I can’t believe it is week 6 already (though I should have known), most leagues are starting to make crazy trades, build for the future or are just not interested in their teams. It’s been a crazy last few days with some really horrible trades in some of my leagues. It is like trading a broken bicycle for a car, but a league of your peers gets the final say.  Anywho, week 6 brings us either studs or duds, guys you should know and should be owned or guys you should gamble on cause you’re playing the top teams. I like to gamble with streaming a 2 start pitcher, if you have 3-4 reliable guys that give you 6 starts for the week than a questionable 2 start pitcher isn’t going to kill you. What really kills you is when the reliable guys pitch like horse hockey and the 2 start guy does better. Onto the list of 2 start pitchers for the sixth week of fantasy baseball:

Brandon Morrow (@Bos vs. Lackey) (Tex vs. Feldman)
Allowing way too many base occupants. Has an awesome 11.35 K/9. Lackey has been effective last 3, and gets a decent second matchup in Texas. Is a 6 IP, 3 ER kinda guy, and with his offense that’s ok with me. He is good for a win and 12 K’s this week.

Kyle Kendrick (@ Col vs. Smith) (@ Mil vs. Davis)
On here based on 2 starts away from CB. Both Smith and Davis give up a ton of runs and I like Philly to outscore both. Is the best 2 start win sniper this week. Won’t K a lot, will kill your WHIP, but wins are the key. Pitched great last outing vs. Cards.

Ross Ohlendorf (Cin vs. Arroyo) (@ CHC vs. Lilly)
Returns from the dead, back is all healed up. Or they hope. Gets 2 tough divisional matchups. Was strangely consistent last year and was semi-reliable, got some deep league draft love preseason. I am always against starting DL pitchers on their return, so start with that in mind. Typical lunch pail pitcher.

John Maine (Was vs. Atilano) ( @Fla vs. Robertson)
Typical Met pitcher this year, wildly inconsistent. Gets two favorable matchups this week. Has allowed 3 runs or less in in his last 4 starts. That’s good enough for me for a buy low 2 start guy. Gets you a K an inning to boot.

Scott Olsen (@ NYM vs. Niese) ( Col vs. Cook)
The WW darling after his 8 inning masterpiece on Thursday. I don’t think he is as good as that start, but he isn’t horrendous. Should be owned for this week for his 2 starts. Got waxed last outing vs. Col. Good for a win and 10 K’s this week. Decent pickup if he isn’t owned in your league.

Wade LeBlanc ( @ SF vs. Zito) ( LAD vs. Billingsley)
Gets tougher for the youngster. Has pitched enough to be rosterable. Two tough divisional match =ups puts him to the test. Allowed only 3 ER all year. Guy to run for this week as he is looking like the goods, start with confidence. A win and 12 K’s are easily attainable.

Dana Eveland ( @ Bos vs. Dice K) ( Tex vs. Lewis)
Sneaky good so far this year. Has horrible numbers career-wise against Boston (18.24ERA). He is the second Blue Jay on this week’s list, not all birds are bad. He still has a lot to prove fantasy-wise. May struggle this week, maybe an addition just for his second start.

Brett Myers ( @ StL vs. Penny) (@ SF vs. Zito)
Really been unheralded for the fledging ‘Stros. He is going to be traded to a contender, and when that happens you are going to want to own him. Start by adding him this week. A really decent end of rotation guy. 29/11 k/bb rate is sneaky good.

Trevor Cahill ( @ Tex vs. Lewis) (@ LAA vs. Pineiro)
Has decent track record vs. both teams this week. Only making 3rd start of the year. I think he has the goods, but just not yet. Needs 3-4 more starts and will be a confident add. Won’t hurt you this week, great low end add based on 2 start status.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    happy mothers day to any and all

  2. Deanjello says:

    Kazmir got dropped in my 12 team h2h mixed league. Should I pick him up? My options of people to drop Nolasco, Floyd, Gio, Scherzezerer, Matusz, Wade Davis, Jyhouls Chacin, Cueto. And yeah thats my pitching it sucks, but my offense is relativeley unstoppable.

  3. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: My wife says, “Thank you!”

    @Smokey: Thanks for the always helpful article and advice. Daily changes league, standard 5×5 cats, do you like one of these guys better in their first start and another in their second? Or would you just take Wade LeBlanc for both?

