Looks like the Angels got someone new to carry Vlad’s crutches and Figgins’s machine-washable throw pillows he uses to bench press. Out with the young and in with the just a tad older and much better. Post All-Star Break Teixeira (PABST) is a thing of beauty in the 2nd half of the year and PABST’s about to bringing his beauty to all of the spoiled aristocrats behind the Orange Curtain. While Kotchman brings his “I can hit lefties if you start me against them” approach to Atlanta. PABST’s value might go a bit higher, because now he’ll be in the midst of a pennant race and eyes will be focused on him to produce. If that sounds like phooey, it is a bit. Listen, PABST is a 2nd half hitter that knows the AL and its pitchers and he can hit anywhere he goes. Just don’t think the Angels are the ’27 Yankees. The Braves actually had a better OBP than the Angels and scored a few more runs. As for Kotchman, in the last three games he started he had three home runs and I was touting him as someone you should pick up. I even went as far as to give him the “I’m never talking about him again while all I do is talk about him” Seal of Approval. Now he’s on the Braves (see end of this roundup for the Braves current lineup). The Braves went from giving it the old college try four days ago to throwing in the towel two days ago. Kotchman doesn’t know NL pitchers, he falls into these funks where you think he’s got the mono again and he’s shown nothing but glimpses that would have a savvy fantasy-torian thinking Kotchman is nothing but a middle-class man’s Chad Tracy. Say it with me now, ugh. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Tyler Yates – Grabow pitched the seventh, Bautista the eighth and Yates pitched the ninth for the save. Ding, ding, ding. We’ve got a winner! Yates is the closer. Johnny, tell him Tyler what he’s won! Maybe ten saves? Awesome!

Milton Bradley – Left yesterday’s game with a strained left quad. You can’t spell Bradley without DL.

Hank Blalock – Back to the DL. Well, that didn’t last long. I have no idea how some of these guys find someone to insure them.

Nelson Cruz – In Triple-A, 37/91/94/.348/24, at one point he hit 11 HRs in a 11 straight games. Here’s one man’s love for Cruz, which links to another man’s love for Cruz then another man’s then another… Follow that link and you’ll be *pinkie to mouth* cruisin’. (BTW, Cruz is available in Yahoo. Weird!)

Michael Young – Member how I said yesterday that he fractured a finger but because Young wanted to get 200 hits in every season so bad he would rush back in a week. Well, he was in yesterday’s starting lineup with a fractured finger. There’s no I in team, but there is a me. Reading between the lines, I don’t think a fractured finger can be good for swinging a bat. Yesterday, he went 0-for-4.

Ichiro Suzuki – With a first inning single, Ichiro reached 3,000 hits combined between Japan and the major leagues. He’s only 11 away from 3,000 singles.

Ben Sheets – 6 ER in 5 2/3, I hate to be the one to remind you of this, but he had a 5.68 ERA after the All-Star break last year. Sheets!

John Lackey – 9 IP, 2 ER, 4 Ks, only 2 hits. Pedroia broke up his no-hitter in the ninth. Damn you, Scrappy Doo!  Youuuuuuk took him deep in the ninth to ruin the shutout. Damn you, Scrappy Jew! Who’s on first? Scrappy Jew. On second? Scrappy Doo. The old Puerto Rican Dude? Third base! It writes itself.

Oliver Perez -6 IP, 1 ER, 5 Ks. I repeat, will the real Oliver Perez please stand up?

John Maine – Mild rotator cuff strain. Word in Queens is he’ll be fine, maybe only miss one start. I’d prefer he misses two and returns without reinjuring anything, but that’s just me.

Gil Meche – 7 IP, 2 ER, 8 Ks. Sometime in June, Meche stepped up his game. That game, of course, being a decent fifth fantasy starter.

