Who doesn’t love to show their frenemies their fantasy baseball teams in October and say, “Look at what I won with?”  Then they see Juan Uribe and they’re confounded, “How did you win with Juan Uribe?”  That is the secret to fantasy baseball in September.  If you win your league, I guarantee someone will look at your team at the end of the year and be completely confused by some of the guys you own.  Cliff Pennington?  Robinson Tejeda?  Did the other teams in your league quit? No, you’re playing hot guys.  This is imperative at this time of the year.  Imperative is the important word to know.  Juan Uribe has not only been incredibly hot, but Uribe will confound your frenemies!  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Juan Francisco – If I had to take a wild guess, I think Francisco will (try to) man the hot corner in the 2nd half of 2010 after the Reds unload Rolen for spare parts.  I say (try to) because Dusty doesn’t always play rookies.  Also, Francisco’s no guarantee.  He feels a bit to me like Troy Glaus, or even Chris Davis without the Bill James-inspired optimism, i.e., he strikes out nearly once per game and doesn’t walk enough.  He could provide some pop in deep NL-Only keepers.  This isn’t for you, mixed leaguers.

Robinson Tejeda – Wouldn’t be surprised if February Grey has nice things to say about Tejeda.

Ryan Rowland-Smith – He’s been good for a while now.  Like, the whole season.  So is Rowland his maiden name?

Vicente Padilla – After you read Uribe and now Padilla, I’m sure many of you are going to skim the rest of the post.  I don’t blame you.

Kevin Jepsen – SAGNOF!

Dan Wheeler – Could be the closer, but the Rays haven’t had a save since August.  It’s kinda not worth it, but if you’re in a pinch then I’d look at Wheeler since Maddon has said Howell and Balfour are on restrictions (bed by 9, no carbs and a low pitch count) for the rest of the season.

Matt LaPorta – Look at his last week of stats.  Yes, the MLP Package is finally on.

Drew Stubbs – Showing a bunch of power for a guy who looks like he wouldn’t be able to open the pickle jar.

Casey Blake – Currently murdering the ball like his brother, Robert… Well, you get it.

Brett Gardner – The Yankees are coasting into the ‘offs and Gardner could see an increase in playing time.  That means steals.

Kaz Matsui – Obviously, he’s the less glamorous of the Matsuis (Matsuii?) with a markedly smaller porn collection — buy at least a raincoat, man — but no hitter has been hotter over the past week.

Cliff Pennington – Batting near .400 over the last week with a homer and a steal.  And he sounds like a villain from an 80s movie — You spilled beer on my Izod!

Nick SwisherNick, your sideburns were just a crutch. Thank you, random italicized voice!


Yovani Gallardo – If you’re moving in the Tejedas and Uribes, you need to make room.  Gallardo is getting shutdown.  But he doesn’t wanna!  Yeah, that’s nice.  He should’ve been shut down a month ago.  Now I’m worried about him for next year because of all of his innings this year.  See, now you done worried me.

Chipper Jones – Lose the Glass Chipper.

B.J. Upton – Who’s the Boss?  Apparently, not the Bossman.

Rich Harden – Hasn’t been good recently and now he’s getting skipped.  I’m sure there’s better options out there.

Josh Hamilton – I don’t enjoy being right when I say a player is going to fail and they do.  Okay, let me rephrase that.  I do enjoy being right when I say someone is going to fail and they do.  There, that’s better.

  1. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Grey: RE: Coghlan. Checked out ESPN. I see it doesn’t have P-ASB. It does have the last 30 days. He ranks 16 for outfielders (that includes the recent down week). He would be higher for p-ASB. This considerably better than your report of his season OF ranking of 46.

  2. Eric says:

    Grey — Am I free to drop Mark DeRosa to pick up Matt LaPorta? It has nothing to do with my need to own exactly one guy with a two-part Italian family name. Grazie.

  3. and1mcgee says:

    Grey just got his face melted off by Simply Fred!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk

  4. Paul Wilson says:

    Still not sure I’m keeping Coghlan around next week. Only 5 games and at home, where his numbers drop. Having a hard time pulling the trigger since he’s been hot, but I have a deep bench and no real need for the guy.

  5. MelkyDischarge says:

    H2H league, this week semis, next week finals (starting Monday)…would you drop Derek Lowe for Tejeda, knowing that Lowe’s next start is most likely @ the Mets where he has been terrible not only this year, but for his career and also considering that he has a “blister” on his finger and has been Fading like a (Roxette) Flower since the ASB?

