Last year, the only type of starts and luck that Charlie Morton had was bad.  Despite good stuff and pedestrian ratios (6.7 K/9, 2.9 BB/9), he put up some of the worst stats in recent history.  A 7.57 ERA in 79 innings during the year of the pitcher!  It was a 54 ERA+ (adjusted for park and era) which stands as the 5th worst ERA+ since 1945 for pitchers with 79+ IP.  It’s hard to say how much of his .353 BABIP was because he threw down the middle or back luck but let’s just say the latter.  It seemed like luck was balancing out in his first three starts this year as he went 2-0 despite throwing 6 Ks and 12 BBs in 22 innings.  But excluding an ugly win in Colorado (where just about every non-ace should be benched), his last three starts – including last nights 5-hit shutout – have shown significant progress.  In those 18 2/3 IP, he’s K’d 17 and walked 7.  So let your league mates focus on his ghastly K:BB for the season while you get him on the cheap.  I’d still bench him during bad match-ups but he looks primed to be a solid 5th/6th SP in shallow leagues.

Onto other fantasy baseball news….

Jake Peavy – A 3 hit shutout with 8 Ks against the Indians who’ve recently been scalping opposing pitchers.  To quote the great Larry King, “Sorry Mr. Westbrook but the best Jake pitching today is Jake Peavy”.

Bartolo Colon– How fitting.  Jake has his first great comeback start and the Fatman nearly matches him (8 innings, 0 ER, 3 hits).  Now they just need to thank their doctor who I think first starred in the Six Million Dollar Man.

Pedro Alvarez3-run HR for Alvy.  Maybe he’s finally figuring out how to get the lobster in the pot.  Reminds of this old joke about two elderly Pirate fans sitting on the Roberto Clemente Bridge.  One of them says, “Boy, the Pirates’ <fill in 3rd baseman> has been really terrible.”  The other says, “Yeah, I know, and too few at-bats.”

Jon Niese – 7 shutout innings with 7 Ks.  You made your Aunt and Uncle proud!

Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman – Yes, the Cardinals were victorious against the Astros and Bud Norris (with that last name, shouldn’t he be a Texas Ranger?) but both Holliday (quad) and Berkman (wrist) were out of the game by the 5th inning.  Much like the rest of our existences, they are ‘day-to-day’.  Bud Norris must’ve roundhouse kicked them with his mind.

Mark DeRosa – Left the game in the middle of an at-bat when he re-strained his wrist.  That hurts more than having your wrist restrained – depending on who’s doing it.  If it’s Mrs. DeRosa, I would not be check-swinging.  The official announcement is ‘day-to-day’ but I’d move the versatile DeRosa to ‘Left Out’ in all but NL-only leagues (where we unfortunately have him).

Kyle Lohse – Another strong (8 innings, 1 ER, 7 baserunners) yet not dominant (3 Ks) start.  He should change his last name to Wihn.  He’s now 5-2 with a crazy low BABIP (somewhere in the .215 range).  His ERA/WHIP might be due for regression but he’s still worth starting while he’s on this streak.

Craig KimbrelOkay, maybe it’s officially time to start worrying.  Tonight was blown save #4 and it was an ugly one – 2 ER & 4 hits  in 1/3 of an inning to spoil the Braves second straight extra inning victory.  This is after Jonny Venters threw two shutout innings in the 9th and 10th.  If it weren’t for the anti-lefty sentiment that fuels closer decisions and McCarthyism, Venters would be closer by now.  But my guess is Kimbrel won’t be a fugitive from the closer role as he’d been dominant his previous 4 outings (4 IP, 1 hit, 9 Ks).

Mark Reynolds0 for 5 with 2 Ks and a BB in the Orioles 15 inning loss to the Yanks.  He did manage his 2nd sB of the year but his average now stands at .184.  To those of you who said he couldn’t repeat last year’s .198 AVG, well, I guess you’re still technically correct.

Julio Teheran4 innings, 2 ER, 8 baserunners, and 1 strikeout.  This is after his first start where he threw 4 2/3 innings and managed 1 strikeout.  I know it sounds pervy but I’d trade in this 20 year-old phenom for a Minor.

Yovani Gallardo – A six inning win with 2 ER and 9 Ks.  That’s three straight wins for Yovani.  Have we finally seen the end of his evil telenovela twin – Oyvani Goneyardo?

Elliot Johnson – 2-3 with 3 RBIs as he started for the 3rd straight night.  Sam Fuld might be Mr. April but looks like someone is auditioning hard for Mr. May (TM to Dave Winfield).

Trevor Plouffe – 2 for 4 with 3 RBIs.  He’s shown some power in the minors (15 HRs in 445 AAA ABs last year) and a K-rate (22%) that screams .250-.260.  So, best case, he’s a J.J. Hardy in hi prime type.  Worst case, he’s 2011 J.J. Hardy.  Either way, I don’t think anyone minds seeing Gardenhire say “See ya” to Casilla when Nishioka comes back.

Neftali FelizA blown save after Hosmer took him deep to star the 9th.  Ron Washington was tempted to bring in Arthur Rhodes to face the lefty rookie but, when he approached him, Rhodes responded in a world-weary voice, “I’m getting too old for this s**t” and shared how he plans to spend his retirement.

Michael Dunn – Quick shoutout to the Mr. B‘s.  Dunn now has 25 Ks in 19 innings this year.  He can come in handy in daily leagues where you need K’s.

Clay BuchholzUnlike Steve Howe and Dwight Gooden, Buchholz was able to go face-to-face against Coke and come out unharmed (7 shutout innings, no decision).  Buchholz is pitching well of late (he’d won four of his last 5).  More importantly, he’s been putting up some K’s (he’s now averaged 6 in his last 3 games).  His K/9 and BB/9 ratios were very average last year (6.2 and 3.5 respectively) and they’ve been about the same this year.  If he can keep K’ing guys like he has in the past 3 games, his value goes up significantly.

Danny Duffy – Making his first major league start, you can imagine the pressure Double-D must’ve felt to fit in with his Royal teammates.  4 innings and 10 baserunners (including 6 walks) later….son,  you’re going to fit in just fine.  Ignore for 10/12-team mixed leagues but I’d keep an eye on him for deeper leagues.

Scott Hairston – Is it me or does this guy have the face of an anthropomorphic frog?  No wonder why he’s an outfield while his father and brother are infielders – he’s a natural at shagging flies.

  1. matt says:

    wait haha so why did you include scott hairston in this post?

