Assuming you have already drafted your teams for this 2008 fantasy baseball season, these are the players you want to drop, add or simply hold onto for your fantasy baseball roster.


Cameron Maybin – He’s gone. Might be in the minors until rosters expand.

John Patterson – After being released by the Nationals (how embarrassing!), he’s going to get another shot with the Rangers. Ugh. You don’t want any part of him, unless you’re into tall, long-haired hippies that are injury-prone.

Scot Shields – I love middle relievers, but he has forearm issues. Not worth it. Grab Justin Speier if you want to handcuff K-Rod.

Kelvim Escobar  – If you have a spot on your DL, then I guess hold onto him. If no room, drop his injury-prone ass, he might be done for the year.

Jay Bruce – Dusty Baker’s not playing him this year.

Homer Bailey – You’re waiting for magic in the NL-only leagues. Other leagues, look elsewhere. (Aside, if his name was John Smith, you wouldn’t have even drafted him. He’s got a great name!)

Evan Longoria – Braun was a special case last year. The Rays are cheap bastards and may call Longoria up in June or may wait even longer. I’m sorry, but you need someone else.

Chase Headley
– Not happening here either. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the call sooner than Longoria for two reasons, 1) Padres aren’t cheap bastards 2) Edmonds and Giles aren’t long for this world. Headley just needs to prove he can play some outfield.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia – It’s with a heavy heart I report you should drop Salty. He’ll probably be up sooner rather than later, so you might have to pounce to get him back, but a catcher in the minors does nothing for you. Come back soon, Salty… (I am thrilled I won’t have to spell his name for a little while.)


Carlos VillanuevaBrewers sent Vargas packing and handed his rotation keys over to Villanueva. Vargas really wasn’t that bad of a pitcher and he was having a decent spring. This says what you need to know about Villanueva’s talent.

Jayson Nix – If you need a 2nd basemen, he’s got the job in Colorado. I’d expect a decent value here. Think a young Marcus Giles. (BTW, Giles got old fast, right? I guess steroids do that.) For Nix, say 10/10/.270.

Edinson Volquez and/or Johnny Cueto – They’re going to be a hot add everywhere (in fact, I’ve already pimped them once) and the hype might exceed the results, but they’re worth trying on for size if you need a starter.

Matt Diaz – I’ve been telling you to draft him for three months now. The Braves are going to play him and he can hit .320 with some pop.

Carlos Gomez – He recently had a cramp in his hamstring and Punto took over for him, but the injury’s not serious. Not sure why he’s suddenly off everyone’s radar, but he is. He shouldn’t be. He can steal 50 bases, though he might strikeout 130 times. The Twins are committed to him and they’re a running team. This is another reason why I told you to not reach for steals in your drafts. Juan Pierre’s old; Carlos Gomez is not.

Joey Gathright – More speed if you need it.

Eugenio VelezAnd yet more speed. Aren’t you pissed you drafted Juan Pierre, Willy Taveras or any of those other all-speed schmohawks?

Chris Snyder – If you punted catcher and you’re sick of looking at Pudge or Varitek on your roster, take a flier on the D-Backs backstop. He’s having a super-sized spring training.

Austin Kearns – I dislike Austin Kearns as much as the next person, and he’s burned me on many occasions, but he’s only 27. His road average last year was .301. The new Nats park might play like Coors East. You gotta take that chance. Just don’t drop anyone too precious.

Nate McLouth – He went 13/22 last year and he has a decent eye. He’s not going 40/40 with 150 RBIs, but you can do worse off the waiver wire.

Tom Gordon – Lidge is on the DL to start the season. Why not grab some free saves?


Josh Fields – He was sent down, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Crede gets traded or Fields ends back up in the majors very soon.

Brad Lidge – He was put on the DL, but he wants to play. He’ll be fine as far as the knee goes.

Manny Parra – He had a rough time of it in spring training, but he’s got a job for as long as Yovani’s on the DL, Parra will get a shot. Here’s hoping it goes well.

Andy Pettitte – He’s still having back issues, but he’ll still be good value for some wins.

  1. I think Edinson Volquez is a wash with Parra at this point.

  2. scott says:

    I think Parra, Villa., Cueto and Volquez are a crapshoot. Milwaukee pitchers may get nod because of better team and likelihood Sheets goes down. I picked up Parra for my bench and hope to do the same with Cueto once my league recognizes him as a player. I will hold, wait and see…unless I trade Rich Hill or Brett Myers for Chris B. Young…hmmm…

  3. alex says:

    I have a whopping 2-player bench and have both Volquez and Parra … I really need to drop one to get an ofeensive player … like John Matthews says, they seem to be a wash – I keep trying to figure out who the breakout pitcher will be – crunching projections, etc … I’m about to flip a coin.

