Last week, I participated in my first real draft.  I believe drafting the day pitchers and catchers report is a sign that you’ve lost your marbles.  So, when I heard this draft was for all the marbles, I figured those marbles will cancel each other out.  Nothing better than a good marble canceling to get the blood flowing.  And by blood flowing and marbles, I’m not talking Viagra or testicles, but you can continue to think that.  This team has a yet-to-be-determined nickname.  I’m thinking “Super Sizedmore.”  Or “Did A Coked-Up Tom Sizemore Draft This Team?” Or “Two Sizemores Too Big.”  Or I’ll just go to the fantasy baseball team name generator and let that think for me.  This team is very shallow.  Why ‘perts are drafting in such a shallow league?  No idea, I gave up trying to figure out the answer to that question for Lent.  The league is 12 team, no bench, 9 Ps, 5 OFs, MI, CI and one utility.  Anyway, here’s my first 2010 fantasy baseball team, done auction-style:

C:  Chris Iannetta — $5
C:  Carlos Ruiz — $1
1B: Carlos Pena — $17
2B:  Robinson Cano — $19
3B:  Ian Stewart — $9
SS:  Jose Reyes — $27
MI: Scott Sizemore — $1
CI:  Chipper Jones — $3
OF:  Justin Upton — $29
OF:  Curtis Granderson — $25
OF: Grady Sizemore — $24
OF:  Josh Hamilton — $15
OF:  Jason Heyward — $2
UT: Russell Branyan — $1
P:  Tim Lincecum — $29
P:  Zack Greinke — $24
P:  Chad Billingsley — $10
P:  Neftali Feliz — $1
P:  Joba Chamberlain — $1
P:  Marc Rzepczynski — $1
P:  Jose Valverde — $7
P:  Kerry Wood — $6
P:  Brandon Lyon — $3

My Outfield is Better Than Your Outfield

Um, yeah, it’s stacked.  I count 120 homers and 70 steals and that’s not including Jason Heyward, who I’ll probably drop.  ¿No queiro Heywardo? No, random Spanish italicized voice.  It’s just the league’s so shallow that you really need production from everyone and there’s bound to be an unexciting Kubelish-type vet on waivers that would fit on my team better.  I’m holding Heyward for now because his upside is tantalizing and he’d have some trade value if he starts the season well.  Carlos Ruiz wasn’t as lucky.  He was dropped right after the draft for Ramon Hernandez.  Yes, in a two catcher league Ramon Hernandez was on waivers after the draft.  If you want to know why I didn’t draft him to begin with, read the next sentence.  I was down to $5 for 5 players so if I nominated players I really wanted, I would’ve lost them if someone bid $2.  So I hoped some guys were just ignored.  They were.

Three Starters For Starters

As mentioned before, this league is Ms. Teen South Carolina shallow.  I almost wish I would’ve just took Lincecum and 8 scrubs in the staff so I would’ve had more money to spend on hitters.  Yeah, didn’t do that.  Instead, I have a top three staff with little to no effort given to the bottom half of my staff.  If you think I didn’t need Greinke after getting Lincecum, you’re right, but I’m not letting someone else get him for $23.  The Price Enforcer –> Getting kittens outta trees and making sure Chad Billingsley doesn’t go for nine bucks.  You need to be more free form in an auction setting than a straight draft.  Would I have ever drafted this team in a straight draft?  No, it’s impossible.  As for Rzepcynski, I like him, think he has some good upside appeal wrapped in an incredibly hard to spell name, but, alas, he didn’t stay on my team either.  I needed a proven vet to counterbalance the rest of my staff.   So I dropped The RZE for Mark Boring Buehrle. (Actually, Rudy joined me for the morning after waiver process.  So Rudy dropped The RZE for Buehrle, but I agreed.)

One Sizemore Fits All

Scott Sizemore didn’t last very long on my team.  I love me some Scott Sizemore, but this team needed a more trustworthy Runs/Average threat so Scott Sizemore got *pinkie to the mouth* downsized.  To replace him, I grabbed Kelly JohnsonI also strongly like Kelly Johnson.  Really don’t feel he’s getting the attention he deserves.  Don’t think I’ve seen him on one single mock team done by a commenter.  Don’t make me send The Random Spanish Italicized Voice, The RZE and The Price Enforcer after you.

