My 2nd ‘expert’ blogger league draft took place on Monday night – a 12 team 5×5 league run by our friends Jay and Brett at Greener on the Other Side.

The participants are:
David Bloom- Baseball Happenings
Jay Sarney & Brett Greenfield – Greener on the Other Side
Brad Stewart- MLB Front Office
Geoff Stein- Mock Draft Central
Adam Ronis- Newsday
Mike Sessa and Chris Corcione- Pseudo Sports
Rudy Gamble- Razzball
Ken Mathe- Roto Advice
Eric Stashin- Roto Professor
Jordan Frank- Roto Rob
Sean Salsbery- Warning Track Power
Arnie The Regular Guy (the one non-blogger in the bunch)

It had been about a month since my first blogger draft and I hadn’t made too many adjustments to my rankings (move Pierre down, move Josh Hamilton and Billy Butler up, etc.).

My strategy remained the same – get the most value out of each pick and don’t leave the draft with any glaring weaknesses (harder in a 12 team league to fill holes via free agency – espec. in an advanced league). After running projections for each team, I feel quite strong about my team in all categories except SB and Wins. But with Pierre and Velez, I’ve got hope in SB and I’d prefer to finish middle of the pack in Wins than use crappy starters and damage my ERA/WHIP.

The only other observation I have coming out of this draft is a mild note of surprise at the number of reach picks that were made (vs. Average Draft Position). Examples include Kinsler in the 4th round, Zimmerman in the 5th round, Hamilton and Victorino in the 6th round, Carlos Gomez and Billy Butler in the 13th round, and Andre Ethier in the 14th round. It goes to show that despite all the mock and real drafts done by the members of this league, it’s tough to know exactly when a certain player might come off the board. I prefer to avoid reaching more than a round over ADP for any player but definitely respect a team going after ‘their players’.

See below for my team and the rosters of the other teams. Those in blue are players that I have on my other blogger league team.

If you are so inclined, feel free to comment on my team…

C (131) Jorge Posada
1B (14) David Ortiz
2B (182) Ty Wigginton
SS (107) Michael Young
3B (38) Garrett Atkins
CI (179) Adam LaRoche
MI (158) Jhonny Peralta
OF (35) Nick Markakis
OF (59) Torii Hunter
OF (86) Jeff Francoeur
OF (203) Nate McLouth
OF (251) Melky Cabrera
UTIL (278) Mike Jacobs
UTIL (206) Juan Pierre
SP (11) Johan Santana
SP (62) Dan Haren
SP (155) Pedro Martínez
SP (230) Andy Pettitte
RP (83) Joe Nathan
RP (110) Mariano Rivera
RP (134) Matt Capps
RP (227) Rafael Betancourt
RP (302) Hideki Okajima

Bench (299) Jon Rauch
Bench (254) Kelvim Escobar
Bench (275) Eugenio Velez
Bench (323) Kazuo Fukumori
Bench (326) Jonny Gomes


  1. scott says:

    Nice team you assembled there. OF looks a little weak though. You’ll probably be playing Pierre alot because not much stolen bases elsewhere. I’d be interested to know who was still on the board when you selected T. Hunter at 59. Are we going to see some big things from McLouth? You also have alot riding on the health of Pettitte and Pedro. Fair comment?

  2. hey scott –
    thanks for taking a look at the team. for a 12 mixed league, i think my OF is slightly above average. Markakis/Hunter/Francoeur could all end up with 25/100 seasons while chipping in 30+ SB and McLouth/Melky could chip in another combined 30 HR and 40 SB. i do like McLouth – i don’t expect anything more than 15 HR but he should be able to get to 30 SB if he gets 500 AB. as for pierre, not very bullish on him at all. he wouldn’t be in my lineup right now if it wasn’t for the fact there are two UTIL slots and I could use the speed. even then, i’m tempted to give Gomes a shot over him.

    the draft order is shown in the above roster image. i got hunter at the end of the 5th round. the next 5 OF taken were: Chris Young, Josh Hamilton, Shane Victorino, Matt Kemp, and Brad Hawpe. i feel most confident with torii out of that group – best mix of production + predictability.