  4. Mr2Bits says:

    Hey all,
    Is Alex Gonzalez’s power for real this year and will come crashing down to earth? Could he be a solid FA pickup in a keeper league? Right now I’m running with Theriot and always in a SB/OBP/RBI battle

  5. Ron Washington's Stache says:

    Pick 2- Cecil, Sheets, Olsen, Cueto, Latos

    H2H 14 team league. I’m looking for the best long term pickup. I’m leaning toward Sheets and Cecil right now, but any thoughts are much appreciated.

  6. Ron Washington's Stache says:

    @Mr2Bits: Gonzalez has some shown pop in the past, but his production thus far seems like a fluke. That being said, if you have a chance, ride him while he’s hot.

    @Awesomus Maximus: I’d go with Olsen in Metco and then either LeBlanc vs LAD or Myers vs SF…and I’m leaning toward LeBlanc.

  7. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Happy Mum”s day indeed, without which we would all not be here.
    @Awesomus Maximus: I would take Maine’s first and Kendrick’s second if i had to pick 2 to choose in that format. Leblanc has 2 tough matchups altough Bills has crapped the bed and i dont trust him.
    @Deanjello: Only time Kazmir does well is when i go against him, so i would say he is just as reliable as Gio.
    @Ron Washington’s Stache: Long term Latos and Cecil, right now Cecil and Olsen. Gotta ride the hot hand until it burns ya.

  8. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Smokey: My bad, should have mentioned that Maine is (I’m pretty sure) the only guy from your list not available in this league.

  9. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: go with Myers then instead of Maine. Penny has turn up tails once and awhile

  10. Suck My Wieters says:


    Who do you like more….

    Hunter Pence or Aaron Hill?

  11. sal says:

    drop cecil for olsen or myers this week? its h2h and cecil is only a matchup pitcher.

    my rotation for the week would be: wainwright, johnson, nolasco, penny, and one of (slowey, bucholz,maybe gio??)…. or drop cecil and plug olsen in that last spot?

  12. Fletch says:

    Gio @ Texas, Slowey home against the White Sox, Lester @ Detroit or Verlander home against the Yankess…need 1.

    Also, Vlad, Cargo or J. Upton…need 2.

  13. BryanK says:

    Anyone have thoughts on Scherzer, Gav Floyd, or Wade Davis? I currently have a TON of SPs and want to thin that out, but I don’t know who to give up on. Thanks!

  14. TomatoBasil says:

    Hmm, grab Myers for both starts next week or Latos because of his last start being so good? Only one transaction left for the week.

  15. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Fletch: Lester, Vlad and Upton
    @BryanK: Im waiting on Scherzer and Floyd to see how thet perform today, Davis is safe of the 3.

  16. Fletch says:

    Would you rather have Garland right now over Gio, Slowey or Wade Davis?

    Is Chacin the real deal and is he here to stay?

  17. BryanK says:

    @Smokey: Thanks Smokey, I was thinking the same, see how they each do today. Both have been very odd all season. I am really looking to grab a MR (we don’t count holds, but I love having a guy to produce Ks and keep my ERA/WHIP down with the occasional win or save).

  18. floridamach1 says:

    @ anyone: Better offer for Pujols…Wright and Crawford or Zimmerman and Braun

  19. floridamach1 says:

    or Pujols and Hill for Fielder and Utley. OPS league

  20. corey says:

    i just dropped cameron maybin in my 10 team auction league and picked up jhoulys chacin. I feel that it was a good move but am i being dillusional?

  21. Wilsonian says:

    @corey: I think that could be a great move. I picked him up in a 16 team H2H for D. Lowe last week, been a pretty solid decision so far. It looks like he’s got a spot lined up, even when their DL guys come back, so I wouldn’t be too upset about that move. Maybin might not be long for the bigs…

    @Anybody: is Kubel for Travis Snider a good move? I would be dropping Kubel.

  22. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @floridamach1: zim braun, tho fielder and utley is nice as well
    @Wilsonian: i would hold on kubel
    @corey: depends on other options for OF.
    @BryanK: Gregerson is nice if available
    @Fletch: Garland at home yeah.

