Lots of haps going on in the end-game of fake baseball this week. Matt Lindstrom fell down and sprained his crown. Surgery has already happened, so if you’re stuck in traffic, or your league has weekly adds instead of daily, Ronald Belisario looks like the dude. In case your looking for alterior adds, Daniel Webb looks like he will get some looks, as Belisario isn’t a spring chicken, nor proven commodity. So add willingly if space allows. Also in Oakland, where nothing ever survives, or lives there permanently, according to Jay(Wrong) [Ed. Note– I was wrong. Bail Bondsman flourish there…], they finally got smart, used their shoe phone, and called in the option that may have been the right choice all along. Sean Doolittle is the shiny new toy, until the new shiny toy comes around or he breaks. I love me some Doolittle. If there was a wagon that hosted bands on it, I would be a groupie I guess. He has the K rate, the arsenal, but gets the whole “he is a lefty” shenanigans. So look past his Loogyness and just dig on the beard and 12-plus K rate, or if that doesn’t do it for ya, the 30/1 K/BB ratio.  Or if that doesn’t get ya… well, err… that was my last detail, sorry. Enjoy the tidbits of straight sizzurp laced knowledge that Stephen Hawking would even Ctl+Alt+Esc.

  • Los Tigres have been a nice source of Holds income lately. As a team, they have 14 Holds in the last two weeks, and the whole theory of good team/great bullpen counting stats comes into play here. Where have I heard this before? …Oh that’s right I said it.
  • If you own Brad Ziegler, and in a weekly league, you prolly already know this, but over the last two weeks, he has 6 Holds. Ignore the ERA for a minute, even though it’s hard, like when your mom said don’t stare at the sun too long.  For a team that only has 18 wins and is 6-4 in their last 10, this number is impressive, even if numbers are for nerds.
  • You know what BS gets you. Lot’s of relief wins. The Pirates have 14 wins in relief this year, and they only have 19 wins all year. That my friends, is not good. To put that in perspective, last year,s leader in relief wins was Texas, with 35.  So 1/4 of the way, carry the four, divide by blueberry. They are on pace for a potato. Sorry was doing Highlights… the number would be 54.


Player Holds/BS Appearances with Lead In. Runners/IR Scored
Kevin Siegrist 12/0  14  7/2
Will Smith 11/1  16  12/1
Tyler Clippard 11/2 13 3/0
Brad Ziegler  11/1  12 9/1
Carlos Martinez  11/3 16 14/1
Brett Cecil  10/1 14 12/1
Steve Delabar  10/0 12 14/2
Adam Ottavino  9/1 14 4/2
Tony Watson  9/2 11 6/2
J.P. Howell  9/0 13 13/2
Ian Krol  8/1 14 13/5
David Carpenter  8/1  11  7/2
Joba Chamberlain  8/1  15  5/0
Wade Davis  8/2 11 3/2
Rex Brothers  8/4 14 4/2
Casey Fien  8/0 10 8/1
Charlie Furbush  8/0 10 15/4
Adam Warren  7/2 12  15/5
Aaron Loup  7/2  14  22/5