With the RCL sign ups in full bloom, we decided to take a look at what last year’s RCLs showed us.  I.e., what it took to win these fantasy baseball leagues last year.  Across nine 12 team leagues, you would think you’d have some wide variations, but it’s amazingly close what you need in each category to do average vs. win.  Some quick points upfront.  There were 5 outfielders and one utility, so if you play in a Yahoo league with three outfielders and two utility, I’d expect a bit more offense across the board.  There were 198 games started vs. 180 games started this year.  So Wins and Ks were a bit high, but I’m going to factor those changes into the below numbers.  6.5 is average in a 12 team league, not 6 because the last place team has 1 point, not zero.  Finally, the RCLs are made up of guys that are probably more competitive than your casual buddy office fantasy baseball league, so if you can hit these benchmarks, you should be in good shape.  Anyway, here’s what it takes to win a 12 team fantasy baseball league:

Runs — 1,067

The average team last year scored 1,047 Runs, that would get them 6.5 points in the standings in Runs.  To win your league, it took 1,159 Runs with the average player contributing 89 Runs.  To move up a point from average, you needed an extra 20.39 Runs.  So 20 runs on top of 1,047 Runs took you from 6.5 points to 7.5 in the standings.  I like to aim for a 7.5 in Runs.  So I would aim for 1,067 Runs or 82 Runs/player.

Home Runs — 277

The average team hit 262 homers.  To win, you needed 304 homers or 23 homers/player.  To move up a point from average (6.5 points in the standings), you needed an extra 7.5 homers.  I like to aim for an 8.5 in homers.  So I would aim for 15 homers from 262 or 277 homers or 21 homers/player.

RBIs — 1,036

The average team needed 1,016 RBIs.  To win, you had to get 1,128 or 87 RBIs/player.  To move up a point from average (6.5 points), you needed an extra 20.37 RBIs.  I aim for a 7.5 points in RBIs.  So I would aim for 1,036 RBIs or 80 RBIs/player.

Steals — 168

The average team needed 153 steals.  To win, you had to get 208 or 16 steals/player.  To move up a point from average (6.5 points), you needed an extra 10.02 steals.  I aim for 8 points in steals.  So I would aim for 168 steals or 13 steals/player.

Average — .277

The average team’s, uh, average is .277.  To win, you had to get a .290.  To move up a point from average (6.5 points), you needed an increase of .0314.  I aim for average in, well, ya know.  So I would want a .277 average.  Let the rest figure itself out.

Strikeouts — 1,165

The average team’s Ks are 1,065.  To win, you needed to rack up 1,238 Ks.  To move up a point from average (6.5 points), you needed an extra 31.47 Ks.  I aim for a 10 in Ks.  Actually, I don’t aim for it, but that’s where I end up.  So I would want 1,165 Ks or 129 Ks/pitcher.

Wins — 77

The average team’s pitchers won 77 games.  To win, you needed to win 92.  To move up a point from average (6.5 points), you needed to win an extra 2.84 games.  (Jason Marquis is good for at least two .84 wins.)  I go for average here, which is 77 games or 9 wins/pitcher.  Otherwise known as letting the cards fall where they may.

Saves — 117

The average team’s relievers close out 87 games.  To win, you needed 133 saves.  To move up a point from average (6.5 points), you needed an extra 8.52 saves.  I aim for a 10 in saves.  My thought is if you have extra, you can always trade those suckers.  To get 10 points in saves, you needed an extra 30 saves from average or 117 saves or 39 saves from 3 closers or 29 from 4 closers.

ERA — 3.80

The average team’s pitchers had a 3.91 ERA.  To win, you needed a 3.31 ERA.  To move up a point from average (6.5 points), you needed an increase of .11.  I aim for a 7.5 in ERA.  So I would want a 3.80 ERA.  In reality, ERA’s so fickle that aiming for ERA is like throwing darts at a unicorn.

