Welcome to another season of Razz-matazz Fantasy Baseball. For those of you wondering, that actually was Grey’s second choice for naming this site, but as you can see, Razzball won out, much to the chagrin of jazz fingers around the world. And just one ball. No multiple balls I guess. Kinda like the opposite of how Hilton didn’t want just one tree. Double that sh*t! But here we are with another year of staff picks. So what’s the goal with this? Hashtag content, baby. (That’s the technical term.) There’s another goal though, one less self-fulfilling, unlike your mother. Despite the modern advancement of technology and science, we still have no way to have every writer provide their extended (or in Tehol’s case, I always hope abbreviated) take on every single player in the MLB. We try though! And so we have this quick-and-easy (I regret burning my “yo momma” joke now…) presentation that provides you, the Razzmatazzball community a viewer-friendly and succinct breakdown of how we feel about the upcoming season.

So without further ado, here are our Official 2018 Razzball Picks!

Major League Baseball Picks

Writer ROY (NL) ROY (AL) Cy Young (NL) Cy Young (AL) MVP (NL) MVP (AL)
Grey Lewis Brinson Willie Calhoun Stephen Strasburg Trevor Bauer Anthony Rendon Giancarlo Stanton
Alan Ronald Acuna Gleyber Torres Yu Darvish Corey Kluber Paul Goldschmidt Mike Trout
Viz Ronald Acuna Shohei Ohtani Clayton Kershaw Chris Sale Freddie Freeman Mike Trout
Brandon Ronald Acuna Shohei Ohtani Max Scherzer Luis Severino Kris Bryant Mike Trout
Dokken Ronald Acuna Shohei Ohtani Luis Castillo Luis Severino Nolan Arenado Francisco Lindor
Jimothy Ronald Acuna Willie Calhoun Noah Syndergaard Chris Archer Nolan Arenado Mike Trout
Kerry Ronald Acuna Willie Calhoun Robbie Ray Chris Sale Rhys Hoskins Mookie Betts
Lance Ronald Acuna Shohei Ohtani Stephen Strasburg Chris Sale Bryce Harper Mike Trout
Laura Scott Kingery Willie Calhoun Noah Syndergaard Chris Sale Trea Turner Francisco Lindor
Mala Ronald Acuna Gleyber Torres Stephen Strasburg Corey Kluber Nolan Arenado Mike Trout
Matt Bowe Lewis Brinson Shohei Ohtani Noah Syndergaard Carlos Carrasco Kris Bryant Mookie Betts
Paul Ronald Acuna Dustin Fowler Clayton Kershaw Luis Severino Christian Yelich Mike Trout
Ralph Scott Kingery Austin Hays Clayton Kershaw Chris Sale Nolan Arenado Mike Trout
Ricky Lewis Brinson Michael Kopech Max Scherzer Luis Severino Bryce Harper Jose Altuve
Smokey Nick Senzel Francisco Mejia Stephen Strasburg Corey Kluber Nolan Arenado Carlos Correa
Stan SON Lewis Brinson Francisco Mejia Aaron Nola Luis Severino Trea Turner Giancarlo Stanton
Tony Jesse Winker Michael Kopech Max Scherzer Chris Sale Trea Turner Mike Trout
Yost Ronald Acuna Shohei Ohtani Clayton Kershaw Chris Sale Paul Goldschmidt Carlos Correa

Sam: NL MVP: Paul Goldschmidt. I think the humidor is being blown way out of proportion, in Goldy’s case at least. He is an amazing hitter and I don’t think his numbers will be that far off from last year’s where he was an MVP finalist. If the humidor has more of an impact on his teammates I think he’ll stand out even more this year and show just how valuable he is. AL Cy Young: Chris Sale. *Statefarm “Oh you almost had it!” commercial* Instead of the fisherman dangling a dollar it is the AL Cy Young award. That is how I will remember Chris Sale’s 2017 season. He was that close until being overused late on and a scorching hot Klubot allowed it to slip away. Sale won’t let it slip away this time.