  6. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    O.K. On these buy/sells I like to search for the one guy who is most at risk. Grey has given you excellent multiple options. I am cust kayin’ that you might want to avoid Matsui.

    He has 2 games in his last 12 (supposedly hot) with more than 2 total bases. He loaded up on 3 games, facing pitchers with a combined 5.29 ERA. He faces Amil/Hstl in his next six. The pitchers include smoltz, piniero, suppan. Combined ERA projects 2.31. I would expect him to cool off considerably. (note: projection has a blank for Gallardo’s replacement–not yet determined).

  7. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Grey: @and1mcgee: Grey was doing his job. He was being thorough and had some great avenues that warranted checking out. Further, he was most gracious in acknowledging there may be more to Coghlan. My hat is off to you, sir. (and1mcgee, I know you were just having fun!).

  8. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Paul Wilson: Coghlan’s overall home are weaker. However he has six next week (double-header Tuesday), the first three against PHI. .375/.714/.286(OBP/SLG/AVG), combined ERA for September for Blanton(5.94),hamels(1.82),happ(6). Didn’t try to run NYN rotation. This seems like enough to keep him in for the week. But, don’t know what your options are.

  9. Paul Wilson says:

    @SimplyFred good call on the Tues DH

  10. and1mcgee says:

    if it weren’t for guys like Simply Fred, I would start my own fantasy baseball advice site. But mine would have reasons like: i just have a hunch! and then people like him would say, but Montero is 1 for 12 this year vs. Marquis!? you’re crazy!!

  11. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Simply Fred: Not to pile on, but, well, yes, to pile on Matsui. His season: .302/.353.252(OBP/SLG/AVG). Yes, maybe he took roids last month and they are just now kickin’ in. Cust kayin’ that I think it is more likely he just got well briefly against the soft pitching.

  12. Frank Rizzo says:

    I asked about this a couple days ago. Didn’t get too much of a response back other than someone saying, “I wouldn’t do it but I could see why you would”.

    Looking over the last month and week, Laroche and Blake are raking while Votto is just adding runs here and there with no power. I’m loyal to no one who isn’t winning me a championship and I’m in the playoffs now so every AB counts a little bit more.

    would guys like Laroche or Blake be better options over Votto right now? Laroche especially.

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Votto’s batting near .400 over the last week, but if you need homers more, go for LaRoche.

    EDIT: Words.

  14. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Also, the six pitchers Votto is facing in his next 6 have 6+ ERA for September.

  15. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Simply Fred: great stats Fred. @Grey: Thanks Grey.

    I’ve been rostering Konerko too…..would either of you drop Konerko for Laroche, when power is necessary?

    (background) – I’m in the semis right now with a 10-2 lead on my opponent in a 6 x 6 Yahoo league. I like my chances to pull it out so I’m looking to my likely competition in the finals over then next 2 weeks. The guy I’d face has the most HR’s and RBI on the year in our league. His BA and OPS aren’t fantastic but he has power to waste. I’m stronger in the BA/OPS categories so I’m thinking of evening it out a little by adding some power. I’m trying to find a place to add Swisher too since he’d be a nice power boost.

  16. GTS says:

    Would you start Shields or Brett Anderson today?

  17. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Will leave that one to The Master. I don’t even know which Laroche you are talking about.

  18. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Simply Fred: Adam, definitely Adam. Braves 1b.

  19. GTS says:

    Which of these closers would you use these next two weeks: Capps, J. Johnson, or R. Madsen? I have Madsen right now and he’s been a decent option and until I saw Lidge close the last game so now I’m not sure. I don’t want to get capped by Mad Capper so that leaves me with yawnstipating JJ. What to do?

  20. big o says:

    @Grey: @Simply Fred: @and1mcgee:
    i hate to break up this little love-fest , but ,

    i’ve always been the bold(en)one .
    O’s gulf coast catcher freuny parra got 50 days .
    and yes , he’s dominican .
    not very frunny , perhaps .
    but it’s about time baseball focuses on the source of the problem .
    cust frankly kayin .

  21. weas says:

    This post captured my (soon to be) champion team perfectly, and I love seeing the guys I picked up this week on your buy list. Dropping Josh Johnson for Kaz Matsui just makes me feel warm inside.

  22. big o says:

    surprised youk didn’t make the sell list ,
    considering most of these guys are down to their final 3-10 days of questions .

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: I’d start both. They obviously have some risk attached.

    I’d go with Madson and JJ.

