Hello and welcome back to another Monday. Too bad you have to go to work on this one. Can you imagine if all Mondays were holidays? I guess then people would get a case of the Tuesdays. Anyhoo, I’ve got a real case of the Mondays because today is a short slate. No not a clean slate, a short slate, as in there aren’t that many games. Now what does this mean for you? Well, first of all, it means you better draft Luis Severino today. Make him your top pick on Draft.com. He’s the only ace going today and it’s pretty slim pickins after him. Did I mention he’s been one of the best pitchers all season? And that now he’s facing Detroit, a team that, shall we say, hasn’t been the best? Add it all up and carry the one. Or don’t, I’m here to give fantasy advice, not teach math. Just make sure you prioritize Severino. The rest of the Yankees should be good options, too, and I’ll touch on some below.

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Nick Tropeano, SP: So, you didn’t read the intro or just ignored it. Either way, rude. Well, you’re here now. If you miss out on Severino, and I repeat, you should really be taking him first, Tropeano isn’t a horrible option. The Royals’ offense hits on the lighter side and Trop benefits from the superb Angels’ defense behind him. 

Domingo German, SP: The Yankees have a double-header today and since it’s also against Detroit, whoever is starting for the Yankees figures to be a solid play. As of right now, that’s scheduled to be German. He’s had his ups and downs, but this is a spot for him to be up. Streamonator says you should be fine throwing him out there.

Clayton Richard, SP: Basically what you need to know is that he’s pitching at home and Petco has been fairly good to him. Also, SON is a fan of this start. Maybe I should have led with that part…He’s facing Atlanta, and while they’re a good offense, they’re not a great one. Don’t expect a perfect game, but Richard is in a position to put up solid numbers.

Greg Bird, IF: Let’s pick on the Tigers today. Bird is finally back from his lengthy injury absence and the potential is still there, especially the power. Flip the Bird.

Paul Goldschmidt, IF: Goldy appears to finally be waking up, with a couple homers in the last week. Ty Blach has pitched solidly, but he’s far from dominant. Don’t sleep on him in drafts.

Joe Panik, IF: Fresh off the DL, Panik has picked up right where he left off.  That means swinging a hot bat. He’s not a big power guy, but he hits and runs well. Don’t Panik and lock this pick in.

Zack Cozart, IF: Danny Duffy has been somewhat of a mess this season, which should mean good things for Angels hitters. Don’t forget about Cozart to round out your infield. Hittertron says there could be some sneaky value here.

Giancarlo Stanton, OF: One of the day’s top hitting options. No matter which game you get him for, he should provide excellent value.  According to Hittertron, he’s the second best bat on the day. I’m not gonna argue with that.

Justin Upton, OF: Duffy presents an exploitable match-up and Upton has quietly been having a very solid season. The power has been there and Hitterton says he’s one of the day’s better options in the outfield.

Jorge Soler, OF: Is this the year he finally breaks out? It certainly looks that way. It’s supposed to be clear and sunny today in LA. Time for some Soler Power.

Ender Inciarte, OF: He may not be a big name, but he’s got a good one. He also offers stolen base upside, with some power potential. Keep him in mind toward the end of your drafts. 

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Thankfully we seem to be in the clear for today. And with such a short slate, we need all the games we can get.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The line for both games of the double-header between the Yankees and Tigers is set at 10. I expect the Yankees to do their part, but I’m not so sure the Tigers will hold up their end of the bargain.