Yup, I’m going for the stars of schmohawks this year.  What fun is it pussyfooting around saying some guys are overrated whom no one is drafting?  By the by, there’s millennials right now squinting at my use of pussyfooting, thinking, “That’s not a very woke word.  Can’t we make that word more cisgender, non-binary?  How about codpiecefooting?  Ken Doll’s groinfooting? An innie-on-the-no-no-touch-area-footing?”  However you want to get to that word is on you.  Or is it “howmever?”  Never the hoo!  Carlos Correa is the latest guy to get clowned and frowned on.  To get the sour candy face.  To get the head nod, then when I pass them, I fart.  All that’s left to draft in the first two rounds is Mike Trout and Jose Altuve.  Mea culpa, my Latin friends.  Ain’t how I drew it up originally, but the more I dug into the numbers it was where I ended up and…*bangs phone*  Why did Waze take me down a dead end?!  So, what can we expect from Carlos Correa for 2018 fantasy baseball and what makes him overrated?

Can we just throw everything that we think we know and instead focus on facts?  Thanks.  First little factoid, the Astros won the World Series last year.  I know, shocker!  Sorry for the spoiler for those of you who had the series on your DVR.  I still have election night of 2016 on my DVR, please don’t tell me how it turns out.  Since the Astros won the World Series (no longer a spoiler, I already told you), do you think they’re going to change their game plan drastically in 2018?  My guess is they’re going to try to repeat by doing what worked last year.  Ya know, when they ran Correa for a total of three steal attempts.  Sure, he can steal more bags, but why are we so convinced he will?  If he steals eight bags, it will be four times as many steals as last year, and on par with how many steals most projections systems are giving Correa for 2018.  Seems like a big jump for me, but let’s just say they’re right, and my five steals projections is too low.  Fine, eight steals.  Second little factoid, he had the 15th highest BABIP, but only the 92nd best line drive rate.  Doesn’t quite compute his .315 average last year.  He’s a career .288 hitter with a .326 BABIP, and that doesn’t seem too far from reality.  So TBD/TBD/TBD/.288/8.  Third little factoid, hitting behind him are Josh Reddick, Yuli Gurriel and Marwin Gonzalez.  Sure, last year, they were all terrific, but the Astros had one of those dream seasons where Reddick, Marwin and Gurriel performed above-and-beyond, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.  I.e., in the big picture, Marwin, Yuli and Reddick and a cluster of crap.  A crapluster.  People are projecting Correa for 95 runs, but I could see that trifecta behind him quickly becoming a crapfecta and he gets 80-85 runs, but let’s give the Astros the benefit of the doubt.  So, 95/TBD/TBD/.288/8.  Next up on our journey for the truth, power.  He’s never hit more than 24 homers in a season.  Yes, he looks like a 35-homer hitter.  Sure, he passes the eye test.  So, great, throw out his contacts, but we’re sure asking for a lot projecting him for 30 homers, but eff it in the eff hole, let’s give it to him!  So, 95/30/TBD/.288/8.  Last factoid, he’s gonna drive in a lot of runs, and rack up those ribbies like he’s on Man vs. Food.  I can’t argue with this.  The guys in front of him will give him opportunities.  Correa may knock in 115 RBIs.  So, 95/30/115/.288/8.  Bunch of best case scenarios there, but let’s just give him that.  That line looks to me like Yoenis Cespedes minus ten runs and fifteen RBIs.  Look less than what Cody Bellinger did last year, and is projected for this year.  Looks less than what Yasiel Puig is projected for this year.  Looks less than Justin Upton minus some average.  Looks less than Ryan Braun is projected for.  Looks way less than Machado, who I see being drafted after Correa.  I don’t mind Correa, but y’all crazy drafting him in the top 12 overall, and that’s why he was stamped schmohawk.  Now get out of my drafts!  Speaking of drafts (segue!), you’ll see Razzball writers are going to start to appear in RCL leagues, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you should because once the names start to appear the leagues could fill fast.  I hear even Tehol’s name could appear in one, or a dozen so leagues.