  2. chata says:

    would like to hear your take on 2 under-performing players :
    choo and rios .

    thanking you , in advance .

  3. AL KOHOLIC says:

    had to grab elliot johnson,minor league numbers not bad,a little pop and steals bases,hope he sticks around in the rays lineup,grabbed peavy to,it wont last all year im sure but he looked peav of old

  4. Mike says:

    @Grey and Rudy

    What are your thoughts on Ryan Ludwick? He is pretty hot right now. I know he is in the middle of the dismal Padres lineup, but he did hit 30+ homers a few years ago. Buy?

  5. Steve says:

    In my 12-team H2H league, I’ve got Narveson, E-Jax and Travis Wood washing around at the back end of my rotation (which is a bunch of WHIP killers overall).

    Do you take Morton over any of those guys?

  6. Yoyoyo says:

    Any of you guys think Jose Lopez can bounce back in Coors, or was his surge two years ago fueled by the juice? Wondering if I’m overreacting to a week’s stats and ye olde “batting-stance adjustment.”

  7. Giant JJ says:

    20 teams. Rudy, I have to drop one of these guys, I like them all but which would you drop? Chris Davis, Dirks, Sands, Chisenhall, Nady, Conor Jackson, Rowand, JP Howell or Minor. Thanks

  8. Atherton32 says:

    14 Team mixed league. Limited Transactions. Oswalt coming off DL. Who do I drop: Dempster, Edwin Jackson, Narveson, Volquez, Niese. Also, who do I drop Valencia, Tabata, A. Escobar, Raburn, of FraGu. Thanks

  9. Salty Balty says:

    Start Chacin in Philly tonight?

  10. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Rudy: Who has the best chance of getting into the closer role in the near future between Wright, Venters, Guerrier and Downs?

  11. Giant JJ says:

    Would you give Coghlan and Frank Francisco for Granderson? 20 teams (thanks)

  12. schlitzy says:

    I have Espinosa at second. Been offered Howie kendrick and Lilly for my Billingsly. rest of my staff is Anderson, Kuroda, Wood, Liriano. i’m thinking pass- agree? Could counter Billingsly for Crawford.

  13. Tony says:

    @Giant JJ: id do it.

    @schlitzy: i’d almost take howie and lilly, bills isnt netting you crawford, not in a 20 teamer, not if the leauge is any type of serious, i’d ride a .200 hitting crawford down to the end than trade him for a pitcher…. especially bills.

  14. Giacomo says:

    Would you trade Choo for Abreu and Latos? 12 team OBP league with standard pitching categories. My team currently is

    C: Napoli
    1st: Votto
    2nd: Phillips
    SS: Andrus
    3rd: Reynolds
    OF: Ellsbury
    OF: Heyward
    OF: Choo
    Util: Stanton

    SP: Ubaldo
    SP: Hommy Tanson
    SP: CJ Wilson
    SP: Volquez/DLR/Bedard/Ervin Santana

    Latos hasn’t been the same pitcher he was last year, and I am not sure he will turn it completely around.

  15. Wilsonian says:

    @Rudy; @Grey; @Anyone: In an 8 team H2H league, where do you think Peavy ends up numbers-wise for the rest of the year? Where would you put him in this group: Kennedy, Cueto, Wood, Lewis, Norris?

    What about a deal of Peavy/Soria for Kennedy/Storen, which side?

  16. ThePoonTycoon says:

    moving forward: brandon mccarthy or bartolo or arrieta?

  17. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: i’d take kennedy/storen.

    i think peavy is gonna be pretty solid this year if healthy, but he’s gonna be nearly impossible to trade for value even if pitching well because people are understandably gonna be scared of him.

  18. Wilsonian says:

    Looking to trade for a 3rd baseman in my 16 Team H2H Keeper to replace Wright while he nurses his back. I offered Hamilton for Beltre, which was turned down. Guy said he liked Heyward, too. Is Heyward too much to offer for Beltre? Without him, my OF would look like this:

    Hamilton, Quentin, Damon, Tabata, Jennings

  19. nyydj2 says:

    In my 12 team 6X6 H2H money league, $200 a man, 2K to the winner, 400 to the runner up. Extra P cat is L’s. My starting staff is:


    Homer has been pretty sharp since last August and is looking good, and Zimm seems ready to turn into a K machine. Would you switch out either of them for these available guys for the rest of the year?

    Wade Davis

    MadBum seems to be turning a corner lately but bad luck with decisions, I’ve already picked up and dropped Liriano twice, lol. Sit or switch?

  20. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: add scott baker to that list, so mccarthy, bartolo, arrieta, and baker

  21. Wilsonian says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I was looking at offering that deal to get Kennedy. The guy with Kennedy LOVES Peavy, so I basically snagged him last night to try to sell him to this one guy. Thanks!

  22. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: a fair deal. any productive healthy 3B is gonna demand a premium price. though tbh, i’d almost just punt 3B for the time being and cross your fingers on wright. i mean, in reality, 75% of your league is already punting 3B, so is playing some schmohawk really gonna drop you very far? in a single season league, i’d do it in a heartbeat, but in a keeper, tougher decision.

  23. MouseRat says:

    @Rudy, Grey, and anyone else.

    What do you think of Matt Joyce? Is he breaking out or do you think he really is just another Sam Fuld? In regards to this, which side of this trade would you want to be on:

    Joyce and Posada for Rod Barajas and Ben Francisco?

    I have Posada and no back-up catcher. I’m getting worried, but I don’t want to just throw away Matt Joyce if he continues to perform at a decent level.

  24. PublicEnemy#1 says:

    Hodgepadre Moseley or Charlie Morton for spot starts?

  25. Eddy says:

    Thoughts on FraGu’s return? How deep a league should we be in to roster him? Possible line to expect?

  26. ThePoonTycoon says:

    proof that you shouldn’t be scared to start 2 of your fantasy SPs against each other:

    yesterday i started peavy v. masterson in RCL. combined numbers: 17 IP, 16 Ks, 1 ER, 10 baserunners, 1 W, 0 L

  27. papasmurf says:

    So now when’s Aramis gonna hit his 2nd homer? During the draft my 3b choices were him or Alvarez… I guess I could not go wrong either way… Ramirez has become a 160 pound singles hitter masquerading as a cleanup hitter. He is not even hitting any flyballs close to the warning track. He’s gotta be dealing with some injury. How do you lose all your power just like that.

  28. Mhfella says:

    Peavy you sonavabench! Who do you think will be a better everyday player this year: Chris Young or Heyward? Thanks!

