Last week’s borderline starters post netted a 3.22 ERA if you started Justin Masterson, even though I said I wouldn’t start him unless your situation was dire.  So if you didn’t start him, you had a 2.71 ERA from the guys I pointed out last week.  You also had 47 Ks in 63 innings with 4 Wins.  And Harrison Ford’s a quarter Jewish.  Not too shabby.  Anyway, here’s some borderline starters I might gamble on depending on your situation this week in fantasy baseball:

Monday, September 21st

Wade LeBlanc – He gets the Pirates.  Do I have to say more?  No, I really don’t.

Daniel McCutchen – If you throw LeBlanc and McCutchen, you can be the first person to ever watch 6 innings of a Padres/Pirate game.

Tuesday, September 22nd

Hiroki Kuroda – Hasn’t thrown a bad start in two months and gets the Nats.  It’s percentages, ya’ll.

Zach Duke – In 20 innings this year, Duke has a 2.70 ERA vs. the Little Red Machine That Dusty’s Run Off The Tracks.

Trevor Cahill – Going against the A’s hasn’t worked out for me at all.  So I’m sure going with them won’t either.

Wednesday, September 23rd

Jonathan Sanchez – Has a 1.71 ERA vs. the Diamondbacks.  He Ks people, Diamondbacks like to swing.  Do the math!

Thursday, September 24th

Homer Bailey – Borderline Starters aka Pitchers Going Against the Pirates.

Vicente Padilla – He wasn’t exactly lights out when I suggested him last week, but he gets the Nationals this time.  Decent shot at a win, if nothing else.

Friday, September 25th

Bronson Arroyo – Has a 2.42 Post-All-Star Break ERA.  Should’ve really been owned for the last three months.

Kevin Correia – Good for at least Ks vs. the Diamondbacks.  Might squeeze out a Win.

Saturday, September 26th

Barry Zito – There’s absolutely no matchups I’d go near on 95% of my teams for Saturday the 26th.  If I were really desperate, I’d try Zito, i.e., throw him at your own risk.

Sunday, September 27th

Ryan Rowland-Smith – Really, he should just be owned at this point.

Hiroki Kuroda – He gets the Pirates.  BTW, why are the Nats and the Pirates playing the Dodgers at the end of September?  Who did Alyssa Milano have to “talk” to to “work” that “out”?

  1. Eric C. says:

    Drop Nelson Cruz for Drew Stubbs?

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eric C.: Sure, but it’s risky. Stubbs is a bad game away from going 0-for-25, but I guess that’s what Cruz is kinda doing right now.

  3. Frank Rizzo says:

    This shizz is invaluable to me right now Grey. Gracias.

    Beginning a 2 week marathon h2h championship today. Please keep this info coming next week as well.

  4. airlifting says:

    no mention of daniel hudson @ home tonight vs. the twins. he’s on my team…just a matter of whether or not i put him into that little SP spot at the top of my pitching roster..

  5. airlifting says:

    and that’s a bad team + one joe mauer with a bad road record…

  6. BSA says:

    Those of you with Beckett, I just read this in that fancy drop down box on ESPN:
    Red Sox manager Terry Francona is considering having Victor Martinez – not Jason Varitek – catch a game started by Beckett before the end of the season, the Boston Globe reports.
    In three games not caught by Varitek, Beckett’s ERA is 11.25 and WHIP is 2.13. With Varitek catching, Beckett is 3.16 and 1.06 in 27 games. We would never suggest you sit Beckett because of a catching change, but it’s something to keep in mind. There are times when Martinez’s superior bat is more important than Beckett’s comfort level with his battery mate. “It’s a legitimate question,” Francona said. “I know the numbers with [Varitek] are phenomenal and I believe in that. I’m very aware that when Victor catches, our lineup is more potent…I certainly don’t think it’s a bad question, but I don’t know what the answer is.”

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Cool

    @airlifting: Go for it if you like, first major league start isn’t that safe though.

    @BSA: Thanks for the heads up!

