FantasyRazzballFantasy Razzball is the game where the goal is to manage the worst fantasy baseball team possible. You hope to find terrible players who don’t get sent to the minors. As in the RCL, a team’s points are multiplied by the League Competitive Index. The LCI is based on the total points of the top 8 teams per league. The overall standings can be found below. Points are credited as follows:

Hitters (AB = +2, H = -3, R = -4, HR = -6, RBI = -4, K = +2)

Pitchers (IP = -1, HR = +4, L = +8, K = -1, ER = +1.5, H+BB = +1).

You can find links to the six Fantasy Razzball leagues (along with the 64 RCLs) here.

The readers of Hire Jim Essian formed a Fantasy Razzball League this year, and they have produced the early overall leader. Facepalm United leads with 2193 points, over 200 ahead of Reading Rainbows (League of Bad). FU has hit just .222 with 35 home runs, while their pitchers have recorded 33 losses with an ERA of 5.28 and 1.48 WHIP. They have six hitters with over 100 points, led by Rickie Weeks at 196. Ike Davis was added on April 19th, and has contributed 138 points in just 66 ABs. Jeff Keppinger (125), Cliff Pennington (121), Adeiny Hechavarria (109), and Alex Gonzalez (102) round out their century-mark hitters. On the pitching side, three hurlers with 5 losses lead the way. Wily Peralta (125), Dan Haren (112), and Joe Blanton (107) pace the staff. Ricky Romero provided 54 points/IP with 18 in just a third of an inning. Jonathan Sanchez was also impressive, scoring over 6 points per inning in 13 and two thirds.


Top 10 Pitchers Pts
Philip Humber 165.33
Joe Blanton 159.83
Vance Worley 157.83
Jarrod Parker 137.83
Alex Sanabia 130.67
Brandon Maurer 128.83
Ryan Vogelsong 125.17
Wily Peralta 124.83
Lucas Harrell 120.17
Joe Saunders 119.83
Top 10 Batters Pts
B.J. Upton 237
Ike Davis 205
Rickie Weeks 196
Danny Espinosa 187
Josh Hamilton 166
Jeff Keppinger 158
Ruben Tejada 156
Justin Smoak 155
Plácido Polanco 155
Dustin Ackley 154
Last 14 Days Pts
Ike Davis 99
Danny Espinosa 94
Yuniesky Betancourt 83
Carlos Gómez 79
Michael Saunders 79
Ruben Tejada 72
Kevin Slowey 70.33
Rickie Weeks 70
Scott Diamond 69.83
Jeremy Guthrie 67.5
Rank Team League PTS
1 Facepalm United Sons of Jim Essian 2193.00
2 Reading Rainbows League of Bad 1961.01
3 hannover bohemians Aztec 2 Step 1872.36
4 Baltimore Scorioles Razz On 1846.04
5 Don Drapper League of Bad 1822.83
6 The Joaquin Deduno Aztec 2 Step 1822.59
7 Ugly Dickshot Sons of Jim Essian 1750.43
8 Anthapologists Razz On 1745.27
9 Losing League of Bad 1719.54
10 Chuck Norris’s Beard Razz On 1719.52
11 Ron Swansons Sons of Jim Essian 1713.99
12 Newark Diseased Eels Aztec 2 Step 1686.11
13 Mendoza Mashers Razz On 1665.94
14 Freaks and Geeks Razz On 1660.24
15 Scrubs and Schlubs Aztec 2 Step 1658.12
16 Cheese Stands Alone Rotisseriously Awful 1657.16
17 JeffLoria’s FireSale Razz North 1638.00
18 2013 NY Mets Aztec 2 Step 1623.10
19 Jedd Gyorkoff Sons of Jim Essian 1592.72
20 Tecmo Ballz Rotisseriously Awful 1573.22
21 Vin Loss Razz On 1566.05
22 The Buddies Quaid League of Bad 1557.62
23 Inge All-Stars Aztec 2 Step 1557.02
24 ManwichMen Razz On 1539.43
25 Revenge of the Lawn Razz North 1512.81
26 Sandlot Kids Rotisseriously Awful 1495.86
27 Mountain Dew Kid League of Bad 1489.54
28 Snafu Larry Razz North 1468.83
29 Kermit’s Hermits Sons of Jim Essian 1464.36
30 Stinky League of Bad 1437.31
31 Twisted ‘Roid Aztec 2 Step 1435.13
32 The wrong Mcguires Razz On 1430.37
33 The Civilians Rotisseriously Awful 1427.00
34 Wampa Masters Razz North 1374.38
35 Mr. April Rotisseriously Awful 1373.24
36 exactly Aztec 2 Step 1341.06
37 Jr. Spivey Fan Club Rotisseriously Awful 1332.96
38 Eff the Goat Sons of Jim Essian 1326.05
39 Terra Bulls Razz North 1317.78
40 Yunibombers League of Bad 1305.37
41 81 Mariners Rotisseriously Awful 1282.72
42 Bowels of Sucktitude Razz North 1260.07
43 Joaquin on Arias Sons of Jim Essian 1256.57
44 Booms-ya! Sons of Jim Essian 1245.27
45 uyufkfkfk League of Bad 1221.62
46 G-astros-enteritis Razz North 1212.14
47 Baker’s Toothpick Rotisseriously Awful 1209.05
48 Houston Lastros Razz On 1190.30
49 Limp Wrist All-Stars Razz North 1179.19
50 Cold comfort Razz North 1148.92
51 Razzball jaywrong’s Aztec 2 Step 1117.55
52 Kings of Failon Aztec 2 Step 1051.63
53 Natty O’s Razz North 883.25
54 Dulce Maldonaldo Sons of Jim Essian 753.10
55 Hit bombs bone moms Sons of Jim Essian 469.57
56 what the hellicksons League of Bad 409.46
57 Cannonball Titcomb Rotisseriously Awful 174.14
58 Dalmore Rangers Rotisseriously Awful 173.99
59 Chuck Norris League of Bad 38.59
60 Longboard Brewery Razz On -200.14
  1. Trigger Cut says:

    Hup! My team was mentioned on Razzball! Should I die today, I die a happy man. Facepalm United forever!

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Trigger Cut: It was a long hard struggle, but you have reached your goal! Congratulations!

  2. boston strong says:

    should i take Adam Jones or Joey Bats in a points league that doesnt count negative points for strikeouts i would be giving up Segura, i have Zobrist in my OF and Reyes on the DL in a pickle cause i like both players

    • boston strong says:

      @boston strong: the kid with adam jones also has CarGo (COL) should i go after him instead

      • VinWins

        VinWins says:

        @boston strong: I’m not an expert, so you should ask on Grey’s post, but I’d say Jones.

  3. Jay

    jaywrong says:

    Almost top 50!

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @jaywrong: You can do it, man!

  4. Tecmoballz says:

    #20 Didn’t draft my team but have been making moves like its my biz!

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Tecmoballz: Impressive. I did draft my team, and I’m 1 spot behind you.

      • Tecmoballz says:

        @VinWins: bj Upton auto pick, traded for Danny Espinosa, and Vance Worsley and vogelsong were anchoring my staff,.those will be hard to replace

  5. Wallpaper Paterson says:

    At least I created the best fantasy team name in history (Newark Diseased Eels). I have that going for me which is nice.

      • Wallpaper Paterson says:

        @VinWins: My fantasy baseball goal is always to be in the top three by August. I just want to be in position to compete for league titles in August and September. If I don’t bring a good team into August, then I consider that to be failure. The Newark Diseased Eels are on pace to be good.

        • VinWins

          VinWins says:

          @Wallpaper Paterson: Sounds good. I don’t have quite that high of standards. I just hope to be in the top half of the field.

          Good luck!

  6. DrEasy says:

    That autodrafted abandoned team is hurting our League Index big time… Grrr….

  7. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    The LCI is based on the total points of the top 8 teams per league.

    I said you’d be battling for the league title in the end. You’re already within 60 points. Congratulations.

    • DrEasy says:

      @VinWins: Great, there goes my excuse! ;)

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