The first week of fantasy baseball is in the books. More than likely you have at least one team that absolutely sucks. Started the year looking like Beth from The Real World, pre- and post-plastic surgery. I know I do. Well, the fantasy baseball season’s not over yet. Miguel Cabrera’s not going to end the season hitting under .150. So let’s cull some stuff so we can mull some stuff, shall we?

Xavier Nady – Honestly, never thought I’d ever mention him on the blog, but he’s starting the season on fire. Could he keep it going? What, am I Ms. Cleo? I don’t know for sure, but history tells us no. This won’t continue. Know what you can’t do? Let him sit on the waiver wire. Don’t drop Carlos Lee for him, but every year some players come out of nowhere. Maybe this is Nady’s year. I know when I grabbed Beltre after he hit four homers in the first week of ’04, leaguemates laughed at me (I believe Rudy Gamble is included in the list). Yeah, I won that league. You just never know some times. Chad Qualls is swell and all, but you can drop him and take a flier on Nady. He could be this year’s Carlos Pena.

Jason Kendall – He is a .300 hitter. The problem is he has the power of a twelve-year-old girl. Continue to ignore.

Derrek Lee – I pointed out four months ago, “Post-All-Star break in ’07, he hit 16 of his 22 homers. Watch this trend continue into ‘08.”  I don’t think this is going to stop.

Frank Thomas – He could lead the league in homers. I say he falls twenty short. There’s a reason the warranty expires after 100,000 miles.

Yunel Escobar – He’s doing everything right. There’s no reason why he can’t be a young Renteria. (That’s actually not a knock, even if it sounds like one.)

Jayson Nix – Atrocious is being kind for how he’s looked at the plate. Iceberg right ahead!

Manny Ramirez – All them Sons of Sam Horn were slapping fives high saying, “Manny’s back,” after the four RBI March 25th game. Well, he’ll still be okay, but Don’t Believe the SOSH Hype Machine.

Jake Peavy – I told you he was as good as Santana and his division’s hitting is Triple AAAish.

Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto – Their weeks won’t always be as good as this one, but they obviously have the stuff. Let’s hope the league doesn’t catch up to them too fast. I’ll probably tell you to trade them in June, but we have time before we have that travail.

Brian Bannister – Not sure he could strikeout Mark Reynolds, but the Royals aren’t a 100 lose team anymore. He’s not going to be exciting, unless 15 wins with a 3.75 ERA excites you. There’s a place for that.

Every Superstar that went 3 for 25 and knocked in 1 run – They’ll get better or, at least, we have to give them a chance to get better. Call off the firing squad for now.

Ben Sheets – Maybe I didn’t say this aloud to all of youse, but the guy can easily win the Cy Young. Health is the issue. His talent is fo realz.

Justin Germano – He pitches half of his games in Petco. If you can’t see there’s NL-only value in that, I can’t help you. In mixed leagues, I’m watching him very closely. Weirder things have happened than a Padres pitcher being good in Petco.

Kason Gabbard – Not interested. I’ll let someone else grab this schmohawk.

Trevor Hoffman – He is old, but he’d have to sexually harass Bud Black’s wife to be removed as the closer.

James ShieldsI told you he was a better draft choice than Kazmir. I see no reason why he can’t give you top twenty starter worth.

David Murphy – Doesn’t know how to take a walk and very light hitting. Eh, this was just a good start.

Krispie Young – He has power and speed and he’s currently batting .217. Of course he is. That’s how Krispie do.

Justin Verlander – Um, he’s not starting the year off too well. It’s still early.

Kyle Lohse – He’s 29. Don’t think he suddenly turned the corner into Worthwhile-ville. Twins don’t trade away good pitching prospects; they acquire them.

Joakim Soria – He could save 40 games.

Brandon Lyon – He may not save another game this season.

Mark Lowe – Way to run with the job, dude!

Okay, let’s hear some people you’re giddy about even if you know their pace can’t maintain, but you sure hope it does.

