1 game requirement leagues rejoice! Alex Rodriguez replaces Jeter and gets shortstop eligibility! Too bad it’s probably not going to happen. Girardi said it hasn’t even been discussed, no matter how alluring Ensberg would be at 3rd. Oh, well. We can dream, right? Anyway, here’s what I saw yesterday:

Johnny Cueto – He left down 2-1 and he still looked as impressive. 8Ks against zero walks is the makings of a great pitcher. The Bill Hall homer was a no doubter, but the first run was all Adam Dunce’s fault.

Jimmy Rollins – Left the game with an ankle injury, but he should be back in the lineup tomorrow.

Jair Jurrgens – He didn’t look bad considering Kelly Johnson’s got the range of a one-legged turtle.

Oliver Perez – Dude looks good. 18 wins and 200Ks? Looking like it could happen.

Matt Garza – Headed to the DL. He’s got some kind of radial nerve damage. If you have him, I’d grab someone, maybe…

Brian “The Brain” Bannister – He looked unhittable when facing Arod. Against everyone else? Hittable.

Mark Reynolds – I’m fingercuffed and it feels so… eh.

Joey Gathright – Absolutely no one’s team should be lagging badly in steals if Gathright is sitting on your waivers.

Dice-K – Well, I don’t have him on any team, but he looked as good as last year’s advertisement.

Detroit Tigers – The city is a slum that should be condemned; the team looks worse.

Yorvit Torrealba – Doesn’t look good.

Justin SpeierHafner just made Shields the interim closer.

Miguel Tejada – I told you he’d be pissed off that people were mentioning ‘roids and his name.

Joey Votto – Yesterday, Dusty said this, “You know Votto’s going to have more power and productivity, but, right now, Hatteberg is a better hitter.” Then he plays Votto and he goes 2-for-3. The eff I know what’s going in Dusty’s mind.

Eugenio Velez – This guy’s like Chone Figgins’s faster brother. He tried to turn a single up the middle into a double, deciding very late to stay at first, then he stole second, then he ran to third and was thrown out. He’s like a black Forrest Gump. Tim Flannery, the Giants third base coach, needs a sign that reads, “Velez, stop!”

Jake Westbrook – Pitched another good game. You never know where a career year might come from.

  1. wilson says:

    cueto had no business pitching out there in the 6th inning he was at 90 some pitches after the 5th and dusty baker let him hit in the 5th down 1-0 in the top of the 6th with a man on 2nd and 1 out. should of come out right there especially for a young guy.

    and eric gagne blew another save last night how long before i start to get saves instead of holds out of David riske i

  2. wilson says:

    Eric gagne continues to suck maybe a week or two before i start getting saves instead of holds out of David riske.
    and johnny cueto had no business being on the mound in the bottom of the 6th dusty left him in to hit with 90 some pitches down 1-0 one out and a man on 2nd

  3. scott says:

    If your girlfriend’s surfing porn you are way ahead in the game of Life. If she has a fantasy baseball team you can just drive that little plastic car into the spot with the rainbow at the end of the game…you have won! Here’s the non sequitur of the day….my offense is just killing me…I’m dropping like a stone through the standings despite being at or near the top in every pitching category. Miggy Cabrera, Posada, Thome and Hafner are killing me. No pop yet from Kinsler, sizemore or Hamilton either. Only guy getting it done is A. Rios (Thanks Grey!). I’ve been offered B. Butler, P. Hughes and L. Milledge for Grady Sizemore….am i crazy to be thinking about that? I feel like I’m getting Hughes on the cheap…your take?

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    I have a friend whose girlfriend is into fantasy baseball and I gotta tell you, it’s more of a turnoff than a turn-on. Anyway, you’re panicking. Do not do that trade. Besides Posada, that offense will pick up.

  5. scott says:

    ok, thanks for talking me down….I can’t promise it will not happen again though…it’s an office league and its permeated the entire work environment here…in fact, I probably should be working right now…

  6. Carl says:

    Dear Carlos & Kerry,

    Thanks for nothing you no good pieces of dog crap.



  7. Carl says:

    Hey can someone please shove an Angus steak down Prince Fielder’s throat already? I just don’t get Reynolds having 5 homers already and this Vegan dork is still sitting at big fat 0.

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    You don’t want that Vegan dork sitting on anything.

  9. mike says:

    While your at it cook up a T bone for Ryan Howard he needs something cuz hes killin me in fantasy right now……him and crawford

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