Chris Young – Lurch returns. 5 IP, 2 hits, 8 Ks. I don’t feel completely safe with Young, and this start was against the swing happy D-Backs, but you can’t argue with his results. He’ll go a bit further into the next game, pitch count-wise. BTW, Someone should make up a shirt for Young that says, “That Pujols Hit My Nose Hard.” Unless someone really, really clever already has.

Eugenio Velez/Manny Burris – Both on the bench while Aurilla and Vizquel start. Here’s my theory, Bochy likes his chewing tobacco brought from the clubhouse to him as quickly as possible.

J.J. Putz – 1 Blown save, 2 ER, 1 Harbinger (Word of the Day).

Matt Garza – 9 IP, 5 hits, 5 Ks. Eh, I guess you don’t need shutouts from guys you get off waivers.

Jonathan Broxton – Taking the closing job and running with it. Good, I’m actually glad about this even though Broxton seems like a D-Bag. You know why I don’t care? Cause all closers seem like D-Bags, except Mariano. And every closer, except Mariano, goes by his last name. Weird, but true. Think about it, would you join the army if you didn’t like the gravy and rice? Don’t think about it too long, that shizz will blow your mind. Seriously.

Jeff Samardzija – Came into a blow out and gave up a run. Doooode, he’s not a guy you need on your team. Let someone else get caught up in “the story.” BTW, that’s real D-bag shizz when you put quotes around something. “The story?” Who am I, Spencer Pratt? Or am I, Shia LaDouche?

Carlos Delgado – HR yesterday. Guy’s like a hundred and seventeen years old and still rocking out. I swore Delgado was done as of last year. I wish Beltran would drink some of the Delgatorado. (Actually, I don’t, because I don’t have Beltran on any team because I think he’s overrated, but he should be better than he has been. See how I started this about Delgado, but ended it about Beltran. That’s how it’s done, boyz!)

Brett Myers – On one hand, 7 IP, 0 ER, 4 hits. On the other hand, the sting from a head smack.

Blanco/Escobar/Kotsay/Norton/Infante/Johnson/Francoeur and the incomparable Corky Miller – Your 2008 Atlanta Braves lineup!

  1. john says:

    Thanks Liberty Media for the great year ahead, though you forgot McCann and Frenchy can’t possibly be as bad next year….so yea, there’s that.

  2. agar says:

    That’s one terrible Braves lineup.

  3. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    So, in essence the Braves traded Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Elvis Andrus, and three pitchers for Casey Kotchman and Stephen Marek.

    I veto that trade!

    p.s. My bargain-bon RCL rotation of Cain, Ollie Perez, and Garza did pretty well last night.

    p.p.s. It’s not helping. I can’t figure out which of our 30 categories I’m not doing well in. HRs Allowed? Triples? Holds? Wild Pitches? I don’t know how people manage more than one team, or why.

  4. Lolhamburger says:

    Two things:

    1. I picked up Carpenter last night. That Braves lineup really doesn’t impress me, and I consider pitching at Turner to be a slight plus factor. For those out there who don’t believe that Carpenter will be worth anything this year, it still might make sense to hold him for tonight. On the chance that he does well against the now weak hitting Braves, there might be an opportunity to flip him in the short term for a player that you like better.

    2. I just traded Torres, Morrow and Rodney for Billingsley. This is my third trade for the season, and I feel a need to mention it here because both of my earlier trades were mentioned here and turned out well for me. Why change what’s working, right?

  5. ABell says:

    Remember how many ESPN Idiots were picking the Braves to go to the World Series in April? funny.

  6. Lolhamburger says:

    Addendum (word of the day):

    1. For those who are wondering, which may be no one I realize, post-trade I still have Broxton, Fuentes, Percival, B. Wilson, Kobayashi and Yates. This is a 12 team league, so yeah, I have a lead in saves. It’s also H2H though so the past doesn’t matter.

    2. In one of my earlier trades, I received Dunn when he was slumping early in the season for Sherrill, Franklin and Jurrjens. I also received, in another trade, Longoria when he had only 2 HRs for Melky. The other team in the Longoria for Melky trade will no longer deal with me. I offered Torres, Morrow and Rodney for Oswalt and was refused because the other person thought that I know something about Oswalt that I wasn’t revealing (I don’t).

