As the 2015 MLB regular season concludes, there are still playoff positions to be won and teams to get in. Today will be a day where you really want to stay glued to starting lineups and starting pitchers. It can also be a very interesting day to take full advantage of your opponents if you stay glued, as many DK players might not fully pay attention to who is in and who is out of the lineup. Like usual, you’ll be able to switch out your players at their scheduled start times. The first 14 games all start at the same time, 3pm EST, and the last game starts just an hour and a half later. So you will know everyone who is in the starting lineup at the same time, which is a rarity for a full slate. As of Saturday evening, which I wrote this, that Dodgers’ LHP was scheduled to be the starting pitcher. However, depending on how Saturday night ends between the Division winners, he may not be Sunday’s starting pitcher. Of course the obvious is, if he’s starting, you’re starting him. Check out some of my other DraftKings’ picks below.

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Danny Salazar, SP: $10,200 – We all know Salazar and run up the strikeout total, but I don’t really like the matchup against the Red Sox in Boston, or the price tag. However, he’s one of few big potential strikeout pitchers today, so I just may plug him in.

Lance McCullers, SP: $8,700 – There’s nothing like putting a rookie pitcher on the mound to seal a playoff spot. But the Astros have bred their pitching prospects very nicely.

Johnny Cueto, SP: $8,600 – He hasn’t been good lately, but do you ever just have one of those feelings? If not, go with the fact that Cueto is a vet on a very good team.

Michael Pineda, SP: $8,300 – Pineda is another pitcher you aren’t sure what you’ll get, and Manny Machado is so good its scary. However, given today’s options, Pineda could be in there.

Frankie Montas, SP: $4,000 – Montas would be a very daring and bold pitcher to start today. He is on the road in Detroit. However, since Rodon has played in the bigs, Montas has been the White Sox best pitching prospect this season. His MiLB numbers look very solid. Last regular season game, so why not throw him in a big tourney.

A.J. Pierzynski, C: $3,300 – He’s hit safely in his last nine games. Ugh the Catcher options!

Evan Gattis, 1B: $4,000 – If he’s in the starting lineup, I’ll go with Gattis. Good price, big potential.

Jose Abreu, 1B: $4,500 – He’s been hitting and I like the righty/lefty matchup. He’ll be owned at a low rate in any format. How about he helps get Montas the win today?

Prince Fielder, 1B: $4,300 – I love the vets in big games. Priced right and big point potential. He’ll get starting pitcher Garrett Richards.

Jose Altuve, 2B: $4,900 – I just have to play Altuve today. I know I’m more fascinated with his skills than most, but he really is the best leadoff hitter in the league.

Josh Donaldson, 3B: $4,700 – Donaldson against Matt Moore, oh man!

Todd Frazier: 3B/1B: $3,900 – He’s faded a lot in the second half but great price for a very good player at the third base position.

Xander Bogaerts, SS: $3,500 – Why he is still priced this low is beyond me, but I’ll take it. He’ll definitely be my SS.

George Springs, OF: $4,900 – Considering the amount of time he’s missed this season, his stats look great. He has a 15/15 season, and has been hot lately.

Shin-Soo Choo OF: $4,200 – In a game the Rangers might have to have, I like another vet on this team today.

Kevin Pillar, OF: $3,600 – Like I said last week, if you hang around home run hitters, you start to become a home run hitter. Pillar has played extremely well in the second half. Incredible price if he’s in the Blue Jays starting lineup.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Very good chance of showers in Atlanta between the Cardinals and Braves. They are the lone 430pm EST game, so stay shy of picking players in this one. Other than ATL, it looks like there could be rain in Los Angeles. It’ll clear up around 4pm PST so that game should still be played. With this being said, keep an eye on the eye of Hurricane Joaquin. Never know what direction those canes could go in, lol.

Doing Lines In Vegas

This’ll be the first day that I’ll only consider the Over/Under in today’s games. The favorites/underdogs are too unpredictable. Even still, play it safe and keep an eye on potential changes just before game time.

  1. Joe says:

    Hi – I’m up 6-5 in Wins, 1.77 to 1.92 in ERA, 0.90 to 1.08 in WHIP, and 84-46 in Ks. My only starter today is Danny Salazar. My opponent is launching Lynn, Happ, and Richards.

    Would you still throw Salazar out there, or would you bench him?

      • Joe says:

        @Bigfoot Paul:

        Cool. What about relievers? I own Miller, Allen, Jepsen, and Gregerson and I’m up two saves. Is securing saves worth the RP risk to ERA and WHIP?

        • @Joe: I’d bench all except Miller depending who your opponent has

          • Joe says:

            @Bigfoot Paul:

            They have Ramos, Axford, Kimbrel, and Perkins.

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