We’re In First Place

For what it’s worth, the calculations have us in 1st place at 78 points.  Oh, and I already dropped Branyan for David Ortiz, who was on waivers, who Rudy then dropped for Milledge, who fit better on our team.  Told ya, it’s shallow.

  1. Tony says:

    But Branyan is back with my tribe grey! we’re going to win it all now!

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: Ha, yeah, you got it locked down now.

  3. David says:

    I wish I could un-read that article on ESPN telling me to draft Jacoby Ellsbury in the latter half of the first round. Grey, this is the second mock/real draft I’ve seen of yours and they both have Chipper at CI. Is he being too undervalued?

  4. agarthered says:

    I find myself continously with Sizemore, Granderson, Hamilton and Mccutchen covering my outfield in nearly every mock draft I’ve done!

    I’ve also ended up with Beckham and Stewart at 2nd and 3rd on a lot of teams, I’m also high on them, but having both kind of worries me.

    Also I know you’re not that high on peavy, but what do you think about him going in the 12th round, in most yahoo mock drafts i’ve done?

    Glad to be back here, for fantasy season!

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @David: I think Chipper’s good for a .310 average and decent Runs and RBIs. That’s a nice balance for Stewart, so, yeah, I have found myself drafting him more than I ever thought I would. It’s probably my worst play in this league though since there is no bench. I wouldn’t be surprised if I drop him at some point.

    @agarthered: Loving that outfield too. I wouldn’t be that worried about Beckham and Stewart. Those are usually positions you can fix in-season if need be. Peavy in the 12th round is fine, I’d take him there too.

  6. agarthered says:

    Werd, I seem to be anchoring my team with Lester followed by Hamels, afterwards i’ve been looking at Peavy, Billingsley, or Garza who I find would all be great 3rd Starters.

    Can’t believe how many bounceback candidates there are this year. Gonna be some huge steals late on.

  7. sean says:

    @Grey: re: 1$ Joba: I see this guy falling outside of pick 200 in every draft that I’ve been involved in this season (mock and otherwise). Sleeper post material or just good late-round snag?

  8. Giacomo says:

    Any chance that you can post a link to the entire draft results? I am interested to see $ values for all players, so that I can try to gauge the inflation on all of the “1st round” studs.

  9. agarthered says:

    @sean, Joba could be a great steal imo, I have a hatred for him though as I took him to be my 3rd starter last year and he let me down big time!

  10. HalLeeday34 says:

    @Grey-Thanks for the info from the last post. You’d feel ok coming out with Longoria-Tulo to pair with my Cano in the IF. Figure I’d end up with a Morales, Youk, Donkey type at first if I make that move. Make me believe in Tulo here I’m having a tough time taking him this high.
    Higher on granderson than grady’s ladies is interesting there. ADP for the two is a round or two in the opposite direction. Curtis someone to target toward the end of round 4?
    Love me some Chooch this year with victorino hitting 7 and finding himself on base that much more than Pedro Feliz.

  11. Rabbit says:

    I can’t believe the guys that are on the waiver wire for your league–I guess having no bench slots has a much bigger effect on depth than I would have expected. G Sizemore at $24 and Bills at $10 seem like really good values to me, and I would venture that Reyes at $27 will end up looking pretty good too. Oh, and I heartily second Giacomo’s request for a link to the entire auction results.

  12. royce! says:

    @David: I keep seeing Chipper stick around until somewhere between 150 and 200 in mocks. I’d say he’s worth that for sure if your previous picks have you concerned about your AVG. In a league w/ a CI spot, as Grey said, he’s a good complement to a Stewart pick. Crapolonco goes much later (if at all) and he is also a good complement to Stewart, although you lose like 10 HR.

    @sean: I’m not Grey, but I would say that Joba’s falling that far because it hasn’t been determined if he will be a MR or the 5th starter. It’s hard to take want to grab a SP without a guaranteed job that can’t seem to get through 5 IP in the same round that you can grab SP like Slowey, Cueto, Ervin Santana, Jonathan Sanchez, etc.