    I have so much work to do today. If I get fired, I blame all of you.

  7. scott says:

    @grey — can’t spell “bradley” w/o “dl” right in the middle….that’s clever…

  8. Lolhamburger says:

    I’m now trying to artificially inflate my comments count so I can be eligible for the RCL next year. Is there a waiting list that I need to sign up on? Depending on interest, maybe we can have a RCL2. For subsequent years, top finishers from the two leagues move into or stay in RCL1. Bottom finishers move into or stay in RCL2. Just thinking out loud.

  9. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    I heart Nelson Cruz. Is there anything wrong with that?

  10. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Lolhamburger: Maybe we could have the RCL ULTIMATE STEEL CAGE DEATHMATCH version. Now hear me out here. I was thinking that it would be the most Razztastic thing in the world to have a 30 TEAM ROTO LEAGUE. It would become the most competetive league in the world and one of the more interesting things you could ever think of doing with your time.

    I don’t think there’s a waiting list for the RCL or anything, so I’m sure you can get in if you have even mild interest.

  11. BigFatHippo says:

    Huge blockbuster trade in my money league. They’re coming for me Grey.

    4th place sends Votto, BJ Up, Corpas, Lince, Kershaw to 6th place for Pujols, Scrappy Doo, Verlander, Street.

    Bring it on, I like the fact they’re still trying. Keeper league so good trade for both sides.

  12. zorob says:

    love the blog! i read it every day!

    would you do this trade?: sizemore (non-keeper) for cain (14th round keeper) OR sizemore for volquez (24th round keeper). i’d be getting the pitcher.

    i’m not in contention, although i will be competing in head-to-head playoffs for first draft pick.

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @john: McCann’s actually the number one catcher and Frenchy could be as bad.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: re: pitching — Your reckoning will come! (Did that sound like Kirk Cameron?)

    @Lolhamburger: That’s exactly the kind of trade you should be making. Well played.

    When I was fired from a job, I started the blog, so good things can come from getting the can. Continue to ignore your responsibilities.

    @scott: Thanks, there was a Special Ed (the rapper) reference in there, as well. I thought that would’ve been the one you mentioned.

    @Lolhamburger: We’ll probably have more than one league last year. We’ll cross that bridge early next year.

    @BigFatHippo: 6th place team did themselves right for next year.

    @zorob: I think both of those keepers are a possibility. Before I say which one I’d prefer, what are your other keepers looking like?

  14. ABell says:

    What about giving up Beltran for quentin and Billingsly?
    I;m needing to improve my keepers, you think i could get more?

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ABell: You get Quentin and Bilingsley? I think that’s an amazing trade for you, but you think someone would do that?

  16. Zebo says:

    @Grey: drop Jimbo Thome and Edwin E for any of the following?

    Garza, Nelson Cruz, Cueto?

  17. Shogun says:

    “Here’s one man’s love for Cruz, which links to another man’s love for Cruz then another man’s then another… Follow that link and you’ll be *pinkie to mouth* cruisin’.” Brilliant! Props to Grey.

    What kind of pitcher do you think Morneau could bring back? I’m thinking of asking for someone on the order of Lincecum (despite the innings concerns) or Hamels (despite the inevitable injury concerns).

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Zebo: Drop EE for Garza if you don’t mind risk with your pitching or Cruz if you have room to wait on a potential nothing, or a potential huge payoff.

    @Shogun: Thanks, but I kinda liked my Lackey run a bit better. But there’s something for everyone, I’m sure.

    I think he can get either, but they both come with risk as you’re obviously aware of.

