On each Friday we’re going to try and answer your 2008 fantasy baseball questions. Is this every fantasy baseball question we receive? No, but it’s a few of the better ones that were emailed directly to us at info[at]razzball.com. So if you want some fantasy baseball advice that can’t get answered in the comments section, then there you go.


I’m in a 12 team 5×5 Roto League. I’d appreciate any advice you have on possible lineup moves to make to improve my team.

C- McCann
1B- Hafner
2B/OF- Upton
OF- D.Young
OF- Victorino
3B- Blaylock



Also, surprisingly Matt Kemp was dropped in my league and i’ll put a claim in on him. who should I drop? (I was thinking Lilly)

Thanks. I love your site and look forward to your insight.

P.S. If I traded Papelbon give me a list of 5 hitters who would be great to get for him.


Thanks for writing in and frequenting the site. You rock. First off, drop Lilly for Kemp, you’re going to need him for a few of these potential trades work. Okay, now your team looks solid. The only trouble areas I see are Blalock (CI), potentially D.Young and your closers after Papelbon aren’t great. With the setup men on your team, I’m going to assume you’re quick to get to the waiver wire. This will be key if you trade away Papelbon. You have lots of position flexibility so there’s lots of trades you can do, which is good.

First possible trade — Blalock is by far your weakest piece, move Berkman to corner and trade Blalock and Papelbon for a top outfielder. I’d target Carlos Lee or Adam Dunn packaged with a third tier closer (Soria, Capps or Isringhausen, etc). Don’t settle for less. Don’t go after Crawford. Your team already has enough speed.

Second possible trade
— Trade Papelbon and Blalock for a top third basemen or first basemen. I’d shoot for Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Derrek Lee, Mark Teixeira, Aramis Ramirez or Garrett Atkins, in that order.  Don’t settle for anyone less than Atkins.

Third possible trade
— Trade Papelbon, D. Young and Blalock for Matt Holliday and try to get a third tier closer thrown in (again Soria, Capps or Isringhausen, etc).

The options where you don’t get a third tier closer in return are the riskiest. If you don’t get that next setup man to become a closer, you might be scrambling for saves. But no risk, no reward. My favorite option that I’ve suggested is the third because it nets you the best player I’ve suggested. If you can get Holliday, move Berkman to corner, snag Kemp and hopefully get a Soria throw-in, your team will be golden.

  1. Mike Gravel says:

    Are you kidding Grey? I would love to be in any league in which any of your proposed trades went through. Blalock is droppable in 12 team leagues and D. Young is a high-upside guy at best. The only reasonable proposal you’re suggesting is papelbon and blalock for atkins. Papelbon, young and blalock for holliday…. absolute joke. To quote myself, you’re living in fantasy land if you think your proposals are reasonable. Fantasy land.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    I don’t think anyone ever lost a league because they got too much in a trade. Or at least tried to, that’s why there’s options.

  3. Kicker of Elves says:

    I don’t know, he might have a shot given a league where you can grab, Reyes, Braun, Upton, and Berkman with your first 4 picks.

  4. Dave says:

    Actually Kicker of Elves, Braun was my one keeper. My first three choices were Reyes, Upton and Berkman, that certainly isn’t out of line looking at their ADP’s.

  5. These would be hard trades to get through in most leagues. Can’t hurt to try. Papelbon for Dunn is the most realistic trade given ADPs. But given that your other closers suck, I’d look to package Lilly or Grienke w/ Victorino or Dye for a better OF. Maybe a team w/ speed issues? You’ve got Reyes and Upton so no need for Victorino…make them feel that they’re getting a break b/c he’s hurt right now.

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