    @big o: I don’t think anyone will address that until Selig steps down. Then the new administration will come in. Sorta like politics in that respect.

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @weas: Cool

  25. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @big o: edit: frocuses

  26. GTS says:

    @Grey: Thanks!

    What about Hammel @ ARI and Nolasco @ CIN tomorrow?

  27. I agree that — to win — you gotta play who’s hot. That’s why I love the filters on some of the fantasy sites that let you see the player rankings over a 15- and 30-day period.

    My problem with keeping with who’s hot is that I manage too many leagues! I need to trim it down.

  28. big o says:

    @Simply Fred:
    ha .
    definately considered that .
    thought it would be pushing it .

    also ,
    a) reminder … sit mcabs on the 19th
    b) rumor floating around that if grey doesn’t receive some extra donations real soon , he won’t be able to afford to fly back home .

    a winter of his discontent may skew his opinion , and ,

    c) (yep … this time there is a “c”) …. nobody wants that !!

  29. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @big o: b) can’t have that; c) yup, nobody wants tha!!.

    A welcome reminder. Just added to the Daiquiri fund. Kaachinnnggg!

  30. big o says:

    keeping me alive , this week , in my h2h play-offs , is my opponent’s blinding allegiance to “his” players .

    he picked up votto , and inserted him into his line-up last-night (0-2) replacing morneau , finally .
    tonight , he added laroche , so he could sit youkilis … who hasn’t played all week , either .

    as long as he keeps dye (2-13) in his line-up , i just may make it into the finals .

  31. big o says:

    @big o:
    yep …. this is your un-italicized voice talking to you .

    don’t you find it the least bit amusing that yahoo has decided to “cross out” the losing team’s name in the play-off brackets ??

    it’s like saying …. we wish you never existed .

  32. big o says:

    @big o:
    next year , yahoo is going to use an eraser .

  33. Razzin says:

    Kyle Davies scratched for Sat. Oblique Strain.
    Michael Young out again today. Hammy.

  34. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Frank Rizzo: OK, my 2 bits. Both Konerko and Laroche are up against it this weekend. Konerko facing Davies (sep 1.06 ERA) and tejeda (.055) plus hochevar (12+) whom he could get to. Laroche facing happ (1.88), martinez (1.66), and lee (4.74). If you can wait past the weekend, Laroche has 7 HR in his last twelve games against his next 6 Anyn/Awas.

  35. Sos says:

    @Razzin: If that’s true about Davies, I am thrilled as my opponent was starting him as a spot start in a limited moves leage. He will be very [email protected]Grey: In this same limited moves league, I have one left for this week and am looking at the following: Pavano v. Det, Hammel @ Ari, Maholm v. SD, Tejada @ CWS. Leaning toward Hammel as his road ERA is snazzy but Tejada’s been hot and Maholm at home v SD seems nice as well. Well, they all kind of suck but you know what I mean. Could you rank please?

  36. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Simply Fred: OK, time for the qualifier. I have had fun throwing stuff out there today. But, this is base-a-ball. Something ain’t gonna pan out. Hopefully, there are more plusses than minuses. For Weas sake, I hope Matsui lights it up!

  37. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Just saw the post showing Davies scratch. Even more reason to hold onto Konerko through the weekend.

  38. Tom_Emanski says:

    Why isn’t Ryan Howard in the sell column.

    ^Only half joking

  39. knighttown says:

    It hurts so much that the sell column are currently the heart of my order and the ace of my staff. Fuck they were good in June tho.

  40. knighttown says:


    Holy mixed singulars and plurals KT!

  41. knighttown says:

    Does anyone have any thoughts on Chris Coghlan?

  42. big o says:

    lead off hit , tonight .

  43. royce! says:

    @knighttown: And I wish I had picked him up in my 20 team league… EY Jr’s just not cutting it this week.

  44. knighttown says:


    Someday Mrs. Coghlan’s going to be Googling her son’s name and find out that a group of guys spent two days/1000 posts discussing him. Even she’ll think it was a waste of time.

  45. knighttown says:

    btw, where is The Baron lately. We’ve got some dynamite posters on here but he was the perfect complement to Grey. Plus, he was Canadian? I assume his team’s sucking and he’s on to hockey pools?

  46. knighttown says:

    Any thoughts on these three starters tomorrow. I need K>WHIP>W>ERA. I’m bang on in IP so can’t really waste the starts.

    Vazquez vs. Philly
    Weaver @ Texas
    Scherzer vs. Colorado

  47. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @knighttown: Mrs. Coghlan sent the post: “…and he so loves his dog too.”

