So how is everyone doing, fantasy wise?  NBA playoffs, slimming down to fit into that banana hammock and early fantasy baseball blues is what April has in store.  I was recently asked by a friend how many leagues I am in, and the answer without hesitation or lie is 21.  I don’t know how I do them all and keep sanity.  Everyone has a passion, mine is baseball.  Here are the most unowned options for this week for purposes of 2 start pickups in fantasy baseball:

Joel Pineiro (Tigers vs. Willis) (Yankees vs. Pettitte)
Not going to WOW you with his stats, has done great so far in 3 starts. Pitched great against the Yankees in week 2. Look for a 1-1 week as the Yanks are the Yanks. Favorable for start one against The D Train.

Brian Bannister (@Tor vs. Morrow) (Minn vs. Slowey)
I know he pitches for KC.  Starters for KC have been fairly effective; it’s the bridge to Soria that is horrendous.  I like both starts here as Slowey hasn’t found “it” yet, and Morrow is good for 3 innings and than goes to bed.  High ERA but great chance for 2 wins.

Doug Fister (Balt vs. Bergesen) (@ CHW vs. Danks)
I saw he pitched really effective on Tues. vs. Oak as I sped through it on DVR, was locating nicely and was putting ball in play.  A must start for the fledging O’s, may struggle start 2 as Danks has looked fantastic so far.  Grab for start one and if you’re in the lead in pitching he grabs the pine vs. the pale hoes.

Jeff Niemann (@ Bos vs. Lackey) (Tor vs. Romero)
Big buyer beware for this week as Boston has owned Niemann before then he goes up against Romero.  Has looked decent in 2 starts one was brief.  Can be effective when he is keeping the ball down in the zone, Red Sox take a lot of pitches and Toronto is mashing right now.

Justin Masterson (@ MINN vs. Slowey) (@ Oak vs. Gonzalez)
Got robbed last time out as defense blew it for him. Threw 6 strong innings vs. Tex. 9 k’s. Minnesota park is playing a little like a pitchers’ park. I like this kid as I have stated before, great moxy for a young gun on a 90 loss team. Pick him up now and you prolly won’t drop him for awhile.

Colby Lewis (@ Bos vs. Wakefield) ( Det vs. Porcello)
Both starts are going to be slugfests, has great chance to win both. If you can stomach a 8 era for the week with 12-14 k’s than grab him. I love guys named after cheese.

Brad Penny (@ Ari vs. Lopez) (@ SF vs. Cain)
Duncan is reclamation projects, not just yo-yos.  I don’t buy that he is great by any stretch, will be a rollercoaster, but they have Pujols. ‘Nuff said.  First start must add.  The second is a maybe if you need a good effort to win the week in H2H.

Clayton Richard ( SF vs. Cain) (@ Cin vs. Bailey)
On here for a little of start one and a lil of start 2; it’s home cooking and a favorable matchup.  Should hold his own at Petco vs. the army ants.  Call me crazy but by year’s end he will be on most teams as a rosterable pitcher.

Brett Myers (Fla vs. Volstad) (Pitt vs. Morton)
My add of the week 2 favorable home starts.  Perfect recipe.  Houston is a bad team and the dismantling is coming.  Great 2 win 10-12k promise. Grab him for the week and then set him free.

Mike Pelfrey (CHC vs. Zambrano) (Atl vs. Hanson)
Showed signs last outing.  Mets need someone else with an ERA under 5 to pitch behind Santana.  I like him moving forward.  Borderline rosterable in most formats.

  1. timSTi says:

    Look forward to this post every Sunday! Good stuff hombre.

  2. mrbaseball says:

    John Carpenter’s Halloween K-9 – staring the Brett Micheal Myers An Evil force that’s loose on the mound for the Astros

    Professor Nicholas Rogers elaborates, “Myers is depicted as a mythic, elusive starting pitcher

  3. nmdunkel says:

    What a ticker tease with Fielder tonight.

    …and not sure I’d want two starts from any of those guys outside Masterson.

  4. Tom Emanski says:

    Ike Davis is apparently coming up soon. Is he worth picking up in deep 16+ team leagues?