  8. EJ says:

    Grey, please help me set my OF for the week in my H2H playoff. I have Abreu, Manny, J. Upton, Cruz, Victorino, and Pence. I picked up Borbon and Span for some live blood on this Monday of limited games. Carlos Gonzalez is available and am thinking about picking him up after the start of action tonight for either Span or Borbon. I can start 6 guys (including UTIL spot).

    I gotta go with Abreu, Manny, Upton, Victorino, but who do you like for the other 2 spots from Tuesday onward?

    Also, too risky to start Zito tonight?

  9. Steve says:

    @BSA: Only four points back…

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @EJ: I wouldn’t mess with Zito tonight. I’d go with Span and CarGo.

  11. jeffjam says:

    Too bad all of the mentioned starters are already owned or I can´t squeeze them in, looking at you, Le Blanc. Well besides Bailey, however, I am not that desperate.
    Anyway, want to say thanks to your Greyness as you helped me to get all three of my teams into finals. Now the last challenge is ahead.

  12. knighttown says:

    Um, this is probably too much trouble, but these guys are all available except Rowland Smith. I’m bang on for innings so I can’t be wasteful, but can you rank that group?

  13. GTS says:

    @Grey: Why wouldn’t you start Zito? 9 K’s his last outing + the swinging Diamondbacks today = bunch of K’s right?

  14. vinko says:

    @Grey: Wondering how your fantasy teams have been doing? Been a while since the last update.

  15. TheGreatVeto says:

    @GTS: The Diamondbacks have good right handed power hitters. Plus, the Giants just fell out of the race so I expect all of the Giants’ players’ level of play to drop (if that is even possible lol).

  16. GTS says:

    @TheGreatVeto: 4 1/2 games back – they still have a chance right?

  17. TheGreatVeto says:

    @GTS: Mathematically yes. But as a diehard Giants fan who follows them everyday, I can safely say it is over.

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: You can start him if you like.He was rocked in the one start this year vs. the Diamondbacks.

    @vinko: I’ll have an update when the season ends. My 1st place teams in August are in 2nd now and struggling.

  19. Telemachus says:


    Posada or Wieters this week OBP instead of BA? Wieters has 6 on the road, Posada 3/3

  20. The Real Quiz says:

    In the championship 2-week playoff that starts today. I have an edge on pitching, but really need to lock down all 6 pitching categories. Am I safe to drop Billingsley? The guy will not stop getting me down and I could use the bench space for an extra 3B (for a cold DeRosa) or a spot starter here and there.

    Do I drop Billingsley? (Non-keeper league)

  21. Curly Day says:

    Back to my earlier question about BJ Upton as a keeper for next year. Not only will Upton be a top 50 in this blog, but will his stock be high up on ESPN, Yahoo, etc? After all, is it the perception that those sites produce that I am leveraging against – trade someone they are high on for someone you are high on.

  22. Elijah says:

    1/4 Jewish eh?

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Telemachus: Wieters

    @The Real Quiz: Drop him.

    @Curly Day: Upton’s still very young and capable of a 20/40 season without the crippling average. I wouldn’t write him off yet.

    @Elijah: I believe so.

  24. Telemachus says:

    I was thinking that…And would you start Cargo over Posada at DH?

  25. Elijah says:


    BTW, hows this for a patchwork staff (all I can say is its doing the job):

    Sanchez, Happ (thinking of dropping him but I dunno who for yet), Hanson, Arroyo, Kiroda, Hamels (only guy left I drafted), Jar-Jar.

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: And that’s why you don’t need to draft starters early.

  27. Pops says:

    @ Grey: Two week head – to – head championship series starts tonight. Just wanted to thank you for all of the advice along the way. Unfortunately, I’ve blown through my fifty transactions, so I’m stuck with a bench of Scott Hairston and Alcides Escobar. Those doodes are soooooooooooo last month.

  28. Elijah says:

    Yep. I wish I’d found this site before I started playing. I sure made some drafting blunders, but this is my first year, live and learn. Lucky for me I understand baseball, math, and the nature of good advice.

