Week 7 brings us the beginning of the uselessness that is interleague play. Why? For the simple reason that teams like to keep it fresh for money purposes:  it’s some weird marketing technique to gain new revenue. I am not a fan of the unnatural geographical match-ups. This causes all types of lineup havoc for teams with a strict DH guy on American League teams. So enjoy some shuffleboard with Papi and Vlad — that should be a cruise line slogan. Even though both those teams are home…you get my point. So with that being said, lots of two start options this week as all 30 teams play 7 games. This is a good week to muscle up and grab as many two start guys as possible. Why you may ask? Patience, and don’t yell! There is no yelling in the dojo. The pitching has been dominating the hitting so far, so why wouldn’t it continue in games with opponents they don’t see very often? There, you’re welcome for the secrets. Good luck this week on all fantasy baseball undertakings. (Please keep in mind that pitchers and match-ups may change.)


Tom Gorzelanny @ Nym – Gee
Bud Norris @ StL – Lohse
Bronson Arroyo vs. Pit – McDonald

Chris Narveson @ SD – Harang
Tyson Ross vs. Min – Blackburn
Philip Humber vs. Cle – White

Jason Marquis @ Bal – Arrieta
Travis Wood @ Cle – Tomlin

Ivan Nova (@TB vs. Shields, NYM vs. Niese) Got lambasted by KC.  That lineup glimmer I’ve previously mentioned with Yankee starters? Yeah, he has it and a special decoder ring given to him by Jetes.

Joel Pineiro (@Oak vs. Anderson, Atl vs. Hanson) Two quality opponents to see if Joel is for real. Tiny numbers not just this year, but click 2010 stats. Yeah, minus an injury he would be worth it. BAA is a meager .224. Some regression, but would you take a 3.70 ERA from a waiver wire add? Yeah, me too.

Rick Porcello (Tor vs. Drabek, @Pit vs. Maholm) Kid grew up like 5 mins from me, 20 if I walked on my hands. Hasn’t allowed more than 2 ER since before tax day (that’s 5 starts if anyone doesn’t have an abacus handy). ERA 2 runs better away.

Charlie Morton (@Was vs. Zimmermann, Det vs. Coke) Two Jersey guys in a row — it’s a Jersey thing… you wouldn’t understand. RH batting .161, unfortunately LH are hitting “Teddy Ballgame” off him. ERA drop at home to the tune of 2.5 runs.

Jon Garland (Mil vs. Wolf, @CHW vs. Danks) The fantasy baseball version of a Doozer, down in Fraggle Rock. 12 wins and ERA around 4. Seems like he has done that for oh, say a decade. 2.77 ERA away from Chavez.

Jason Vargas (Min vs. Duensing, @SD vs. Stauffer) More exciting time on Sunday in SD? Go to the zoo and flip off the monkeys or watch Seattle play the Friars? Yeah, I know it’s a trick question.

Jesse Litsch (@Det vs. Coke, Hou vs. W. Rodriguez) I thought Conan shaved his beard… What is he doing pitching for Toronto? The last Jesse that I swore by ran moonshine and his nephews drove a Charger with the doors cemented shut.

Homer Bailey (CHC vs. Garza, @Cle vs. Carrasco) Remember that girl from high school who used to tease you all the time with niceness? She teaches a class for that now and Bailey is the valedictorian. If you already picked him up, make sure you have a DL spot available.

Jonathon Niese (Fla vs. Nolasco , @NYY vs. Nova) Hey, I could have mentioned Pelfrey, but look at his match-ups and tell me who you would rather face. xFIP says he is getting hosed by a run.

Paul Maholm (@Was vs. Lannan, Det vs. Porcello) Gets zero point zero run support to help his 3.60 ERA. What did u expect…. he plays in Pitt. Home ERA at 2.76. Is a photo negative of Morton.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    i dont see minors name on here? i will soon i think

  2. I’m digging Narveson and Ross, expecting great sleeper seasons from them!

    As an aside, Jason Heyward and Chris B. Young – should I give up on them?

  3. knighttown says:

    Eh. Not much there to get excited about. I’m in yearly league but streaming along. Did Hammels last week and it was just OK. I guess Wood, Piniero or Narveson. Who do you like more or is there someone else on this list you love? Norris is gone.

    I’d be dropping Beachy or DLing him if i can.

  4. Dat Dude says:

    what you guys think, keep aaron miles or brandon wood in a 12 tm NL only.

  5. Exactly says:

    just picked up minor, which really pissed off the guy who has beachy, and now he’s offering me trades left and right….he’s offering narveson, he also has zimmermann…so who’d you rather have: minor narveson or zimm?