  5. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @timSTi: glad you like
    @Tom Emanski: sure depends on what positions you have in that 16 teamer.

  6. Eddy says:

    You’re seriously in 21 leagues?

  7. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Eddy: yea crazy huh

  8. Eddy says:

    Wow that’s insane. All roto?same website? Christ I can’t even begin to imagine

  9. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Eddy: cbs, 3 yahoo id’s, and espn, every format is covered. Yea my girlfriend hates me.

  10. Eddy says:

    Damn, post up how many you won in the end of the season!

  11. Howard says:

    @Smokey We should start a league on espn with ppl from the board.

  12. black love says:

    i have latos on one of my teams, you think hes worth holding onto with dudes like big pelf or meyers available?
    probably not worth keeping him, its not a keeper league.
    who do you like to pick up more meyers or pelfrey?

  13. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Howard: im down for whatever just tell me when and where.

  14. BKK says:

    @Smokey: I imagine you own Cueto somewhere in your 21 teams. You sticking with him? Or are you looking elsewhere?

  15. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @black love: id take a 2 start guy over Latos this week, id prolly go with Myers just based on match up.
    @BKK: own him several places, he will always be hit or miss, he is a hold for me right now.

  16. Mark says:

    -I think Latos has been fine. I mean he has pitched like he belongs. Not gotten rocked, he had one good and one bad start.

    -When I watch Pelfry, his 2 seamer is one of the best I have ssen. Why does he struggle so badly.

    -Bret Myers is nice to have, he is pitching is a “better” stadium compared to Citizens and if he is traded, his value only goes up(Except to the Rockies or REDS). Mets should acquire him.

    -Phil Hughes looked great, except that whole Matsui guy kept either Knockin him silly or just drawing walks. Outside of Matsui Hughes owned the Angels in his first start.

    -When I have watched Pujols the past week, he is really missing pitches, more so than usual. His bat looks a tad slow. Just an observation.

    -Colby Lewis has a big test. He pitches well this week he might be roster-able for the year, at least to me. He has two starts to show that the apan league success was real and here’s to hoping he will not Hedeki Irabu the season.

    -Why is Josh Himilton playing like Linda Hamilton. I expected the Josh “the Natural” Hamilton of 2008, not I am washed up “Josh “Linda Pre-T2” Hamilton from 2009.

    That’s all I have, Where is the professional Grey, I need a Bud.

  17. tony b. says:

    Wainwright atones for his critical error early with a complete game, man did he look great from the 5th inning on.

  18. @Howard: I’m down for another league.

    @Smokey: Nice picks. I like Pelf and Myers. Got them both in a 15 team. My wife says 21 leagues is better than me having a girlfriend.

    Wainwright was f’n clutch! Won my week with a W and QS. Down 4-7, Won 6-4 in spite of F’n Floyd.

  19. sal says:

    I am contemplating who to roll with out of my squad. top notch 1sp or roll with the two sp. I have several 2 starters who will be crossing streams but I dont know what mash I will want. thinking bout..

    wainwright,jjohnson, nolasco, slowey, bell, dotel, feliz.

    possible 2sp on my bench: masterson, gio gonz, penny

    myers on the FA

  20. morales or hoffman this week?

    morales has 7 games (4 at was, 3 vs fla)
    hoffman has 6 (3 at pit, 3 vs cubs)

  21. Howard says:

    @smokey @3FingersBrown Great! Let’s keep in touch and get a few more ppl, decide on the format and have an auction draft at ESPN. Thanks!

  22. Howard says:

    @HH Morales really killed me today. Had my finger on the drop button!

  23. @Howard: h2h or roto, doesn’t matter. 12 or more teams. Deep. I like NFBC style. Click my name for my site and info.

  24. Howard says:

    @3FingersBrown Sounds good to me!

  25. chet steadman says:

    in a league that also counts OBP and SLG, would you drop scott sizemore for evercab, desmond, wigginton, o-dog, or peralta?