  29. penpen says:

    not a fan of Garland, Grey? If I’m reading this right he has @Pitt and @SD, and as a Dodger fan with a starter slot to spare that looks delicious.

  30. mc serch says:

    @Grey: Don’t know if you saw the late comment I left in the prior thread but I wanted to thank you for all the knowledge you dropped on me this season. You can add me to the roll call of Razzball-heads who won their league. You earned your daquiri donation friend.

  31. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Pops: No problem.

    @Elijah: Cool.

    @penpen: I looked at Garland, and didn’t want to go with him. He could be fine though.

    @mc serch: Thanks!

  32. TheGreatVeto says:

    @Grey: What do you think of Buckner vs. the Gigantes tomorrow? He’s strung together 2 nice starts against the NL west.

  33. TheGreatVeto says:

    @Grey: Oh and what do you think about Jake Fox? I spot started him today and freakin’ Lou benches him… IN FAVOR OF WHO!?!?!?! I guess he thinks Sam Fuld = Babe Ruth. Looks like every Cub player has to die in order for Pinella to pencil in Fox.
    Do you think he has any value as a bench player for the championship?

  34. cake_eater says:

    Ladies and gentleman, you may exit the Wandwagon on your right. The wheels have come off early on this one. All kidding aside, this is NOT how I wanted to start off championship week.

    On that note, this week’s borderline fantasy column becomes more relevant. Thanks a lot though Grey, appreciate the time and effort. Your mention of Kuroda and Duensing in last week’s column helped immensely. Here’s hoping this week’s does as well.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @TheGreatVeto: Probably will be all right, I wouldn’t start him.

    Piniella doesn’t play Fox, no reason to own him.

    @cake_eater: Hope so.

  36. Thomas says:

    A few more streaming options may be:

    Doug Davis at home Vs SF (Matt Cain)
    San Fran is having trouble scoring. Davis pitches well at home.

    Wade Davis Vs Seattle (Brandon Morrow)
    Again, Seattle isn’t the RedSox. And Wade has dominated the other two teams without red foot coverings.

    Chad Billingsley @Washington (Ross Detwiler)
    Bills has struggled, but if anyone can help him out of a funk, it’s Washington. I only bring his name up since he is slowly being dropped in many redraft leagues.

  37. penpen says:

    @cake_eater: I shouldn’t have eaten before I got on…

  38. Elijah says:

    Nice 2 homer day for deRosa.

  39. knighttown says:

    Grey, my request way back at the beginning was for you to rank the starters you discussed in this post. LeBlanc, McCutcheon, Kuroda, Cahill, Duke, Sanchez, Bailey, Padilla, Correia, Zito. I’m in a daily league and can play the drop game a few times.

  40. Elijah says:

    HR Mini Donkey!

  41. TYY says:

    will derek lee and his old balls just die!!!!

  42. TYY says:

    texas 6, 7, 8 hitters, kinsler, cruz, chris davis?


  43. big o says:

    haha .
    sandoval with a sb tonight .

  44. penpen says:

    @big o: I see your sandoval and raise you… olivo!

  45. Elijah says:

    Freddy Sanchez left Sunday’s game with an apparent knee injury.

  46. Robert says:

    @Grey- Have not been on lately with school back in session. Just wanted to thank you for all your advice during the season. Wish I would have found this site before June when my team was already done. I will be back for your insights next year. When could I expect your pre-draft info? Thanks again.

  47. penpen says:

    @TYY: seriously, as an owner of all three of these guys, I can feel the ulcers widening with each at bat

  48. brad says:

    @Elijah:mini donkey!

  49. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    Trying to put a little humor to an unfortunate situation:

    New glossary term: When you start two opposing pitchers figuring to get at least one win: a “LeBlanc”. (Been there twoooo many times.)

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @knighttown: If you’re a in a daily league, I don’t need to rank the Saturday starter with the Tuesday ones, right? Tuesday’s are ranked in the post.

    @Elijah: Nice!

    @TYY: Hehe

    @Robert: Sleepers will start in December and rankings in January/February.