  1. Steve says:

    I’m liking what Rios has done so far…

  2. wilson says:

    i was impressed with a guy i have been following for awile and you guys have pimped alot in manny parra. it might have been against the giants but he looked good 8k’s hitless for 5 innings. but what i was really impressed with was his composer his defense made 3 errors behind him but he didint let it shake he and kept on pitching his way. i have seen many pitchers fall apart after errors are comited. also what do you think about scott hairston any chance this is the year he breaks out and shows the same numbers that he put up in the minors (i am desperate for a cf)

  3. Grey

    Grey says:

    Rios has looked great thus far. I really hope he puts together a season like I know he’s capable of.

    Parra – Unfortunately, it still looks like he’s first one out when Gallardo comes back. Hopefully, they can figure out that Bush needs to become long reliever.

  4. Carl says:

    Jason Kendall – He is a .300 hitter. The problem is he has the power of a twelve-year-old girl. Continue to ignore.

    LoL…This is why I love Razzball. Almost choked on my boiled egg reading that.

    I’m excited about Upton’s performance so far (destroyed a Cueto fastball which no one else on the team could touch) but a little irked he wasn’t patient when he came up with the bases loaded yesterday and swung and dumb pitches. I took him a *little* early just so I could have him for 4 years, I can not wait to see what this kid can do.

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    Carl — Completely agree on Upton, he looks incredible — a young Soriano. Most hitters would’ve grounded out weakly to third on the ball he hit out against Cueto. Probably will have some peaks and valleys this year, but next year and beyond he should be tremendous.

  6. Kevin says:

    Question – How many games are the contending Padres willing to LOSE with Hoffman in the closer’s role with one of the best relievers in baseball waiting in the wings. Hoffman is driving over a cliff right now. The Prospectus saw this coming. This is going to come to a head soon.

    Hoffman may be an icon in San Diego and a future hall of famer, but are the Padres going to forsake the 2008 season just because they don’t dare remove him from the closer’s role? I think they would be smart to keep their focus on the big picture here.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    I see Hoffman’s leash being about as long as humanly possible for a closer. He’s an icon on San Diego and will be the closer through tough times/go on the DL/be temporarily replaced then get the job back very quickly or retire. If you remember last April, Hoffman’s ERA was 6.23. I could see him putting in a mediocre year then the team asking him to step down in the offseason, but for this year — more or less through thick and thin. Obviously this is all conjecture and I think he should be replaced, I’m just saying how these things usually work. Teams don’t always look at stats.

  8. Carl says:

    Holy crap Lilly just got bombed for me after getting a 7-0 lead. What a jackass. I need to find something to smash.

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    Yeah, not a huge fan of Lilly. He looked like crap today.

  10. Carl says:

    I just want 15 wins and a 3.70 ERA with 175 K’s…is that too much to ask? *sigh*

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    4.20 ERA is more like it.

  12. wilson says:

    alright Michael Bourn is at 6 steals this season two tonight against yadier molina who has a cannon attached to his body this guy is gona put up 50-60 steals if he gets on base at any regularity. not a big fan of speed only guys but man is this guy impressive not only with his speed but the jumps he gets off pitchers.

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    Yup, he’s what we came to expect from Pierre for so many years.

  14. Carl says:

    Nothing more disheartening than seeing a guy named Gabe with more home runs than your power hitting anchors Howard and Fielder combined.

    I just realized I drafted Edwin “Lazy Legs” Encarnacion 1 pick before Mark Reynolds. Right now I could be enjoying Reynolds’ 2 homers tonight…instead I have Edwin’s 2 for 20 start. What a jackass.

    Funny thing about Ted Lilly…he looks like a 13 year old and he pitched like one today too.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Carry on.

  15. Carl says:

    Why do pitchers actually give Krispie Young pitches to hit? All they need to do is throw the sliders outside and changeups in the dirt. For christ’s sake he struck out 140 times last year…it’s not hard. Another friggin’ homer tonight.

    I swear after dealing this guy for Rich Hill, Rich better win me 15 freakin’ games. (don’t worry I swapped my 4th pick for his 3rd too!).

    Carry on.

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    Ha, vent anytime.

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