Last night I took part in my third mock draft over at Mock Draft Central.  Going into this mock draft, I figured I’d try to draft a mock team to mock win.  Pretty out there, I know.  That’s how I mock roll!  I didn’t necessarily follow my 2009 fantasy baseball rankings to a T.  What fun is mocking if you don’t take some (mock) liberties. This mock’s participants were some of the finest fantasy baseball ‘perts in the fantasy baseball bidness.  Below the pretty picture of my drafted team is, as always, the notes I took while mock drafting:

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

1st Round – Miguel Cabrera.  Two Mets off the board with the 1st two picks.  Obviously Ralph Kiner paid off some of these ‘perts.  Hey, no illusions of grandeur here.  I can be bought too.

2nd Round – Carlos Beltran.  I’m eyeing Chase Utley.  Oh, he looks real nice at the 17th pick.  Scooped!  The ‘pert right before me grabbed Utley and I was left with Beltran.  Some picks I didn’t like in this round were Pedroia, Manny and Ichiro.

3rd Round – Carlos Quentin.  Wow, Santana held around for a while. I think that’s just a sign that this is a mock draft.  I doubt that has much real world significance, but if you see Johan in the third round by all means grab him.  Honestly, I didn’t like my choices in the 3rd round.  I almost took Lincecum, but didn’t want a pitcher yet.  I don’t want Morneau or Bay this early.  I considered Phillips long and hard and almost took him.

4th Round – Jake Peavy.  I have a whole post coming up about Peavy.  This is just another sign of this “What have you done for me lately?” attitude.  Sure, Peavy wasn’t incredible in 2008.  Guess what, ya’ll?  It’s 2009.  Picks I didn’t like in this round were Ortiz, Furcal, Vlad and K-Rod.

5th Round Alexei Ramirez.  I’ve suddenly become a South Sider with these picks.  Usually I’d hold off on a MI, but I’m trying to zag on my own usual zigging at times to see what I come up with.  Picks I didn’t like in the 5th round — Mike Jacobs.  Zoinks!

6th Round – Chris Davis.  During this pick, I went to the bathroom and Bill James drafted for me.  Atkins, Zimmerman, Huff and Cantu were staring me in the face.  I went with an upside pick, as I did with my last three picks.  I don’t think I can go with an upside pick for the next five or so rounds.

7th Round & 8th RoundJermaine Dye and Derrek Lee.  The kind of safe picks I was talking about in the 6th round.  I’ve just about righted the ship from my upside picks.  Now I’m looking for a pitcher.

9th Round – Chad Billingsley.  Guess who’s staring at me in the face?  Billingsley.  My pre-preseason Cy Young pick, who I’m slightly worried about because of his increase in innings in 2008.  He’s not the absolute safest pick like I was thinking about, but this value is way too great.  Some other pitchers I could’ve drafted here were Lackey, Burnett, Lester and Dice-K.  I think this is just ‘perts telling their readers to not draft pitchers and then them showing everyone how they don’t draft pitchers.  I don’t draft pitchers early either, but this group of mockers is extreme.  In your league, you’re going to have to draft some of the pitchers that went in the 9th and 10th rounds before then if you want them.  A pick I didn’t like in this round, Polanco.  Think about the difference in value between Billingsley and Polanco.

10th Round – Pat Burrell.  There were a lot of great picks in this round.  Soria, Joba, Dice-K and Burnett.  Admittedly, I probably did the worst this round, but I wanted safe power.

11th Round – Jonathan Broxton. Ignore the previous year’s saves when drafting your closer.  Just make sure he has the job for the upcoming year.  Broxton had 88 Ks last year. He could easily be the number one closer in 2009 and I just drafted him in the 11th round.  K-Rod went in the 4th round.

13th Round – Adam Wainwright.  Honestly, I think I have the best pitching staff right now, but pitching is unpredictable so this staff could blow up in my face.

15th Round – Justin Upton.  Looking to head back to the OF after taking some pitchers.  My choices here aren’t great, but I’ll take my chances with Krispie Young – Scooped!  I end up taking his OF-mate.  I’m not thrilled with this pick, but Upton’s upside is huge for the 15th round.  A pick I really liked this round was Conor Jackson.  I wasn’t crazy about the Posada, Huston Street or Mark Reynolds picks.  Not that I wouldn’t draft them, just not here.  Not now.

17th Round – Chad Qualls.  My pick is pretty self-explanatory.  At least I hope it is.  The Diamondbacks are saying Qualls is the closer.  Don’t worry about who you think should be the closer, just go with who the club puts in the role.  You’ll save yourself lots of headaches (pun was noted and groaned at).

