It’s probably safe to say that there won’t be many more offseason trades going down. It’s also safe to say that I’ve destroyed the SEO filter with that title. About this time, I need to go back and write up the prospects that got traded to teams that have already had their minor league previews published. This way, no prospect falls through the cracks into the abyss of nothingness, also known as the pit of noblurbaboutmeness. There usually aren’t a ton of these guys, and I try to limit it to the ones that aren’t totally obscure. That said, I’m sure I’ll miss a couple, so hit me up in the comments for a quick take on anybody I don’t mention below. This year it’s all about the Mariners, who’ve added four top ten prospects since their preview was released.

Jarred Kelenic, OF | Top 100 Rank: 34 | Seattle Rank: 1

Traded from the Mets for Diaz, Kelenic was drafted 6th overall in 2018 and possesses a plus hit tool with above average power and speed. He’s only 19, so fantasy owners will need to exert some patience as he works his way through the minors. In his first taste of pro ball, Kelenic hit .286 with six homers and 15 steals. He also walked at a 10% clip. It’s a really nice get for the Mariners.

Yusei Kikuchi, LHP | Top 100 Rank: 45 | Seattle Rank: 2

Unlike Kelenic, Kikuchi is ready to go from day one. His best pitch is his curve, and at nearly 28 he has a bunch of pro experience already under his belt in Japan. There, he averaged about 8 K/9 and 3 BB/9. That should equate to a useful 3/4 starter. My only concern heading into 2019 would be how the Mariners decide to limit his innings. There will most likely be an adjustment to the more frequent pitching schedule here in the States and it sounds like the M’s will shorten every fifth start for the southpaw. Steamer is predicting about 140 strikeouts in 143 innings of work (24 starts).

Justus Sheffield, LHP | Top 100 Rank: 50 | Seattle Rank: 3

Sheffield’s 2019 might not be too far off Kikuchi’s, although I’d plan for less innings and a higher walk rate. He’s good to go for 2019, and long term I think his ceiling is higher than the Japanese import’s – I’m thinking 2/3 starter with a strikeout per inning (maybe higher). Steamer is giving him 130 innings in 2019 with 115 strikeouts and a mid-4 ERA in 23 starts. I’d take the over on the strikeouts and the under on the ERA.

Shed Long, 2B | Top 100 Rank: NR | Seattle Rank: 7

Shed isn’t the Top 100/Grade A material of the other three, but he was still a solid get and I’d give him a sturdy B grade. The second base prospect is 23 years old, and spent all of 2018 in Double-A, where he hit .261 with 12 homers and 19 steals. He has a good approach – walking in 11% of his plate appearances in each of the last two seasons. The Mariners are set for 2019 in the middle infield, so I’d expect Long to spend most or all of 2019 in Triple-A barring an injury.

Obviously, it’s a very different Seattle system after their active offseason.

  1. Al KOHOLIC says:

    Thanks Mike.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      My pleasure Al.

  2. Ante Galic says:


    Great prospects traded and them being traded! Good usage of the word traded in a sentence.

    a. Please rank the following in a mixed, weekly lineup locks, points league (CBS), redraft for this year based on how many points you all think each will be able to make.

    CBS points…runs, RBIs, BB, TB= 1 pt, SB=2 pts, CS= -1 pt, K= -0.5 pt. So, Stanton solo HR (1/4)=6 pts and Robles steal of 2nd and 3rd, then stranded at 3rd (1/4) =4 pts

    1. Robles
    2. Voit
    3. Laureano
    4. VGJ
    5. Eloy


    • Mike

      Mike says:


      I’m going to be that guy and recommend you ask Malamoney about this. I don’t play in points leagues and I don’t want to give bad advice.

  3. big league choo says:

    10 team dynasty 5×5 obp

    hoskins/alex reyes/alex wood for tatis jr/peraza/lucchesi

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Tough one…prefer the Tatis side.

      • Big league choo says:

        Thanks was trying to build my MI…have Alonso coming up and Goldy, muncy and Rendon. Now my MI is secured and I like lucchesi for an upside play. Here’s hoping he turns into Baez or story.

  4. LenFuego says:

    How many trades could a trader trade if a trader could trade trades?

    Traitor Trader traded a trade of traded traits. If Traitor Trader traded a trade of traded traits, where’s the trade of traded traits that Traitor Trader traded?

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Ha! Trading traders can trade my trade!

  5. sh says:


    You are my saving grace of everything prospects and wittiness. I have a couple of trade possiblities. 20 team dynasty head to head no limits on keepers, SP is very valuable. trade 1 I give up Welker and DL Hall for Quintana. Also I give up Benitendi for Clevinger and Gorman. or would you want more for Benny.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      haha thanks!

      I don’t mind either if pitching is that valuable. I do feel like the Beni return is a bit light.

  6. thorbs says:

    Nice write-up – it’s interesting seeing how Sheffield’s stock has seemingly dropped since the trade…I feel like the warts in his profile became more apparent once the spotlight was on him, even though he’s moving to a better pitcher’s park.

    Quick Q on your general strategy regarding prospects.

