Is Bryce Harper the best prospect ever?  Or if you’re Andre 3000, forever, ever, ever, ever?  Forever never seems that long until you’re grown, which Harper has not done yet.  He’s like 13 years old.  He had his last birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, the first MTV VJ Bryce remembers is Jesse Camp and he doesn’t even know what the M in MTV stands for (though neither do they).  None of that matters.  The kid may still have pimples, but he can hit.  Last year, he had 14 homers and 19 steals in Single-A through 258 ABs and then 3 homers and 7 steals while only batting .256 in 129 Double-A ABs.  He’s showing his mettle in the AFL though, and I think he’ll start the year in Triple-A, or get promoted to Triple-A after only a few weeks.  No one knows when the Nats will bring him up to the bigs.  I’m guessing some time after July 1st as the team starts to fade and they need to pull the ol’ “Hey, look at this new shiny toy” trick.  Guess it’s better than the ol’ “Shine a flashlight on a wall” trick, unless you’re trying to get Pedroia to crash into a wall.  Harper was signed by the Nats for $9.9 million (no word on how much of that goes for royalties to The Ultimate Warrior), and they want him to put asses in seats on Strasburg’s off days.  So what can we expect from Bryce Harper for 2012 fantasy baseball?

I wouldn’t expect anything, Totes McGotes.  I love Mike Trout this year, think he has the tools to have a huge year, but what did he do in 2011?  Same will be true of Harper in 2012.  In 2013, Bryce Harper will be someone who’s worth the hype, i.e., don’t believe the hype, wait for the sequel.  In 2012, you’re going to see a player who shows flashes of brilliance, but is still a little raw.  Could see him giving low-teen power and high-teen speed with a decent average, if he’s called up on July 1st.  That’s pie-in-the-sky, an-ant-can’t-lift-a-rubber-tree-plant optimistic.  More likely, you’re going to see someone who gets 5-7 homers and 10 steals with a few extended slumps.  Will depend a lot on how well he makes adjustments.  I’d give him 30/9/35/.270/14 in 250 at-bats.  If you’re drafting Harper outside of keeper or deep NL-Only leagues, you might want to put some ice cubes down your pants and take two chill pills.  And if chill pills were pulled off the market for whatever reason, do a zazen on your head.

  1. Wake Up says:

    With all this hype, he can’t do anything but disappoint. Guess it’s better to burn out than to fade away…

  2. Steve says:

    OK, so some guy gave Michael Young a first-place MVP vote, and yeah – that’s a bit silly.

    But the snide, superior tone with which some saber-guys pile on to call this guy out is just as pathetic – possibly more so.

    Now get off my lawn!

  3. peter says:

    Dunn was robbed.

  4. begs says:

    hey grey you think mike trout breaks out this year?

    can you give me some keeper league advise if i post my roster?

  5. begs says:

    So due to my team being awful the last 2 season I shipped away my big name players (chase utley, brian mccann, jimmy rollins etc for draft picks and I am now in year 2 of the rebuilding process. Hence my plethora of young talent, but lack of a big name stud in their prime)

    I am in a 12 team keeper league (with 10 keepers each) and my team is:

    C – Jesus Montero

    1B – Eric Hosmer, Mark Trumbo, Jesus Guzman, Kendrys Morales

    2B – Neil Walker

    3B – Ryan Zimmerman

    SS – Starlin Castro

    OF – Desmond Jennings, Andrew McCuthchen, mike stanton, bryce harper, cameron maybin, logan morrison & shin soo choo

    P – Lincecum, Felix Hernandez, Daniel Hudson, Bradnon Morrow and Matt Moore

    RP – Ryan Madson, Drew Storen

    We dress 1 of each position (3 outfield) and one flex spot. Plus 5 starting pitchers and 2 relief pitchers.

    Due to some saavy managing I have obtained the first, second and third overall picks in my leagues draft next year.

    Who do you think are my 10 best keepers? and should I select Mike Trout in next years draft with one of the top 3 picks? or do i have enough young talent at outfield? aka. is mike trout THAT good that I should pick him even with stanton, mccutchen and jennings already on my team plus bryce still on the way.

  6. begs says:

    also i am just beginning to write about fantasy sports myself. do you have any tips for someone new to sports writing? I really enjoy your slant of vast sports knowledge and humor.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated grey!

  7. So if you’re drafting Harper in an NL-Only keeper, $260 budget. 5 OF slots. How much do you spend?

  8. begs says:

    @ Grey

    no faith in Neil Walker to improve on last years #’s ?

    batted about .275 with 12 dingers and 83 rbis

    i havent watched or read much about him, but he is 6’3 215lbs i thought maybe some power was comin in the future??

    he bats in the middle of the lineup so i was thinkin maybe he could match or improve the rbi total and avg. would stay around .275

    you think dan uggla will have a bounce back year in 2012? he was much improved in the 2nd half last year, maybe he got used to playing in atl ?

  9. begs says:

    also lol @ all my upside! im the all hype team haha

    maybe i should write an article: Hype vs. Performance ? Who to draft!

  10. chata says:

    confession time .
    when i’m flipping through the channels and i come across ‘it’s always
    sunny in philadelphia’ , i stop .

  11. chata says:

    nathan to texas is a nice move for that club .
    will have to concentrate on those ground ball outs ,
    but , hell , look at that infield !

  12. begs says:

    @ chata yeah my team stunk last year so around mid-season i just started adding the best young players with upside to see who improved the most and who would be good for 2012. i didnt really care about getting too deep or shallow at any position because i wasnt competing for a title.

    sigh.. ive had kendry morales on my IR for 2 seasons, but looks like i’ll have to cut him loose now. he’ll probably regain his old form and smash 30 dingers while flirting with .300 for someone else in my league!! :@

    @ grey yeah walkers not in my top 10, but im thinkin about picking him with one of my 1st 3 picks just to secure the position. I have an offer out to try to get Cano from someone, but a lot of our owners arent checking the pool in the off-season

    thanks for the tips!

  13. begs says:

    @ Chata

    I live in Vancouver, we have green men fans at Canucks games. They stole the idea from Sunny in Philly lol

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