WHIP — 1.25

The average team’s pitchers had a 1.30 WHIP.  To win, you needed a 1.20 WHIP.  To move up a point from average (6.5 points), you needed an increase of .02.  I aim for a 9 in WHIP.  So I would want a 1.25 WHIP.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    seems tough looking at those numbers,makes you think though,nice roundup

  2. sean says:

    From RotoWorld: Jair Jurrjens underwent an MRI on his pitching shoulder on Tuesday and will likely find out the results on Wednesday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s David O’Brien. Jurrjens complained of mild soreness in the shoulder on Monday. The 24-year-old finished the 2009 season with a 14-10 record, 2.60 ERA, 1.21 WHIP and 151/75 K/BB ratio. Atlanta obviously can’t afford an extended absence from the star pitcher. Stay tuned.

  3. Pirate Jesus says:

    Watch out, Erik Terribell is calling Napoli his C sleeper this year. All aboard the bandwagon 3 years after the fact.

  4. Mikey boy324 says:

    espn is the worst when I first started playing fantasy football/baseball I listened to Mathew berry and lost in all my leagues thank god for razzball lol

  5. Eddy says:

    Grey I think a good supplemental post (done I’d guess a few weeks before the break) would be how much of each category you should have, on average, by the All-Star Break. This is my first time delving into roto style play, so it’d be useful to know where I should pick it up and what categories I can afford to trade off.

    And I was wondering if you could help me out in a dilemma I usually face. Whenever I mock, and it’s the later rounds of the draft, I wonder just how much AL East pitchers can damage me. For example, it’s not rare for me to end up with Price, Lester, and Bucholz on my staff. Do you look down on this? Is there a sort of rule you have with AL East pitchers? Even though some may be sleepers, would you personally draft one, after all ready having a Garza or Lester?

    I love the idea of banking on possible breakout candidates, but thoughts of ERAs over 4 and 5 run innings tend to linger when I’m deciding whether or not to draft these guys.

  6. Atherton32 says:

    Thanks for the info. I tried calculating this the other day for one of my leagues and it was kind of pain in the but. So, thanks for doing the work for us.

    Any way to spit out numbers on a 14 team league?

  7. Mikey boy324 says:

    Grey I seen in the football section they created a razzball app is there gonna be baseball one coming out?

  8. Tony says:

    great post this is exactly what I was asking about the other day… Its only my second year in Roto so i basically just try and draft a well rounded team. I’d have to think thats the best route…

  9. Rhymenoceros says:

    @Eddy: Great idea! I’d love to see some numbers relating to post All-Star break. I guess I could do it myself, but I’m an English teacher so math doesn’t come naturally.

    I’ve seen a number of these rundowns before, but one I really liked came from Tim Dierkes. His “What It Takes to Win” series on RotoAuthority is fabulous.

  10. Rabbit says:

    Unless my calculator’s math is wrong, your point total for all cats adds up to 81. Is that enough to win a 12-team RCL league? It seems low to me. For my 12-team league, historically I had targeted 90 points to win (averaging fourth in all cats) but in recent years it has taken a higher total to win (95-105), mainly because of guys at the bottom of the standings trading their high-priced guys for low-priced keepers for next year (we switched to an auction format a few years ago). So trying to normalize for a league where this sort of trading doesn’t go on (i.e., a non-keeper league), it seems to me that your target should be more around 90 points total rather than 81.

    But maybe in a league where the owner talent is equally spread 81 points is enough? In my league there are usually one or two guys that are perennial bottom dwellers, so perhaps their lower-than-typical performance means you need to have more points to win; I don’t know.

  11. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Grey – that was a nice summation; however, I wanted to check to see how I did last year in comparison with your stats; unfortunately, they must have recently closed off last years ESPN Leagues. Maybe next year you could do this post a couple of weeks earlier.

    Also, for those of us involved in deeper leagues (14-16) would it be possible to add an extra 100 players at some point to your Top 300?

    Enjoy your dacquiri.