  48. big o says:

    boy , for a guy suffering from jet-lag ,
    this grey guy sure doesn’t miss many dinner bells .

    one a positive note , when the bars close out here ,
    fans will still be leaving the parking lots
    out there on the left coast .

    this is a win/win for razzballers everywhere .
    except for that guy in england ,
    and , steve .
    sorry , steve .

  49. big o says:

    granderson dropped to 7th , in tonight’s line-up .

  50. danimal35 says:

    replace gallardo with pedro against the braves?

  51. penpen says:

    @Tom_Emanski: I think he heard you (!)

  52. anon says:

    Anyone catch what happened to Happ?

  53. big o says:

    happ has been suffering from a right oblique strain .
    right before he gave up the home run to prado , there was a team meeting on the mound , where it was decided he could continue .
    his breaking balls to prado and chipper , came floating in , as he obviously had troubling pulling through with his right side …. (think mark buerhle trying to throw in the home-run derby to his best friend ).
    these guys were teeing off on him , and he’s lucky he didn’t get his 3rd baseman killed .

    the guy is still hurting …. his fastball looked ok , minus a few mph .
    but he did throw 36 pitches in the 1st inning .
    phils would do best to rest him for another week to 10 days .

  54. and1mcgee says:

    i almost picked up LaRoche last night and sat Howard! whew! woulda got sonofabenched!

  55. Tom_Emanski says:

    @penpen: :)

  56. TYY says:

    Miguel Olivio, BOMB…. so hot right now…. waiver wire snag, hits 2 homers and 7 rbi’s for me so far….

  57. Martin says:

    can u rank swisher, pennington, beltran, laporta

    also can u rank, tim hudson, rowland smith, tejeda, padilla, shields. All these rankings are for the last week and a half of the season. I know padilla gets an easy schedule but i dont always feel comfortable starting him.

  58. TYY says:



  59. TYY says:

    drop sweeney or jay bruce right now? gonna snag up Pavano and toss him vs. the tiggers….

    4-0 and a sick ERA vs. them

  60. Steve says:

    @TYY: Three days ago, I had the page of available catchers loaded, all set to drop Montero for him. Got distracted, never did it.


  61. Steve says:

    Oh – and how many earned for F-Cord? ESPN says 3, Yahoo says 0, MLB says 1.

    I know which I’d prefer.

  62. cake_eater says:

    Duensing’s Line: 4 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 1 K . You the man Grey!

    Thoughts on starting Pedro against Vazquez? Also Penny and Garland are both on waivers, should I pick up both?

  63. pallet says:

    I have Peavy Vs. KC and Nolasco @ Cin tomorrow. Should I start neither, one or both? I want to use up some innings, but I want to keep the ERA down.

  64. pallet says:

    Sorry, I meant I want to use up some innings to get more K’s

  65. TYY says:

    @Steve: i own montero and olivio now… playing olivio while he’s hot.

    so hot….

    this week i own cordero and frasor and chris perez…. 2 losses, 12 runs, eff’ing me huge….

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: I’d start either. Nolasco first.

    @Razzin: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Sos: Maholm, Hammel, Tejeda…

    @knighttown: Vazquez, Weaver… Baron’s teams were dying and he’s sad.

    @danimal35: I would.

    @Martin: Swisher, Pennington, LaPorta…Rowland-Smith, Tejeda, Shields, Padilla, Hudson…

    @TYY: Nice on Olivo. Lose Bruce.

    @cake_eater: Nice on Duensing. I’d start Pedro and Penny.

    @pallet: I’d start both, but they are risky.

  67. Jacob says:

    so, i have the option of picking up ryan rowland-smith or scott feldman. who should it be? I’m leaning towards Ryan

  68. mr baseball says:

    Subject: How to Calculate Runs Created in Baseball

    Step 1

    Gather statistics for the baseball players you want to calculate the number of runs created for. You can calculate runs created for a partial season, entire season or a player’s entire career. Look at hits, walks, total bases, stolen bases, the number of times the player was caught stealing and at bats.

    Step 2

    Start by adding a player’s “hits” and his “walks.” From this number, subtract the number of times a player was thrown out attempting to steal. Set this number aside.

    Step 3

    Take the number of stolen bases the player has and multiply that number by .55. Take the result and add it to the number of total bases the player has. To calculate total bases, figure the number of bases a player has accumulated by hitting the ball. So, a player gets one base for a single, two for a double, three for a triple and four for a home run.

