The handsomely knowing (or is it knowingly handsome?) Bob Taylor over at Fantasy Hurler put together a list of Beasts and Busts for 2008. Can’t say I agree with some of his choices, cause I actually agree with all of his choices. If he read my mind, I’d like to know what I ate for lunch yesterday, because I can’t remember for the life of me. Was it tuna? As stated in earlier posts on this site, Pujols is coming back, Alex Gordon is going to be special, Hanley might lay a turd the size of Lichtenstein, and Ryan Braun is so overhyped he might be coming around to underhyped now.

The Sox and Pinstripes blog, which manages to balance the Yanks and the Sox all under one blog, takes a look at the opening month of ’08 for the Sox. They open in Japan (I wonder if Dice K’s translator gets a paid vacation) against the A’s then take on contender after contender and the Rangers.

  1. Bob Taylor says:

    Aww. I feel so special. I think I’m blushing.

    Also, we may not want to knock Hanley and Ryan down too many notches, lest the fantasy gods start to reconsider. Before we know what hit us, Ramirez and Braun will be finishing first and second in NL MVP voting.

  2. Who We Are says:

    Yeah, I mentioned on another post that if Braun gets too knocked down, he’ll start to be a bargain. I wouldn’t go near him until the third round, but I would still grab him then. Just seems like there’s a better chance of a First Sunday sequel than Braun getting to the third round.

  3. Bob Taylor says:

    True story: First Sunday stars Tracy Morgan, who also stars in 30 Rock, a show which provided my 2007 fantasy team name — The Rural Jurors.

    Wow, what a totally useless bit of information I just posted.

    Anyway, in my 14-team money league, I’ll be drafting seventh this year, which means I won’t have to worry about either of them. Hanley will be gone by my first pick. And I honestly expect Braun will be gone by my second-round pick, 22nd overall. A mock draft over at Fantasy Baseball Cafe has him going 15th.

    Happily, I’ll be able to target other players who scare me less.

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