  29. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Mhfella: i’d take heyward cause he has the potential to reach a .300 batting avg. krispie is lucky to top .250.

  30. Giant JJ says:

    Would it be unreasonable for me to offer Frank Francisco for Mark Reynolds? Should I throw in a $5 player to make it more fair? Thanks, I don’t want to insult the guy. 20 teams.

  31. trick dad says:

    hilarious post…it took me an hour to get the niese joke :\

  32. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Rudy,any word on whether or not Teheran will be called back up at the end of the month,or if it will be Minor(which seems like the obvious choice)?….currently I own Teheran and Minor is on waivers.

    its a 10 team h2h 8×8 keeper league.I prefer Minor too,and I would grab him if I was sure he will be called up at least before the allstar break.What do you think?

  33. nick m. says:

    Which side do you like in 10-team H2H (categories):
    Halladay, Zobrist, Uggla
    Ethier, Kinsler, Jonathan Sanchez, Papelbon

  34. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    Norris, Wood or Bailey ROS?


  35. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @nick m.: halladay side, no doubt.

  36. dexter says:

    in a keeper league would you prefer Hanson or Hosmer where they can both be kept in the 20th round and go up two rounds per year?

  37. Chris says:


    I wouldn’t make that trade. Joyce is the best player in that deal by far. Francisco is scuffling and soon to be replaced by Brown (if not already by Mayberry Jr.) and Barajas is nothing special at C, marginally better than Posada if at all.

  38. @MooseRat:
    Joyce is legit. Not .345 legit, but very good nonetheless. Just sit him against lefties and you have a stellar #3 OF imo. So, I like the Joyce side.

  39. One Man Wolf Pack says:

    Looking to stream one pitcher this weekend…
    Humber vs. LAD or Clayton Richard @ SEA??

  40. Danny Tanner says:

    I was offered:

    His – Votto and Aramis Ramirez


    My – Holliday and Ryan Zimmerman.

    I don’t like the deal straight-up… would adding Oswalt to the Votto side tip it in my favor? I really like Zimmerman.. but it seems like the dude is always on the DL.

  41. @Deeeznuts: I like Wood. I just don’t trust Norris’ ability to refrain from screwing with my WHIP. But, Norris has a stellar k/9.

  42. @Danny Tanner:
    Act now. Votto is easily a top 5 player. Zimmerman will eventually return from a pretty serious injury—questions will linger about health, production…go for Oswalt if you can, but don’t get too greedy and close the door on this deal.

  43. Hi all – Grey is flying this morning and I’ve got work so apologies if we’re not as quick with the responses as usual….

    @matt: i did it for the jokie

    @chata: I have both Choo and Rios on my AL-only team. KILLING my average. They’ve both proven to be valuable 5-category contributors. It’s just grin and bear it time right now.

    @AL KOHOLIC: cool.

    @Mike: Ludwick had a career year a couple years back. I don’t like Petco’s impact on his power or his low AVG. He’s hot now so maybe he’s worth riding for a couple of games.

    @Steve: I like Travis Wood. I’d prefer Morton over E-Jax. I’d prefer Narveson over Morton for now.

    @Yoyoyo: I don’t trust Jose Lopez but his value has increased slightly with Ian Stewart demoted and Wigginton on DL. I’d just consider him an MI flier for now.

    @Giant JJ: Chris Davis. Cruz and Hamilton will be back soon and Moreland will slide back to 1B. I’m not too bullish on JP Howell doing anything notable this year either.

    @Atherton32: E-Jax (AL pitcher) and Raburn.

    @Salty Balty: Yes. He’s been pitching well and Philly hasn’t been hitting that well.

    @SwaggerJackers: I’d say Downs but I don’t think any of them are going to get the closer position.

    @Giant JJ: Yes.

    @schlitzy: I had Lilly valued higher than Billingsley to start the year and Kendrick is a clear upgrade vs. Espinosa. There’s some risk in it but I like the trade.

    @Giacomo: No. Abreu looks close to done. I like Latos but his value is pretty low now for 12-team.

    @Wilsonian: Peavy should be worth close to those pitchers you mentioned if not more. I’d prefer Kennedy/Storen over Peavy/Soria.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Baker.

    @Wilsonian: I’d trade Heyward for Beltre at this point given Heyward’s shoulder issues as long as you have room for Beltre when Wright gets off DL.

    @nyydj2: Sit

    @MouseRat: I’d rather Joyce/Posada. I don’t see much value in Ben Francisco when Brown is healthy. I wouldn’t trade high on Joyce.

    @PublicEnemy#1: Depends on the matchup. @SD starts are gold.

    @Eddy: 14+ team to worry about FraGu. I had him on a lot of teams last year with the hopes of a 15/15 season. I’d try to avoid him since he won’t help you in AVG/R/RBI.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Nice. I’ll do you one better. I had Britton (vs. NYY) and Coke (@BOS) going last night and gave up 1 run in 14 or so innings.

    @papasmurf: Aramis is streaky. He’s playing every day and is hitting for AVG. Both good signs. But the lack of power is frustrating…

    @Mhfella: I prefer Heyward. CBY is just such an average drain.

    @Giant JJ: Reynolds is hitting .186. There is no insulting offer for him.

    @trick dad: Thanks!

  44. xopchipili says:

    Speaking of Joyce, is he so hot right now that you’d be playing him even against lefties?

  45. Wilsonian says:

    This is still ugly…Dobbs, Bloomquist, Valencia, Hanahan for my 3rd base replacement of Wright?

    I’ve got Valencia now, but Dobbs is hitting really well and Bloomquist could be a little productive coming off the DL.

  46. LeeIsh says:

    start Floyd vs Cle today?

  47. Wilsonian says:

    @Rudy Gamble: thanks Rudy. I might look into that. And I could easily play Beltre at Utility when Wright comes off the DL, so I would have room for him.

  48. DHill Dragons says:

    @Wilsonian: I was pondering the same question. Peavy is on waivers until tonight in my league. I currently have Bud Norris and Cueto and was considering dumping one of them to take a shot on Peavy. As much as I like Norris, he’s on the Astros so wins will be few and far between. Sure a great K rate, but those will only get you so far, plus his walks have started to rise the last 3 times on the hill.
    Cueto goes tonight, so we’ll get another chance to see if he can keep it up.

