Last year, you didn’t win your fantasy baseball league because you drafted Alex Rodriguez first. You won your league because someone you pegged as a sleeper in a later round paid off. You were looking at Brandon Phillips and saw the speed/power combo that could make him valuable. You took one look at Kevin Gregg and thought he could get some saves and use some contacts. Or you saw Josh Hamilton and thought, “I like to have at least one drug addict on my team to honor the ’86 Mets.” This is not the final sleeper list for 2008, but will continue to be updated.

Michael Bourn – If Juan Pierre confuses you as much as for his Spanish first name, French surname and African-American ancestry as for his draft position, you’re not alone. Bourn’s going to get you Juan Pierre numbers ten rounds after Pierre. My Bourn adoration was already cited here.

Alex Gordon – In his first major league season, he hit 2 home runs and had 8 steals. Not Alex Gordon, George Brett. Gordon’s a 20/20 hitter waiting to happen. His projections for 2008 can be found here.

Casey Kotchman – So what if Kotchman had mono longer than Magic Johnson had AIDS. He’s going to be twenty-five this year and he’s ready to break out. 2008 projections can be found here.

Carlos Marmol – 96 Ks in 69.1 innings. Do I have to say more? Piniella will probably start Howry at closer in April. Be patient. Remember Gregg didn’t start as the Marlins closer last year. Also, if Marmol can’t get the closer job, he will be worthwhile to own as a middle reliever, but I do see him leading the Cubs in saves by season end. Projections for 2008 here.

Adam Wainwright – He was a mess in the first half of ’07, but in the second half, he cut his runs allowed in the by almost half, his home runs allowed by more than half and he showed stamina. With a year of starting at the major league level under his belt, he’s due for a step in the right direction. Projections: 15-9/160/3.30/1.25 and he’s considered the ace of the staff.

  1. Bob Taylor says:

    Shit. I had Gordon and Kotchman on my team last year. Must have been too early.

  2. Who We Are says:

    I did too. But Gordon only 2nd half of the year and Kotchman only the 1st week. Payback time.

  3. Emmett Jones says:

    I had Gordon too…I really hope he pans out this year, because I’m taking him again.

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