    @Simply Fred: Should be a term for that, not sure about that one though.

  51. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Grey: Yeah, must be something much better. Just referencing tonight’s LeBlanc/McCutchen matchup. Wouldn’t be fair to saddle LeBlanc with that given he only gave up 1 earned in 5 IP.

  52. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Simply Fred: Although, isn’t that how it goes too often. A stunning Lincecum/Wainwright matchup where they go scoreless through eight. Open the bidding with LeBlank.

  53. Steve says:

    @Grey: Brendan Ryan a better bet for steals out of the Util spot than Gardner on the strength of playing time?

  54. cake_eater says:

    Despite the unexpected HR the other night, Figgins hasn’t been exactly lighting it up. I want to pick up a hot bat at 2B, who do you like out of the following: Aybar, Prado, Lopez, Kennedy, Stewart?

  55. Elijah says:


    Drop Happ and grab Garland against Pitt?

  56. Elijah says:

    Things I learned in my rookie season:

    1. Don’t draft pitchers too early (Darn Webb)

    2. Ditto for catchers (Difficult since I love slugging catchers)

    3. Go with the Hot players (Thanks Grey)

    4. Bench players who can man a bunch of spots are great. (Mark DeRosa’s #’s aren’t amazing but he sure was handy)

    5. SAGNOF (Thanks Grey again)

    6. Play your league. Adjust to the rules and players you are up against.

    7. Remember to adjust for new stadiums when scouting for your draft (Metco, Yankees Stadium of Tokyo)

  57. Elijah says:

    Things I did right:

    1. Went for proven studs early, not 1 year wonders. (Tex and Utley)

    2. Drafted Mini-Donkey

    3. Scrounged for every possible closer imaginable.

    4. Outworked the opposition on the waiver wire.

    5, Emphasized Home Run hitters in a league that included Total bases and OPS

    5. Listened to Grey.

  58. bwass says:

    So you don’t like Rowland-Smith on Tues @ TB -Niemann?

    Who do you sit here?

    Rowland-Smith @ TB
    Tejeda v Min
    Garcia v Det
    Shields @ Tex
    Kazmir v NYY

    I asked before but now I have Rowland-Smith. No worries about the blister with Tejeda? Any concern with the NYY lineup vs Kazmir, albeit it is in LAA. Tex lineup has been cold lately, shouldn’t Shields handle it? Its a tough call.

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Sure re: Happ. Those are good rules to live by. Sweat Equality will help your fantasy team every time.

    @bwass: I could see owning Rowland-Smith on every team for every start. I’d sit Shields and Kazmir.


  60. Jay says:

    I am in the finals of my H2H league.So what is the best strategy as far as starting pitchers go? As far as dropping them to get another SP in there?Since this is the last week obviously I have no use for the SP after their start except for the 2 starters.

    My rotation looks like this I’m just not sure what the best thing to do in regards to picking others up to get starts in there.Or if I should be trying to get more rp’s for saves and hold chances?Kuroda and Rowland-Smith have had their one start so since they are of no use for me should i look on the wire to replace them with daily SP matchups or get another RP?

    Barry Zito
    Dan Haren
    Kevin Jepsen
    Jose Valverde
    Tommy Hanson
    Luke Gregerson
    Juan Gutierrez
    Dennys Reyes
    Bronson Arroyo
    Javier Vazquez
    Brian Duensing
    Ryan Rowland-Smith
    Hiroki Kuroda
    Andy Pettite

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay: Kuroda and Rowland-Smith have another start this week. Best strategy is to take one day at a time. Drop a guy if his next start isn’t great and go for the guy that has a better matchup. No one besides Petttitte jumps out at me to drop though.


  62. Jay says:

    Which would be better picking up Sanchez for tomorrow, or using Kuroda in his next start. I am iffy about the weekend matchups right now because until Friday I won’t really have a clear picture whether it even makes sense to start anyone over the weekend.Don’t want to keep people I may not use again if I can get a QS or two on the wire.

    which of Bailey,Padilla, or Correia be better instead of Pettite?

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