He looks like a skinny Craig Wilson or an un-curly-haired Eric Byrnes. He’s got no one batting around him unless you count six schmohawks, a pitcher and the X-Man. Is Nate McLouth worth a pickup? Weirdly, yes. He is. Will he continue this? Well, my partner (not in a gay way) Rudy Gamble definitely thinks so. So I watched McLouth play against the Cubs and, not surprisingly, Rudy’s right. McLouth’s locked in right now and deserves a pickup. Weird, right? Unfortunately, he’s probably not available for you to pickup. Oh, yeah, and K-Rod’s injured. Okay, here’s what else I saw yesterday:

Francisco Rodriguez – Seems to have injured his ankle. Justin Speier or Scot Shields? I think they turn to Shields because he’s been there longer. A loyalty thing. They might go with Speier. A who’s-better-right-now thing. Where I was able to, I picked up both until this shakes out. Where I wasn’t able to, I went with Shields.

Howie Kendrick – Left with a thumb injury, but it doesn’t appear serious since he stayed in for a few innings after injuring it.

Joe Borowski – Seriously? How is he still the closer? They don’t have one guy better than him. They have two. Borowski isn’t fit to pitch the seventh inning of blowouts. (BTW, after he blew the save by allowing a walk-off grand slam, they played that crappy American Idol song, “Bad Day.” Classic.

Joey Votto – Dusty put in Javier Valentin to pinch hit instead of Votto. Does this mean anything to you? It should.

Brad Lidge – Edwin Encarncion came close to proving Brantley wrong again and hitting another clutch home run. But it turned into a fairly unremarkable long out except, when Encarncion hit the ball to the warning track, Lidge dropped his head like he had just learned his wife left him for his sister. Seriously, Lidge might cry by the end of the year. Not great for a closer.

Felipe Lopez – Played left field. Well, I guess Acta forgave him for sleeping with his wife and threw him in the lineup. Does his value go up with outfield eligibility? No, not really. But if Felipe is starting coupled with his MI eligibility from last year, he’s worth a looksee. This doesn’t mean he’s starting every day yet. It’s at a wait-and-see right now.

Bartolo Colon – Not sure if anyone out there in AL-only leagues was waiting for him to return, but he just landed on the minor league DL with a strained oblique. Whatevs. You got bigger fish to fry with your team if you were waiting for Bart Colon.

Chris Snyder – Dropped to the eighth spot. Well, that didn’t take long. Oh, well.

Carlos Ruiz – He is killing me, cause in the preseason I named Ruiz to the All-Grey-Talks-About Team. There’s nothing worse than grabbing a player and holding onto him out of spite no matter all the signs saying drop him. It’s still early, but soon I might ask you to punt this puta.

Adrian Gonzalez – I sure hope he keeps up his torrid hitting. Unfortunately, he started really hot last year, as well. I’m beginning to think I might say A-Gone in a trade in June.

Brad Thompson – I bid $3 on him in my NL-only league. Just sayin’.

Matt Cain – That was the Padres! I wish I didn’t have to say I told you to stay away from the CainCum combo, but I did.

Wilson Betemit – Played short, replacing Jeter when he left the game with an injury. If Pretty Boy hits the DL and Betemit fills in, I think he’s an immediate grab in AL-only and a looksee in mixed.

Jose Valverde – He’s not a safe reliever. If I had a dollar for every time he burned me, I’d have three or four dollars. That’s all I’m saying right now.

Franklin Gutierrez – I’m worried; he’s pressing. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long or FraGu (<—-forced nickname) may find himself in the nine hole.

Mark Reynolds – I fingercuffed myself with him. (Fingercuffing — in relation to fantasy baseball — is when you have him on a regular team and also on your Fantasy Razzball team, which rewards sucking and striking out and overall crappiness.) Anyway, each home run and strikeout simultaneously pulls me in two separate emotional directions. Hence, fingercuffing.)

Nick Blackburn – He looked good again. And, to be honest, I still don’t know what to make of him. I don’t think he’s as good as he looked, but if you’re in a deep league and need pitching, you gotta take a flier, right?