    Of course Peavy’s final numbers looked great last night, but if you saw any of the game action you had to be impressed as well. The ball had so much tailing action and good velocity (as high as 94 that I witnessed). He also threw from a couple of different arm slots and the batters just seemed to be baffled. Throw in the facts that the White Sox promising offense is overdue to wake up, he has yet to walk a batter in two starts since returning, and the surprising fact that he’s just 29 years old and I for one have to say that he’s got HUGE upside if he can stay healthy. I know that’s a big if, but for now I don’t see any reason why an owner wouldn’t be excited to snag him while he’s available.

  49. Giacomo says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Thanks Rudy. I will see if there is another angle he is willing to do.

  50. Exactly says:

    hey, someone just dropped danks in my 12-team mixed…pick him up for pineiro, wood, ed-jax, volquez? or hold? Thanks.

  51. @Exactly:
    Bye-bye Pineiro, hello Danks. The record is ugly, but Danks has #2 SP upside IMO…lots of innings left to recoup his value.

  52. ritzer says:

    Is Avila coming down after a hot start or is it just a blip the last week or two. Would you try to trade him now for someone like Miguel Montero?

  53. Atherton32 says:

    @ Rudy In response to your earlier response. If I cut Raburn. Do I drop Valencia, Tabata, A. Escobar, or FraGu for Ackley. He will be eligible at 2B and OF in my league. My 2B is Kinsler. My OF is Berkman, BJ Upton, Chris Young, & Joyce. 14 team league. Limited Transactions.

  54. brad says:

    would y’all drop KellJo, Bernadina, or Trumbo for Ackley?

    all are bench spots, so position elig. don’t mattah.

  55. Exactly says:

    Also, 2 other questions:

    1. i need to clear room on my dl for wright and lind…I have madson, is contreras worth holding on to?

    2. any thoughts on when moustakas might get called up?

  56. @Exactly:
    Cut Contreras. Madson has been lights out.
    I have picked up Moustakas where available. 3B has been decimated at the MLB level, and the Royals have proven they’re willing to go young now. I say he is up by early June—can you afford to wait on that roster spot? Good luck bro.

  57. JohnnyFive says:

    Keeper league. Have been offered BJ Upton and Shane Victorino for a Carlos Gonzalez. CarGo has 7th round keeper value. Victorino a 15th. Thoughts on trade? I might have to throw a very minor piece back their way for roster management purposes.

  58. Exactly says:

    @dr. stats: thanks for your perspective…that sounds like how I’m leaning.

  59. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Exactly: I agree that I’d like to here more about the Moustakas call up. His Hosmer and that pitcher getting the call, what’s the hold up? Aviles? Really?

    Oh, and Belt. When’s he coming back?

  60. lopes says:

    is gordon worth keeping?

    and votto, how serious is his status right now and should i be worried at all?

  61. trick dad says:

    @lopes: espn says votto is in the lineup today

  62. Sweet D says:

    I’ve hung pretty tough with Morneau but when is enough enough? Due to his struggles, I also own Smoak and Hosmer. Clearly I don’t need 3 CI so would you sell high on the two rooks? or sell super low on Morneau bc he might actually not get it together this year.

  63. Wilsonian says:

    @DHill Dragons: I went ahead and dropped Norris for Peavy. I like Norris, but all the things you said went into play for my move. If Peavy is 75% of what he was when he won the Cy, he’s easily an SP2 or 3. The highlights I saw of the game made him look REALLY impressive too.

  64. Wilsonian says:

    Would anyone drop Frenchy or Boesch for Morton?

  65. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: i might drop boesch, but doubtful unless you are desperate for a SP and boesch is like several injuries away from being in your lineup.

  66. theguarantee says:

    In a 16 team league where I am borderline out of the saves race anyway, for some reason I have the urge to offer Melancon for Chapman. My K rate is pretty lousy and my other non-save pitching stats are very strong. Dumb?

  67. Dominic says:

    This may be crazy but do you think Elliot Johnson or Plouffe is worth an add over Smoak, Reynolds, Morneau or Tabata or should I hang on and see if they can all bounce back. The main category I need improvement in is avg.

  68. Wilsonian says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: My OF consists of Dread Pirate, Rasmus, Markakis, Torres, and Damon who start. Hafner, Frenchy, Boesch are splitting time at Utility. I’m not desperate for an SP, just like what he’s been doing lately.

  69. Charlie Says says:

    [email protected]Atherton32: I would drop Gutierrez. He won’t play every day and this has been such an on going issue, dating back to spring of last year. Still a little nervous about Ackley’s production and playing time. I could see him taking a while to adjust and sitting versus lefties. He will hit, just a matter of how soon. Been showing some good power at AAA lately, with home runs and doubles.

  70. Wilsonian says:

    So back to the Gio v. Kennedy v. Pineda conversation. A guy in my 8 Team H2H keeper wants Gio for Kennedy. I honestly don’t know if I could do it. It’s kinda tomato-tomato. Would anyone do it? Or offer Pineda instead? I’m worried about his innings, but he’s been LIGHTS out!

  71. Hi Rudy (or Grey if you’re back) or anyone else. Two questions I’d like to get opinions on:

    First, as deep league flyer on a hot bat, who do you like better between Elliot Johnson and John Jay?

    And (this is a little similar to an earlier post but the main parts are moved around): who is more likely to end up with more saves this year between Padilla, Jamey Wright, and Wilton Lopez? I’ve got Padilla now but thought it might make sense to switch him out.

  72. Jim says:

    I have Hamilton coming off DL soon (as does everyone! yay), and here are the players he can replace:


    Pence and Votto also on team but obviously not being sat. Can sit the middle IFers because one SS and one 2b is in U slot.

    Who sits?

  73. @Wilsonian:
    Very close indeed. I like them in this order: Pineda, Gio and Kennedy.
    Pineda will be capped at 165-175 from what I’ve read. In a keeper I’d want Pineda without hesitation. Good luck bro.

  74. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Jim: I’d say Hafter. Isn’t he injured right now anyway?

  75. Chinaski says:


    I am throwing him out. Yes

  76. Randy BoBandy says:

    Hey Rudy,

    Would you drop McLellan for Morton?

    McLellan has flattered to deceive, sure he has a chance at some wins, but his WHIP stinks and is K:BB isn’t much to write home about.

  77. herschel says:

    @Rudy, @Grey: are you guys selling high on Peavy or hanging on to him where you have him?

  78. Charlie Says says:

    @Enrique: League got the save last night and Wedge insists he is the closer, so I would have to put Wright at the very back of that list.

  79. William says:

    @Rudy: Is it time to look at Rajai Davis? I’ve been debating which SAGNOF is better lately – Michael Bourn or Rajai Davis.

