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Alberto Callaspo was traded to the Angels.  Exactly what the Angels needed, a light hitting infielder.  Oh, wait, no they don’t.  Why’d they get Callaspo?  To get Mel Gibson to be interested in the team?  Oh, wait, that was Apocalypto.  Anyone see that movie?  I like the part where Mel’s like, “I will slap the taste out of your mouth, Pocohontas!  So help me, I will rip your neck off!  Even if I have to go through a number of metal rings.”  Callaspo will help the Angels more than he’ll help fantasy teams.  He is what he is.  Light power, decent average, next-to-no speed.  The Royals will go with Wilson Betemit at third base.  Why are they not going with Mike Moustakas or Alex Gordon?  Because for whatever reason the Royals are punishing them.  If you can figure out the peasant Royals, you get a cookie.  I actually like Betemit if he’s the everyday 3rd baseman.  He has 4 homers and a .377 average in 61 ABs this year.  As for “Of Maicer Men,” I think Callaspo is more Lennie than George.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

David DeJesus – Slammed into the outfield wall when DeJesus was turning a Jeter out into a homer.  He’s listed as day-to-day, which is trade deadline code for “Please still trade us someone for DeJesus, he’s really, really healthy.”  In reality, he’ll probably be out for a while.  So, while Betemit might replace Callaspo, here’s a chance for Gordon to see some daylight.  We’ll see now how much sense the Royals make.

Bobby Jenks – Ozzie announced that he wants Jenks in the closer role, but he might turn to Thornton, Putz or Santos.  Ozzie tweeted, “Fat puta eff up Top Chef Night. #GoAngelo!”  (Speaking of Top Chef, shouldn’t they just call Kenny “Chef?”)  If you have some inner knowledge on how Ozzie makes his decisions, feel free to share.  I don’t think even Ozzie knows which way he’s going to turn next.  My best guess is giving Jenks a few days rest then going back to him.  In the meantime, I’d grab Putz, Thornton and Santos, in that order.  (FWIW, Rudy thinks Thornton’s next in line.)  Who I feel bad for is Bobby Jenks.  Ozzie’s making his beard go prematurely gray.

Jimmy Rollins – 1-for-4 and now batting .227.  When he first returned, I warned you that his name value is more valuable than his actual value.

Cole Hamels – 8 IP, 0 ER, 2 baserunners, 7 Ks and has only given up one earned run in his last 22 2/3 innings.  Has a 3.40 ERA on the year with nearly a K per inning, i.e. 120 Ks in 127 innings. Good to see Hole Camels dig himself out after leaving April with a plus-5 ERA.

Tim Hudson – 7 IP, 0 ER, 5 baserunners, 4 Ks.  I’m going to try a new tactic.  Hudson will never regress.  He will continue to not strikeout anyone while rocking a sub-2.50 ERA.  In fact, he will win the Cy Young– Nay, they will rename it the Tim Hudson Award and he will win it every year.  Even after he retires.

Alex Gonzalez – 4-for-5 with a .370 average on the Braves but no homers.  Wait, did Yunel and Gonzalez just switch unis?  Aw, man, that’s the oldest trick in the book.

Edinson Volquez – 2 1/3 IP, 6 ER, 9 baserunners, 4 Ks.  Well, that 2nd start back could’ve went better.  After dominating the Rockies in his return from TJ surgery, seemed like a no-brainer to start him vs. the Nats.  I’m sure a lot of people are smarting from Volquez’s shellacking.  He’s too good of a pitcher to just drop again.  If you can’t afford the warts, I’d let him sit on your bench for the next start.  Another bad start from your bench, then you’ll need to make other plans.

Nyjer Morgan – 2-for-4 with 3 steals.  Keep in mind that he had a great 2nd half last year.

Scott Sizemore – 0-for-4 as he picked up right where he left off.  He gets a blurb in this afternoon’s lukewarm section of the Buy/Sell.  Stay tuned for tepidness!

Yovani Gallardo – 6 IP, 0 ER, 6 baserunners, 5 Ks.  As he’s been all year, Gallardo was solid again in his return from the DL.  His 127 Ks in 117 2/3 innings is a thing of beauty.  As I said in the preseason, “I bet I’ll be annoyed I don’t own him anywhere.”  Now I’m annoyed I didn’t put any money down on that bet.

Mike Napoli – 2-for-4 with his 18th homer.  Yup.

Jorge de la Rosa – 6 IP, 2 ER, 6 baserunners, 8 Ks.  This start is a good example why you shouldn’t drop Volquez.  What, you already did?  Oh, well.

