Turns out Yahoo’s fantasy baseball doesn’t count the Twins and Tigers game no matter the format.  It’s the Keyser Söze of regular season games, I suppose.  ESPN, on the other hand, does count it.  So that means only one thing.  Pick up everyone from either the Tigers or the Twins, if it could mean a championship for you.  Ryan Raburn?  Yes, please!  Delmon Young?  Of course!  Fu-Te Ni?  Yes, unless you want to get F-U’d royally.

Starting the game are Scott Baker and Rick Porcello, but, at the first sign of trouble, they’ll be lifted.  This makes every starter, except for Sunday’s starters for either team, available.  Manship, Liriano and Robertson et al (that’s not the Israeli airline) could all see action.  Don’t forget possible unlikely heroes if you need any hitting stats.  That’s right, this may be the only time you see me fully endorse picking up Gerald Laird, Matt Tolbert and Jose Morales.  Even Nick Punto.  Well… No, even him.  Most importantly, if your opponent needs any stats at all, block them from getting them.  So if this means owning Matt Guerrier for no reason other than you’re afraid your opponent might get a vulture win and beat you, then own Guerrier, in the non-biblical sense, of course.

  1. Bob says:

    @Grey, @Steve:

    I’m in the Original Recipe RCL. There’s a notice on the team page that says:

    Note that stats from the Twins-Tigers one game playoff, scheduled for Tuesday, October 6, WILL count towards your league standings.”

    Do you know if that was posted by ESPN

  2. Bob says:

    Didn’t finish:

    I meant to say, do you know it that was posted by ESPN on all the league pages, public and private, or just by Steve on our league page.

  3. Steve says:

    @Bob: Wasn’t put there by me. Must have been ESPN.

    If it had been me, I’d have said the game DIDN’T count and then I would have grabbed every Twins and Tigers player I could get my hands on ;-)

  4. Mr Baseball says:

    hey man I won a Yahoo Trophy because of you Grey – which haft do you want

    Delmon Young – I might have to interview him for my team for next year – I was able to pick him up for the last year of the season and he made a difference for me winning all those leagues

    Top Ten Prospects: Tampa Bay Devil Rays

    November 15, 2004

    1. Delmon Young, of
    2. Scott Kazmir, lhp
    3. Joey Gathright, of
    4. Jason Hammel, rhp
    5. Reid Brignac, ss
    6. James Houser, lhp
    7. Elijah Dukes, of
    8. Chad Orvella, rhp
    9. Seth McClung, rhp
    10. Wes Bankston, 1b/of

    Best Hitter for Average Delmon Young
    Best Power Hitter Delmon Young
    Best Strike-Zone Discipline Elliot Johnson
    Fastest Baserunner Joey Gathright
    Best Athlete Elijah Dukes
    Best Fastball Scott Kazmir
    Best Curveball Jason Hammel
    Best Slider Scott Kazmir
    Best Changeup Chad Orvella
    Best Control Chad Orvella
    Best Defensive Catcher Shawn Riggans
    Best Defensive Infielder Fernando Cortez
    Best Infield Arm Travis Schlichting
    Best Defensive Outfielder Jason Pridie
    Best Outfield Arm Delmon Young

  5. Lazar says:

    I win! Pretty much thanks to you, Grey! Thanks, I look forward to next year.

  6. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Bob: all

  7. thwap says:

    I would love to see a fantasy league decided by Nick Punto single.

    PS – Thanks for a season of great advice, Grey! I won a tight league on the back of the mighty Wandwagon (who I was actually ridiculed for drafting – muhahaaha!)

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: It’s on all ESPN pages.

    @Mr Baseball: Nice list! I want the top half. You take the booty.

    @Lazar: Congrats!

    @thwap: Nice, congrats!

  9. Curly Day says:

    Well, then I definitely won my yahoo league. And my one ESPN league. In my second, I’m in first by 1 point (had a 4 point lead going into the day). I don’t think I can lose any points in one more game. But 2nd can pick up 1 point in whip – the is behind by .001 there. After ESPN decided to fix their website, we were both picking up any available player at the same time. Do you have some idea of how much an era or whip can rise based on a single game? I am behind on ERA by .006 to pick up 1 point, and .013 to pick up 2. Should I throw in the MIN and DET relievers I picked up (no more starts left)? Have Rauch, Miner, Lyon, Crain, Mahay, Perry.

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Curly Day: You’re behind and only can gain or can you lose points if Rauch gets beaten badly, for instance? If you can only gain, go for it. Throw everyone and hope you get 3 scoreless innings. That could push you up. But if you can lose points, don’t risk an MR giving up 4 runs in 2/3 innings.

  11. struggler says:

    i am weener. Thanks Grey. Your roundups were/are invaluable which i just looked up and different then unvaluable.

  12. Curly Day says:

    Yeah, looks like the guy after me in ERA is .125 points. Would 4 runs in 2/3 of an inning by Rauch lose me that much ground? He picked up Porcello. I hope gets bombed. Any chance any of the starters gets put in the game? Funk MNF – wait 2 more days now for this…

  13. big o says:

    pretty amazing year .

    yahoo’s pre-draft rankings take quite a hit .
    falling out of their top 10 :
    wright (3)
    reyes (4)
    cabrera (5)
    sizemore (6)
    hamilton (10)

    some die-hards will hold out hope for reyes , i suppose .

    have you ever seen a year , where 1/2 of the top 10 get de-throned ?
    or am i over-reacting ??

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: Hamilton shouldn’t have been in the top 10, I don’t think Cabrera’s year was that bad to be lumped with those other guys and Wright wasn’t terrible, just not what was expected.

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Curly Day: 4 runs in 2/3 of an inning was an example. It’s not worth the risk, but you can’t have him getting the guys, so you get them before him. As I said in the post, there’s a chance a lot of starters get put in the game.

  16. big o says:

    i agree , cabrera put up some pretty nice numbers , but ,
    losing 3rd base eligibility drops him out of the top 10 .
    cust anticipatin’

  17. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Grey: I read somewhere (I think MLB probables) to drop Wade Davis’ bad Sept start. So, I just run his last four and get:
    1.28ERA/.98WHIP, 28K in 28.2 IP, 2 W in 4 GS.
    Pretty darn enticing. Then I see that the 2 W were against Bal (which they will play regularly). The latest he gave up 3 earned in 5 IP to the Yankees. The other a ND against Seattle. Then random italicized voice says: “Grey would say ‘that’s what newbies do. Don’t ignore the 8 earned in 2.2 at Boston.'” All the while I am praying that Hellickson gets the call that Stephen says he deserves. So, sir, how do you rank Feliz, Bailey, W. Davis, Tejeda, Buchholz?

  18. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Simply Fred: Edit: ran

  19. Steve says:

    @Simply Fred: I order you to take a day off from fantasy baseball.

  20. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Steve: Yes, sir.

  21. big o says:

    YOU ‘ve had a great year ,
    and , I ‘ve enjoyed it , immensely .

  22. Steve says:

    @Simply Fred: Only a day, though. We’ll be mock drafting by November.

  23. PJtres says:

    does anyone know where the 1game playoff will be televised on tues??

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Simply Fred: Buchholz, Feliz, Bailey, W. Davis…

  25. terry grant says:

    Game is on TBS 4ET

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