Gerrit Cole and his insane K-rate will be bringing the fireworks against the Rangers on today’s July 4th matchup. Cole always has high strikeout upside, but he’s got even more against a Rangers lineup that strikes out 25.3% of the time against righties, the fourth highest mark in the league. Cole should have no problem outperforming his Draft projection today. I’m looking to snag him in my drafts.

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Aaron Nola, SP: If you don’t want to wait on McCullers, I’d pull the trigger on SP early and grab Nola. He’s my favorite pitcher on the slate because of his matchup against the Orioles, who have a cupcake .292 wOBA versus righties. He’s got more strikeout upside than Trevor Bauer against the Royals, who are a weak lineup but manage a 19.1% K-rate against righties.

Giancarlo Stanton, IF: Braves starter Julio Teheran has a 1.54 HR/9 and a 5.12 FIP. He’s going to get rocked in Yankee Stadium, so considering pairing Stanton with guys like Didi Gregorious or Aaron Hicks. Or just start Stanton and get a homer.

Jose Altuve, IF: Altuve is one of the safest plays you can make, as it seems like he’s always getting on base twice a game.

Alen Hanson, IF: Assuming that Hanson starts, he’ll be leading off in Coors Field. You can probably get Hanson with your last pick, as he’s only projected for 0.7 points.

Rhys Hoskins, OF: Hoskins has a 1.027 OPS with eight homers since returning from a broken face. He’s facing Jefry Ramirez at home, which sounds like a monster day to me.

Eddie Rosario, OF: Rosario has 18 homers on the year and gets to play in one of baseball’s best power parks in Milwaukee on Wednesday. Opposing starter Chase Anderson has a 5.46 FIP.

Michael Brantley, OF: It looks like Trevor Oaks will be starting against the Indians, and I doubt he will fare well in a major league game. Brantley is in an awesome spot batting second against him.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

The only real threat of rain is at the ATL-NYY matchup, but that should only be a delay at worst. Enjoy your barbecues!

Doing Lines in Vegas

The Cardinals aren’t a bad bet at +132 with Mikolas on the mound.