Pretty much everything I told you in the beginning of the year about trusting your big guns and not trusting the wayward sons goes out the window in September.  If you’re battling for pitching points, you need to take some chances I wouldn’t necessarily take in April, or really even August.  Suddenly, Brian Duensing gets his own post and Freddy Garcia doesn’t look like Freddy Garcia, but looks like a guy who’s facing the Mariners.  It’s fantasy baseball in September and the rules were made to be broken, ya’ll.  So I’ve assembled two or three starters from Tuesday, the new Humpday, until this Sunday that you could take a chance on depending on how bad your pitching shituation is.  I’m not completely proud of all of these guys, but their mommas are (even Momma Padilla).  Anyway, here’s some borderline starters for fantasy baseball late season:

Tuesday, September 15th

Freddy Garcia – Garcia is the new blech in most cases, but he’s had four straight decent enough starts and I’d throw him vs. the Mariners in Seattle.

Robinson Tejada – Has 69 Ks in 53 1/3 innings.  Goes vs. the Tigers, who he just beat.  It’s risky because I don’t trust the 2nd time being the charm.  Teams figure a guy out usually, but he could give you some cheap Ks.

Wade LeBlanc – Has two solid back-to-back starts and he faces a K-razy offense (Diamondbacks) in Petco.

Wednesday, September 16th

Doug Davis – Has a 1.83 ERA in 19 2/3 innings vs. the Padres and hasn’t given up one earned run in Petco in two years.

Ryan Rowland-Smith – Has four straight solid starts and a serial killer name.

Hiroki Kuroda – Hasn’t had an embarrassing start since July 8th and he gets the Pirates.

Thursday, September 17th

Justin Masterson – vs. the A’s and I wouldn’t start him here unless you’re in absolute dire straits, Mark Knopfler.

Friday, September 18th

Brian Duensing – You’d think I really liked him with the amount I’m talking about him, but he’s worth a flier for a start or two.

Vicente Padilla – He actually just shut out the Giants, which scares me more than it instills confidence, but it’s still a decent match-up.

Saturday, September 19th

Brett Tomko – Shoot me now for suggesting Tomko.

Jason Hammel – Has an ERA around 3 away from Coors and he gets the swing happy Diamondbacks.  This is still a risky start because Chase is a hitters park.

Sunday, September 20th

Paul Maholm – It’s not as great to face the Padres away from Petco, but it’s not that bad either.

Carl Pavano – Gets the Tigers on Sunday and has absolutely owned them this year.  In over 30 innings, he has a 1.48 ERA and 4 wins.  And, just think, you can tell your lady friend you had the cojones to start Pavano.

  1. matthole says:

    This is gold, anyway to post this on a sunday (before lineups are set) :)

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: If schedules permit… Might make it the Sunday post next season for each week.

  3. matthole says:

    @Grey: Thanks, these are the kind of pitchers that im relying on for the stretch….

    also, didnt mean to suggest to take away from your sunday time….just have to set lineups that night, etc

    crazy 3 way race where 2HRs 5K’s 3 W’s and .01 ERA can determine the champ…good stuff

  4. peter says:

    @Grey: Re: Masterson.. are you going to start him? I don’t start pitchers against the A’s if Grey is.

  5. GTS says:

    Great stuff! I’ll be needing this the next two weeks for sure!

  6. Colotov Mocktease says:

    Debating who to start tonight: Montero vs. LeBlanc or Sandoval vs. Ubaldo. Leaning towards Montero, but I haven’t sat The Unabooboo since spring, even though he seems to be playing hurt….kind of a tossup.

  7. Telemachus says:

    @Grey: That would be an awesome Sunday post…

    Sheets, Meche, Andrew Miller next season?

  8. Steve says:

    September is no time for the wayward sons to be laying their weary heads to rest.
    Pity I used up too many starts with my so-called big guns.

  9. struggler says:

    @Grey: Love the concept. How do you feel about these matchups?

    Thursday – Morrow vs. White Sox
    Friday – Moyer vs. ATL and/or Ohlendorf vs. SD

  10. vinko says:

    Enjoy the post! Anyway, how would you rank the pitchers that you have highlighted for today? (Garcia, Tejada, and LeBlanc)

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @peter: I’m not starting him. But I’d consider it in certain circumstances.

    @GTS: Cool

    @Telemachus: None of the above? I guess, Miller.

    @struggler: I’d go with Morrow and Moyer, but both are very risky. The Dorf has been shut down.

    @vinko: In that order, but they’re all close.

  12. TYY says:

    @GREY……Which of these TWO would you start?

    Krispie Young, Alexie Ramirez, Juan Rivera, Quentin, carlos gonzalez, and nick swisher are my options…..

    swisher has been hot but is facing halladay, krispie is playing at petco, cargo hit last night, but was slumping……. idk i have a DEEP bench… thoughts

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @TYY: I’d start Krispie and CarGo, but it’s really a coin flip, no one’s matchups look great. Alexei’s had the most success but he’s been eh lately.

  14. vinko says:

    What do you think about Juan Francisco? Seems to have received high marks so far. Any real chance of working his way into the lineup next season? Thanks

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @vinko: Doubtful with the way Dusty plays rookies.

  16. TYY says:

    @Grey: i hear ya, alot of guys have been kinda hitting just not producing. I’ll go with you on this one, then i’ll curse you later if it hurts me, jk

  17. peter says:

    Fun fact… Here are 2009 home run #s by month for Curtis Granderson (who is hitting .185 in the last month w/ no SB):

    April: 7
    May: 6
    June: 5
    July: 4
    August: 3
    September: 2

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @peter: Wonder how Leyland’s cigarette intake has correlated with those months.