    I feel like Davis has more upside in Toronto’s lineup going forward. Bourn’s lack of steals lately (1 in the past 10 games) is really killing me in H2H.

  80. whodat says:

    Jeter is killing me. Would it be a mistake to dump Jeter for Starlin Castro. Trade offer to me: Braun for Hamilton and Hamels?

  81. Timequake says:

    What do you think about Dunn and Beckett for Stanton and Garza?

  82. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @whodat: i would have taken castro over jeter from the beginning

  83. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Timequake: i’d want the beckett/dunn side. dunn will come around, whereas stanton is about where you’d expect him to be. i’d want dunn for when he goes on a streak to catch his numbers up to their expected levels.

  84. I got some major MR. B love this year…may grab Dunn too (the return!?) but I am wondering, whose got a better shot to get me some saves, Koji or Nathan?

    Think I am holding both for a while…but I thought Koji was in the closer mix down in Bal town?

  85. ujoh says:

    Lilly is on the waivers and our FAAB auction is today. I have $41 left of the $100 we started with (10th out of 12). How much should I spend?

  86. Commish Cauda says:

    16-team, H2H-Points League

    Need to make room for Cruz coming off the DL. Who to drop?

    David Murphy
    Scott Sizemore

  87. Commish Cauda says:


    Run, don’t walk, and drop Jeter for Castro…it’s not even close

  88. @Commish Cauda:
    Tough call. When Cruz, and Hamilton return Murphy was lose significant ABs. Oddly, I like Murphy the most on that list but playing time concerns concern me. Good luck.

  89. DHill Dragons says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Please rank these SP’s moving forward:

    Peavy, Dempster, Cueto, Norris, Bumgarner

  90. Yoyoyo says:

    Thanks, Rudy, sounds dead-on on Lopez

  91. Tony B. says:

    Ryan Howard vs Mark Teixeira

    Both drafted in the 1st round.

    Both can be kept 2012, 2013, and 2014.

    Who do you want the rest of this year and beyond?

    I currently own Howard but am being offered Teix.

  92. Exactly says:


    would you rather give up tabata/volquez for j. sanchez or
    tabata/volquez for morrow? or neither?

  93. Commish Cauda says:

    @Tony B.:

    Depends on the league type. Do strikeouts count? If not, it’s a coin flip in my mind. If they do, then Tex all the way.

  94. @Timequake:
    I respectfully disagree with ThePoonTycoon. I think Stanton is just starting to heat up. The dude has already smashed several 420 ft+ bombs. I have no doubt that 40 jacks live in his wooden stick. Garza has been silly good in the N.L. after a few rough early starts. While I do believe in Beckett’s resurgence, his injury history coupled with the nasty A.L. East tells me his numbers are in for an adjustment the wrong way. I like Dunn. But, is he Dunn? I think the power will come back to the tune of 35-38 bombs. However, you will have to stomach an average in the .240’s at best IMO. I just like the young stud and the N.L. pitcher more. It’s pretty close however. Good luck.

  95. Timequake says:

    @Dr. Stats: Thanks to you and ThePoonTycoon for the advice–I’m taking it under, er, advisement.

  96. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Dr. Stats: if you asked me right now to predict the final line for both dunn and stanton it would be something like .240-.260, 35-40 HRs, 90-100 RBIs. dunn is currently much further from those projections, which means he’s got a hot streka in him to get up to those numbers. i think stanton maintains his current pace with the usual ups and downs. what kinda numbers are you expecting out of stanton? i can’t see reasonably predicitng he hits better than .260ish this year.

  97. GMen says:

    @Rudy: Bud Norris or Charlie Morton?

  98. Tony B. says:

    Strikeouts not a category in my league. OPS, AVG, HR’s, RBI’s, Runs are.

  99. ujoh says:

    Jake Arrieta or Ted Lilly? Can only pick up one, dropping Burnett (why is he on my squad??)

    Or both if you like them over Bumgarner, Lewis, Wood or Norris….

  100. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Dr. Stats: i also think you are mischaracterizing any division by calling it “nasty”. at least when it comes to offense. the yanks are looking their age. the rays are decent, but their offense isn’t scary, that’s for sure, plus they have a tendency to get shutout and no hit. blue jays probably have the best offense, but they aren’t awe inducing. and god knows the O’s offense isn’t scary. hell, i’d argue a healthy reds, cards, and brewers offense is as good or better than the yanks, blue jays, and rays.

  101. WDE05 says:

    Damnit, I endured Buchholz ‘ shit performances until 2 starts ago. Even when he won a couple of games, he had still looked terrible and only gotten a couple of Ks. As soon as a dumped him, of course he starts pitching dominantly and racking up Ks. To make matters worse, I dumped him for Bourjos who proceeded to not get a hit for 10 days so I ended up dumping him also.

  102. trick dad says:

    Liriano owners – He attributes his recent improvement to his sore shoulder finally getting healthy and a return to his approach from 2010, not pitching to contact like he was told to do.

  103. Exactly says:

    Rudy, please rank ROS: tabata, fra-gu, pagan, torres?

  104. Wilsonian says:

    @Dr. Stats: thanks for the advice. It’s a keeper league, but it’s also an 8 Team league, and we only keep 5, so it’s doubtful Pineda is getting kept, regardless. It’s really a tough call, and I don’t really like the Gio/Kennedy swap simply because I don’t see how it makes me any better. Doesn’t make me worse, just not better.

    @ThePoonTycoon: I’m having the same kind of issue. I’ve been debating on trying to send an offer trying to deal Dunn, but I’m assuming he won’t get much attention, plus I’m worried that he ends up Donkey mashing for a few weeks and hits bomb after bomb after bomb. So I don’t really want to miss out on that, and I could also probably sell him much higher when he’s sitting at 20 homers, rather than 4.

  105. @ujoh: If you need K’s I would go with Norris…but if just overall I would probably go Lilly.

  106. @ThePoonTycoon:
    I diasgree again with you. Look at the bottom three hitters from the N.L. Central teams, and the Bottom three hitters from the A.L. East. It’s not even close.
    Furthermore, to say the Yankees are looking their age is kinda silly. Tex, Cano, A-rod…their offence will finish in the top 5 in ALL of baseball in runs scored by years end. It’s still early bro.
    Also, you’re hoping/expecting/wishing Dunn will eventually heat up. Stanton is already warm at a minimum, has untapped upside and will only get better as Hanley turns the corner.
    I believe Dunn is much riskier. I know his track record, but declines eventually happen. He has to make up the gap between him and Stanton. I’ll take the guy in the lead, not the dude whom I hope catches up.
    That is the great thing about being a fake G.M. we all think we’re right.

