The most depressing column on Razzball is back! The one everyone dreads reading week to week! That’s right my little Chasers — I’m back and I’m covering every turf toe, every Tommy Johns, every blister, and every Dodgers starting pitcher DL-stint!
Each week I’ll be covering all injuries major and minor for your players. I’ll be letting you know whether I think you should stash ‘em or trash ‘em. Stash them in your DL spot or throw them back to the waiver wire trash heap. Along with that, I’ll provide a replacement player who is owned in less than 50% of leagues that you can add as a replacement. Every injured player will be placed in alphabetical order by last name so you can quickly find your guy. Just a heads up — if a player isn’t owned in over 5% of ESPN leagues — I won’t be covering him. If you own a player who is less than 5% owned — first, why? Second, leave a comment and I’ll help. One last thing: I also won’t be covering players who just have diarrhea and will be missing a game or two. They’ll be fine. Their facilities manager on the other hand — yikes.
As always with the Razz family of products — if you’ve got league specific questions — throw them down below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Enough banter — let’s get chasing!

Jorge Polanco, SS, PED Suspension
You fool! Some people had Polanco as a deep sleeper in 2018 after his 13 HR, 13 SB, 74 RBI 2017 at age 23. Now, the only baseball he’ll be playing is on MLB The Show. Or MLB Power Pros 2008 if he’s a true O.G. like me. Stash or Trash: Depending on the depth and rules of your league you might be able to trash him. Mixed or shallow leagues: throw him back. Deeper or AL-only leagues you might want to stash. But even then — he won’t be able to be placed on your DL slot — so forget it! Trash him! Fill In: Not a great selection of shortstops owned less than Polanco in ESPN leagues. I could see Freddy Galvis (5.2%) being a viable option. Galvis has high-teen speed and pop and won’t completely trash your average (.253 from 2015-2017) and he is always healthy averaging 153 games played in that time. And I know it means nothing, but he does have a .342 average this spring with a .974 OPS. If you find yourself with a blank MI spot — grab your Galvis by the hand and take her to the dance floor.

Justin Turner, 3B, Fractured Left Wrist
Why are you doing this to me Jacob?! Here we are about a week away from Opening Day and we’re already without a guy being taken with an ADP of 57 on ESPN. He’s expected to be on the shelf for 6 to 9 weeks meaning an early to late-May return. Better than September y’all! Stash or Trash: Stash. You made your bed, now lie in it. It’s too early to throw him away. I would be worried about his power since this is a wrist injury and we know Chubbs Peterson says about hitting HRs. Oh, he said hips? Must be the mandela effect talking. Fill In: Jeimer Candelario (7.9% ownership in ESPN.) Candelario is someone I had pegged for a moderate breakout season in 2018. He’s always had a consistent contact rate in the minors with a solid walk rate two boots. Candelario has a chance to top 20 HRs, but should easily reach 15 this season with a .280ish average. For one month in April — that’s not bad. And once Turner does return you might want to try and wait with Candelario a little longer until you see where Turner’s power is. But don’t wait too long or your candelario will flip to the end of the season and you’ll see Turner only hit 13 HRs. Let me guess — all you gringos thought candelario was spanish for candle and I was going to make a “don’t get burned” joke? Go hang yourself with a ropa.

Only two players missing major time so far this week, but if you’ve got any other questions please feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you!