    Step 4

    Multiply the result in Step 2 with the result in Step 3. Set this number aside for now.

    Step 5

    Add the number of “at bats” the baseball player has to the number of “walks” he has. Divide the number you set aside in Step 4 by this number. The result is the number of runs the player has created.

    Step 6

    Divide a player’s “runs created” by the number of games he has played in or the number of plate appearances he has to calculate how many runs a player has created per game or per plate appearance. This is useful to compare players who have played different amounts of games.

    Runs Created Leaders American League

    1. Mauer (MIN) 125
    2. Teixeira (NYY) 121
    3. Cabrera (DET) 117
    4. Jeter (NYY) 112
    5. Youkilis (BOS) 109
    6. Choo (CLE) 108
    7. Bay (BOS) 107
    8. Suzuki (SEA) 106
    Lind (TOR) 106
    10. Roberts (BAL) 101

    Runs Created Leaders National League

    1. Pujols (STL) 157
    2. Fielder (MIL) 132
    3. Utley (PHI) 129
    4. Ramirez (FLA) 128
    5. Braun (MIL) 121
    6. Dunn (WSN) 120
    7. Gonzalez (SDP) 113
    8. Lee (CHC) 112
    9. Reynolds (ARI) 111
    10. Howard (PHI) 110

  69. mr baseball says:

    its from Indian talk – How

  70. big o says:

    reimold done ?

  71. Nathan says:

    Really, Rivera? I have a phenomenal night with Burnett, Duensing, and Buchholz, bench Sanchez at the last minute, and you have to ruin it by losing the game for Burnett? On a walk-off 2 run homer?? TO ICHIRO????

  72. big o says:

    did i just see billingsley in relief ??
    color me dodger disbelief .

  73. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Nathan: Rivera ain’t gonna give it up too often. You and Grey did good on going with Burnett and the move off of Sanchez was nice. Good work man.

  74. Tom_Emanski says:

    “Is that from ehow?”


  75. Tom_Emanski says:

    Grey, I’m tied in Ws. I need some Ws without risking my somewhat comfortable leads in ERA and WHIP. Don’t need Ks. He has Vazquez, Peavy, Sowers, and Holland left. I have Wainwright, Ubaldo, and Tejeda.

    Can you rank Sean West at CIN, Maholm at SD, Garcia vs KC, and Paulino at MIL?

    Ks don’t matter, just WAGNOF

  76. penpen says:

    I love this, Billingsley in relief! Just as bad as Billingsley starting, but without the advance notice, so he can crap on the WHIP lead you’ve been trying to protect in your H2H playoff round by not starting anyone! Learning lessons the hard way is really wonderful because the pain and constant face-palming really makes it sink in. Thanks Bills!

  77. TheGreatVeto says:

    @Steve: I feel ya on Olivo, man. I was about to snag him Thursday night, but got distracted by nonsense on the internet… eh, I guess that’s what happens when you try to manage your team high.

  78. TYY says:

    Some Dbag in my highly competitive H2H 12 teamer posted some message pretty much calling me out, saying i’m a horrible manager, that i’m just lucky and next year i wont even finish top 6 and make the playoffs (i talk shit all day long and twice on sundays, LOL) Here’s my reply:

    Managed my team no better than anyone else? I’m just lucky? HAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA…..

    I think its because i’m outmanaging you guys is why i’m lucky?

    But hey everyone has their own view.

    See you’re looking at my team going “what a bunch of smucks, tony is so stupid, he’s so lucky, picking up chris young, miguel olivio, carlos gonzalez, ryan sweeney, jay bruce, etc”

    And you’d maybe look at my team at the end of this week if you weren’t in this league and go WTF, how bad does the rest of your league suck if you’re winning with these schmucks….


    (does any of this sound like razzball, lol, thanks grey, i cant post it word for word or one of the donkeys might catch on and google magic this site!)

    There’s no being loyal to carlos quentin, juan rivera, or whoever…. I’m pluggin in who is hitting….

    so you say lucky, i say good management…

    Now that i just schooled you again and gave you another lesson in the secrets of fantasy baseball I am going to the gym…

    If i finish out of the top 6 regular season next yr (aka dont make the playoffs) swish I’ll pay you $60 if you pay me $20 if I do make it?


  79. TYY says:

    @Grey: did i mention i won the regular season? and i’m two days away from making the finals? and if I win it all i’m gonna get a grand total of about $850?

    Man i must be a horrible manager…..