  107. Mike says:

    @Rudy: Please help ranking these SP: J. Sanchez, Lilly, Liriano, Peavy


  108. Mr2Bits says:

    Can someone please take out the legs of McCutchen and Kemp this week so they hit the DL? Never have I seen a team that has a .280 OBP against my .410 and is managing to beat me in every hitting category except OBP…..fucking ridiculous

  109. Matt says:

    If I need K’s and W’s, should I pick up Arrieta for his start at home against Washington?

    Also is Francouer droppable now at this point in the season?

    My current other outfielders are:


    I’m guessing I wouldn’t get much in a trade…

  110. DHill Dragons says:

    Watch out, Mr. Bruce is catching fire. He just hit his 2nd HR of the day and 10th of the season.

  111. Fletch says:

    @Rudy: Dunn/Fielder or F-Her/Tex?

  112. herschel says:

    @Rudy, @ Grey, @ Razzballers: 5 x 5 roto, my youk/peavy/napoli for cruz and mccann. thoughts?

  113. @herschel:
    I think you might be under selling Youk a bit. With 3B eligibilty he’s like gold right now. IF I knew Cruz would stay healthy the deal seems reasonable as McCann is a huge upgrade over Napoli. I simply avoid players who frequent the D.L. list with regularity.

  114. herschel says:

    @Dr. Stats: thanks…yeah, trying to get some OF help in return for him (have young i can slide over to 3b). any thoughts on who would be a good target for a return?

  115. Eddy says:

    Wilson Betemit or Justin Turner?

  116. Steve says:

    Decided it was time to drop Beachy in the RCL. I know, I’ll grab a spot starter. Hmmmm. Tyson Ross or Kyle McClellan?

    Of course I go with Ross…

  117. Wilsonian says:

    Stanton/Chacin or Heyward/Pineda?

    8 Team H2H Keeper

  118. Steve says:

    Sonavabenched by Morneau. Bet I’m not the only one.

  119. Giant JJ says:

    Luke Scott or Frank Francisco?

  120. xopchipili says:

    @Steve: good to finally see a donk from him! I dunno if anyone’s noticed, but he’s hitting .315 over his last 10, with a handful of doubles. I might be overly optimistic but it feels like he’s turning the corner

  121. Steve says:

    @xopchipili: Yeah – he’s been quietly doing better.

    Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see an 0-4 from him tomorrow though ;-)

  122. Hey Rudy —

    Nice stuff today…

    14 team, H2H, non-keeper. 30 man rosters (6×6; OPS + Holds).

    Speculating with some possible call-ups and available rookies here, but who would you rather own for rest of 2011:

    Mike Moustakas
    Danny Espinosa
    Jesus Montero
    Freddie Freeman

    * they would slot into my UTIL, so position really doesnt matter.


  123. d2bnz says:

    Been sitting on my waiver pick for a couple of weeks now, I’m in a 14 team 5×5 roto, my concern is Freddy Sanchez and his meniscus. Players available to fill his MI spot are Justin Turner , Elliot Johnson or Adam kennedy , would you sit tight or make the jump and if so…….who’s first cab off the rank.

  124. Steve says:

    @xopchipili: Another double…

  125. elwood blues says:

    In my NL 4×4 league.. I am in the top 3 in all hitting categories,but I need to pick up someone to fill in..maybe for awhile, due to injury..
    how would you rank..

    Downs, HOU
    Tejada, NY
    Evans, NY
    S. Hairston, NY
    Pridie, NY
    W.Harris, NY(man that’s a lot of ny players available!)
    Campana, CUBS
    DeWitt, CUBS
    Gibbons, LA
    (I know not the best of options)

  126. Steve says:

    @xopchipili: And Helton, who I have been starting in Morneau’s place, is out of the lineup today. Aaarrggghhh!

  127. blaster says:

    would you dump brandon mccarthy or tim stauffer for brian matusz coming back from the DL?

  128. AubreyHuffingGlue says:

    Is Jason Vargas worth a pickup? How does he compare to a guy like Norris or the struggling Lilly?

  129. chata says:

    angels paid the price for not starting bourjos

  130. herschel says:

    @anyone: 5 x 5 roto, is youk too much to give up straight up for bruce?

  131. herschel says:

    @chata: bruce and hosmer for youk?

  132. Grey

    Grey says:

    @xopchipili: I’d play him every day.

    @Wilsonian: Valencia

    @Exactly: Volquez

    @ritzer: If you can…

    @brad: Nope

    @Exactly: 1. Nope. 2. June 1

    @JohnnyFive: It’s fair.

    @Wilsonian: Boesch

    @Randy BoBandy: Yup

    @whodat: I’d want Braun. Castro isn’t owned?

    @Tony B.: Tex

    @ujoh: Lilly

    @Matt: Sure

    @herschel: Cruz

    @Eddy: Turner

    @Steve: Ross

    @Wilsonian: Heyward

    @Giant JJ: Francisco

    @elwood blues: Tejada, Gibbons…

    @AubreyHuffingGlue: He had good matchups this week.

    @blaster: Nope


  133. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yeah – he threw 7 pitches and left with a strained oblique.

  134. Hey Rudy / Grey—

    Nice stuff today…

    14 team, H2H, non-keeper. 30 man rosters (6×6; OPS + Holds).

    Speculating with some possible call-ups and available rookies here, but who would you rather own for rest of 2011:

    Mike Moustakas
    Danny Espinosa
    Jesus Montero
    Freddie Freeman

    * they would slot into my UTIL, so position really doesnt matter.


  135. bogbert says:

    Glad to see your flight went safely, Grey.

    Start Jurrjens @ Arizona?
    ESPN is telling me it’s risky, but they’re generally foolish which is why I’m asking here. Thanks!

  136. Steve says:

    Pitching to Miggy and V-Mart right now must be like throwing the ball against a brick wall.

  137. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: just trying to find a decently fair offer, re: the Stanton/Chacin for Heyward/Pineda deal…is it that far off? I have the Heyward side. Would it make a difference if DLR or Anderson replaced Chacin?

    Thanks man.

  138. fitz says:

    Sweet new personal record with 8 players on one team on the DL

    Padilla, Wright, Grady, Beachy, Bailey, Utley, Johan, Mauer.


  139. One Man Wolf Pack says:

    Streaming 1 pitcher this weekend…Would you roll w/ Humber vs. LAD or Clayton Richard @ SEA??