18th Round – Miguel Tejada.  I realize he’s not juicing anymore but him falling to the 18th round is kinda ridiculous.

21st Round – Fred Lewis.  Actually kinda of surprised to still see him on the board when I was drafting in the 21st round.  My team was also lacking steals, so this was the smartest pick left for me without having to grab Juan Pierre.

22nd Round – Chris Snyder.  Not a huge fan of Snyder’s, but Jeff Clement went in the 16th round.

  1. Jason says:

    Wow, Chris Young in the 16th is a steal. The guy was a top 15 pitcher in 2008 drafts.

  2. Horste says:

    Going with Broxton is rather risky. He has 19 career saves, and 19 blown saves…

  3. Freak says:

    @Horste: Set up men get blown saves for sneezing. You should not be using that as a reason not to draft him.

  4. sam says:

    i love guthrie. he gets a tough schedule but if you can afford to pick and choose his starts, he’s the man.

  5. @Grey and Freak: I only mention it because people were all jazzed about Rafael Betancourt last year when JoeBlow finally lost the job. He had success when he was the primary setup man, but the closer role proved too much for him.

  6. SaltyBiscuits says:

    I love CQ this year, and could see arguments for him being taken at the end of the 2nd round ahead of Carlos Lee, Morneau or Berkman. Especially in keeper/dynasty.

    Also love Alexei this year… I am high on Sox, as I am out of ganja.

  7. Freak says:

    @Horste: The time last year Broxton was the primary closer, he had 13 saves and 2 blown.

    There is no cause for trepidation.

  8. Steve says:

    @Grey: Any context round not liking the Vlad pick? I’d been thinking the 4th was around his spot. Were there better options for whomever picked him?

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Vlad’s near a 4th rounder, I just don’t want him. I don’t think he’s ever going to be as good as he was. His numbers are beginning to look like Mags, who’s a 6th rounder.

  10. Steve says:

    @Grey: Fair enough. He’ll give you AVE I guess, but I suppose you’re probably looking for better all-round production from a 4th-round OF.

    The weather is even better here today, BTW ;-)

  11. elwood says:

    what you want for saves in 1-4 combo innings eater – stud, 5th guy not gettinghis butt reemed routinely, 2 good setup man, AND a popcorn, single run chasing offense hey that IS la (either one, but especially the name stealing version)

  12. big o says:

    was rooting for you the whole way.
    you silenced me with your dye pick. thought for sure you might consider someone who would contribute something towards
    sb’s at that point , rather than a plodder.
    i guess everyone has their jeremy guthrie.
    good luck with your’s.

    fear not , the chat-room was more focused on what that hq guy was doing … you managed to stay below the radar.

    sherpa’s projections , i believe , has some major flaws.
    out of curiosity , how did your roster project ?

  13. BigFatHippo says:

    @big o:

    what’s not to like about established production.
    in the 7th round.

    give me 30+ and 100+
    every year, I’ll give you
    a winning team.

    you type in fractured sentences,
    like Christopher Walken speaks.

    if put together
    several comments that you made.
    would be a haiku. <=======

    that’s a haiku right?
    that’s all I got….dot dot dot
    well, how about that!

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: All you can ask for coming out of a draft is a top 3 team, so then with some in season managing you can win. The above team is a top three team. The only thing my team is missing is steals and I could easily find steals during the season. If Rudy has a chance, maybe he’ll do some projections.

    @BigFatHippo: Hehe

  15. Steve says:

    @Grey: OK – this is a noob question even by my standards (and I know every draft is different) but do you have a set ratio of solid guys to upside guys in mind when you’re drafting?

  16. big o says:

    @BigFatHippo: @Grey:
    5spots still leftforthe [email protected] (dot) com andyes,kippo,youcandraftasmabyjapaneseplayersasyouwish. chopsticksincluded,justdo’tforgettotakeyourbootsoffwhenyouenterthedraftroom. starts1/[email protected]

  17. big o says:


  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Nah, usually I try and limit upside guys to catcher, MI and fourth to fifth OF/starter and relievers. And get solid guys in the OF, 1B, 3B and front end starters. This way the worst case scenario has you only in bad shape in slots where others aren’t that strong. I.e. A top catcher and an upside catcher who bombs then is replaced isn’t that big of a difference. I didn’t exactly follow this in this mock because I felt like grabbing some outside the box guys, such as Davis and Quentin.

  19. Jason says:

    @Freak: Besides, Broxton has a huge heinie and that’s good for something. I am keeping him as a 15th rounder over Soria as a 10th rounder based on upside and value.

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