  80. Grey

    Grey says:

    @TYY: Completely terrible.

  81. steamer says:

    Maholm, Correia, or West as a spot start tomorrow? Need WHIP & Ks.

  82. Grey

    Grey says:

    @steamer: I’d throw all three. In that order.

  83. Martin says:

    @grey- you said you like rowland smith over hudson but he gets the mets at METCO and the free swinging marlins and home… mabye should i pick up rowland smith drop shields and keep hudson?

  84. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    In my never ending search for a 2B, I picked up Eric Young last week. He proceeded to get cold and lose ABs. Same with Jeff Baker before him. I also think I’m responsible for Martin Prado’s recent slump.

    I’m in a tight semi-final match-up, but if I make it to the championship game, I’m going to need a 2B option for next week.

    Do I stick with EY Jr. or pick up one of the following? Unfortunately, I missed out on Uribe two weeks ago.



  85. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Grey: Grey, am trying to sandwhich in prep for roto drafting for next year. Can wait for player rankings. Found your PEDS article. Am looking for what package/tools to bring to the table for drafting. I know there are many out there. Is there one that Razzball has out there already? It seems as if just a list of player rankings will leave me un-prepared. ???

  86. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Grey: @Simply Fred: Found Rudy’s BRAN. Do you guys do things like: try to fill track competing team’s draft cards as the draft moves along?

  87. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Grey: Followed questions just fine. Thank you, sir.

  88. vinko says:

    Is Jered Weaver worth starting today in Arlington?

  89. Grey

    Grey says:

    @vinko: I wouldn’t.

  90. Steve says:

    @Grey: Red light for Scherzer too? Eight starts left…

  91. and1mcgee says:

    Gallardo will start tomorrow for the last time this year and be shut down. i.e. stay away.

  92. DrEasy says:

    Ouch, Penny is killing me.

  93. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I’d go for it.

  94. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: where you ranking gallardo next year?top 20,ive got him for cheap in a keeper league

  95. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Probably right outside the top 20. His jump in innings this year worries me a bit.

  96. Steve says:

    @Grey: I’m rolling the dice. K?

    It’s my lame pun of the week.

  97. struggler says:

    Need to win ERA. What are the odds Feldman gives up more than 3 @ home vs ANA?

  98. Joe says:

    Who do you think i should start at C this week between Soto and Olivo… Olivo’s been crushing, but i’m skeptical on him.

  99. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Joe: i rode olivo for a month earlier this year then grabbed a hot montero,now have both with olivo at the utility some,i quess im saying go with olivo

  100. Joe says:

    thanks, thats what I was leaning towards doing.

    what do you think gray?

  101. big o says:

    so , am i reading this right ??
    blalock sucks , so they take him out of the line-up .
    and THEN they plummet from contention ??

  102. big o says:

    if you should walk into an oyster bar ,
    i hope you find a pearl , or 2 .

  103. Carl Spackler says:

    Question for everyone…….. in our league we can only do 3 pick ups per week, but we have a 2 week finals. My question is can I pick up 3 this week and 3 next week or is it just 3 for the entire 2 weeks? Do they treat these last 2 weeks like 1 whole week???It is a yahoo league in case that helps. I’m pretty sure I can pick up 3 per week but just want to make sure

    Grey…..when will you have the “Late Season/Borderline Starters” match ups article for this week out? That was a real help this last week. Thanks for doing that

  104. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Joe: Olivo

    @big o: It’s all about Blalock.

    @Carl Spackler: Hopefully will have it up at 11:30 AM PST on Monday. You need to check with your commissioner on that pick up question.

  105. Nathan says:

    Olivo left the game after one at bat tonight with a stomach virus (or something), I think. Just a heads up.

  106. struggler says:

    My ERA is at 3.9. My opponents is at 4.58. I have Baker going tom. He has Joba and Price. Feel good about any of these starts as possible insurance:

    Maine vs. WAS
    Garcia vs. KC
    Paulino @ MIL
    West @ CIN

    or should I stand pat?

  107. Steve says:

    @Grey: Going with the Wolfman tomorrow?

  108. Elijah says:

    CarGo!!! Grey rocks!

  109. DrEasy says:

    ARod Ticker Tease!

  110. Nathan says:

    Jeter, too.

  111. Carl Spackler says:

    Grey out of these OF’s which one would you pick up for the stretch run? CarGo, Hideki, Stubbs, Swish, DeJesus

    Looks like LeBlanc(@Pit and @ARZ), Rowland-Smith(@TB and @Tor), and Blanton(@FL and @Mil) are all lined up for 2 starts this week. Rank those if you wouldnt mind.