  12. Rabbit says:

    @Rhymenoceros: I really liked and heavily depended on Tim D’s stuff a couple years, back but it seems to me that recently he has scaled back what he does somewhat. (Maybe he got a wife/kids/job? Lesson here: family and career ruin everything.) Tim used to do a full set of preseason auction values for all players, but I haven’t seen that from him in recent years. I still like the stuff he puts out, though; he seems to me to be one of the smarter fantasy commenters out there (second to Grey and the Razzballers, of course–“Grey and the Razzballers” sounds like a decent wedding band–maybe there’s a career in there for you, Grey.)

  13. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Eddy: I too have difficulty in Mocks with the AL vs NL starter quandary. (Having unwittingly handed in a Mock Draft with all AL starters, I am the perfect foil.) I am aware that AL pitchers tend to get a .50 hike in their ERA. However, I thought that this was taken account in your top 300 ratings. The problem in drafting is that astute draftees (as will certainly be the case in the RCL Commenter drafts) are well aware of this fact. So what will happen is that you have a choice of drafting, say, a Clay Bucholz, vs the highest ranked NL pitcher, which at that point might be a Mike Pelfrey. I would think that I would take my chances with Pelfrey. It certainly seems like a potential conundrum.

  14. @Rabbit: FYI, Tim also runs MLBTradeRumors.com – I think he puts more of his time on that site.

    @Paulie Allnuts: You can also check the Point Shares accessible via the 2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings button up top. I haven’t adjusted yet for playing time though. That should be up in about 2 weeks.

  15. brad says:

    @sean: Jurrjens’ MRI shows only inflammation by the way.

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Thanks!

    @sean: Yeah, I’m gonna have to drop him in the rankings.

    @Pirate Jesus: Who, Karabell? Yikes.

    @Eddy: You should be a little more than halfway into each category. Or the games prior to the ASB, divided by 162 multiplied by the numbers. I’d try not to draft more than one AL East pitcher.

    @Atherton32: Rudy’s calculating it right now. Give us fifteen minutes.

    @Mikey boy324: It’s coming.

    @Tony: No problem.

    @Rabbit: I’m aiming for that in the draft. I’m sure you’d end up with a few more points. You’d probably need more than Wins, but you shouldn’t bother aiming for them.

    @Paulie Allnuts: re: extra 100 on 300 — Maybe.

  17. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Grey: Its nice in theory drafting one AL East pitcher, but when you draft against 11 other Commenters who read your column, and are drafting NL pitchers by a wide margin, you are going to have to dig mighty deep to stick to that formula.
    I would thing that you are going to have a staff filled with Hodge-Padres.

  18. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Thanks, Rudy. One stupid question. Why does CHONE have HanRam hat such a higher point value then Puhols? Expecially since Alberts VORP is off the charts, and he is the no-brainer first pick in everyone’s fantasy draft?

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Atherton32: I lied. Rudy’s going to do it, but it’s going to take longer than 15 minutes.

  20. sean says:

    I did some calculations based upon the 10-team CBS cash leagues I was in last year, and in order to take the 8 in each category, you would need to accumulate:

    R: 1065
    HR: 280
    RBI: 1050
    SB: 168
    AVG: .285
    W: 85
    K: 1200
    SV: 114
    ERA: 3.56
    WHIP: 1.24

    I set these as my goals in Sweet Lou’s War Room excel sheet, but as I used the sheet in my draft last week, I realized that it doesn’t correctly compute ratio stats. For example, for average, it doesn’t extrapolate team total hits over team total ABs, it just takes the sum of team projected averages and divides by the number of hitters. The same with the ratios for the pitchers.

  21. airlifting says:

    are you guys ever going to do anything with projected auction prices?

  22. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Pirate Jesus: It maybe not so much that Terribell is lazy, although that might be part of it. The truth of the matter is that he was hired by ESPN for reasons that had nothing to do with knowledge of fantasy sports. So blame ESPN. Actually, it may not be the worst thing when he does plagiarize; at least he is copying the thoughts of someone who actually knows what he is talking about. However, if you think that ESPN “experts” are terrible, check out the crew at CBS…

  23. Atherton32 says:

    @ Grey No hurry. I really appreciate your help. I will definately be donating some money this year since I look at this webpage way too much.

