Oh, the Memorial Day weekend is here, subtle rejoice.  It is officially the start to the season of way too tight Affliction t-shirts that are monikered in glitter and shirts that are sold in the three-pack variety.  What could be better than that, I’ll tell you what.  A horse drawn fruit cart. Like back in the old days.  I mean, who doesn’t like daily fresh produce conveniently delivered, or, in this case, walked past your door.  I mean, just thinking of that makes me want to get some mush melon and maybe some prosciutto, sit outside and play click clack in my aforementioned assemblage of t-shirts.  So everyone is probably out at a bbq and not even reading this as its a big going out weekend, but if you are here thanks for being dedicated and taking 10 minutes to read this.  Have a great holiday weekend and if you’re going to drink, be responsible and at least bring me one while your up. (Please keep in mind that pitchers and match-ups change.)

One Start Options:


Bruce Chen @ Cle – Gomez

Anthony Bass @ CHC – Dempster


Wei-Yin Chen @ TB – Price

Mike Leake @ Hou – Happ

Derek Lowe vs Min – Pavano

Felipe Paulino vs Oak – Colon

Clayton Richard vs Ari – Miley

Two Start Options:

Bronson Arroyo (@Pit vs McDonald, @Hou vs Harrell) Ugh really has it been three weeks already.  Ok I will find something useful for you to ponder if you want to pick him up….took me awhile so enjoy this gem. He has given up zero runs on the road during a day game, and you don’t have to check –  both games are during the day.

Drew Hutchinson (Bal vs Arrieta, Bos vs Bard) Those dreaded starts against the AL East, I shake my fist at thee.  I am going to hunt down Mrs. AL East and torment here for not being more green on the fantasy environment.

Travis Wood (SD vs Suppan, @SF vs Zito) I’m actually curious to see if Wood can carve out some NL-only or deeper league value by the end of next week.  It’s possible; I mean it’s also possible I turn into a sea horse and am forced to give birth to other sea horses.

Juan Nicasio (Hou vs Rodriguez, LAD vs Harang) His name loosely translated means WHIP-tard.  So by burying your periphs he can say its just part of family tradition and he can’t be held accountable.

Felix Doubront (Det vs Fister, @Tor ve Drabek) Is in the top 7 in K/9, unfortunately he hands out free passes like a guy on the Vegas strip handing out business cards to Spearmint Rhino.

Scott Diamond (Oak vs TBD, @Cle vs McCallister) I would be nervous against the TBD starter that Oakland has to throw out there.  Could be anyone really – Rollie Fingers, that guy Henter from Bases Loaded, or that barista guy from your local coffee house.  This week’s number one option has to be this guy, right?

Jake Arrieta (Tor vs Hutchinson, @TB vs Moore) Way too hittable and gives up too many big flies for my liking.  The frog from frog bog doesn’t agree.  So even imaginary amphibians are fantasy baseball critics.  Just proving the point that they will let anyone evaluate stats.

Kevin Millwood (@Tex vs Harrison, @CHW vs Sale) One.  Count ’em one earned run in the last 3 starts spanning 22 innings.  He is owned in less then 5% of leagues.  To me that makes complete sense, because Clay Buchholz is owned in over 40%…. wait huh?  Has been a streamer delight so far, now you can get him for a 2 for 1 special.  I’d rather use my coupons elsewhere, but you do what you do.

Aaron Harang (Mil vs Marcum, @Col vs Nicasio) Always has a mug on his face like he is currently doing the cinnamon challenge.  Just an FYI – do not try the cinnamon challenge; it usually ends up like dollar beer happy hour.

  1. LuigiBall says:

    Gallardo,Peavy,Latos,Moore,Holland,Norris & Samardzija! You know what they all have in common?They all have been dropped in my yahoo league during the season & picked up by me.The only guys left in my rotation from my draft are Darvish & A. Sanchez.The plan was to stream the whole season,like I usually do,but now I have 9 starters & I don’t stream anymore.I’ve been doing the stream strategy for years now & this has never happened to me.My team is stacked with hitters,but I need one more closer{Tyler Clippard}he’s on the waiver wire.I have no idea who to drop!!! SMH

  2. ozzie says:

    So R Weeks sucks right now, but if dropped in a keeper league he is a must add correct?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @ozzie, Yea he would get snatched up

  3. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Pretty sure Mcallister was sent down yesterday so you may want to adjust the list

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Cheese, Yea looks like Tomlin will get activated thanks for heads up

  4. FilthyRich says:

    Which of these three do you like best:
    Nicasio, Wood, Hutchinson

    Nicasio pitches both games at home where his ERA is about 4 runs higher, so I’m leaning towards Wood.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @FilthyRich, Wood

  5. Jacob says:

    Just traded Eithier straight up for Cliff lee
    How did I do?
    Needed a starter and thought this was trading Eithier high

  6. Jacob says:

    Cespedes or Morse ROS ??

  7. pdubs says:

    I need pitching… I want to trade Tulowitski for Castro and Latos. Good deal or no? Will Latos turn it around in your opinion?

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