  19. Steve says:

    @Grey: The inverse would be his packs per game for that particular month.

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Those *are* Lucky Strikes then.

  21. peter says:

    @Grey: Zing! Glad to see *someone* is still hitting dingers…

  22. Lines says:

    Who would you rather lose for Pedro – Soriano or Nunez? I’m not attached to either of them, I’m just going by the numbers.

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @peter: Hehe

    @Lines: Flip a coin? I guess Soriano…

  24. Bob says:

    Grey, just also wanted to say how awesome this is.


  25. bostonaccent says:

    So does Dombrowski order Granderson to sweep Magglio’s leg before the fourth innining tonight? Maybe they’ll pick up Curtis’ 2013 option in exchange…

  26. Corey II says:

    should i bench Andre Ethier tonight against a LHP in favor of Denard Span or Julio Borbon in my H2H playoff matchup (still competing in all categories early in the week) or am I overthinking things?

  27. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: No problem.

    @bostonaccent: Ha!

    @Corey II: I could see going with Borbon, but it does feel a bit like you’re overthinking.

  28. Vince says:

    Hey Grey, since you didn’t mention Morrow for Thursday (vs CWS), I guess you’d prefer to go with Masterson…?

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Vince: I would. Barely.

  30. Lines says:

    That’s what I was thinking. Thanks as always, Grey.

  31. Nick0rz says:

    Zobrist is killing me… Would you suggest dropping him for Uribe (Can’t believe I’m actually thinking of getting him), Yunel Escobar, or Andrus? Or just sit tight and hope and pray for a turn around?

  32. TYY says:

    dammit swisher! my bench is constantly hitting more than my line up, thats not good….

  33. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Nick0rz: 3 for 3 with a double and a triple so far tonight. I am going to hang on (but it has been a tough drought).

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick0rz: I’d go with Andrus for speed, otherwise hang on.

  35. Nick0rz says:

    @Simply Fred: Oops hadn’t looked at the scores from tonight…
    @Grey: Thanks. Because of tonight I think I’ll hang on for a day or two more.

  36. mr baseball says:

    Hiroki Kuroda – Hasn’t had an embarrassing start since July 8th and he gets the Pirates. what about that time in the shower?

  37. mr baseball says:

    —————————————— – ————————————–
    Borderline Starters – good stuff man – this is important but sometimes overlook information

  38. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Do any of your fantasy players need fantasy tires?

    I got a bunch of em……………………

  39. penpen says:

    Rajai Davis sonovabench!

  40. penpen says:

    Which Chris? B. Young or Davis?

  41. SamYo says:

    Neftali Feliz hates all of my fantasy teams.

  42. Dad says:

    @Grey: This is a helpful format Grey. Much appreciated.

  43. Tom_Emanski says:

    Is Ubaldo Jiminez going to ruin my week? Really, Ubaldo??

  44. CocoPoolies says:

    What do you see out of Cueto or Dice-K going forward? Are they worth owning over J. Sanchez? Nolasco? Bills? Ubaldo?

  45. Elijah says:

    Home run Mini Donkey!

  46. Grey

    Grey says:

    @CocoPoolies: I’d own either over Bills at this point and I’d go for Cueto first.

    @Elijah: About time!

  47. papasmurf says:

    Tejeda’s always had the stuff. If he can keep the walk rate to even around 4/9 IP even, he’d be pretty good with that strong K rate.

    I just nabbed him for his K’s. I am set in W, ERA, and WHIP, so I can afford to gamble.

  48. Nathan says:

    Yovani Gallardo puts babies on spikes.

  49. Steve says:

    How the eff is it that a guy that has been nails for the last two weeks, suddenly falls completely apart the minute he gets so much as a sniff of my lineup?

    Yes, Carlos Villanueva – I’m looking at YOU.

  50. Quintero says:

    Grey is 3 for 3 today. The streak shall continue!

    (For those who don’t need HR and SB, Ryan Sweeney looks interesting.)

  51. Steve says:

    @Grey: Last two weeks his ratios and Ks have been great. I wanted to rock an MR and the rest is history. Gregorson worked out a bit better.

  52. Quintero says:

    @Steve: In short, you, sir, is a Mr. B.

  53. Steve says:

    @Quintero: Of long standing.

  54. TYY says:

    monday my opp throws Nolasco, awesome

    I have frasor and chris perez, BAD

    Tuesday my opp throws gallardo, awesome for me again.

    I throw wainy and UBALDO! F me again…. seriously, Ubaldo had 12 starts IN A ROW of 3 runs or less!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now when i need him vs. SF mediocre offense he blows up?


    basically me and my opp are dead even since both of our pitchers have sucked balls, our eras are 16.20 and 10.29

    DISGUSTING, Ubaldo throws a solid start and this week was OVER.

  55. steamer says:

    Is it time to drop DeRosa? He’s in my OF & he’s been crap for a while now. Options are Reimold, Cuddyer, Gutierrez, Borbon, Bryd.

  56. mikey boy324 says:

    grey start blanton tonight vs the nats?

  57. zombie says:

    Any thoughts on a Wednesday start of Floyd @ SEA and/or Blackburn vs. CLE? & your Tuesday “Borderline” recommendations have set a pretty high standard Grey; causing an intesified pursuit of Ryan Rowland-Smith!

  58. Grey

    Grey says:

    @steamer: I’d grab Borbon.

    @mikey boy324: It’s risky, but I thknk you gotta. Well, I guess you don’t, but I would in a 12 team league. (In most circumstances.)

    @zombie: I’d go with Floyd first.


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