  24. Real Tom says:

    Hey Grey, the other day I got curious… what is the best possible top 3 rounds you could realistically get?

    With the first pick, you’re the first 3rd rounder, but you get a less exciting second rounder.

    So… Pujols, Upton, Votto? Pujols, Rollins, Votto? I want Votto in the third if I can get him, but don’t know how possible that is.

    I just feel like the first five rounds always dictate what I get later. I usually just grab the BEST regardless of position for the first three rounds and then adjust.

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Real Tom: As long as you don’t go Crawford, Reyes and Rollins, or some other boneheaded first 3 rounds, you shouldn’t mess it up.

  26. Real Tom says:

    @Freak: Yea, that’s why I said “the other day I got curious.” I was referring to that post. After that post, I proposed a top three rounds that Grey said wasn’t very likely, so I was asking what first three rounds are both great and REALISTIC. Thanks though.

  27. Pirate Jesus says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: I agree with the CBS sentiment. After last year, I don’t see myself ever doing a league on Sportsline again. Their user interface feels like I’m back to using a command line prompts. For as much customization as they offer, they could really use some help in the everyday usability department.

  28. airlifting says:

    @Grey: most of what you guys post assume snake drafts; “this is his ADP,” “you can probably get him late in the third round.” obviously in an auction league, it doesn’t really matter; tommy hanson could be nominated…some dude freaks and springs $25 for him, though i doubt that’s what *you* would pay in an typical auction.

    the spreadsheets you guys posted while back had projected dollar value…but i was just thinking something along the lines that rotoauthority or yahoo! big board does (not that i agree with either of their rankings…just their format), where they rank 1-X with their projected dollar value. in the case of the big board, when he mocks he puts draft position in each league and what he paid in an auction.

    with yahoo offering auction leagues now, and a lot of people choosing to go in that direction, i think it’d be a valuable thing to do.

  29. @Paulie Allnuts: One driver is that Point Shares takes position into account. While ‘position scarcity’ is overrated (I’ll go into that in another post), 1B does has an advantage over SS so HanRam’s stats get boosted up compared to Pujols’. I think CHONE’s plate appearance/AB estimate for HanRam are a bit high (673) and will be adjusted down in the next iteration. I imagine them almost even by the time it’s all done.

  30. Commish Cauda says:


    Crawford, Reyes, Rollins?…damn, there goes my RCL strategy

  31. Steve says:

    @Grey: @Rudy Gamble: I’m a French and Politics grad, so no sniggering, but if your auction league has a cap of $300, is it simply a matter of adding 25%, give or take, to the Point Shares dollar values?

  32. Steve says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Our differences laid bare for all to see ;-)

  33. Steve says:

    @Rudy Gamble: The differences between us laid bare for all to see ;-)

  34. Steve says:


  35. Euroalien says:

    Do you trade Jason Bay for Brian Roberts? (12 Team, 5 x 5 league) –
    My other keepers are Howard, Youk, Granderson, Santana and Beckett (I could keep up to eight, but will go into the draft with six keepers and get a couple of “early picks” – if that makes sense!)

  36. Tom Reale says:

    Does Kershaw’s 3.08 to 3.90 xFIP plus innings bump concern you at all?

  37. Euroalien says:

    @Pirate Jesus: I understand some of the anti CBS sentiments. My main league uses CBS Sportsline and has for years. Yeah it’s expensive, but all the owners love the live scoring feature and they are all comfortable with the website. Even the customizing meets our needs……… pretty basic 5 x 5 league. The analysis and articles are rubbish, but that’s OK we all know that going in. I know Yahoo and ESPN are free, but are there other services/websites that offer live scoring……?

  38. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Commish Cauda: Hehe

    @Euroalien: I’d want Bay.