  19. zorob says:

    Other possible keepers. If I keep players with the same draft position, I lose the preceding draft position. I can only keep 9 players total (both bats and pitchers):

    Brett Myers…round 8
    Verlander …round 9
    C.C…. round 10
    Clayton Kershaw…round 15 (that was a drafting accident)
    Matt Garza…round 19
    Javier Vazquez…round 19
    Manny Parra…round 24
    Yovani Gallardo…round 26
    Dustin McGowan…round 26
    Ted Lilly…round 27
    Chris Carpenter…round 28
    Buchholz…round 28

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @zorob: Don’t even think about keeping Brett Myers.

    Do you have any none pitching keepers? Hitters at all?

    Kershaw — better than a boating accident.

  21. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: Ha! Kirk Cameron! He was so dreamy until he found the rapture.

  22. Shogun says:

    @Grey: Put in context, I found the Cruz comment especially funny because I had just received the following Netflix note, regarding Al Pacino’s movie, “Crusing,” from a friend: “Al P. plays an undercover butt pirate who ‘cruises’ felching fuck clubs. Powers Boothe and Ed O’Neill have small roles. Interrogation scene is as bizarre as Kung Fu Professor and Trunkful of Rabbits.” Throw Nelson Cruz in, and you have a funny scenario.

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Shogun: Hehe, I remember that movie on the shelves of my local rent-a-movie joint. Probably only Pacino movie I haven’t seen. Hoo-whoa!

  24. jph says:

    Would you rank the following as such?
    Slowey, Garza, Meche, Wellemeyer,Kuroda, Yusmeiro Petit

    Start Petit at Dodger Stadium on Saturday?

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jph: Garza, Meche, Slowey, Kuroda (at home), Wellemeyer then Petit.

    Gotta start guys at Dodgers Stadium, yeah. He comes with some risk though.

  26. Frank Rizzo says:

    Start Markakis against Joba this afternoon?……..or go with Victorino later against Tim Redding?

    Good grief the Rangers are stocked with young offense. They should seriously consider spending the high dollar on pitching this off season. They could be instant contenders. Especially since LA chooses to go for it this year giving up younger talent for Teixiera who they won’t resign. I wasn’t a big fan of that move. Well, consider me on the Ranger’s bandwagon for 2009.

  27. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Rizzo: I’d never sit either. Makes me think you should be trading someone. I’d go with Markakis. You will probably get burned though.

    Rangers have a situation like the Rockies. They need strong pitching in an environment that isn’t conducive for it. They need everything to break right like the Rockies last year.

  28. zorob says:

    i don’t have any non-keeper pitchers. only batters. my non-keeper batters are: Morneau, Carlos Guillen, and Sizemore. I’ve been doing a lot of trading of non-keepers to build up a nice keeper team for next year.

    here are my keeper options for batters:

    Weeks…6th round (ugh)
    Howie Kendrick…8th round
    Alexis Rios…8th round
    Hawpe…15th round
    Maybin…21st round
    Tulo…22nd round
    Evan Longoria…26th round
    Bruce…26th round
    Ianetta…28th round
    Doumit…28th round
    Conor Jackson…28th round
    Lind…28th round

    thanks for the input!

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @zorob: Not sure if this is a two catcher league, but if it’s not, you should trade one of your catching keepers. Anyway, I see over nine keepers and Cain or Volquez don’t push you over the top for next year. I’d keep Sizemore and go for the first round draft pick win or trade Sizemore for a better keeper than those two.

  30. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: Question: I want to solidify my OF power numbers for the stretch run. Right now I have Holliday, Rios and Pence, who is too much like Rios Lite for my liking.

    I’m trying to target an OF who’s likely to hit 15 HRs between now and end of season. Any thoughts?

    I think you were right that guys like Quentin won’t actually return much more this year (say 10 more HRs), but on the other end, guys like Frenchy seem dead in the water. I can’t seem to I.D. a good buy-low-ish OF candidate.

    I could go after Dunn*: Is Hamels for Dunn fair?

    *still can’t believe my Smoltz-for-Dunn trade in April got reversed. Ay yi yi!