Fantasy Baseball Picks

Writer Sleeper Bust Infatuation Come Back MVFP MVFH
Grey Ian Happ Aaron Judge Jose Peraza Trevor Story Trevor Bauer Rhys Hoskins
Alan Stephen Piscotty Stephen Strasburg Amir Garrett Kyle Schwarber Kyle Hendricks Miguel Sano
Viz Michael Taylor Josh Donaldson Ronald Acuna Jonathan Villar Blake Snell Joey Gallo
Brandon Jose Pirela Rougned Odor Yoan Moncada Xander Bogaerts Mike Clevinger Ian Happ
Dokken Bradley Zimmer Zack Greinke Delino DeShields Gregory Polanco Lance McCullers, Jr Jose Martinez
Jimothy Nick Pivetta Cody Bellinger Greg Bird Matt Harvey Zack Godley Michael Conforto
Kerry Cesar Hernandez Giancarlo Stanton Colin Moran Brandon Belt Dinelson Lamet Rhys Hoskins
Lance Yasiel Puig Whit Merrifield Joey Gallo Miguel Cabrera Patrick Corbin Dansby Swanson
Laura Marcus Semien Aaron Judge Dexter Fowler Ian Desmond James Paxton Ozzie Albies
Mala Josh Bell Tommy Pham Alex Reyes David Price Jose Quintana Ender Inciarte
Paul Jackie Bradley Jr. Byron Buxton Luis Castillo Felix Hernandez Jordan Montgomery Amed Rosario
Ralph Colin Moran AJ Pollock Scott Kingery Johnny Cueto Lucas Giolito Ozzie Albies
Ricky Yasiel Puig Shohei Ohtani Byron Buxton Kyle Schwarber Andrew Miller Marcell Ozuna
Smokey Aaron Hicks Corey Seager Tim Beckham Brandon Belt Garrett Richards Tim Anderson
Stan SON Brett Gardner Aaron Judge Yasiel Puig Greg Bird Kevin Gausman Brett Gardner
Tony Kyle Schwarber Tommy Pham Jonathan Villar Miguel Cabrera Dinelson Lamet Matt Olson
Yost Manuel Margot Aaron Judge Rafael Devers Xander Bogaerts Zack Godley Ozzie Albies

Break Out Player of The Year (Sleeper)

You might think we’re describing someone who breaks through walls and then falls asleep really fast. Which seems weird. So I wouldn’t really put it past us… To limit the confusion, I’d better point out that these are our potential break out candidates that you should be grabbing long and grabbing hard.

Sam: Manuel Margot. I think Margot will heavily outproduce his ~13th round draft day value. He is a full 5-category contributor and 15/30 is well within reach. At that late I’m trying to pick him up everywhere I can.

Most Overrated Player of The Year (Bust)

These are the guys being held on a pedestals, who will, in return for all your worship and sacrifice, ruin everything thing you hold dear. See: 2014, Fielder, Prince. Or 2015, Longoria, Evan. Take heed Razzballers, avoid these guys at all costs.

I Think I Love You, So What Am I So Afraid Of? (Infatuation)

Yep, we all have one. Find out which player your Razzball writer has an undying love for, despite any rational reason or purpose.

Come Back Player of The Year (Come Back)

Again, pretty easy to figure out what this one means.

Viz: Jonathan Villar has an ADP of 199 after a disappointing 2017. That brings tremendous value given that we’ve seen Villar’s upside and how SB’s are down across the league. Steamer projects him for 13 HR and 29 SB with a .250 average in 124 games. Maybe 124 games is low if he starts well, but regardless, 13/29 with upside from there is great value this late. I’d much rather wait for Villar than say, take Whit Merrifield 100+ picks earlier.

Most Valuable Fantasy Pitcher (MVFP)

This is where things get sticky. That’s what she said. Technically, this could be the best pitcher overall… but the key word here is value. You know this because I underlined it. While the vanilla pick of  Clayton Kershaw could still technically be the most valuable pitcher at the end of the year, there’s still enough room in the definition to allow the possibility that Bruce Chen will come out of retirement, have an ERA of 2.50 and get 20 wins. Seeing as his ownership rate historically always stood in the nothing-to-negative digits and someone like Kershaw is gone by the second round, max, a performance like that would be the most valuable in the history of mankind. And probably destroy the universe as we know it.