Ian Stewart – 4th homer in his last ten games.  May not have been the crazy breakout I was hoping for in the preseason, but, at 2nd base, 13 homers and 5 steals with good Runs and RBIs isn’t really that bad.  Not to mention, he could still get very hot.  In like a lamb, out like a Mini-Mini Donkey.

Delmon Young – 2-for-4, 3 RBIs.  I’m preparing you now.  2011 is going to be the year of Delmon Young.

Carl Pavano – 9 IP, 0 ER, 6 baserunners, 4 Ks.  This is but a theory.  Last offseason, Pavano studied a controversial branch of biomechanical engineering and built a brainwashing machine out of a regular old washing machine.  The brainwashing machine shot out gamma rays, while it cleaned Pavano’s shorts, and brainwashed the entire world into thinking Pavano is actually pitching when in fact it’s Slowey.  Then when Pavano actually pitches, everyone thinks it’s Slowey.  Merely a theory.  I could be wrong.

Kevin Youkilis – This has nothing to do with fantasy (like my crazy person rant on Pavano did), but you enjoy this site now.  You’re welcome.

Andres Torres – Hit his 9th homer yesterday to go along with his 17 steals.  There might be some 8 team leagues where he’s not necessary, but he really should be owned everywhere.

Ryan Doumit – The oft-injured catcher finally lived up to the ‘oft’ and heads to the DL with a concussion.  Doumit has a history of concussions (in some circles that’s considered clumsy) so Doumit may be shelved for a while.

Jose Tabata – 1-for-4 with his tenth stolen base.  You know why it’s fitting Jose Tabata got traded to Pittsburgh?  He was already a fan of the Stealers.

Hong-Chih Kuo – Got the save yesterday since Broxton has been overused, even if that never stopped Torre before.  Actually, nothing’s ever stopped Torre except a good opportunity to pick his nose on national TV.  Though there’s no official changing of the guard in LA, I would grab Kuo if you have room just in case Broxton continues to be shaky.

Hiroki Kuroda – 8 IP, 0 ER, 6 baserunners, 4 Ks.  He goes through stretches where he’s tough to own, but his career ERA is under 4 and he’s at 3.48 now.  Doesn’t hurt you on WHIP or Ks either.  Always one of the more underrated starters.

Josh Johnson – 6 1/3 IP, 1 ER, 6 baserunners, 11 Ks, now has a 1.61 ERA on the year.  Ubaldo who?

Chris Coghlan – 1-for-3 with a steal.  First Coghlan is ice cold, then hot, then ice cold again.  If Coghlan’s Law holds up, he’ll be cruising for another hot streak in no time.  Then banging Gina Gershon and Kelly Lynch at the same time.

  1. Big Nate says:

    How about 2010 as the year of the Delmon! I’ve been riding the Delmon Express for the last month and, back then, would never have guessed that I’d still be rostering him. I was offering him for peanuts a few weeks ago but I think his recent streak has made me a believer.

    In need of Runs and looking to upgrade from Barmes at SS: Bartlett, Asdrubal, Infante, Scutaro, O-Cab or Theriot?

  2. Mowses says:

    RIP Beard. That’s the single most important reason the Sawx should trade for Werth – so everyone could enjoy their beard connection. Still gonna miss the playoffs but at least looking bearded.

  3. big o says:

    that’s funny .
    he might have won it if he served up some salty , chocolate balls .
    those judges !

  4. joe from point pleasant says:

    when i first looked at the name alex sanabia, i felt like something was fishy. everytime i saw his name in the boxscore i was like, damn, why does that name sound so familiar.

    tonight i realized what it is. his name is almost an exact anogram of anibal sanchez. and they are on the same team. pitching in 3-4 spots of the rotation.

    just thought that was weird and that i should share it with everybody.

  5. joe from point pleasant says:

    i wonder if the interim manager ever gets confused when he is writing out the lineup card. i could see myself writing anibal sanibia and just seeing which player takes the mound.

  6. danimal35 says:

    thank you for the beard o’truth…i am rotflmbwao (b is for bearded; w for white) and i am lol’ing profusely

    i have attached a link to my fb page with a pic of my beard for your viewing pleasure, enjoy:

  7. joe from point pleasant says:

    and btw, no pun intended when i wrote that “i felt like something was fishy”. it wasnt until after i read my post that i realized he is on the marlins LOL.

  8. Steve says:

    Hong-Chih Kuo is a much more valuable pitcher than Why-No Kuo who never seems to come in for a Hold when you need him to.