  13. polczek5 says:

    First off, the accolades. This is the best fantasy baseball site, period. As if the excellent advice wasn’t enough, it’s freakin’ hilarious! Your example for “wicked” was spot on!

    And, the question. I’m doing my first auction league this year. Any plans to post a set of dollar values that you use as a guide in your auction drafts? Or do you have advice on where to find a good starting point to tweak?

  14. Lava says:

    I like Super Sizedmore, but you would have to hang on to Scott for the duration of the season. Have to.

    How would you adjust your dollar values for larger teams, say 16-20?

  15. Mann of Sandd says:

    Grey, would I be crazy to offer a $21 dollar Ethier for Jason Heyward (currently on a minor league contract, will be $3 when he’s called up) in my keeper league? I hate to give up solid production for guesswork, but I’m somewhat solid in the OF and have more keepers than spots available (Holliday @ 36, decent value in this particular league), Ethier (21), Victorino (13) Just Up (7), Damon (10), T. Snider (3), R. Ludwick (2). We play 5 OF and I’d really prefer not to go into the auction with more than 4 of those positions set.

    If I would be crazy to make that offer, which 4 of those players would you keep?

  16. Tom Reale says:

    “More Size More Problems”

  17. Mann of Sandd says:

    In case it’s not obvious, Just-Up is Justin Upton. Sorry.

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Lava: Rudy’s doing expanded team league values. Maybe next week. A quick, dirty way would be to just take off three to four dollars off.

    @Mann of Sandd: I wouldn’t make that trade. I’d keep Holliday, Ethier, Victorino and J-Upside.

    @Tom Reale: Hehe

  19. matthole says:

    eric gagne just admitted to HGH use….in other news, i just farted

  20. Don Slaught's Onslaught says:

    Grey, I seem to keep ending up with both Wright and Reyes in many Yahoo! mocks. Mostly because I want to get 3B out of the way early (I seem be getting Wright mid-2nd after taking Miggy or Texiera in the first) and Reyes is usually good value in the 4th.

    Do you see having two bouncebacks from the same team as a problem?

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Ha… Someone should tell Gagne that there aren’t any conclusive tests for HGH so he didn’t need to cope to that.

    @Don Slaught’s Onslaught: Nice username. I don’t see it as a problem necessarily, but I’d probably avoid it. You don’t want to tempt fate.

  22. Steve says:

    @matthole: @Grey: That was quite a combo he formed with that other well-known clean-living fellow Guillermo Mota. If the Dodgers were leading going into the 8th, it was pretty much all over.

  23. Lava says:

    @Grey: Looking forward to it! Really enjoyed this piece, and the return of the El Voz Espanol al Azar en Cursiva!

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Grey: No HGH tests in the MLB, that is. C’mon, Grey!

    @Steve: If they were roommates, I picture a scene similar to Trainspotting, only Lasorda would be crawling on the ceiling.

    @Lava: Hehe

  25. Steve says:

    @Grey: Hehe.

    How many of the guys you drafted did you actually nominate?

    Also (and accepting they’re all different), do you find that you’re snagging guys pretty consistently through an auction, or are you sweepin’ ’em all up at the end?

  26. sean says:

    @Grey: success is inversely proportional the number of Mets being rostered at any one time.

  27. Urs says:

    Year 2 of an auction keeper league, I can protect 7 players going into this year. I’ve pretty much decided on: Fielder ($30), Choo ($2), Ethier ($6), Grienke ($3), and Gallardo ($10). Who do you like for the other two spots, McCutchen (2 yrs/ $11 per or 3 yrs/$16 per), Werth (same contractual obligations as the Dreaded Pirate) or Javy Vazquez at $6. Once I sign a player to a contract a $5 penalty is applied to my $260 if I release them before their contract ends in 3 years.

    I’m leaning Werth for 2/11 and debating McCutchen for 3/16 versus Vazquez @ $6 for 3 years. Let me know your thoughts, even if it means releasing one of the 5 top guys.

    Thanks in advance Grey….

  28. Rabbit says:

    Can’t believe it hasn’t been suggested yet, but what about “Size Matters”? The, after you drop Scott and trade Grady, you can become “Size Doesn’t Matter”.

