Grey Albright and B_Don are back to go over 1B rankings for 2022 fantasy baseball. For the first two guys, Vlad and Freddie Freeman, see the top 20 podcast. Then, we walk through the 1B tiers and determine where we might be investing at 1B in our drafts to try and find the best values for the position. See how low B_Don is on Votto and what 1B he’d be taking over the veteran 1B.

We also look at Rudy’s first run of his projections to see how they compare with Grey. The 1B you take may be more about your team build than ADP or one player outproducing another by a large margin. For the catchers mentioned in this pod, check out the catchers podcast. And here are the Andrew Vaughn sleeper and Alex Kirilloff sleeper posts for your reading pleasure.