THOME: Not just a big sexy retired baseball player now employed by MLB Network. Steve Paulo, and/or Neil deGrasse Tyson, joins the sausage fest to discuss his brainchild, Steve deGrasse Tyson explains what an IMPACT player is and breaks down how they can be utilized for fantasy baseball success. And he shares one young offensive catcher his projection system loves for this season and nobody is talking about. Paulo also attempts to dumb down the inner workings of his projection system so even Donkey Teeth can understand it.
If you’re interested in sports investing, team win totals, simulation baseball, or just listening to a really smart guy talk about really smart guy things, this is the fantasy sausage pod for you.

Speaking of projections, be sure to check out Rudy’s tool, I mean tools, here.
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  1. johnnyhobbes says:

    I understand the need for proprietary methods but sheesh give us a tease on some of his projections.

    If anything it will be neat to see how it plays out

    • Hey Johnny, Steve here from THOME. That’s fair. The problem is I’m not projecting individual statistics, so it’s not useful for roto the way most projection systems are. However, top ten lists for each position for both MLB and separately NL/AL are up on the site:

  2. johnnyhobbes says:

    Hey Steve, I came off a little rude in commentary looking back at it. I had the chance to listen to this podcast before it was up on the razz ball site but on my podcast aggregation. I thought it was fascinating. I ‘ve seen your site and have already referenced it as a tool to identify players that current owners may be undervaluing. So thank you for that.

    I’ll be very interested to see how the season projections play out. Will you have a log of what the projections are/were at a certain date?

    You will have daily game projections eventually, correct?

    • Hey Johnny, don’t sweat it, I didn’t take your comment as rude at all!

      As far as the season projections go, that info is logged on the individual team pages. You can see how their win projection has adjusted over time. Once the season starts there won’t be any more change to the projections, so that Projected Standings page will stay static throughout the season.

      As for daily predictions, that system is about 90% complete, and I’m definitely sure it will be done by Opening Day. I, literally minutes ago, launched Account Sign Ups on the site, so sign up and see what the fuss is about once the first pitch of the season is thrown!

  3. johnnyhobbes says:

    i’m on the page and signed up- i’m looking forward to using this tool

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