    If you were a chick, a good name might be “Win a Date with Josh Hamilton.” But you’re not a chick. Least I don’t think so, not with that ‘stache. Unless you’re one of the nuns I had in Catholic grade school… [I’m now shuddering with PTSD].

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I’m pretty sure I didn’t nominate one single player I got other than the dollar ones, obviously.

    The draft played out like this… I bought Lincecum very early, then Greinke. I then tried to flush the most money out for other pitchers. So for at least the next 15 or so nominations all I did was nominate pitchers trying to get other people to spend money.

    Overall, I think auctions tend to play out with the top 50 or so players being nominated, though not in order. So I want guys in that group, just like I’d want in a snake. For this draft, I had a lot of down time while people were drafting outfielders and mid-tier pitchers. I was probably off for about an hour mid-draft. Not literally off, I was watching, but I didn’t want any of those pitchers.

    @sean: Definitely true last year. Rudy would probably agree with you too. He’s had bad luck through the years with Mets.

    @Urs: I’d go with Werth and Vazquez.

    @Rabbit: Yeah, how did we miss Size Matters? Wait, no it doesn’t.

  30. Steve says:

    @Grey: Thanks – that’s really useful stuff.

    Do you have a strategy for avoiding getting stuck with some of those pitchers you nominated? Or is it a matter of knowing when to (ahem) pull out?

  31. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I nominated pitchers that weren’t going for the price I was nominating that at. Say Gallardo for $5.

  32. Steve says:

    @Grey: So you’re just throwing it out there and letting everyone else fight over them?

    Sorry for all the narrow questions – just trying to stop those big kids from Hippo’s school pushing me around again this year.

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, I throw out guys I know will go for more and let them go for whatever they go for. Bills might’ve went for $9, but I wasn’t having that… But Lester, who I might’ve nominated for $5 or something nominal, went for $19… That’s still a good deal for that owner, but I wasn’t going to try and push that case. After around $10, I’d drop out on everyone. Couldn’t risk having another pitcher or outfielder for more than $10.

  34. Steve says:

    @Grey: Nice one – thanks!

    BTW (and I know I’m way behind, but whatevs), watched Ep 6 od season 2 of the wire the other night. Omar’s testimony at Bird’s trial has gone staright into my favourite TV scenes of all time.

    Oh – and Omar says “thereabouts” too – so there.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Omar is one of the top 10 best TV characters of all time.

  36. David says:

    I got the shotgun. You got the briefcase.

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Okay, I got it. Thereabouts! BTW, you going after the hot tub?

    @David: Ha

  38. Stephen says:

    @David: Sounds like a Sage Francis rap song.

  39. GopherDay says:

    Hey Grey, what do you think about this mock I just did? 10 team, standard positions with 2 Util.

    1. David Wright (NYM – 3B)
    2. Mark Teixeira (NYY – 1B)
    3. José Reyes (NYM – SS)
    4. Ryan Zimmerman (Was – 3B)
    5. B.J. Upton (TB – OF)
    6. Curtis Granderson (NYY – OF)
    7. Cole Hamels (Phi – SP)
    8. Josh Johnson (Fla – SP)
    9. Josh Hamilton (Tex – OF)
    10. Ricky Nolasco (Fla – SP)
    11. Matt Garza (TB – SP)
    12. Billy Butler (KC – 1B)
    13. Hunter Pence (Hou – OF)
    14. Francisco Rodríguez (NYM – RP)
    15. Francisco Cordero (Cin – RP)
    16. Rickie Weeks (Mil – 2B)
    17. David Aardsma (Sea – RP)
    18. David Price (TB – SP)
    19. Johnny Cueto (Cin – SP)
    20. Mike González (Bal – RP)
    21. Geovany Soto (ChC – C)
    22. Clay Buchholz (Bos – SP)
    23. Tim Hudson (Atl – SP)

    It was kind of a wierd draft. I normally end up with either Phillips or Cano at the end of the 5th round, but they went right before me. I really regretted drafting Zimmerman because I got Butler and Pence at such great prices. CarGo also made it really late.

    Overall, I think I have a pretty good team though.

  40. Steve says:

    @Grey: I haven’t previously, but may have to this year.

