyer immediately. He faces a punchless Mets lineup of: Alex Cora, Daniel Murphy, David Wright, Fernando Tatis, Ryan Church, Omir Santos, Jeremy Reed and Luis Castillo. The Mets start a lineup that has 10 fewer homers than their All-Star first baseman Albert Pujols.”

    I hate CBS, (great management software, but worthless advice)…but this time, they may have a point. Do I dare take the bait?

  41. sean says:

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): I just read the same thing and was going to post it. You left out the really inflammatory part:

    Analysis: Wellemeyer might be a somewhat risky two-start pitching flier this week, but that Mets lineup is terrible. Junk up and down that lineup, especially since the one key cog, David Wright had been in a slump. Wellemeyer is a great late flier right now.

    I would be inclined to think this is like talking about how LeBron has made 27 consecutive free throws to induce a brick.

    He’s going get to Shellmeyered tonight. Anticipated line: L 4 2/3 IP, 10H, 5BB, 6 ER, 2K

  42. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:


    Thanks…no choice, it’s a weekly league. It’s either Halladay’s 50% chance on one start, or Wellemeyer’s two risky ones.

    Wellemeyer doesn’t strike anyone out, so I’m really chasing wins by starting him…which is never a good thing. I also hate doing anything CBS recommends. I think I’ll roll with my ace. Even zero stats from him might be better than two blow-ups from Badmeyer.

  43. knighttown says:

    I’d love to see the other side of this post with your analysis Grey. Which pitchers have been unlucky?

  44. Steve says:

    @Grey: Sheesh. In my H2H league I now have Beltran, Aramis, Votto and Ibanez on the DL. Still in 1st though!

    Pick up Scott? Gives me an OF of Scott (LF), Reimold (CF) and J Upton (RF). Hart at Util with Votto to come back soon.

    Make sense? Kubel, Teahen, Hairston (when’s he off the DL?), Rasmus, R-Spil are some other options.

  45. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): You’re killing me, Commish, you’re really killing me! And not just my fantasy team, though that too, especially as I traded for ‘Tran in one league about two weeks ago. My Mets have been reduced to David Wright, Johan Santana, K-Rod, and 22 Triple A players. And that provides a ready excuse for Omar, who, amongst other debacles, has given big money long term contracts to Luis Castillo and Ollie. The only solace is that Ollie would probably make the starting five of the Phightin Phils.

  46. So… Joey Votto accompanied the Reds on their flight to Toronto today. This must mean they are activating him for Tuesday’s game, right? If they wanted him to keep rehabbing, I doubt they fly him to Canada.

    Am I missing something? Freaking out because I have an hour left before lineups lock and don’t want to miss him if he’s coming back this week.

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Scott’s kinda bleh right now. How about Rasmus against righties, then you might have to switch him out in a few days?

  48. Joe B says:

    Is Tommy Hanson for Vernon Wells a good trade… I have Carlos Beltran AND Josh Hamilton (Blech!) and the other guy has Erik Bedard AND Roy Halladay… ALL are DL casualties and this trade seems to help us both a bit. Any thoughts on Hanson and Wells???

  49. @SaltyBiscuits: He is from canada, maybe he just wanted to go home?


    And this is why i like daily leagues. He gets activated you stick him in. He doesn’t you leave him on the DL.

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Joe B: I’d take Wells there.

  51. Doc says:

    @SaltyBiscuits: Salty! What happened to you in the Original Recipe RCL?

  52. wow i just read on JP howells note on espn that the rays may trade for Valverde?

    This obviously puts Hawkins back in the mix?

    and i was offered RIOS/HOWELL for My Beltran. I actually declined because i dont know if the guy even knew Beltran is on the DL? Or maybe thats why he IS making the offer? I dont like sticking people with that….


  53. Steve says:

    @Grey: Thanks. We count OBP, does that change things?

    Also – Thames is out there…

  54. big o says:

    you’re outta your FIP’in gourd if you think your going to suck me into that mary-ann vs ginger debate .
    it was me dreamin’ of jeannie the whole time .

  55. Doc says:

    @Grey: I think you need to shame Salty into picking up his RCL team!

  56. Adam says:

    Cut bait on Krispie or Chris Davis? I’ve held Davis this long so I hate to cut him, but even I’m losing faith in seeing a hot streak…

  57. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: I think you’re doing that, yah?

    @Adam: Davis seems further from producing, but Krispie may hit the DL any day now. Not sure why you’re cutting either, but I’d wait to see how hurt Krispie is.