  140. Steve says:

    @Grey: Gonna read the new ESPN book?

  141. Thanks, but these propsects – Hosmer, Jennings, Brown, Belt, Ackley, Lawrie all owned.

    Just listed the best of what is left (sans Trout and Harper, who arent getting the call this year) so, Im guessing you like Moose over Freeman, Espinosa and Freeman?

  142. I type well — you like Moose over Montero, Espinosa and Freeman?

  143. K!cks says:

    Trade Gordon+Abreu for Berkman?

  144. herschel says:

    @Grey: 5 x 5 roto (non keeper), bruce and hosmer for youk.

  145. Donnie Baseball says:

    thinking of giving up one of my low end closers, either Walden or Frank Frank for Jennings and Lawrie.

    Expecting imminent call-ups.

    Good idea?

    I got lucky and have a few closers and it’s a really, really deep league where there are absolutely no hitters available.

  146. RichC says:

    Blanton can’t get past the warmups, injured.
    Raining like crazy in Philly, and Cargo pulls up
    with a groin strain(?) in the 4th of a 5-0 game.
    One of those nights you hope that nobody ELSE
    gets hurt.

  147. Exactly says:

    Hey Grey, please rank ROS: tabata, fra-gu, pagan, torres?

  148. RichC says:

    CJ Wilson and Jordan Zimmerman just dropped in my league.

    My SP are Hamels, Scherzer, Gallardo, Chacin, and Romero.
    Been getting killed in ERA and WHIP, but top of the pack in W’s and K’s.

    I would guess the obvious drop would be Romero, but are JZimm or CJ that much of an improvement, if at all?

    Maybe find another player to drop and carry 7 SP’s since Interleague is next weekend, and the Rangers get the Ass-tro’s?

  149. Ceasar says:

    Just got offered Kuroda for Kimbrel.

    Not in a great position to trade away saves, but should I be selling Kimbrel? Rudy says it maybe officially time to start worrying.

  150. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Nice!

    @Exactly: Tabata, Torres, Pagan…

    @RichC: They’re all tomato-tomahto. Sure, find someone else to drop for Wilson.

  151. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ceasar: Yeah, things don’t look great. It’s a fair trade.

  152. Exactly says:

    got offered his cain and beckham for my j. upton and volquez? do it?

  153. d2bnz says:

    Been sitting on my waiver pick for a couple of weeks now, I’m in a 14 team 5×5 roto, my concern is Freddy Sanchez and his meniscus. Players available to fill his MI spot are Justin Turner , Elliot Johnson or Adam kennedy , would you sit tight or make the jump and if so…….who’s first cab off the rank……thanks

  154. RichC says:

    Get ready for a slew of who do I drop to add Jason Giambi questions tomorrow. He just hit his 3rd HR of the night. Chacin in line for the win.

  155. Steve says:

    Anyone who had Jason Giambi active in Fantasy Razzball is in the middle of a very bad day.

  156. JohnnyFive says:

    New offer. Keeper league. Have been offered Prince Fielder and Shane Victorino for my Carlos Gonzalez, Justin Morneau and Colby Lewis. CarGo has 7th round keeper value. Victorino a 15th. Am I giving up too much?

  157. herschel says:

    cargo leaves game with groin tightness…

  158. Hans says:

    @rudy @grey Do you guys ever rerank players in season, would be great if you did, I know ESPN just did this, but I obviously don’t listen to those “indusry niggas” what I call ‘perts

  159. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: I already have Heyward and Pineda. If someone had Stanton, as well as Chacin, Anderson and DLR, which SP would be a fair deal with Stanton?

  160. Wilsonian says:

    @RichC: @herschel: shit, just as CarGo was finally picking things up.

  161. herschel says:

    @Wilsonian: hoping its just day to day….havent heard anything official yet.

  162. Wilsonian says:

    If CarGo misses a few games, I’ll be short one OFer. The only guy that’s “droppable” is Pena, whom I don’t want to drop, but do I drop him for someone like Ludwick?

    8 Team H2H

  163. sean says:

    Yo-Lease is dealing. 7-1 Rox.

    @Grey: Props on Morton. Braves don’t give up on too many top pitching prospects that actually end up panning out. I figured he’d be securing a mall after last season. Speaking of mall security, it feels like Ian Kinsler hasn’t gotten a hit in a month. For once, I’m actually pulling for him to hit the DL so that I can replace him without fear of a breakout.

  164. Exactly says:

    Grey, please rank these starters ROS: danks, pineiro, wood, e-jax, volquez, narveson. Thanks.

  165. knighttown says:

    Which hot schmotato. John Jay, cody Ross or Elliott Johnson?

  166. Hans says:


  167. sean says:

    @Exactly: I wouldn’t own Danks or Pineiro, and I think that Jackson and Volquez are un-ownable. Out of the bunch, I like Wood and Narveson the best, in that order.

  168. Steve says:

    Ugh Papelbon. Double play please.

  169. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Hans: yeah me to on A RODS bummer night in 2 leagues

  170. nyydj2 says:

    Watching the Yankees/Orioles game, and just felt serious sympathy for Vlad Guerrero whose knees are so shot that he was easily thrown out at second after hitting a bomb that one hopped the wall in very deep left center. Remember having him on a team a long time ago when he was still on the Expos and I think he missed 40/40 by 1 or 2 HR’s. He can still swing the stick too, put up great #’s for Texas last year before the grind took its toll. They need to come up with a knee version of Tommy John.

  171. Steve says:

    @Steve: Exhales.

  172. Steve says:

    1/17 and sonavabenched by Morneau in H2H.


  173. Wilsonian says:

    So I offered Heyward for Beltre in my 16 team H2H keeper where I lost Wright. He countered with my Hamilton/Heyward for Beltre/CC. I can’t do that because it’ll deplete my OF. But should I even waste my time 2Ithaca a counter? He’s also got Howard, Pence, Verlander, Hanson?

  174. Grey

    Grey says:

    @nyydj2: re: knee version of TJ — HA!

    @Steve: It would’ve been nice if Morneau waited until I had a lineup spot to hit a home run.

  175. Steve says:

    @royce!: Going to plan so far.

    I’m not a religious man, but Neil Young is as close to a deity as there is in my world.

  176. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: I’d want Heyward over Beltre.

  177. sean says:

    @Grey: Simpatico tonight.

  178. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: that should say “with a counter”. Don’t know what my phone was doing there with the “2Ithaca” crap.