    Could be a set and forget situation, however, as my current three leagues are pushing the envelope of domestic acceptance.

    But the anguish should I win! Who to give it to?

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GopherDay: Overall, I’d agree. Look at that value on Soto and Hudson. That’s great value. Pence and Butler — same thing, great value. Your pitchign staff is pretty stacked, but in a ten team league, it should be. Now mock draft 12 team leagues, 10’s too easy.

    @Steve: I know! Who do I give it to if I win? Behrens is gonna be in it. (And some other ‘perts.) Should be fun.

  42. Eddy says:

    Which set would you prefer for the first 3 rounds?
    1) Tex/Holliday/Zimmerman



  43. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: 2, by a hair.

  44. Eddy says:

    scratch that, make that Youk instead of Zimmerman

  45. Eddy says:

    ok nvm then, it’d be 2nd by a bigger margin if Youk was the sub. Looks like Zimm is not falling as far as I thought he would

  46. I don’t mean to be a Grey Hater, but I heard a whole lot about the D-Backs picking up Tony Abreu to be their second baseman before Kelly Johnson moved in. Is there any chance Johnson is on a short leash?

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Real Tom: Tony Abreu’s not an every day major leaguer. Don’t even think he’s Johnson’s backup. Ryan Roberts, probably would be that.

  48. Nice. Dodger fans keep acting like Abreu was ready for the Majors, but that’s probably because he’s better than Jamey Carroll.

  49. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Grey: @Eddy: Grey, you want to take a second look at your #45 advice.

    Wright/Zimm pretty close. A little power for a little speed.
    Wright: 100 25 110 .300 17
    Zimm: 105 30 110 .295 5

    Holliday: 105 28 115 .320 15
    Werth: 85 30 100 .270 18

    Seems like quite a gap to Werth. What am I missing?

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @simply fred: Wright’s above Zimmerman (at 3rd base), so that makes up for Holliday to Werth (in the outfield).

  51. Don Slaught's Onslaught says:

    Feedback from anyone on this draft would be appreciated. 12 team, 3 OF 2 UTIL, I had pick 8.

    1. Mark Teixeira (NYY – 1B)
    2. David Wright (NYM – 3B)
    3. Grady Sizemore (Cle – OF)
    4. Félix Hernández (Sea – SP)
    5. Jayson Werth (Phi – OF)
    6. Jon Lester (Bos – SP)
    7. Adam Jones (Bal – OF)
    8. Ricky Nolasco (Fla – SP)
    9. Carlos Quentin (CWS – OF)
    10. Ian Stewart (Col – 2B,3B)
    11. Francisco Rodríguez (NYM – RP)
    12. Miguel Montero (Ari – C)
    13. Vladimir Guerrero (Tex – Util)
    14. Billy Wagner (Atl – RP)
    15. Johnny Cueto (Cin – SP)
    16. Leo Núñez (Fla – RP)
    17. David Price (TB – SP)
    18. Stephen Drew (Ari – SS)
    19. Octavio Dotel (Pit – RP)
    20. Travis Snider (Tor – OF)
    21. Tim Hudson (Atl – SP)
    22. Brandon Lyon (Hou – RP)
    23. Alcides Escobar (Mil – SS)

    Are Quentin and Vlad redundant at UTIL? I also could have gone Longoria/Howard in 1 &2, but I seem to be pairing Tex & Wright in a lot of mocks and am starting to like it.

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Don Slaught’s Onslaught: Tex/Wright is a better pairing. Longoria/Howard might get a .250 average. Then Sizemore’s not exactly known for his average, so it would’ve been an issue here. That’s a stacked team you drafted. No reason for Quentin and Vlad if one’s on the bench, but if you have two utility spots, it’s fine. Not much flexibility though. Nolasco, Lester and F-Her’s a lot of pitching. In some more competitive leagues, you might have hurt your offense by taking all of that pitching. Finally, your team’s light on speed. I counted 95 steals + Alcides. It’s not a bad thing to leave a draft needing steals, cause those you should be able to find. But it’s something to keep track of.