Most Valuable Fantasy Hitter (MVFH)

Same thing as the Most Valuable Pitcher, but with hitters. CRAZY, I know.

Kerry: Rhys Hoskins: MVFH and NLMVP. I see Grey’s prediction of Rhys as MVFH and I’m raising him NL MVP! He’s batting 4th behind 3 guys who are OBP studs and I think his power, plate discipline and AVG with RISP make him prime to vault into first round value for 2019 drafts.


What are your picks for the year? Tell us below!

  1. Cram It says:

    Grey re: Bauer….LOLOLOLOL

    • knucks says:

      @Cram It: re: Brinson over Acuna …. ?

      • Cram It says:

        @Grey: Haha. I know you like him but you’re really taking up the cross for him. Loves!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Cram It: Hey, Rudy’s 2016 sleeper was Kris Bryant!

    • Bavier Jaez says:

      @Cram It: He loves all Trevors

  2. adfa says:

    I’m all in on Cody Bellinger being the biggest bust of the year. Obv that won’t be a popular opinion around these parts. Ohtani seems to be the chalk choice there. Also love the NL ROY who do not vote for Acuna. I am scared to say how good I think he is. I agree with the scouts that saw him who said he will be an MVP candidate….in 2018. I do not think that is an understatement, and I cannot overstate how hard I will be hurt if he doesn’t live up to his hype.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @adfa: We need more contrarians!

  3. knucks says:

    No Teholio picks? Was trying to look for which players to Zag on.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @knucks: I’m happy to add them when he’s settled back in Seattle. Dude’s been trekking around down southeast I think? I forget. I might have him just write a post and then throw a haters ball to point at him and call him names.

      • Kerry Klug

        Kerry Klug says:

        @Jay: I heard he was on a vision quest around the Cactus League. Hoping the Navajo Gods would show him his picks in a peyote fever dream.

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @Kerry Klug: Sounds like his normal Monday though!

  4. Acuna Matata says:

    ROY – Kingery and Kopech
    Cy Young – Scherzer and Kluber
    MVP – T Turner and Correa
    Sleeper – CJ Cron
    Bust – Donaldson
    Infatuation – AJ Minter
    Come Back – Matt Kemp
    MVFP – Jon Gray
    MVFH – T Turner

    • OldNavy says:

      @Acuna Matata: Why can’t other teams like Philly give out 24 million for 6 years to their rookies

  5. Kerry Klug

    Kerry Klug says:

    I’d like to reclaim my MVFP pick please….crazy how things can change in a week.
    I’ll go with Eduardo Rodriguez now.

  6. Rusty says:

    I need a little help.

    10 team H2H Points keeper league (5 next year) and we had our auction last night. I think i’m solid and see no obvious holes and have two guys that are headed to my IR in Alex Reyes and Gohara. I can pick up FA’s tonight at 7 pm. Out of the following, which would you grab?

    the Todd Father (Frazier)
    Dansby Swanson

    • Rusty says:

      @Rusty: My staff is as follows:
      C martinez
      R Ray
      Hererra RP
      Minor RP

      Alex Reyes
      Ty Blach

      I’m good at 1B (Carpenter, Smoak, Myers) so Belt isn’t really on my radar.

      Sorry for all of the info

    • Cram It says:

      @Rusty: Winker and Brinson

      • Rusty says:

        @Cram It: Thanks, would that change if we were scrapping this league and moving to a freshly drafted dynasty next year?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Rusty: I think Cram it has it!

  7. Woodrow the Impaler says:

    Is it crazy to trade MadBum straight up for a Luke Weaver or Kyle Hendricks at this point? Not asking for a friend, but for myself.


  8. The more articles like this come out, the more convinced I am that Razzball is actually a secret meth lab, and y’all are high on meth.

    I’m just sayin.

    Good luck to all the Razzballers this year – may the fantasy gods smile upon you, gracing you with high OBP, & low ERA and may they not smite you for your impetuousness and incessant rosterbating.

    Gray – your Trever Bauer obsession is getting a little out of control. We worry because we love. <3

      • Lucky Dog says:

        @Jay: haha – “Say my name?”


        “You’re goddamn right.