    @Tom Reale: Yup, but his extra innings from ’07 to ’08 worried me too, and those didn’t effect him. The truth is, there’s worries with almost all pitchers. Lincecum was injured and didn’t pitch well in September, ya know?

  39. brad says:

    @Euroalien: both espn and yahoo NOW do live scoring for free. is that what you’re asking?

  40. Tom Reale says:

    @Grey: Good point. I want to be a bigger Kershaw fan but I just hate the BBs and I won’t pay what others in my draft will, so he won’t get to me anyway. I guess my question has more to do with his “math.” As I understand it, since he had the lowest HR/FB% and a high FB%, he is projected to have more of those FBs turn into HRs and therefore negatively impact his ERA. For instance, Jurrjens has a similarly low HR/FB%, low BABIP, and large gap between ERA and xFIP and everyone knows that he was very “lucky” last year. But, I don’t hear anyone talking about Kershaw’s luck. Now I am not suggesting that they are in the same class at all, but with similar numbers across the board, sans K/9, it is something to think about.
    If he regresses half as much as I am saying, I expect to make the Nostradamus list.
    “The Duder” Lincecum (I don’t know why but watching him pitch makes me want to pour a caucasian) was able to get back on track in October so I think he might be alright this year…
    PS I can’t wait until mid March when you will be fielding questions regarding Pujols .081 struggles against Lefty relievers, in the eighth inning, on the road, during day games(I made up that stat since I couldn’t find it) When’s the effen draft?

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Reale: Yeah, sans’ing on the K/9 is a decent-sized sans.

  42. Tom Reale says:

    Maybe the caucasians and math don’t mix as well as I thought…time for a sanswich!

  43. Euroalien says:

    @brad: Brad – Yeah that’s what I was asking. Thanks for letting me know. It’s too late for this season as we’ve already renewed with CBS, but we might make the switch to one of the others next year.

  44. @Tom Reale: Not to mention that Kerhsaw had a low BABIP (.274). At his current 4+ BB/ 9 IP, he’s a good bet for a Billingsleyesque WHIP of 1.30+.

  45. Tom Reale says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Agreed. I was saying that his and Jair’s(.273)BABIP were unsustainable and I hated the BBs. Almost Sanchezian ain’t he?

  46. David says:

    @Grey: I’m taking Pujols with the first overall pick, but would you recommend taking another 1b with value (say Votto at the 4/5 turn) if he’s there?

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @David: If he’s there in the 5th, sure. I’m not looking to take him though.

  48. Stephen says:

    @Grey: With the 6th pick, I went Braun, Holliday, Votto, Granderson with my first four picks. What I learned is that the 6th pick in this current draft is a terrible position to be in. I had to either stretch/reach for players or pray that they would fall. Mocking at Yahoo means that they aren’t going to fall because half of those mocks are auto-drafted. Needless to say, in my RCL I have the 6th pick and boy do I want out of this position. I was really excited for this position until I tried a mock there. Phew * end rant.

  49. Eddy says:

    ugh, anywhere in the middle is such a pain to draft
    in. It REALLY makes you scrutinize your draft picks, which usually results in 1-2 “omg I can’t believe I actually drafted him when THIS guy was on the board” afterthoughts.

    I somehow got some beginners luck and drew the 12th spot for my RCL!

  50. Stephen says:

    @Eddy: I wouldn’t mind the 10th pick and on. But the once I got past those first few rounds I was frustrated and outfielder heavy. I ended up with Adam Jones, Adam Lind, Granderson, Braun, and Holliday.

  51. Eddy says:

    Well on the bright side, you’d have the most dominate OF in your entire league. AND Adam Jones/Lind could always be trade bait for some position you ended up hurting on due to the suckassness of 6th pick.

    Not to mention it wont be such a huge problem if your infield isn’t stacked with power at the corners. If you don’t mind, what was the infield you ended up with?