  9. Grey — Would you drop Freese for Betemit in a 20-team roto league?

  10. Sos says:

    Who to spot start, Baker @ BAL or Kennedy vs SFO?

  11. Ron Washington's Stache says:

    I need a 2B…Orlando Hudson or Felipe Lopez?

  12. Ron Washington's Stache says:

    @Big Nate: Since you need runs, I think Scutaro is your man.
    @Sos: Kennedy. Baker appears to be pitching hurt right now.

  13. 101 MPH says:

    I was visiting family in Southwest Iowa this past month, and I had the opportunity to take in an Omaha Royals (vs. Iowa Cubs) game. Alex Gordon (or “A-God”, as my fellow fantasy baseball leaguers jokingly referred to him at the peak of his prospect hype), went 2 for 3 with a homer, an RBI and 2 runs scored.

    Watching Alex Gordon play 3rd base for the Omaha Royals was like watching a man playing against boys. Considering how pitiful the K.C. offense (not to mention the starting rotation) is right now, it’s a grave disservice to Royals fans everywhere -yes, all ten of them- that Alex Gordon isn’t on the major league roster.

  14. timSTi says:

    Tabata is/was married to a 44 year old psycho? No wonder he can run so fast.

    @danimal35: I didn’t realize the Dean of Mean was a commenter!

  15. timSTi says:

    109IP over my Max & Pace in a 10 teamer.

    Start Sanchez @ ARI?

    He’s 5-6 with a 4.93 ERA lifetime but 1-0 with a 1.80 ERA this year vs them.

  16. Dan Z says:

    @ Grey

    Who do you like more the rest of the way, Andres Torres or BJ Upton?

  17. LordMetz says:


    Should I own De la Rosa over Hudson or Medlen?

  18. ThE sHiT says:

    Have we seen the best from Medlen already? Like u mentioned earlier, he’s getting skipped and limited. Time to look elsewhere if there is a better option? I know ur gonna say u dont know whos available but there are a lot of good arms on my wire (Lilly, Arroyo, Hunter, Morrow, Myers, to name a few). Thx Grey!

  19. malacoda says:

    “Actually, nothing’s ever stopped Torre except a good opportunity to pick his nose on national TV.”

    It’s funny because it’s true!

  20. ThE sHiT says:

    Our draft strategies in the preseason: “The best laid plans of mice and men always go asunder.”

  21. p0rk burn says:

    As we all know, its time to cut bait or fish. In one of my leagues I’m in the first spot outside of the playoffs with too large of a gap and too crappy of a team to make up the distance. Ergo, Its time to ditch some of the studs that aren’t keeper worthy (we keep 6) in exchange for some players that can help me next year. The guy in first needs arms because he has a lot of young pitchers that are going to be shut down – including Strasburg. He also has Posey.

    So – my thinking is try to move Johan (he’s been my kept pitcher for years, but I think its time we part ways), Romero, and McGehee in exchange for his Posey, Strasburg, and ARram. Am I asking for too much from him? Settle for Posey and Strasburg? He probably won’t do a 3 for 2. I welcome the Razzball Nation’s thought.

  22. Lis Franc says:

    Ordonez vs Huff vs D. Young for the rest of the year (6 cats (+OPS) H2H)
    What say you?

  23. p0rk burn says:

    @Lis Franc: Young

  24. Jah says:

    I have Wiggington, Carlos Guillen, Sean Rodriguez, Chris Davis and Raul Ibanez to fill in @ 2B (while Utley is out) and UTIL.
    Is Wiggington about to go on his patented hot streaks? Will Chris Davis come around soon? S-Rod came up, got hot, got cold, got hot, and is now 1 for his last 21. Carlos Guillen has been underwhelming. Ibanez, ditto, but since he fixed a mechanical flaw in his swing, at least he’s been batting close to (an empty) .300 BA.

    I have to clear a spot on my roster. Who do I drop?

  25. Dave says:

    Can trade Nolasco for Carlos Pena or Aramis Ramirez.
    5*5 with OPS instead of AVG.
    Who would you choose?

  26. p0rk burn says:

    @Dave: ARam

  27. Bodymore says:

    What a week. Besides being crippled by Morneau and Quentin injuries, I have too many pitchers but none I want to drop.

    First, I forgot about Wed day games and missed Greinke’s gem by literally 1-2 minutes. Second, I started Volquez, but had DLR on the bench thinking he still needed to shake off his DL rust (Which volquez had seemed to be free of). That worked out poorly…and to think a day ago I could have had Konerko for volquez but not DLR.