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    I like Parra better than Volquez, but think Volquez has a better chance to stick in the rotation as of right now.

    Aside, am I the only one frustrated Yahoo isn’t recognizing Cueto yet?

  5. alex says:

    One thing Parra has going for him in the Brewers rotation is that he’s the only lefty right now.

    LOL … I think everyone is p*ssed at Yahoo and the Cueto situation!!

  6. Steve says:

    Hey Grey. I’ve got Shields (have just grabbed Speier and already have Mike Gonzalez in my DL slot) and I need at least one more MR. Guys available in my league include Whherler, Marte, Linebrink, Qualls, Riske and Guerrier. Who do you like? Obviouosly I’ll be looking to grab Rodney as soon as he comes off the DL.

  7. Steve says:

    Sorry – Wheeler!

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    I’d punt those guys. Is Rafael Perez around? If you really have to pick from those guys: Riske, Marte, Qualls, Guerrier, Linebrink then Whherler.

  9. Steve says:

    Perez is already owned, unfortunately. JC Romero is also around although the consensus is that he was incredibly lucky last year. Have just dumped Delcarmen to get Speier – is he worth grabbing again? No others of note available really.
    One more thing – any thoughts on Taylor Bucholz? He’s also SP eligible and I have SP slots to fill (I’m going relievers only).

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    Have just dumped Delcarmen to get Speier – is he worth grabbing again? — no

    No others of note available really. — Go with Riske then.

    Forget Bucholz.

  11. Cory says:

    Nice article.

    Why do you think the Washington stadium could be Coors East? I read it will shy towards pitching.

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    Thanks. And much love.

    I said it *might* play like Coors East, not to be misunderstood with the similar *will* play like Coors East. But a lot of people have said the parking garages behind the outfield could act as a wind tunnel blowing out or in. If they’re blowing out, that’s a gamble worth taking off of waivers or very late in a draft.

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    In deep leagues? Sure. I like Jerry Owens, when healthy, better. He’s got a great lineage too.

  14. scott says:

    ok, I’ll bite…can’t be Terrell Owens, must be Jesse Owens…related?

  15. scott says:

    spike owens?

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    Barney, Owens, Laughlin & Arthur — dur.

  17. scott says:

    Since I don’t know wtf that means I will treat it as a non sequitur and move on to the omission of milton bradley from your buy/sell/hold list. The guy can mash when healthy (I know, when has that happened for more than a month) and he’s gonna hit in the middle of the line-up in that bandbox of a ballpark with guys like Kinsler and Young setting the table. Is he worth a bench spot currently held by Kouzmanoff? I have Sizemore, Rios and Hamilton in the 3 OF spots and Thome in the Utility spot. I’m itching to make a move since I already have Miggy Cabrera at 3B and Kouzmanoff has had a horrible spring (and a notoriously slow start last year).

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    Bradley might be a better add in the beginning of the year, but you know he’s not going to last long so I like Kouz better for the whole year, but if you think you can drop Kouz and still be able to pick up Kouz in three weeks when Bradley’s hurt then do it. If your league is quick to the waiver wire and Kouz might get snatched, I’d hold pat.

  19. scott says:

    Thanks…I’m gonna make the move for Bradley…I think this might be the first time the guy is going to be playing in a hitters park after Chavez Ravine, Oakland and San Diego…his numbers could be awesome.

  20. Steve says:

    Hey guys – just to pick up on my MR question above again, any live for Jamie Walker? He could be a sleeper Saves candidate…

  21. Steve says:

    Sorry – any love? And what about Matt Lindstrom?

  22. i’m not a fan of jamie walker. not sure how deep you’ve dug for middle relievers. here’s a whole list of middle relievers – in approximate order – of who i’d take before jamie ‘dynamite’ walker:

    betancourt (borowski is a time bomb)
    accardo (saves in at least april)
    marmol (has chance at saves)
    howry (has chance at saves)
    benoit (has chance at saves)
    wheeler (has chance at saves)
    rauch (cordero could be traded or due for a falloff)
    moylan (soriano had a sore arm in spring training)
    neshek (i’d rank him higher but i think he’s due for an injury)
    tony pena (saves potential)
    qualls (saves potential)
    fukimori (saves potential)

  23. Steve says:

    Wheeler, Qualls and Meredith are the only ones available :-(

    I’ve dug pretty deep.

    Is Shields worth holding on to? I have him (and Speier) but already have Mike Gonzalez in my DL slot.

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    Drop Shields, pick up Qualls or Meredith (in that order).

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