  52. Stephen says:

    @Eddy: I haven’t received the email with my roster, but IIRC this is what I had:

    C- Miguel Montero
    1B- Joey Votto
    2B- (in honor of Razzball) Ian Steward (10th round)
    3B- Chris Davis
    SS- Everth Cabrera (22nd round)
    OF- Braun
    OF- Holliday
    OF- Granderson
    UTIL- Lind
    UTIL- Adam Jones

    SP- Clayton Kershaw
    SP- ?
    after this I cannot remember.

  53. Stephen says:

    I got Kershaw in the 6th and used the 7th on another starter and the 8th on a closer (Bell).

  54. Stephen says:

    I got Kershaw in the 7th and used the 8th on another starter and the 9th on a closer (Bell).

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Stephen: That doesn’t look like a bad top four.

  56. Eddy says:

    That team looks fine to me. The only complaint would not be getting Elvis as my SS, but that’s just me being fickle. Man, I haven’t used the word fickle in a while. Fickle. Anyways, that’s a very solid offense, and the potential downside of Davis, Stewart, and EverCab is easily offset by your insane OF.

    Needless to say, if you gave me that offense and told me to run with it, I would. Very, very, far away.
    Grey would you prefer a Longo/Fielder combo or a Longo/Tex?

  57. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Longo, Tex

  58. Eddy says:

    all right then I made the right choice in my current mock.

    First 6 picks, what do you think (had the 12th pick)


  59. Stephen says:

    @Grey: Not a bad top four, but the what I struggled with was finding value while keeping flexibility. There were just a lot of Outfielders and my roster couldn’t hold to many more outfielders. Further, I essentially punted my left side of my infield until the end of the draft and banking on Steward and Davis to play well.

  60. PJtres says:

    grey…would you trade longo and vmart for wright and holliday (keeper league)

  61. Hey Gray – I did a 12 team draft and took the 1st spot to see how a draft would go if you draft Hanley Ramirez instead of Albert Pujols
    The players are shown in order that I picked – I had to go through this crap this way because Yahoo has not been sending me my Mock Drafts – not sure why

    1- I always wait to pick number 7 to start picking my starters – I try to the best availble starter with as many K’s as I can get and use your rankings

    I punt 2b and catcher

    I draft 4 relief pitchers that give me 120 saves
    as my bench goes – depends what is there but I am interested in one hitter and 4 pitchers for my bench – its kind of streaming from your own team to have a bench full of pitchers and you know what you have and you don’t know what you get

    I draft as much power as I can get – and then pick up late cheap steals

    Hanley Ramírez (FLA)-SS —–100/25/110/.320/25

    Adrián González (SD)-1B——- 90/38/100/.280

    Ryan Zimmerman (WAS)-3B—105/30/110/.295/5

    Jayson Werth (PHI)-OF———–85/30/100/.270/18

    Adam Lind (TOR)-OF————–85/35/110/.300/2

    Adam Dunn (WAS)-OF———— 80/40/100/.250

    Josh Johnson (FLA)-SP———– 14-6/3.35/1.22/175

    Jake Peavy (CWS)-SP————10-5/3.35/1.15/145

    Matt Garza (TB)-SP————— 12-9/3.80/1.24/200

    Carlos Mármol (CHC)-RP——–4-3/3.15/1.30/100, 38 saves

    Francisco Rodríguez -RP——– 5-2/3.10/1.30/70, 40 saves

    Carlos Quentin (CWS)-ULTILTY-80/28/95/.275/5

    David Price (TB)-SP——————12-9/3.75/1.30/155

    Nyjer Morgan (WAS)-ULTILTY—-105/4/45/.300/45

    Max Scherzer (DET)SP————-12-8/4.00/1.32/165

    David Aardsma (SEA)RP———– 5-2/3.10/1.30/70, 40 saves

    Ryan Franklin (STL)-RP————- 4-2/3.75/1.25/40, 30 saves

    Clay Buchholz (BOS)-SP————14-9/3.95/1.34/155

    David Ortiz (BOS)-BENCH———–70/27/90/.265

    Juan Pierre (CWS)-BENCH———-95/1/40/.300/45

    Clint Barmes (COL)-2B—————-65/15/75/.255/12

    Joba Chamberlain (NYY)- BENCH- 9-6/3.85/1.34/160

    Chris Iannetta (COL)- CATCHER—50/17/65/.265

  62. PJtres says:

    do you think longo will eventually be a 40 HR threat though? b/c wright is looking like a 20/20 guy…which is good…but how many 40 HR 3b are there…