    i don’t feel very good about my starting pitching depth. santana/haren are my anchors on both teams but, in this draft, I found there was more value in hitters and relievers in the middle rounds. i had pedro in a group of pitchers like burnett, wainwright, mcgowan, halladay, etc. that i liked as 3rd starters. by the time i took pedro (13th round), they had all been taken off the board. i should’ve taken another starter in the 14th round but bit on jhonny peralta for MI. looking back, i’d like to have derek lowe instead of peralta.

    i took a flier with escobar (which bombed within 24 hours). pettitte isn’t a pitcher i love for fantasy baseball but i think he has great value in the 20th round.

    i’m hoping my relief crew will come through with quality ERA/WHIP/Ks to substitute for missing a quality starter and that i can avoid starter injuries. i’ll be combing the FA and waiver wire throughout the season to get a 5th starter but much prefer that than draft/pitch guys like Scott Olsen, Dontrelle Willis, Jeremy Guthrie, etc….


  3. scott says:

    The roster image is blurred….can’t really make out the names. Anyway, I agree Hunter seems more of a “known quantity” than the other guys mentioned but Minny was his town…he practically owned the place. Now he is moving to a new town, playing in a new, non-turf ballpark and he’s got to justify the big contract. It will be interesting to see how his numbers play out. How has he done this spring?

  4. sorry on the roster image. had to zoom in a bit for the screen capture and it distorted it a little.

    hunter has been the best hitter in Angels camp. Hitting .360 with a .720 slugging %. 3 HR and 10 RBI. i think he’s a solid bet for 80/25/90/15/.280 and he should fit in perfectly in LA. given he hit 45 doubles last year, i think he could challenge for 30 HR. given scoscia likes to run, i could see him topping 20 SB (more in first half).

  5. scott says:

    Wow, that is a pretty good spring…I hope he will meet your expectations. It looks like some good starting pitching went right after you picked Hunter….

  6. Grey

    Grey says:

    At 32, Hunter’s challenging 30 homers when he’s only reached it once in his life? He did hit more doubles last year than ever before but he also had one of his best seasons last year. He’s colliding with Figgins at some point and gonna miss 15 games.

  7. scott says:

    I’m kinda thinking the same thing Grey…he’s 32-33 years old now and doubles in the Metrodome do not necessarily translate into HR’s in Anaheim. As far as SB’s are concerned, I think his best years were little more than 20 steals and that was a few years ago. He has never been a high average guy, a high power guy or a high steals guy. At some point, perhaps soon, he becomes a very highly paid Mike Cameron.

  8. scott says:

    Well since he’s never done that before they are projecting that he has a career year one year after having his career year. Other than last year, he’s only surpassed 25 hrs/100rbis once in his career and that was in 2003. He also hit .250 that year and stole 6 bases…

  9. josh says:

    nice squad. hopefully velez pans out and he and pierre can make up for the lack of MI speed. you noted that you lack SP depth, but with a pretty ridiculous trio of closers, plus betancourt and okajimi, plus 2 NL aces, plus pedro who will likely make the most of however innings he can pitch, a couple of mediocre innings eaters to fill out the innings shouldn’t prevent your pitching from dominating. you have a pretty damn nice offense considering how many pitchers you took in the first 10-12 rounds. just scanning over it, i’d guess your biggest weakness is HR and to a lesser extent R/RBI, but hopefully wiggy and peralta will help bridge the gap where other people have lugo or bartlett hitting single digit HR’s. and i love that OF. loaded with upside considering where you drafted everyone. i think those 5 have the potential to make your offense among the best.

    i wish i saw this before my draft, because it really shows how different draft styles can work. i’d have passed on haren myself after going johan #1, but you managed to mostly make up for that by getting hitting in the middle rounds. if it was my team i’d be pretty tempted to see what i could get for haren from someone desperate for sp, but scanning though these drafts, i see only 1 or 2 teams that might be on the same level as yours. gl with it.

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    If Artie’s reading this, we need a guest blog, “Why ‘pert bloggers suck?”

  11. Bob says:

    My feeling is that you reached a bit on many of your early picks, but got great value in the middle. Overall, I think you ended up with a competitive team.

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