    In a 10×10, 12-team H2H dynasty, I can keep 8 minor leaguers. Right now I am planning to keep Robles, C. Stewart, Chisholm, Patino, N. Jones, Waters and Pache.

    That leaves one spot for

    Jose Castillo

    I won last year and am def in win-now mode, is it crazy to keep Castillo as a cheeky way to lock in a potential monster reliever (it’s a NS+H league) instead of one of the other three? With Robles and Stewart hopefully jumping in from Opening Day on my active roster I’m planning on using my first rounder to get the best prospect there and then fill out my squad with ratio-boosting relievers.

    My gut tells me this is worth it, but is it shortsighted?

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Thanks! Not short-sighted. I think it’s a good move. Another option would be to go with Duplantier and hope he clicks as a starter (maybe more value). I like the idea of promoting and using the slots to restock. Those newbloods are always good trade chips midseason.

  7. Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot (who wins) says:

    in a shallower 12 team dynasty (only 3 OF, no CI/MI, 1 util), with 7 NA stash slots some dude just tried trading my mondesi for f.mejia. but looky who i drafted in last night’s NA in yahoo only draft (good thing is we’re shallow enough such that all the guys that aren’t even in yahoo at all probably won’t matter), 7 rounds, i had the 6th in all rounds. kept only r.lewis and y.alvarez (threw back marsh and mountcastle and improved everywhere if going by ralph’s site, i sort of merged mike’s and that one (the fantasy top 100 over there, not real life top 100 over there))

    larnach (and i need RF badly here)
    n.lowe (you way lower than ralph’s site) and only have E5 at 1B so a need too)
    n.jones 3B CLE(you way lower than ralph’s site)
    k.robinson CF ARI (this is a guy ralph’s site is WAY high on, not in your top 100, also i gotta drop one of these when paddack gets his yahoo NA)

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Nice! Robinson might be the next Eloy…

      really nice draft there

      • Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot (who wins) says:

        @Mike: wait, that’s EXACTLY what ralph’s site said about him. did you post your top 100 before reading that possibly? i do know your rankings are more ETA based of course than theirs. didn’t actually miss india with my 2nd pick by that much either. there were only 40 picks total in this draft, most people kept probably too many (i had to come up with a mish mash top 100 or more which i can use in all leagues with stashing beyond this year for this early draft here), upon making one i realized i needed to drop mountcastle and marsh and keller (keller also doesn’t have NA in yahoo yet, he was worse than all my 26 active roster keepers)

        a lot of guys go off real life based lists like you can see it with how early guys like x.edwards went, or victor to the 2nd. or madrigal (you actually are pretty high on him, ralph and his crew are not, 76th over there). you guys REALLY differ on pache (16 you, 66 them, went pretty high in our draft)

          • Mike

            Mike says:

            yeah, I took some heat for that…I think he’s high floor/low ceiling type which is great. Somebody has to pay the piper when you’ve got others higher lol.

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          haha, just a hunch on Kristian, reminds me of EJ, Yeah I love Madrigal. Pache is kinda tricky, like he could just be all D but I think there’s more there on the offensive side. Knowing the real life lists differ is half the battle. A lot of guys still swear by those lists.

          • Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot (who wins) says:

            @Mike: in a similar spot, but deeper league (16 teamer with off the roster prospect list, plus 4 NA’s on roster) have these (dropped w.javier already to make space), so 11 total spots for them:
            -kirilloff RF
            -trammell LF
            -mize SP (we just added a rule that you can’t get a guy if for some asinine reason yahoo willy nilly adds them in the same year they are obtained, but he’s grandfathered to me, as is bart to somebody)
            – k.lewis RF
            – kieboom SS
            -c.stewart LF
            – r.tellez 1B
            – paddack SP
            -k.lee CF

            for now i got one space for our slow draft which has just started. but based on these top 100’s i can probably at least for a few rounds improve, if/as this happens who are my first drops, lewis or tellez or k.lee. also have this for the starting hitters: (settings total bases, hits, OPS, steals %, OBP over AVG, QS, holds, NSVH, K/9, K/BB added)
            C cervelli/e.diaz (don’t have to drop diaz yet but will later)
            1B miggy
            2B jose ram
            SS semien
            3B chapman
            CI r-zimm
            MI kipnis (2B/CF)
            LF jd mart (RF)
            CF mookie (RF)
            RF meadows (all OF)
            OF mancini (1B/LF)
            util (2) desmond (1B/LF will have CF soon), bader (CF/RF)
            BN mcmahon (1B/2B/3B, can’t be put down, could be NA’d if he is in real life), longo (3B), so using 2 BN slots currently out of 3 on hitters (not great)
            DL brocktune (polanco), and have rights on hanram

            SP (5 or 6 slots, 1750 max innings), carrasco, wood, morton, reyes, shoemaker (i streamed a ton last year, dropped hamels at about his lowest value ever when he was just horrible for like a full month at TEX), f.valdez HOU
            RP (5 or 6 slots): kimbrel, rivero (vasquez), yates,, rogers, tepera
            DL: cueto, morrow (and have rights on buchholez, will drop valdez for him)

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