Tom Gorzelanny – FYI, I dropped him in the one league I was in. Sure, it was only a ten team mixed league, but, well, now you know.

Ronnie Paulino – He’s not even starting against lefties now? Ugh. Good news for Doumit owners, bad news for Paulino owners (as if there are any). And, because I know the comments are coming, yes, I would drop Ruiz for Doumit if you can grab him.

Juan PierreMatt Kemp is being benched for him — for the third straight game! The Pierre Situation will have more victims than victors.

Tom Glavine – My hand that holds how crappy the Rockies were is lower than my hand that is holding how good Glavine was.

Rich Harden – He’s headed to the DL. Seriously, why bother?

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    BTW, this is what Dusty said about Votto, “You know Votto’s going to have more power and productivity, but, right now, Hatteberg is a better hitter.”

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    Upton was mentioned in yesterday’s post/comments. He looks very promising. There will be some peaks and valleys, I suppose, but he’s home run off Cueto showed tremendously quick hands.

  3. Steve says:

    Is Doumit going to play regularly enough to be a viable alternative to Posada?

  4. john says:

    i just can’t decide between mclouth and nady, they’re both hot right now and both available in my league….oh and for the record grey, your Hawaiian god Victorino is killin me right now!

  5. Carl says:

    I need a “There there it’s going to be a ok” pat on the back.

    It’s tough in a NL-only 9 team league with no on on the waiver wire so you better make sure your players don’t suck. Players really sucking or making me worry:

    Howard 1 homer and .179 Avg.
    Fielder no homers
    Kemp not playing
    Loney is a singles hitter all of a sudden
    Encarnacion hitting .100
    Upton 3 homers and yup 3 RBI
    Lilly and Arroyo bombed twice in 2 starts
    Hoffman bombed every 2 appearances
    Heilman can’t pitch anymore

    It’s pretty sad when you have to count on Ryan Dempster to get you a win and K’s this week. *sigh*

    I know it’s early but dayum.

  6. john –
    when in doubt:
    1) take speed if there isn’t a massive power difference
    2) take the guy less in danger of being traded and becoming a part-time player
    3) take anyone over xavier nady


  7. Grey

    Grey says:


    Howard, Fielder, Encarncion and Heilman — Will be fine. If you can bench Heilman ’til he figures things out and slot in a different MR. Loney — He’ll be a bit more, but I don’t see a huge breakout. Kemp — The Pierre Situation will hopefully be resolved soon. Upton — At least you’re getting homers. Lilly/Arroyo — Eh, they’re okay for NL-only but you can’t expect too much.

    Hoffman — He should be okay, but he is 40.

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve — Posada over Doumit.

  9. Morat says:

    Carlos Ruiz. Grr. Dude I listened to you on this one…what’s your deadline for the puta-punt? Two more weeks? Listen two owners recently dropped Soto and Hernandez. Would you punt Ruiz right now for one of these two?

  10. Carl says:

    I am watching the Reds-Brewers and I just realized Rickie Weeks is not a bright person. With 2 strikes even I know I’m not going to get something to hit…he’s a major leaguer, why does he think he will? How did he get through high school?

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    Soto and Hernandez have had one good game apiece and Ruiz hasn’t had any. If you must, I’d go for the upside of Soto over Hernandez. Right now, I’m holding tight with Ruiz. Next week, I’ll reassess.

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Carl — I think it’s more of a testament to Cueto’s stuff that it looks like a strike but it’s not. Then again, maybe Weeks is dopey.

  13. Carl says:

    Wow. Weeks and Hart 6 AB – 5 K’s

    Reynolds another homer…I could have had him instead I took Encarnacion, with his .091 avg. and ugly fat face.

    I am going to stick my finger down my throat. Be back later.

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    This year 12/35 and 15/18 are Hawaiian and Kemp’s respective projections. Next year, I see the same from Victorino and Kemp going 20/20. So it’s a matter of what you need I guess. I don’t see Kemp suddenly being a 40/40 guy if that’s what you’re thinking.

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