On Tuesday, Brian Cashman, the Yankees GM, flew to California to speak with CC Sabathia about him signing with the Yankees. The conversation went like this:

“I wanna play on the West Coast.”

“We can have In N Out Burger shipped to the East Coast.”

“Same day?”

“Don’t get greedy.”

CC opens up the book he’s been reading, How to Serve the Rally Monkey.

“Fine, next day.”

“CC’s a Yank!”

Anyway, let’s take a look at what the CC Sabathia signing means for fantasy baseball:

CC Sabathia – You know what movie is playing when CC enters a candy store? Mars Attacks! All right, enough fat jokes. Sabathia won a Cy Young in the AL. He’s suddenly going to lose it? Family ties were driving his desire to be in California, but CC had to choose — for love or money? He chose the $160 million and now he’s not going to be Doc Hollywood. The brights lights, big city won’t bother him. He won’t be blinded by the light of day. Sure, it’s the media jungle, the ultimate spin city, if you will. But he knows the secret of his succe$s and playing for the Yankees won’t be the hard way to find out he’s nothing but a Stuart Little. Don’t be the frighteners about drafting him in 2009. Life with Melky will be just fine. (The preceding was a Michael J. Fox Hidden Movie Find ‘Em brought to be the makers of Highlights Magazine™ and Molsen Ice.  How many movies can you find?)

  1. Freak says:

    But Melky now apparently is gone! What say you now?!?

  2. early prediction – melky will be starting on razzball rosters…

  3. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Rudy Gamble: He’s 24 and you’re already writing him off? You’re crazy. Austin Jackson’s the same player.

  4. You may be right and I’m just bitter that Melky sucked so bad after I traded you Grienke for him last year.

    According to Baseball Cube, Austin Jackson projects for more power and speed but has much less plate discipline/contact rate. So maybe Austin Jackson is a Mike Cameron type? Tough to say but I’ve watched Melky for two years and I see Ricky Ledee….

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Ricky Ledee — nice. You know who you didn’t see? Roberto Kelly.

  6. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: R. Kelly? He was so good in Space Jams.

  7. Ha. Good old Roberto Kelly. Bastard would hit 10 of his 15 HRs every September and make you think he’d go for 30 the next year. Trading him for O’Neill was brilliant.

    I bet R. Kelly and Luis Polonia got along well as Yankees…

  8. sean says:

    Adding another swing-and-miss, low OBP guy in Cameron does nothing for me. Is he really $8M worth of a better option than the Melky/Gardiner sucktron?

    Pretty unimpressed with:


  9. Steve says:

    @Grey: The Frighteners? Virtually a New Zealand movie!

    Not the kind to make one’s chest swell with patriotic pride, however.

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: I’m with you, man. This has to be the weakest Yankee lineup since the early 80s.

    @Steve: Can’t someone try and guess how many MJ movies are listed in the above post?

  11. agarthered says:

    Hey guys, with football fading away i’m back to reading baseball. You guys interested in doing a mock draft netime soon?

  12. Steve says:

    @Grey: OK – I guess seven. With a couple of TV shows thrown in.

    I’m also guessing that most Razzballers don’t hold MJF in the same regard as you ;-)

  13. agarthered says:

    Btw Grey im also huge on vasquez and Votto. Another name who I love this year is Nolasco and Gallardo.

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @agarthered: Good to have you back and I think IowaCubs has been putting together some mock drafts.

    Those are some great names for 2009. I’m with you. Here’s another name for you, The Big FraGu — speaking of which there’s a new post. Check it out!

    @Steve: Sorry, wrong. Not about me being the only MJF fan, no, that you had right. You had the number wrong.

  15. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @agarthered: @Grey: I’ve been doing some mock drafting at mockdraftcentral.com. Let’s get one going for commenters for the next couple of weeks that commenters as well as Grey and/or Rudy could participate in. Any interest for this here?

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: It’s a good idea. I’m sure others would join in, if the time is conducive.

  17. agarthered says:

    Sounds good, maybe sometime next week, like a Tuesday or Wednesday night?

  18. Eric W says:

    @IowaCubs: @Grey: @agarthered: i am in as long as its not during the day tuesday

  19. big o says:

    @IowaCubs: @Grey: @agarthered: @Eric W:
    mockdraftcentral is a paysite .
    http://www.couchmanagers.com is free …always .

    additionally , you can customize your own private draft …i.e. # of rounds , position requirements , and , time .
    might i suggest a slow time control of 8 hours per move ? (12 hours ?)
    of course , there are options that allow for the computer to draft from your queue order … so you can actually be away from your computer for a couple of days , without pissing people off .
    additionally , if you wanted to restrict it to razz people only , you could require that a password be used , in order to register .

  20. agarthered says:

    yeah, i’ll be away till Sunday, but i’ll msg Sunday night and we’ll try and get something figured out. How about Monday night does that work for neone?

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