  26. David_C says:

    Smokey don’t offer any insight if you’re going to recommend Masterson against a lefty heavy Minnesota lineup. Until Masterson figures out lefties you don’t start him against lefty heavy lineups…

  27. Dingo says:

    @David_C: I feel like I’m sounding like a broken record here, but I was about to say the same thing. Chicago and Texas are both pretty righty-heavy lineups, which is why he did well against them despite getting hit around by their left-handed hitters. I don’t want to think about what Morneau and Mauer are going to do to him.

  28. Adam says:

    Just got offered Carpenter and Ohman (would drop after trade) for my RoboJones and Fatt Capps…I know Carp is in your sell section, but is the value here too good to reject? Trade would leave me with only Marmol and Wagner as closers in a 12 teamer…also, Robo is only a part-timer on my team, so I’m not opposed at all to trading him, just making sure this is close to max value

  29. Adam says:

    @Adam: I have also just been offered Jason Bay for my Justin Verlander; I’m leaning towards declining that one, maybe countering Carp for Bay if I accept the other one…anybody have any thoughts?

  30. @Howard: I’m down for whatever.

    @Adam: Hit submit before he realizes his terrible error in judgement.

  31. Terrence Mann says:


    I’d take Carpenter and hold on to Verlander, too. Without knowing the rest of your team, obviously.

  32. Tom Emanski says:

    21 teams!? I wouldn’t be able to do that. All the situations where you have to both root for and against a player you have at the same time would ruin the fun.

  33. Abe says:

    Someone just offered me Halladay for CC, Jon Rauch, and Phil Hughes. The rest of my rotation is pretty strong (Nolasco, Hamels, Slowey) and I have 3 other closers (Marmol, Aardsma, and Soriano) so I feel like Hughes and Rauch are expendable. Oh and K/BB is a category, and Halladay is a K/BB beast. I’m still not sure if I would be losing too much though

  34. in_ertiatic says:

    Anybody starting Gio Gonzo against the Yanks at home? Or is it just silly to even consider?

  35. Jackie says:

    Anyone jumping on the Ike Davis bandwagon? I think he’s still a bit green.

  36. chris partlow says:

    i am in a deep league and must jump on Ike Davis. does any one have any insight on how yahoo works? will he be on waivers when they add him or will he be instantly a FA?

  37. joe from point pleasant says:

    smokey your the man! nice article!

    quick question for u. i am a huge reds fan, which is why i have to ask ur opinion on this trade to make sure im not bias.

    i give: jeff francouer
    i get: jay bruce

    seems like a no brainer to me, but i realized that francouer is not 26 and has a 8 to 4 bb/k ratio so far. maybe he is maturing as a hitter?

    either way, bruces 35 hr potential seems to be too tempting not to pull the trigger.

    what’s your take?

  38. Tom Reale says:

    @chris partlow: I believe call-ups have to clear waivers

  39. chris partlow says:

    @joe from point pleasant: you’re crazy to have not already accepted. better click it fast before he comes down from whatever he’s on and closes the trade.

  40. Smokey

    smokey says:

    @joe from point pleasant: take Bruce, in the end their numbers may be similar but i would want the potential of Bruce

  41. Smokey

    smokey says:

    @Adam: take carp and hold onto verlander

  42. Smokey

    smokey says:

    @David_C: @Dingo: I understand that he struggles against lefties. Doesnt Mauer hit everyone though. Morneau is 1-6 carreer. Kubel has only 3 abs against, same with Span. Small sample sets are the reason you roll the dice. I like him better in his second start, but would you rather chance it with Brad Bergesen, who also goes twice, or Masterson for the week. Compared to other choices for the week he is a risk that i would take.

  43. Smokey

    smokey says:

    @sal: stick with line one.

  44. Buddo Chezuski says:

    Smokey, any thoughts on Porcello’s 2 starts this week?

  45. Smokey

    smokey says:

    @Buddo Chezuski: to good hitting teams, doesnt K alot of guys, i’m not going to say don’t start him but if you can stomach the 6 era and no k’s go ahead, i would prolly pla him and hope he gets some support.

  46. papasmurf says:

    Did Wiggy go deep again? I shoulda been paying attention and picked him up sooner. I picked him up yesterday for a spot start as he’s facing Jason Vargas today. I didn’t realize he had been raking. My 2b yesterday was… Jeff Baker, he of the 1 for 5 against Niese.

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