  53. CocoPoolies says:

    What do you think of grabbing Gordon Beckham in the late 7th/early 8th round to start at 2b? The league counts OPS. My open batting slots would be 2b, MI, Util, and the last of four OF spots.

    I’m crushing on Beckham….hard. I need someone to reign me in or set me loose. If Hill or Zobrist are there, should I take one of them instead?

  54. CocoPoolies says:

    @CocoPoolies: also, a keeper league.

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @CocoPoolies: I have Hill and Zobrist above him, but that’s for non-keepers. Go for Beckham. Riskier, but it could be a greater reward.

  56. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    holliday/zimm best wright/werth in 4 of 5 roto cats. The real difference-makers are:

    (Comparative to Grey’s cat targets)
    h/z bring +8% in average. w/w bring +9% in SB. So, it really comes down to: is your team, overall, short on average, or steals?
    (h/z +2% R, +1% HR, +1% RBI)

    Neither cat is that solid. Average is tough to predict. Steals can be made up during the season.

    Grey’s “by a hair” relevant to whichever side seems favorable to your team.

  57. Chris says:

    Hey Grey,

    What do you think of Shaun Marcum coming off Tommy John. He put up pretty good numbers and figures to be there “ace” in Toronto

  58. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Chris: I’d like to see him in Spring Training before I say yay or nay, but he has the potential to be a solid number three in fantasy. I don’t expect he’ll be an ace this year, or at least not right out of the gate.

  59. Rob says:

    Two keeper league questions

    1) who to choose from a-rod, pedroia, reyes, cc, j. upton, howard and vazquez. I get to keep 4. I get 9th pick, so io doubt whoever i dont take will make it back to me (besides pedroia and vazquez) I’m leaning towards not keeping pedroia, vazquez and howard cuz the other 4 just have too much upside

    2) who to choose pujols, tulo, philips, sizemore, hamels and carpenter. Im considering only keeping the hitters cuz both carp and hamels have some inj risk. I have the 8th pick

    Thanks for all the great help in advance Grey!

  60. Giacomo says:

    @Grey: Was your strategy to intentionally not spend $30 or more on any one player or did it just work out that way?

    Also, regarding the $ values from point shares, wouldn’t it be better if you used point shares based on your projections instead of chone? Is such an idea something that we might expect to see in the future?

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Rob: I’d keep A-Rod, Reyes, Upton and Howard. 2) Who to choose about what? Choose 4 again? No idea what you’re asking. Go to the new post with the followup if it’s not about this post.

    @Giacomo: Yeah, I try not to go above $29. Point Shares is more unbiased the way it is.

  62. papasmurf says:

    Not much love for Chipper this year. Understandable, but I think the old man still has production left in him. You know he busted his ass this offseason. 110 games of the Larry is still better than 150 games of a lot of other 3bs. I’ll just play the WW for the time he’s out. Casey McGehee! Alex Gordon!

    Of course, I could be biased cuz he’s my starting 3b. First time I’ve owned him on any team and it’s at the end of his career. Reminds me of the time I dated this chick who used to be hot. Story of my life.

  63. Pat says:

    Love the team Grey,
    That OF is ridiculous and Cano, Stewart, Pena, Reyes around the diamond is nice, nice, nice. Greinke, Lincecum, and a probable good first half from Bills give you great footing in ERA, WHIP, and K’s. Because the league’s so shallow I’m sure you can find other worthwhile starters as the season goes on. No doubt your team’s weakness is closers, but like you said, they should be all over the waiver, though of course the other owners know that too.

  64. Ben the M says:

    Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for all the work Grey. Reading this website has helped me focus in and get max value out of others. So far this offseason in my keeper league (20 teams first 6 picks are your keepers) I have turned the following players on my roster last year:



    (my 6 keepers)
    Miguel Cabrera
    Joey Votto
    Matt Holliday
    Ryan Zimmerman
    Felix Hernandez
    Zach Greinke
    and and upgrade from the 7th to the 3rd round draft pick

    and still have Abreu, Papelbon, & Bailey sitting around to play with the rest of the offseason.

    I would never have even thought of trading Reynolds and Mauer without your words of warning.

  65. Ben the M says:

    Should read – “focus in on certain players and get max value out of others”

    Sorry deleted too much.

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