Alex Kirilloff has the same number of hits in the playoffs as Mike Trout. Sorry, I forgot my parasol, so I made my own shade. An important aspect to him starting a playoff game shows — Oh, by the way, in case you didn’t hear, Alex Kirilloff made his major league debut in the playoffs this year — back to the scheduled program! One thing that him starting a playoff game shows is the Twins are ready to see Kirilloff go, um, off. And *raises hand* same, same. Here’s what Prospect Itch said previously, “After a tough summer fighting a wrist injury, Alex Kiriloff caught fire in the final month—a burst that could be connected to his wrist feeling better. 2020 is a big year for his perceived value. If he comes out hot, people will handwave a disappointing 2019. If he struggles, they’ll start connecting data points and dropping him down their lists, now only if Grey would drop dead.” Okay, what the eff, dude? Also, Prospect Hobbs wrote about 1,500 words about Alex Kirilloff in his Blind Resume post. So, 2020 wasn’t a great year for Kirilloff–I literally can’t think of anyone who had a good 2020, so join the crowd. A bad 2020 for Kirilloff, however, had no bearing on him or anything. There was just no year to have. Here’s where I suppose something:  If the Twins weren’t confident with what they were seeing from Kirilloff in the alternate training camp, they wouldn’t have put him on their playoff roster. So, what can we expect from Alex Kiriloff for 2021 fantasy baseball?

How about we start with what Alex Kirilloff has done and why do we care? Kiriloff is a 60-grade power and hit tool guy in a Hot Girl Summer. That essentially means he could sorta be Eddie Rosario — 30 homers, .280, or, well, better. Kirilloff even showed a penchant for a steal here and there in the minors, but that’s likely smoke and mirrors. Magical if it happens, but don’t count the rabbits in your hats just yet. In Double-A, he yawned through a 9/7/.283 season, but that was explained in Itch’s quote prior to his Grey slander. He had a wrist thing. Kirilloff, not Itch. Don’t have any insight into Itch’s wrists. Prolly very well-defined. From the itching. 

The year before for Kiriloff is when he first emerged as a legit contender for ‘Sexy Time.’ He went 20/4/.350-ish (didn’t do the math on the batting average, but it’s around there). That was in A and High A, though. So, Itch (and Hobbs, if you read his post) were rightfully concerned. Kirilloff could be ready, or he could be something great from 2018, that we’re waiting to materialize in 2021. Finally, if he’s the real deal in, say, Spring Training, when is Kirilloff the starting corner outfielder, DH or 1st baseman for the Twins this year? Good question, right side of my brain. Very logical. Left Side of Brain, “Don’t you mean left side?” Stop trying to trick me, LSB! My guess is the Twins bring in some cheap bat to get them to June. Think a C.J. Cron-type who plays 1st, DH or a corner outfield slot, and then Kirilloff comes up in early-June. That’s assuming Kirilloff hits in the minors, and whomever they bring in doesn’t. I doubt Kirilloff is someone we see first thing in April. I do think he’s going to be mixed league relevant as soon as he’s up though, much like Alec Bohm was this year. For 2021, I’ll give Alex Kirilloff projections of 44/15/46/.267/4 in 332 ABs and a mid-June call-up. As of now, that is conservative on the at-bats, because he’s currently pencilled into the DH spot. However, pencils do have erasers. I think, it’s been a while.