  9. Nick says:

    Hi Guys,

    i’ll go with these picks by comparing with my team:

    ROY : 1.Acuna 2. Kingery 3. Calhoun
    CYY : 1.Severino 2. Bauer
    MVP : 1. Alty 2. TTurner 3. Goldy

    Early Sleeper T.Shaw
    MidSleeper : Margot
    DeepSleeper : MTaylor

    Bust : 1.Merrifield “breakout2017fromnowhere” 2. Encarnacion “2018collapse”

    Infatuation: Gallo “40HRs – 0.200avg”

    MVFP: Archer “top 5Ks”
    MVFH : Springer “all around stats”

    Most Value Pitcher /rank : JonGRay
    Most value hitter / rank : W.Myers

    Bold prédictions !
    1. ALtuve and Springer will combine for 50HRs/50SBs in Houston
    2. Acuna is the next Trout
    3. Othani is the biggest bust of the early season
    4. Josh Hader will take Woodruff rotation spot before allstar break
    5. AJMinter is Atlanta’s closer before the all star break

    i need to find a new name for my team “Cortione Brothers” as Bautista is gonna retire …
    the brothers were E5 and josé getting cortisone shots together in Toronto,,,
    soon it’ll be Mojitos shots Under an umbrella, with Grey , and pigeons on the table !!



    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Nick: So noted and you too Nicky!

  10. Jeff P says:

    In a shallow 10 team H2H somebody just offered Will Myers, Travis Shaw and Carlos Martinez for Rizzo. Usually I reject 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 out of hand, but this return is making me think.
    It’s a 7×7 with hits/doubles and SHO/QS as extra categories.
    Should I do it?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Jeff P: Yeah, it’s a fair return. Depends on who those guys are replacing. I’m usually one to stand pat with my stars, but spreading this out isn’t terrible.

      • Jeff P says:

        @Jay: I would dump Eddie Rosario and Luke Gregerson who I might have dumped anyway by season start.

  11. Will says:

    Anyone taking a flyer on Tyson Ross returning to glory in Petco this season? Two starts first week. Yeah, I know he was awful in TX last year.

    • WhiteRabbit says:

      @Will: definitely worth a flyer in NL only (and maybe some deeper leagues). Guys with good peripherals take a year or two get back to form and Texas was that for Ross. You may end up dropping him but a solid upside pitcher in San Diego is worth a shot

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Will: Of course! I’ve always like Ross, only a question of health and control (two big questions for sure), but why not take a chance and see what happens?

  12. Ryno says:

    @Grey @Jay always appreciate your great work. And Rudy, and Ralph…what a great site you guys have.

    My humble opionions:

    NL ROY–Acuna
    AL ROY–Jeimer Candelario (does he qualify? I guess if I have to ask, then…)
    NL CY–Kershaw
    AL CY–Sale
    NL MVP–Freddie
    AL MVP–Trout
    Bust–Au Shizz
    MVFP–Garrett Richards

    • Ryno says:


      or, *opinions*


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Ryno: Thanks man! Bagged and tagged!

  13. gobiggreen says:

    what % of your FAAB would you gents and lady devote to Acuna when he becomes available (keeper league by the way)…because I might want to get silly with the amount I throw in the pot….like blow my budget for the year silly

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @gobiggreen: honestly…you might want to. Especially in a keeper league. People are calling him the next Trout. What is your FAAB total right now?

      • gobiggreen says:

        @Kerry Klug: $1000 to start the season, nothing used yet. i’m loaded with guys that play multiple positions as insurance against injuries (Bregman, Rizzo, Taylor, etc). Go $750? Go higher? This is my first FAAB league so im only getting my feet wet

        • Kerry Klug

          Kerry Klug says:

          @gobiggreen: man… 750 in a keeper honestly sounds right… As high as it is.

  14. kenly0 says:

    NLROY. McMahon
    ALROY. Barreto
    NLCY. Kershaw
    ALCY. Kluber
    NLMVP. Rizzo
    ALMVP. Trout
    Sleeper. Devers
    Bust. Bauer
    Infatuation. Gohara
    Come back. Schwarber
    MVFP. McCullers
    MVFH. Mazara

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @kenly0: So recorded!

  15. BreakOut says:

    Robert Gsellman, the Phoenix, sweeps the NL.

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