    Again, thanks for everything!!

  112. Dumbmutt says:

    This first place team has been in first the whole year without even bother changing his lineup even with DLs. And now he asks about money trying to say we all agreed on something higher. Look at the message history lol yeah…But of course I will end up beating him this week and play him next. I just got lucky with his Yank SP getting SEA at home out of the way.

    Only start 4SP with H2H 11 pitching cats.

    So far starting – De La Rosa – Wainwright – Johnson – Hanson
    But I have Arroyo – Wolf – Beckett on bench with really only starting Beckett (@KC) over Hanson (@WAS) in my head atm. The idea of starting someone who got you here to the guy you picked up 2 weeks ago clash!

  113. Carl Spackler says:

    Is Bills worth rostering at this point?

  114. Dumbmutt says:

    Thanks Grey. If I can just beat this guy again the smile on my face will hurt so good.

    And poor sad Bills baseball really is a slog. Having Peavy Oswalt Bills at the start of the year with none at the end you crazy I say.

  115. big o says:

    need baker to get lit up .
    and for haren and ubaldo to end 1-0 , with complete games for both .
    pray .

    otherwise , my keeper team season is an unexpected ticker-tease ,
    and i remain on my 3 year plan .

  116. Charlie says:

    Little hard on Harden eh? 2.55 ERA over the past month with only 2 sub-par starts. He may only be going 5 or 6 innings but he’s still racking up the K’s.

  117. Quintero says:

    After Felipe Paulino and Correia were gone, my opponent streamed the following on Sunday: Jason Berken, Fausto Carmona, Dana Eveland, Freddy García, Garrett Mock, Nate Robertson, Ian Snell, Kip Wells.

    I wish him luck.

  118. madballs says:

    Grey: Who of these 2 would you go with next week?

    Bailey VS PIT or Peavy VS DET


  119. TYY says:

    sit matt kemp vs. Lincecum today? he’s 0-10 vs. tiny tim with 6 K’s!?

    i have some other hot for now options i could throw in?

  120. Corey II says:

    Last day of a H2H semifinal week. I am battling for RBI, SB, HR, and Avg, in that order. I have been playing Stubbs with Shane Victorino out w/ the flu. Would you put Shane back in even w/ Stubbs so hot and facing a lefty today which plays towards his splits?

  121. TYY says:


    krispie, CQ, sweeney, montero, cargo, or swisher?

    I dont need power so i’d rule out CQ, i need singles and speed….? none of the matchups are great, they’re going against, haren, ubaldo, etc…..

  122. TYY says:

    i almost wanna stick sweeney in there vs. Carmona or cargo for needs but he’s facing Haren….

  123. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    “Adam LaRoche is out the Braves lineup on Sunday as he deals with a sore back”

  124. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Laroche news kinda’ puts a spasm in the Laroche for Konerko plan for the week?

  125. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    3B facing next week, top 2?


    billingsley (iffy)


  126. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Charlie: It looks like the schedule allows Chicago to skip Harden this week (at least).

  127. Telemachus says:

    LeBlanc or Blackburn as a 2-start option?

    Also, pick 2: Shields, Price (both @ TEX) or Paulino vs Cinci

  128. TYY says:

    stubbs or pennington a better pickup for some finals action next week? i have a daily league so i stick and move easily….

    Also i would just like to comment how i love how my pitching sucks balls all week, now on sunday when i’ve met the leagues inning min and dont need to throw anyone or i’m hurting myself they are DEALING….

    correia great game

    Ubaldo leading 3-1

    and wainwright is going later, which i’m sure he’ll throw about 8 innings of one run baseball!

    oh well….

  129. TYY says:

    dang it knew i shoulda put sweeney in there, Carmona sucks!

  130. Tom says:

    My season went bad when my top 3 picks were busts(Berkman/Beltran/A-Ram), but I made some trades to salvage it. I was 2nd for a good portion of the season, but I dropped a little since.

    I made some good trades (Dukes and DOwns for Tulowitski, and Hardy for Alexei, and got Nolasco for nothing right before he got good)…
    and one really bad one that looked even at the time: (Reynolds/F-Her for Miguel Cabrera). I had bragged about grabbing reynolds in all my drafts, but I figured that Miggy was a solid upgrade, and that F-her was expendable with Beckett/Wainwright/Shields/Nolasco. It was a horrible move, but I’ll be less trigger happy next year.