    Remember earlier in the season when I said I valued Young over Adam Jones? I just wish having that insight actually led to him being on my roster.

    I’d pick up Morgan (Ive just been losing ABs with quentin not playing) but there’s no one to drop. My pitching schmoes are Perez, Morrow, Simon, Gorzo… oh yeah and Buchholz is still DLd.

  28. Swass says:


    I’m in a keeper league and trying to deal Crawford for more depth. I’d deal Kemp but I think he’s lost some value with my leaguemates. My OF is currently Kemp, Crawford, Ordonez… (other keepers are Votto, M-Cab, Longoria, Utley)…My pitching is not as good as it has been in years past so I am considering offering either of the following trades:

    Crawford for Felix and Werth or Crawford for Werth Danks and Niemann?


  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Big Nate: Yeah, I don’t think Delmon’s quite there yet. Bartlett…

    @Mowses: Ha!

    @big o: Hehe

    @joe from point pleasant: Ha!

    @danimal35: Nice beard!

    @Steve: Ha

    @Enrique: Yup

    @Sos: Kennedy

    @Ron Washington’s Stache: Lopez

    @101 MPH: Agreed

    @timSTi: Nice!

    @timSTi: Sit him.

    @Dan Z: Upton

    @ThE sHiT: Time to move on, grab Lilly.

    @LordMetz: Over Medlen

    @malacoda: Yup

    @ThE sHiT: Ha

    @p0rk burn: You’re asking too much. Forget A-Ram and hope you get at least Strasburg.

    @Lis Franc: What Pork said.

    @Jah: Lose Sean-Rod.

    @Dave: Nolasco…

    @Bodymore: Ouch. I’d lose Morrow probably, but don’t know how many teams.

    @Swass: I’d take Felix and Werth.

  30. Bodymore says:

    @Grey 12 Teams QS has a point too. Morrow looked good against Baltimore but then again its Baltimore. That just gets Buchholz on the roster and not an extra bat. Hard to work out a trade in my league but seeing what could happen.

  31. hoju says:

    Pick one. Thanks.

    Gio G
    Tommy Hunter
    T. Wood

    Pick one, again. Thanks, again.

    A. Simon
    C. Perez
    A. Heilman
    K. Medlen (he’s taking up the RP spot, but is he worth not having a 2nd closer? … my only CL is axford)

  32. Bodymore says:

    @Grey Greinke for Teix overpaying?

  33. Van Hammersly says:

    Grey, would you drop Callapso for Neil Walker? Or is it blah-tato, blah-tato?

  34. Wailord says:

    I figure Lackey’s value will never be as high as it is right now – what do you think about Loney and Lackey for Tex?

  35. Anyone else starting Padilla tonight?

    I picked him up because I am under innings and I thought it was the best match-up, but I always have hated that mongoloid, and am fearful he could hulk out at any moment…

  36. struggler says:

    Alex Gordon called up.

  37. Bodymore says:

    Hmm, pondering dropping C. Davis for Alex Gordon version 2

  38. floridamach1 says:

    @Grey: Travis Wood vs. Houston or Vargas vs. Boston??

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bodymore: Well, you can’t own everyone. If you need steals, Morgan over Morrow or Gorze, dealer’s choice.

    @hoju: Gio (only at home), Wood… Perez…

    @Bodymore: Slightly.

    @Van Hammersly: I would.

    @Wailord: I’d take Tex, but I doubt the other person will.

    @XNadyMen: Gotta start him at home if you own him.

    @struggler: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Bodymore: I’d go with Davis.

  40. tHe sHiT says:

    @Grey: If Gordon gets starts, him over Boesch?

  41. Wailord says:

    Appreciate the input and love the site… luckily, most of the people in my league are brand-new to fantasy (myself included), so making steals of deals is simpler than it should be.

    And if anyone from the league is reading this, hey.

  42. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tHe sHiT: If you need a 3rd baseman. At UTIL, eh.

    @Wailord: Ha… Cool, no problem.

  43. LaPorta or Gordon? LaPorta’s hitting but hasn’t flashed the power in a while….

  44. Wah says:

    Buehrle was dropped in my league. Do I drop Cecil for him?

    Morrow is also available.

  45. tHe sHiT says:

    @Grey: Im talkin bout once he gets OF elig if he doesnt already hv it

  46. Terrence Mann says:

    Surprised to see you ready to dump Medlen. Sadly, he’s probably been my best starter over the past month.