  23. Hi Smokey: How worried are you about Beckett? And how much importance to you give to the outstanding efforts from Latos and Chaucin?

    Also, any one-start streamers jump out at you this week for a very deep (20-team) daily mixed roto league? I’m taking about guys on the Cahill-Eveland-Ohlendorf level (anyone better than that is probably taken) who might have a sneaky good matchup or who may be under the radar for other reasons.

    Many, many thanks, as always.

  24. Mr2Bits says:

    I think Pablo needs to go screw his eye sight up again because he is f’ing ruining my team. If there were a category for leaving players in scoring position my team would rake has they couldn’t bat in guys in Byrnes softball league!

  25. 3matt says:

    Trying to rank/tier the following for middle-term (rest of the season): Matusz, Bucholz, Cecil, Kennedy, Olsen, Medlen, Chaucin.

    Also, ARam or Willingham (for a Util spot) going forward?

  26. AnotherFalstaff says:

    Smokey – 12 team H2H points league. Got Nolasco, Lilly & LeBlanc gong twice. Choice between Hamels @ MIL (Narveson) or Kershaw @ SD (Garland)? Thanks!

  27. Myers at StL, at SF, Niese vs Was, at Fla, Cecil vs Tex, Holland vs Oak

    rank please!

  28. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Enrique: Too much money in Becketts pocket maybe, i really don’t know. Mechanically he looks ok.
    Latos and Chacin depending on league size should be started but with the idea that a decent match up for me would let them sit. Streamers taht jump out, Mitre Mon, Bannister Tues, Holland Wed, Guthrie Friday.




    Yike i was all over Willingham preseason as a great sleeper. So ill stick with him, A-ram will have spurts.
    @AnotherFalstaff: Hamels

  29. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Hebrew Hammer: Strength in numbers Hammer; Myers Niese Cecil Holland, just like you typed em

  30. thanks smokey!

    also who do you like better…

    cecil vs Tex (harden) and kuroda AT Ari (Jackson)??

  31. chisox says:

    I have Pelfrey and Romero as my 7th and 8th starters in a weekly CBS points league, should I hold tight or try to grab one or more of these guys.

    I. Kennedy
    G. Gonzalez
    S. Olsen

    thanks a bunch

  32. Campbell says:

    In a dynasty points league that emphasizes pitching, who wins this deal, Hawpe and Alfredo Simon for Madison Bumgarner/Scott Olsen?

  33. ujc says:

    I have Garza, Weaver, Kennedy, and Zito slotted in already in a 14 team 6×6 that includes K/BB. Who would be your 5th guy this week, Chacin v. Wash, Correia v. LA, Latos @ SF, Cecil v. Tex? Would you take Kennedy or Zito out to start two of the other guys?

  34. BryanK says:

    Alright, Max Scherzer, Ervin Santana, Brian Matusz, and Gavin Floyd. Who would you cut if any? Rest of my staff is Lincecum, Liriano, Felix H,CJ Wilson, Wade Davis (I went for high number of SPs with intent to cut the crap, but they all seem like crap right now). Thanks!

  35. Robert says:

    Scherzer is riding the bench. Should I drop him for Chacin, Latos, or Gio Gonzalez? Thanks.

  36. chisox says:

    @Robert: I’m pretty sure Grey said sell Sherzer a while ago. The search isn’t working for me for some reason. I’m taking a flyer on Chacin.

  37. barker says:

    twenty team league

    harden and j peralta for cliff lee

    would you take it if u had r santiago and yuniesky betancourt at SS

  38. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @barker: ugh, both Harden and Peralta are poo. Id prolly just keep Lee.

  39. barker says:

    i was thinking of offering that for lee sorry for the confusion
    i got hanley at SS

    and thanks for answering

  40. corey says:

    my outfield options are :
    justin upton
    b.j. upton
    alex rios
    colby rasmus
    chase headley
    robot jones and
    grandy when he makes it back

    so i think i did good picking up jhoulys chacin since i need some pitching depth since my pitchers are:
    josh johnson
    ricky nolasco
    wade davis
    clay bucholz
    jaime garcia
    billingsley and
    javy vazquez

    but let me know your take on the move of dropping maybin for chacin

  41. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @corey: i would take everyone of your OF listed over Maybin.