  6. Doug Ault says:

    I finally took the bait with Gorzelanny for his last start, he blew up real good

  7. JeffyJ says:

    DLing Beachy… because of some other moves, I can probably either fill his spot with Wood or Minor.

    Wood or Minor–which is better for the short term?

    Wood or Minor–which is better for a Dynasty?

  8. Buge Hoobs says:

    Some frustated managers in my 10 team 5×5 dropping some big names. I haven’t owned them, so I haven’t been paying attention to them. Any of these guys PICK UP NOW worthy?


    To make room, I’d be dropping somebody like Moreland, Dunn, McGehee or Sizemore.

  9. LeRoy says:

    Pineda for Beltran…what do you think? Thanks!

  10. Buge Hoobs says:

    Also, I was able to get Minor for Beachy. Do I start him this week?

  11. jpm says:

    Someone offered me Melky for my Walden. I’m not going to take it, but am thinking about countering for Annibal Sanchez or Jed Lowrie (weaker at 2b and SP than OF). Sound fair?

  12. Mr2Bits says:

    Who do you prefer, Johnny Damon or Kubel?

  13. LeRoy says:

    @smokey thanks for advice…i should’ve mentioned that I’m desperate for OF help and my current SPs are verlander, weaver, beckett, romero, cj wilson, dempster, holland, wandy, and matusz in a 12 team H2H

  14. pubscout says:

    pedro alavrez. to dump or not to dump…

  15. Trick dad says:

    Who would you say is the worst OF here: Mccutchen, choo or bruce?

  16. Phils Phan says:

    Please rank these pitchers moving forward (Head to Head points):


  17. Joel says:


    I’ve been offered Carpenter and Rollins for Hamels and Castro. 6×6 12 team h2h. my other SPs are Marcum, B Anderson, CJ Wilson, Pineda, Anibal and Bumgartener. What do you think?

  18. AM2 says:

    Did I win this multi-stage trade?

    May 3

    I traded: Mike Stanton, Lance Berkman, CJ Wilson
    I received: Mat Latos, Jay Bruce

    [yeah bad trade by me]

    May 14

    I traded: Jonathan Sanchez
    I received: Mike Stanton


    For those scoring at home, that’s Lance Berkman, CJ Wilson, Jonathan Sanchez for Mat Latos and Jay Bruce.

    Since I traded Lance Berkman, his BABIP is .000 — he’s hitting .056 and his lone hit was a HR.

  19. Tony B. says:

    With this breaking news from Ken Rosenthal about Posada removing himself from the lineup tonight and calling to meet with the media after the game, does Montero get the call?

  20. Tony B. says:

    New York media now reporting Posada went to Girardi when he found out he was batting 9th tonight and said he was “insulted” and threw a “hissy fit” and said he was not playing tonight.

    Joel Sherman is saying if he refuses to play tomorrow, NYY could terminate his contract b/c he would be breaching it.

  21. Dude says:

    For Smokey or anyone who knows Chicago — Am I better off grabbing Cashner or Randy Wells for my vacant DL slot? Also, time to bail on Gorzelanny or does he rebound? Thanks for anything you got

  22. Dude says:

    Thanks, Smokey. It’s a deep NL-only, he’s my #6 (or 5 if you’re a Volquez doubter)

  23. Dude says:

    Yeah, been wondering. My delusionality and his killer Sept. 2010 gets him one more start. Not a lot on the wire — Jason McDonald, Maholm, Zito, Cashner and Wells. Match up time I’m thinking

  24. Dude says:

    thanks a lot for the advice. Great write-up.

  25. Earl Battey says:

    I have a bunch of two-start options, but I’m wary of them blowing up in my face. I need to leave two of these on the bench.

    Ubaldo, SF @MIL (he’s been frighteningly bad in every start except the one when I benched him)
    Bailey (CHC, @ CLE)
    Garza (@ CIN, @ BOS) I hate the matchups but he’s been one of my best pitchers lately
    Wandy (@ ATL, @ TOR)
    Romero @ TB
    Chacin @ Philly

    As of right now, I have Ubaldo and Romero on the bench. Given my recent track record, that’s probably wrong. Who would you bench?


  26. Matt says:

    Would you take Bailey’s two starts this week over Romero’s one vs Tampa (Hellickson)?

  27. Dirt says:

    Latos just got dropped in my league I’ll have to drop 2 players to get Cueto off the DL

    Question is.. who do i drop??

    Colby Lewis
    Brett Anderson

    potential batters to drop…

    Carlos Pena

    Is it worth it to drop two of these guys to get Latos??? Which 2 should i drop??????

  28. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    Which 2-start pitcher do you like more for next week: Zimmermann (Pit & @Bal) or Vargas (Min & @SD) if the most important stats will probably be W’s, ERA, and WHIP?

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