    Guys on my wire: Ian Kennedy, LeBlanc, Leake (another limited innings guy), Freddy Garcia…

    Also, razzball update today? I want to know if I moved into the top 20!

  47. Jenkies says:

    Mixed 10-team, H2H, non-keeper.

    Two questions:

    Closer: I have F. Cordero, Jenks, and Rauch. Should I drop Rauch for Alfredo Simon, or have a little more patience?

    OF: I have Rios, D. Young, Huff, Victorino, LaPorta, and Bay. Thinking of dropping either LaPorta or Bay for Stubbs. Torres, Corey Patterson, CoCo, and Tabata are also available. Make a move or sit tight?


  48. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Terrence Mann: Medlen’s getting skipped and being limited, but those options aren’t better. I’ll try and update the standings before the Buy/Sell, but that means some people have to answer other comments.

    @Jenkies: re: Closers – Nope. Lose LaPorta for Stubbs.

  49. Terrence Mann says:

    @Grey: Hmmm…..update razz standings at the expense of Buy/Sell….that’s akin to my mother in law driving my brand new BMW off a cliff…..

  50. Cdoggie says:

    GREY (a.k.a. A fine mix of Black & White),

    I just made a pretty killer trade in my Keeper League… at least I *THINK* it’s killer… did i score or what?

    12 Team Keeper League – Keep 8 players

    Gave up:
    Morneau, Figgins, Hughes and my 1st & 2nd draft picks
    Zimmerman, B. Phillips, Danny Haren, K-Rod and his 4th pick

    I do good ???

  51. Jack says:

    1b/3b schmo of choice: Glaus, Chipper, Gordon?

  52. hoju says:

    Pick 2. One starter, one bench. Non-keeper. Thanks.

    G. Sanchez
    I. Davis

  53. Jeff says:

    Who to start tomorrow;

    B. Cecil @ DET


    Monasterios vs Mets

  54. Wilsonian says:

    16 Team H2H Keeper. Got Latos coming off the DL for tomorrow, who do I drop? Here’s my entire roster:

    Smooth, Dunn, Kelly Jo, Wright, Alexei, Hamilton, Hunter, Boesch, Lind, Torres, Davis, Beckham

    Lester, Haren, Bills, Cain, Piniero, Anibal, Latos, Ervin, Mike G., Axford, Capps.

    Thanks dood. I’m assuming it’s between Anibal and Piniero?

  55. Love the title.

  56. GB says:

    Brian Roberts. Tonight? Thoughts?

  57. Fletch says:

    @Grey: You see any improvement with Haren’s numbers if he is dealt?

  58. Long Bong Hitters says:

    Grey, who you like better for the rest of the season?

    Josh Willingham


    Matt LaPorta?

  59. bonick says:

    Waiver pickup…. Alex Gordon or Raul Ibanez?

  60. Joe B says:

    @Grey… my apologies, but I meant to say I just need one of those Bums (wink-wink).

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Joe B: Go with the Bum then, they’re all good…


  62. bonick says:

    You rock, Grey. Thanks. Here’s another question…

    Say you’re shaving in the car on the way to a very important meeting with a very important client, and you realize your electric razor is about to run out of juice. You finish all you can but you have to leave either 1) your neck beard, 2) one side mutton chop, or 3) half a ‘stache?

  63. MeanMachine says:

    Crazy Beard! That was awesome! Yo Grey got any ideas on pitchers i should go after for the stretch run? I got a bunch of young cats im worried about fading down the stretch in my H2H league.

  64. Grey

    Grey says:


  65. Bring Back Pluto says:

    Grey, I asked this before and you said DLR, but I still have a few hours before the waiver claim goes through (and i have last waiver priority, so I’m not squandering it)and maybe DLR’s last start changed your mind?:

    Do you recommend picking up Cahill for one of the following? If so, who?

    DLR, Medlen, Kennedy, Morrow

  66. Bring Back Pluto says:

    @Bring Back Pluto: Actually, Grey, I also realize that I need to reactivate Latos tonight as well; so I guess my question is 2 parts:

    DLR, Medlen, Kennedy, Morrow

    1) Who do you cut to make room for Latos

    2) Of the remaining three, do you drop any to add Cahill?


  67. Buddo Chezuski says:

    HAHAHA love the Coghlan blurb

  68. big o says:

    i’m picking guthrie to shut down the twinkies , tonight .
    i wish i had the foresight to roster him .

  69. Matt says:

    I want to believe you about Ian Stewart, I really do. But I just don’t have the patience.


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