  42. EL BURRO says:

    pick 3 (utility spots) – Snider, Reimold, Maybin, Pennington, Corey Hart

    14 team H2H league, 30 man rosters. Non Keeper

    Looking for best long term value

    BTW, very bullish on Derek Holland, Texas Rangers. Has a great chance to make legit impact and stay in rotation all year. This was one of the call-ups Ive been waiting for; big BUY.

    AAA #s as of 5/7:
    4-1 (6 games started), 0.93 ERA, 37Ks in 38 innings.
    Gets Oak @ Wednesday


  43. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @EL BURRO: Snider Reimold Maybin, I agree with Holland think he got rushed last year.

  44. EL BURRO says:

    @smokey – thanks.

    Pennington has been nice. Think he can sustain? Reimold has been breaking my heart all year and now hes getting spot started. I also own Adam Jones, so its been irritating to say the least with those 2.

  45. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @EL BURRO: Pennington has been rosterable as a MI, Jones is killing me as well.

  46. EL BURRO says:

    i got ian stewart at my IF(flex spot) — see current offense roster below

    6×6 (total bases, holds)

    C- Barajas
    1B- Pena
    2B- Cano
    3B- Wright
    SS- Tulo
    IF- Ian Stewart
    OF – Choo Choo Train
    OF – Quentin
    OF – Adam Jones
    Util – Vlad
    Util – Snider
    Util – Pennington
    Bench – Maybin, Stanton
    DL – Montero

    * ironically, dumped Reimold for Pennington a few days ago — but could snag Reimold again… thoughts on that?

  47. Smokey

    smokey says:

    @EL BURRO: Id stay put you have plenty of OF options. Got plenty of guys that are killing your avg right now. I have a very similar team and they are killing me.

  48. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    12 Team Roto. I’m not sure why I’m asking, but should I use the #1 waiver priority for Raul Ibanez? My current OF is Werth, Nelson Cruz, Rajai Davis, Jay Bruce and Carlos Quentin.

  49. NukeLaDouche says:

    Got offered B.J. Upton for Manny. No brainer right?

  50. MeanMachine says:

    Hard decision. In my pilfer and pillage league i won this week so i have to decide if i want to exchange my lowest scoring pitcher for the year, Ted Lilly, for his highest scoring pitcher, Ian Kennedy. Lilly has the track record but Kennedy is pitching better now. Lilly gets 2 starts next week but… Man a little help would be nice. Thanks

  51. MeanMachine says:

    @Nuke – How fast can you hit accept.

    @Howie – Just plucked him of waivers myself. No briainer. Raul is just hitting his stride. No Brainer.

  52. Jonathan says:

    OK, I’ve got Kinsler and Utley, and the time to trade may be here.

    I could get Ichiro and Romero, or Ichiro and CJ Wilson for Kinsler.

    What do you think?

    I need OF bad… as Lind is under-performing… and Cruz is on the DL. Although I know Nelson’s return is imminent.

    My band-aids have been Soriano and Swisher… which haven’t been bad I must say.

  53. Jay says:

    Who is Grey’s avatar? It looks like a young Donnie Baseball to me but I’m not so sure…

  54. pw says:

    Is Eric Young going to play this week, get sent down, or continue to platoon? Closing situation for the white sox… who would you pick up in order?

  55. Smokey

    smokey says:

    @pw: Hawpe due back this week, i think he gets sent down. Thornton Putz Santos in that order

  56. pw says:

    Thanks… I’m stuck with Roberts and I have to start either EY Jr. or Infante from Atl. I guess it is Infante… (14 team mixed)

    Would you trade Pujols for Utley and D.Lee?
    Which of these pitchers would you deal for Kendrick or Callaspo, or am I wasting my time trying to get either.

    My team:
    C: I.Rod
    1B: Pujols
    2B: Roberts (Young, Infante)
    SS: H.Ram
    3B: Zimm
    OF: Ad.Jones
    OF: Damon
    OF: Morgan
    UT: Vlad

    SP: Lincecum
    SP: Correia
    SP: Garland
    RP: Dotel
    RP: Rauch
    P: S.Olsen

    Bench: Narveson, Meek, Brett Anderson (Inj), B.Cecil, J.D. Drew, Kubel, Olivo

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