  58. Adam says:

    @Grey: I’m in need of pitching depth so I’m picking up Cook, nice schedule coming up

  59. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    @Paulie Allnuts:

    I loathe the Mets and have no pity for Mets fans.

    Go Yankees!

  60. Jacob says:

    Grey, should I trade Jose R for Manny?

  61. Adam says:

    @Jacob: In a keeper I’d probably hold Reyes, if it’s redraft I think I’d take it…also depends on team needs

  62. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): Likewise, I loathe the Yankees, but I m sweating bulletts that CC Ryder is not seriously hurt. I have utter disdain for A-Roid, but secretly pray that he comes out of his funk and justifies my 3rd round pick. Fantasy baseball has a way of complicating pure hate and loathing. Although till this day I still will not draft any Dallas Cowboys. To much cognitive dissonance.

  63. Doug Ault says:

    @Tony Y: Toronto is closer to Cincy than many of the teams he plays,geez,I hate giving geography lessons

  64. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    After one inning of play, Mets 2, STL 0

    Badmeyer, INN, 4 HA, 2 ER, 18.000 ERA, 4.000 WHIP

    I am renaming my third child Grey Cauda. She’ll get used to it.

  65. Doug Ault says:

    @Tony Y: I missed the context,sorry bud ;-)

  66. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    @Paulie Allnuts:

    I might hate Dallas almost as much as the Mets. At least we can agree on one thing. ;)

    -NY Football Giants Season Ticket Holder
    (yes, I used my children’s college fund to pay for the PSL’s)

  67. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): Giant fanatic since YA Tittle (I’m an old dude.) But don’t have the bread for season tickets. Eli to Tyree! Yeah, I guess we can be friends. I actually hate the Dodgers, for leaving Ebbetts Field, and the Giants, for leaving the Polo Grounds. Although I am not quite old enough to remember that far back, my dad was bitter for many years, and transfered the bitterness to me. Instead of Mays, McCovey, Koufax and Drysdale, we had Jay Hook and Marvelous Marv. Oh, well…

  68. Pops says:

    Kazmir throwing well tonight in his final rehab start.

  69. royce! says:

    @Adam: Wow, I just looked at the COL schedule and you aren’t just whistling dixie. Assuming no one takes an additional day off or whatever, Cook should face @LAA, @OAK, ARI and ATL. After the break the Rockies play @SD, ARI and SF. Guess I shouldn’t drop him after tonight’s start…

  70. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: It ain’t FIPin easy bein cheezy, Chester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just left the golf course guys, 99 in the shade, 1200 in the sun, six-packs do not go down well…………somebody give me a Gatorade bath.

    On a breezier note, I own none of these Fip-in A holes, does that make me smart or FIPin lucky?

    Forgive me if this makes no sense, I’m on VACAY!

  71. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Sorry, did you shoot 99 or 120?

  72. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: More like 1200, my vision was like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I had no idea where the green was.

  73. Pops says:

    Drop Chris Young for Aaron Cook or Dallas Braden?

  74. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: yeah, i had 1 or 2 myself last night

  75. Jpm says:

    Need some trade advice…had a draft I was happy with but been really unlucky with injuries and underperformers (Peavy, Quentin, Volquez, Harden, etc.) My #1 pick was Hanley Ramirez, but I’ve been a bit disappointed with his power and speed. Someone offered me Manny, Mauer and Millwood for Hanley and McCann. What do you think? Do I hope Hanley has a monster second half and reject it or take my chances with something new? (Currently in 7th in a 12 team H to H, so not doing so well now).

  76. struggler says:

    Drop Kendry for Coghlan? I need OBP and Runs but every time I decide to drop Kendry he goes 1-4 with a solo donk. Wait for it tonight…

  77. Steve says:

    @Grey: What sort of HR/RBI guy would you be looking for in return for Cain?

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Maybe an Ibanez who’s nervous? Maybe Lee, Hunter, Pena, Ludwick?

  79. Steve says:

    @Grey: I think the Pena owner might be watching ;-)

    Any other 1B/CI suggestions?

  80. Dim says:

    Trying to clear space for Smoltz. It’s either

    A: trade Smoltz + (one of) FFrancisco/ABailey/Jenks for Mariano


    B: Drop one of: Danks/Scherzer (6th/7th pitchers)/Ian Stewart(my only backup)/a closer (see above)?

    wow, icecream headache

  81. Corey says:

    Drop Sean-rod for De La Rosa?