    i think that holliday is solid and so is wright…but do you think that longo is going to be a top 5 guy in the future? or do you see wright/longo being pretty even for the next few years?

  63. Grey you are The Fantasy Baseball Council, and you are like Yoda – and we are all your students – may the draft be with you

  64. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mrbaseball: Solid team… You know how I feel on Peavy and Scherzer, and two Rays pitchers could give you fits, but I do like those two. Pierre and Morgan’s one way to get your steals… I’d prefer balance, but I guess whatever gets you there.

  65. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mrbaseball: I’m actually drafting right now.

  66. when I picked at that spot as per your rankings – Peavy and Scherzer,were rated highest on your rankings – so I took them
    The Rays Pitchers add up to 355 K’s – those are fits that I can deal with

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mrbaseball: They fits you well. Hehe… What?

  68. picking Hanley Ramírez first does fill you SS slot a weaker position -then when you are ready to draft at 1B you steal can get 40 homeruns from that spot and then add a solid thirdbaseman

  69. Chris says:

    I am in a dynasty keep everyone keeper league and was wondering what you thought of this deal.

    I would be sending Carlos Lee for Hunter Pence and Jose Lopez. How do you feel about this deal, he said I could have Pence or Reimold but I can’t decide who I like more. I am not overly excited about Lopez but my second base position consists of Ian Desmond and Felipe Lopez, neither of whom are guaranteed starters. Lemme know what you think thanks

  70. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Chris: I’d want the Pence side.

  71. Atherton32 says:

    @ Grey Still no hurry but when you have the numbers for the 14 team league will they be on the comments page or will you put them somewhere else. Thanks

  72. Buge Hoobs says:

    In a 10 team std 5×5 roto league (starting 12 hitters/7 pitchers), any thoughts on who holds the best draft seat? We draw for where we want to sit. I typically take a middle seat fearing the long stretch between picks and thus inability to jump in on position bandwagons, but I’m now considering the ends. How important is it to you to get a top 3?

  73. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Atherton32: Oh, it’ll probably be this weekend.

    @Buge Hoobs: Nice username. I’d take the 10 hole.

  74. fantasyphil says:

    building on Atherton32’s request and #20 sean’s coment, quick way to convert/comfirm these #’s for a 10 team league?
    muchas gracias

  75. majortommy says:

    @Tom Reale: His percentages stack up nicely next to Sanchez with the exception of the HR/9. His BABIP also is nearly the same as Haren(.280) and better than Cain, and Chris Carpenter. His strand rate was lower than Cain, Wainwright, Carpenter, Halladay and Greinke. So it is not as if he was completely lucky. The walks will come down(32 after the all star break in 71 innings compared with 59 in 99 before) the BABIP will go up(because it has to) but his ERA should still hover around 3.00

  76. Tom Reale says:

    @majortommy: “Now I’m not saying I’d keep Kershaw over a known hitter commodity”…That’s me quoting Grey, quoting Grey, out of context to suit my arguement, sure, but it works for Foxs News right?

    How can you compare Kershaw, who walks like he lost his license, to Haren, who walks less than the 700 pound man?

  77. Atherton32 says:

    any luck on the 14 team league numbers?

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Atherton32: Rudy says by the end of the weekend he’ll have them.

  79. DominicanRepublican says:

    Why do you think it is that different fantasy websites (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.) don’t make the league numbers readily available? It makes much harder to prepare for anything but default settings.

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