    Oh well, maybe next year.

    Grey, you’re still a worthy hero.

  131. Elijah says:


    From last place to the finals. Grey rules, Hail to the Chief.

  132. Boats 'N Hoes says:

    Not sure who to start in a weekly. Werth – Berkman – Ibanez
    Berkman I would like to start against the 6 RHP but worried he slumps or still hurt. Same with Ibanez.

  133. CocoPoolies says:

    Cueto to start Tuesday and, presumably, Sunday. He gets the Pirates and the Astros. Do I start him over Nolasco v. NYM or Bills @ Washington? Ubaldo at home v. St. Louis?

    It’s week one of the finals. Thank you Razzball for helping me get there.

  134. bwass says:

    Who do you sit?

    Penny v ChC
    Garcia v Det
    Shields @ Tex
    Kazmir v NYY
    Tejeda v Min

    I would say Penny because of his bad outing but he is playing at home and has the Cubs.

  135. struggler says:

    Just squeaked out the week. Onward to the championship!
    I only have 10 moves left for two weeks. Grey – can you rank these starts next week (QS rather than wins):
    LeBlanc @ PIT
    E-Jax @ CLE
    Rowland-Smith @ TB
    Smoltz @ HOU
    Hammel @ SD
    Dempster @ SF
    Tillman @ CLE
    Rowland-Smith @ TOR
    Lowe @ WAS (Only if all goes well vs. NYM on Monday)
    E-Jax @ CWS

  136. knighttown says:

    I’m loving the Dodgers craptastic schedule the rest of the way. Rank the following LA Schmodgers…


    I’d say I need WHIP>K>W>ERA

  137. knighttown says:

    I assume its time to drop Drew for Pennington?

  138. TYY says:

    Grey can we get another “Pitchers who have good matchups, etc LIST” for the next week or two?

    Please tell me one is already in the works….

  139. matthole says:

    @Grey: I have 3 pitching slots left: Pls advise/rank who youd start next week: West vs NYM, Moyer @ FLA, Correia @Ari, hammel vs SD, freddy garcia vs DET, gorzelanny, and ryan franklin


  140. Grey

    Grey says:

    @knighttown: Kuroda, Padilla… I’d grab Pennington.

    @TYY: It’ll be up tomorrow afternoon.

    @matthole: West, Hammel, Garcia…

  141. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Actually, ranked it’d be Garcia, Hammel, West…

  142. penpen says:

    Zito over (counterfeit) Bills?

  143. CocoPoolies says:

    Damns Grey. Would you roll with Nolasco, Bills, Ubaldo, Dice-K @ Baltimore, or Sanchez @ Ari to round this little fantasy rotation?

  144. penpen says:

    @Grey: up is down, down is up, Bills is gone; ahhh H2H playoffs.

  145. big o says:

    coming very close to completing one full year with you .
    i like how you handle your business .

    have a safe trip home .

  146. big o says:

    @big o:
    can you ask february grey how he would rank pablo as a 3rd baseman ?
    only get to keep 3 this 1st year in a 15 team keeper …. 4 next year , etc .
    got the prince @ 1st ,
    and between the two , i should have a leg (?) up on the sb category ,
    if i were running against a team of big fat hippos .
    (cust kiddin’) .

  147. big o says:

    edit @ grey .

    and now i picture farley , on snl , doing one of his celebrity interviews …. “i knew that” .

  148. Lines says:

    Grey, who do you like? Duensing @ CWS, or Buchholz vs. KC? I know Duensing is the hot hand, but I watched Buchholz’ last start, and he looks good – plus it’s the Royals.

    And I just tied my opponent in the semifinal round of our H2H playoffs. No idea what happens now… Pretty sure my girlfriend is secretly praying I’ll lose, though.

    Enjoy the daquiri, dude. Thanks for all the help this year!

  149. Lines says:


    Half a game. He went ahead by half a game in the final week of the season, so he got the 1st round bye. We played in the semis, and when we tied, he won by default. What kind of bullshit way is that to end a season? Huh? I’ll tell you. It’s my way! And I always get my way.

    Fuck you very much, Aramis Ramirez. And you too, Lou Piniella, for sitting The Riot last night.

    Thanks Razzballers of the World, for making my 1st fantasy season a more fun(ny) one.

    At least now I get to spend more time watching real baseball.

  150. Grey

    Grey says:

    @CocoPoolies: Just one? Sanchez

    @big o: Thanks! Pablo is top 7 probably.

    @Lines: That’s definitely crap.


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