  179. Steve says:

    @royce!: Just need a Red Sox hitter to get in the way of a pitch…

  180. royce! says:

    @Steve: Well Al’s looking shaky as Neil, so maybe there’s something to that.

  181. royce! says:

    @Steve: They should trade for Quentin. He can pinch hit (by pitch).

  182. nyydj2 says:

    Albuquerque got barbequerqued.

  183. nyydj2 says:

    Yankees on D in the 9th, have a catcher (Martin) at third, Posada at first and Cervelli behind the plate. All 3 catchers on the diamond. Don’t see that too often.

  184. Hans says:

    @grey padilla to the DL Guerrier or Jansen??? Guerrier for now right?

  185. Steve says:

    Franklin Morales traded to the Red Sox.

    Back to your scheduled programming.

  186. paulzone says:

    my closers are goats…now i have to replace padilla after having to replace contreras, franklin, broxton, lyon, and league…so who is the best of this bunch:

    contreras, fuentes, league, guerrier, jansen…

    if you could rank your top 3 that would be great, or I could just stash contreras and pick up a hlds dude to grab some of those…we on have 3 rp spots (padilla, joba, kimbrel for me right now)

  187. Lopes says:

    Is Gordon worth keeping?

  188. black love says:

    Neftall’s blowing it, again. You think Washington puts Rhodes in the closer role for a minute?

  189. Grey

    Grey says:

    @black love: I doubt it, but he might be injured.

  190. black love says:

    Washington goes with Lowe to bail out Neftall!
    Lowes my fav now, Lowe for MVP!!

  191. Phils Phan says:

    @Grey: Please rank these SP’s moving forward:

    Peavy, Dempster, Cueto, Norris, Bumgarner

  192. AL KOHOLIC says:

    GM: Brown probably not getting call: After the Phillies fell 7-1 to the Rockies at home on Thursday night, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said that the team would make some moves. He told reporters that injured outfielder Shane Victorino (hamstring) was more than likely headed to the disabled list, but that the team “probably” will not call up prospect Domonic Brown. Still, no corresponding move has been announced.
    (Updated 05/19/2011)

  193. Pinetar says:

    Hey everybody,

    Justin Morneau was just put on waivers in my league. I think he’ll recover this year, and he could be kept by me for next year.

    I want to make a FAAB bid, each team gets $50 budget, I have 44 left.

    How much should I bid?

  194. paulzone says:

    best for holds/vulture w’s/k/ratios out of:

    izzy, balfour, marshall, lindstrom, o’flaherty, masset

    or is sam lecure the sp holds man?!

  195. potus says:

    @ ballers

    Pick a side:

    Hamels or Quentin?

    Hamels or Rasmus?

    Should Feliz be traded asap? I am getting worried. Too many BB’s and I suspect he is still injured. What type of hitter does he net?

    Feliz or Quetin?

    Feliz or Krispie?

    or do I shoot lower?

    @ paulzone:

    league, jansen, fuentes or guerrier would be my ranking

  196. paulzone says:

    oh, can you consider eduardo sanchez in the hlds question. thanks

  197. potus says:


    if that was a holds question disregard my answer. I took it as a SV question

    holds : Guerrier, Sanchez, Contreras or fuentes

  198. EG says:

    Hey Grey – Napoli, Lucroy or Arencibia? Thanks!

  199. Steve says:

    Come on Brewers, help the Narvmeister out!

  200. royce! says:

    Braun left game, replaced by Gomez. No idea why.

  201. paulzone says:

    @potus: actually, the first question, the one you answered, was a SV question…my second question was on HLDs. Thanks for the input tho!

  202. AL KOHOLIC says:

    damn,cargo,kendrick,braun,berkman and holliday in the last 2 days,already cruz and sizemore,whats the difference in todays guys vs the olden days?

  203. Steve says:

    @Steve: Narveson needs to hit a donk himself.

  204. Wilsonian says:

    In an 8 Team league, where it’s tough to deal, what kind of bat should Hamels get? My offense is STRUGGLING but my pitching staff is pretty sick (Lincecum, Verlander, Hamels, Gio, Bills, D. Hudson, Pineda, Annabelle, Peavy) so I was trying to find a name that would actually garner some talent and Hamels was about the only one I could think of. Do you think he’s “expendable” with this rotation if my offense needs a serious swift kick in the ass and if so, who would you target?

  205. Hans says:

    Victorino to the DL, Ruben Amaro says Dominic Brown WON’T be called up….why not?

  206. Steve says:

    What’s the deal with Vlad in the interleague series against the Nats? Does he play?

  207. longbeachyo says:

    FREE DOMINIC BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. Steve says:

    Um, this seems like an odd time to bring Guerrier in…

  209. longbeachyo says:

    @Wilsonian: I feel your pain… I’m in the same situation. I’ve been trying to target upper talent with low BABIP numbers. Players like Tulo, Crawford, Krispie, Heyward, Kinsler, and maybe even Cruz. I can’t get anyone to bite after throwing out names like Cliffly, peavy, Pineda, Wood, Norris, Anderson and Liriano. I’m looking hard right now cause i’ve got no room to move peavy off the DL. I would love to have a player like Michael Young (3B, 2B, & 1B)… Anything is a gamble at this point. Tulo I think would be the best bet, but it’s gonna take a lot to move him. Good luck!

  210. longbeachyo says:

    @Wilsonian: Oh, just remembered… Pineda would be the ideal guy to move I think. They have talked about limiting his innings towards the end of the year, and he might see a rough patch once he starts to see the same teams two or three times. He’s lights out right now, but it makes sense to move him.

  211. WDE05 says:

    Finally brought myself to dump Nick Swisher last night. Today he racks up 4 RBIs. Score!

  212. Steve says:

    @Grey: Thanks.

    Time to get Morneau back in the lineup?

  213. Steve says:

    @chata: Amen.

  214. chata says:


    massey hall was the greatest concert that you ever missed .
    you should have been there .

    and now , forty years later , this could be your fantasy baseball anthem :

    respectfully ,
    your non-italicized , non-random ,
    inner voice .

  215. Steve says:

    @chata: Heh. Actually saw him live in ’85, but the Massey Hall gig looks like one for the ages – will grab the album for sure.

    If you’re referring to our keeper, I think the anthem might actually be this:

  216. Doug Ault says:

    I’m stuck deciding if I should scoop Dom Brown off the wire and dump Sizemore

  217. xopchipili says:

    is Rauch totally droppable at this point? Looks like FrankFrank is locked in as the closer, but I feel like he could blow up at any minute because, well, he’s FrankFrank

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