  82. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Adrian G., Youk or V-Mart?

    @Dim: A

  83. nmdunkel says:

    First of all, “Damn, I graduated in ’99 and I’m old school”?…..ouch, yo.

    Yeah, also, I learned everything I needed to know about Twinkies from Die Hard. Thank you Reginald VelJohnson.

  84. JP Howell or Frasor to replace Madson


    Take another ride on the Beckham train since he seems to have found a little bit

    I don’t really need saves…but who’s not a whore?…really?

  85. sean says:


    My line was pretty much nuts on: “He’s going get to Shellmeyered tonight. Anticipated line: L 4 2/3 IP, 10H, 5BB, 6 ER, 2K”

    And that’s me quoting me.

    Real line: L 5 2/3 10 H, 4 BB, 5 ER, 2K

  86. struggler says:

    There’s the solo shot! I guess I hold another 3 days for the next one.

  87. struggler says:

    Grey – You’re real low on Howell?
    I was planning on losing Zimmermann for Howell. Perhaps losing him for Coghlan is the better move since I really don’t need a fifth closer.

  88. Grey

    Grey says:

    @struggler: I’m not low on him, but Frasor’s slightly better of a bet for saves. I’d own both though.

  89. @Doug Ault: I live in OHIO doug, but thanks, i know where cincy is, my brother lives there, haha and toronto, straight up 75.

    If votto does play tomm i wanna be able to get him him so i need a roster spot open.


  90. struggler says:

    You don’t think Howell finishes out the year as a closer or just too early to make that call?

  91. big o says:


    5TH closer ???

    hippos on vacay .
    5th closer is the bartender telling him to get the hell out !!!

  92. Steve says:

    Ervin back to the DL.

    Across 3 teams, that’s him, Beltran, Peavy, Aramis, Votto, Volquez and Ibanez – with Valverde and Iannetta just back.

    That’s the thick end of a pretty good team.

  93. Steve says:

    @Grey: Is Ervin even worth owning anymore?

  94. Steve says:

    @Grey: Uehara, Gaudin or Mazzaro grab you for tomorrow?

    Or rock an MR?

  95. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Gaudin’s fine for tomorrow.

  96. Steve says:

    From Rotowire:

    Votto is with the team and staying at the team hotel in Toronto on Monday night, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.
    The Reds haven’t made an official announcement, but the clear inference here is that Votto will return on Tuesday, playing in his hometown.

    There was no report on what he ate for dinner.

  97. Steve says:

    @Grey: Fugu too.

    I hope it was chicken soup so clear it looked like water, along with a piece of white toast that had nothing on it.

  98. Ham says:

    Hate to say it Garrett, but not playing in an AL park may be the final straw. You have 6 days left to show some proof of life.

  99. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Never saw that before. Very cool.

  100. Is Josh Hamilton good buy low candidate or a burnout? hes on a struggling team and the owner may be willing to fork him over for immediate roto returns


  101. Steve says:

    @Grey: Do you know who yells out ‘Nice pants!’?

  102. Haren for A-rod?

  103. hoping for your opinion on the last offer

    last one thanks….wainwright for tulo


    wainwright and dlee for tulo and uggla

    Thanks again

  104. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Depends what you can get him for.

    @Steve: My senile grandfather?

    @matthole: I’d take A-Rod.

  105. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Both offers are fair. I’d prefer the MI sides.

  106. Steve says:

    @Grey: Lima time! Click the ‘more’ link…

  107. thanks again…

  108. Steve says:

    @Grey: There’s a ‘more info’ link in the grey box to the right of the vid screen. Saved you the trouble at this late hour:

    AAA outfielder Josh Womack demonstrates his crazy bat skills at Long Beach Armada 2009 Training Camp. Womack’s ability to swing the bat around and catch it again are only surpassed the his sharp wit. After he realized camp had stopped down to watch him, pitcher Jose Lima yelled out “nice pants!” to which Womack replies “Nice face.” ZING! Should be a great season.

  109. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Ha! That’s great. Good to see it’s Lima time somewhere.

  110. Steve says:

    @Grey: It’s Lima time every time I think of his wife.

  111. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: You dirty, dirty, New Zealander.

  112. Steve says:

    Back to business – since he can get crazy hot, I grabbed Thames to fill in for Beltran.

    David Murphy, Gwynn, Fowler or Guillen a better option?

    Depends on needs of course.

  113. Corey says:

    Burnett for K-Rod in a vacuum. Which side wins?

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