The news that Hunter Strickland has fallen down and needs a time out for punching a door has sent a reliever ripple effect down the closer ranks.  Since this is the Holds week and this is the most pertinent info going, I figured we would roll with anyways.  So roll with the suspenseful animation of holds love and glory for a little bit, and while you are at it, temper your expectations of reliever-dom as we dive into the Giants reliever sitch.  So Strickland got all mad, punched a door, broke his hand.  The Giants are not short of ex-closers that have had time in the limelight.  Sam Dyson gets the first look as expected, because Mark Melancon is not ready for prime time… yet. Dyson got the first save chance, nice!  Smooth sailing.  Then on Thursday?  Yaks up 2 runs and gets yanked for a guy I just brought to light in Reyes Moronta.  The story isn’t that intriguing as I wish there was some Usual Suspects twist where Mark Melancon was Bruce Bochy all along and he just uses the nickname ‘Verbal’  from his me-ma.  Dyson seems to be the guy, until the trust level is at a reasonable level of fortitude for the previous 52 million dollar man in Melancon.  The Giants aren’t going anywhere fast, so involving assets of tradeability like MM and Dyson are a boon to not only your fantasy team, but real life baseball.  So the Giants may start to implore an Oprah approach to saves.  You get a save, and you get a save, and you get a save!  The save chase is great and fun until you are on the losing end of it.  So enjoy the stat heist that you may have with Dyson, soon to be Melancon, and eventually everyone.  More saves and holds goodies after the bump.  Cheers!

  • Kelvin Herrera is the early bullpen addition that most teams want to do but are afraid to add for the price.  Fortunately for the Nationals the price wasn’t so steep, and the addition of Kelvin to the collection of Nats bullpen options surely doesn’t hurt.  It does hurt if you were rostering Kintzler, Madson, or Solis though.
  • The lost name in the Giants shuffle above is Tony Watson, who besides Strickland was the most valuable Giants reliever.  Hold firm as his role is firm in holds, and you could see 2-3 save chances in the next coming weeks.
  • Screw Jordan Hicks,  I raise you Austin Gomber.  Doesn’t throw 200 MPH but has 5 holds in last 13 Cardinals games to pace the usually steady Holds club.
  • Will Harris is sorta back afteer a strong fortnight.  Astros are going to be adding an arm in the pen, they have to.  But Harris is the glue from years past that is a steady presence ther.
  • Sleepy reliever of the week: Randy Rosario 5 innings pitched, 3 holds and all quality for a Cubs bullpen looking for the guy to go with Cishek and Strop.


Player Holds/BS App with Lead IR Runners/IR Scored
Archie Bradley 19/2 28 16/3
Tony Watson 17/1 23 9/2
Adam Ottavino 16/1 22 11/1
Jose Alvarado 15/2 21 20/6
Matt Barnes 15/2 25 9/0
Yoshihisa Hirano 15/1 24 12/1
Juan Nicasio 15/3 23 8/2
Chaz Roe 15/0 21 19/4
Joe Kelly 14/1 23 19/6
Chris Devenski 13/1 23 17/3
Sam Dyson 13/3 23 15/4
Joe Jimenez 13/2 25 12/6
Brandon Kintzler 13/2 18 3/1
Dan Winkler 13/0 18 16/2
Kirby Yates 13/0 18 7/1
Amir Garrett 12/0 16 21/3
Josh Hader 12/2 20 6/1
Sammy Solis 12/2 18 21/5
Craig Stammen 12/3 19 19/7
Justin Anderson 11/1 18 14/2
  1. Joel says:

    That title!

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Joel: Gracie

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Joel: @Joel: Gracie

  2. Johnny Ryall says:

    Hey Smoke!
    I traded my only closer in my 12 team, points league. I need to grab someone who can stack points, closer or not. Who would you recommend?
    Joe Jimenez,
    Andrew Miller,
    Tony Watson,

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Johnny Ryall: go for K’s with Betances.

  3. GrassyKnollRedding says:

    Hey Smoke,

    If I own Boxberger do I need to handcuff Hirano? Seems crazy that Box would simply be demoted from his closer role after a couple of bad innings, but that’s what a lot of folks have been suggesting lately.


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @GrassyKnollRedding: I think he is safe. No need to cuff your own. I would cuff one of someone else especially a tradeable closer like Greene or Britton

      • GrassyKnollRedding says:

        @Smokey: Great idea; thanks again!

  4. Alfred E. Naujocks says:

    16 teamer with holds and saves sold separately. have bradley/boxy/raisel/steck/strop/kelly/n.ramirez (CLE) and cingrani in DL slot. drop ramirez or strop for romo (pretty clearly the closer now).

  5. Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot (who wins) says:

    16 team roto dynasty with holds, K/9, K/BB, relief appearances,relief wins added. i have:
    rivero, minter, hader, ollie perez, britton, fields, kela. colome and kelly dropped today by somebody. add either over anybody i have?

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