So, DJ LeMahieu is given his walking papers and Brendan Rodgers is called up to start out of Spring Training as the Rockies’ Opening Day 2nd baseman.  Easy peasy, hair so greasy.  No problem at all!  No probleMahieu even!  That’s totally gonna happen.  The Rockies just love playing rookies.  Wait, hold on, my intern is telling me I’m looking at “the history of the Rockies playing rookies” in the mirror, and I’ve actually reversed it.  Damn.  That was short-lived, huh?  So, one quick word on why I’m writing a post on Brendan Rodgers.  Prospector Mike told me to!  Okay, okay, it’s not all his fault.  OR WAS IT?!  No, but, okay, yes.  I asked Prospector Mike to give me about ten prospect names of guys who could be relevant this year.  To read about fantasy baseball prospects’ prospects (stutterer!), check out Prospector Mike’s posts.  I’m focusing on redraft prospects.  These are guys that are supposed to be relevant this year, and Prospector Mike gave me Brendan Rodgers.  I don’t fault, PM (entirely).  Brendan Rodgers should be up with the Rockies this year.  Will he?  Does Crazy Rich Asians perpetuate a stereotype while also being good for a minority?  See what I mean, piña colada jelly bean?  Shizz is complicated.  Anyway, what can we expect from Brendan Rodgers for 2019 fantasy baseball?

Last year Brendan Rodgers saw 357 ABs in Double-A and hit 17 HRs with 12 SBs and a .275 average.  He did diddly-squat (which is a good name for a catcher) in Triple-A, but it was only in 19 games.  That he was called up to Triple-A in itself is a positive.  You don’t go from Triple-A to Double-A, nah’mean?  (You can go from the majors to Single-A though, but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms, Miguel Sano.)  Watching him for a bit in online videos makes me think I’m surprised he even hit .275 in Double-A.  Obviously, this is the end of his development and Coors won’t hurt anything to do with his offense, but, well, here look for yourself:

He’s an uppercutting machine.  I will call him Robo Blastoff 5000.  He showed a bit more patience in Double-A (which went out the window in Triple-A, but small sample yadda3).  Don’t think that’s ever going to be a part of his game.  However, he might hit .280+ just because of Coors.  Feels more like a .260 hitter, plus or minus .15 in most seasons.  There were other clips where he slapped the ball the other way, and blooped shizz in the outfield, but less exciting for a clip.  “Yo, you see that clip of a bloop single!  That was amazing!” exclaimed no one ever.  The speed makes him even more interesting.  He’s not a burner, but if he can add ten steals to an already decent batting line, well, think how 27/10 is more exciting than 27/zippo, ya feel me?  Great, now stop touching me.  Of course, all of this is moot when the Rockies randomly sign Brian Dozier or someone like that.  For now, I will consider Brendan Rodgers an option to be called up in June, and project him for 32/12/41/.268/5 in 289 ABs, but there’s a chance here he doesn’t even see time until September, due to the Rockies dopiness.  Let’s just say I’ve been burned before *cough* Ryan McMahon *cough*