  31. jph says:

    Should I still be sticking with EE or test the waters with Glaus/Kouz/Blake/Tatis,Fernando

  32. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Hamels for Dunn is fair. I think the list for 15 more HRs is short (or large if you’re going by body type).


    The lower down the list, the less likely they hit 15 HRs. Obviously some of these candidates are more valuable because of other things they provide.

    @jph: I’d throw a bone to Kouz.

  33. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: Thank you sir. Much obliged. I will float Hamels for Dunn, and also investigate Soriano.

    Braun is out ’cause he’s on the team that’s last in homers. (As is Fielder, who I thought I might try to get for Morneau.) The guy with Lee never trades b/c he’s too afraid. I have Holliday. I like Krispie as a target, but that guy is second-last in homers. (I’m 3rd last.) Still, he might have tired of Krispie’s .230 by now.

  34. zorob says:

    yeah, i was leaning towards keeping sizemore. thanks, again!

  35. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: Also: I hadn’t thought about Soriano, but he’s a tasty target. I just sent his owner a trade proposal: Hamels and Pence for Soriano.

    I’m overpaying, but Sori takes Pence’s OF spot anyway, and the guy with Sori is the guy whose 12-year-old drafts his team, so he never wants to make trades, ’cause all his players are his son’s favorites. Oy.

  36. Frank Rizzo says:

    Giambi’s gotten almost unplayable. If he’s not getting pulled for Sexson against lefties, he’s getting pulled for Sexson when they get a lead. I know they’re probably trying to keep him fresh but I’m getting damned frustrated. That no talent razz-clown Sexson got lucky the spanks picked him up.

    Good call on starting Markakis I’m thinking Grey. 2-3 with a R so far does not make me unhappy I started him over Victorino. And believe me, I’m trying to move Victorino but can’t get decent value for him.

    Being a Joba owner is a good thing now. Patience paid off.

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Trade someone you can get value for then just start Victorino.

  38. BSA says:

    3 objections to Lincee/Paps for Bills/Ankiel
    I don’t get it?

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: It’s personal.

  40. BSA says:

    Personal-Because I move pieces to get what I need. Jealous pricks. If anything, on the surface, I am doing a Baron sending Lee for Upton.
    Personal – I don’t know these guys!
    Personal – Both teams trading are in first.

    Imagine if there was money.

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: You don’t know these guys? Well, I guess you should be lucky the whole league didn’t abandon after the draft.

    Everyone should have at least one league where they know all the members or at least a majority. And even if you only know them by a screen name like P0rk Buns. Makes for a much more fun season. If you get nothing else from this site, take that.

  42. BSA says:

    Being my second year in this I thought I needed one more anonymous year to figure it out more. Next year I hope there is another RCL and will be hand picking a couple of the guys in the current shithead league that scoreboard chat and trade.
    That was good advice, but I have definitely learned more than one thing here and many of the commenters have been great as well. Not gonna name everyone because I will forget someone.

  43. Mike says:

    Yanks get Pudge… good move for them I think

  44. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: Shoot, I have Chad Moeller on my Razzball team. I think it’s an even better move by the Tigers to get rid of that overrated piece of– BUZZZZZZ, Emergency Broadcast Network has interrupted this tirade.

    BTW, I see the Marlins trying to get Pudge aka Now Slim. Link please for Yanks. Thanks.

  45. Frank Rizzo says:

    Pudge to the Yankees for Farnsworth. That is possibly the worst trade I have ever been witness to in my lifetime.

  46. BigFatHippo says:


    Who would play C for the Tigers? Not Inge every day?

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Rizzo: @BigFatHippo: Pudge is pretty yawnstipating. Everyone knows middle relief wins championships. The Yanks are puzzling at best.

  48. ABell says:

    just got offered yunel, cueto and bedard for my haren. is yunel a keeper?

  49. Frank Rizzo says:

    How is Pudge more yawnstipating than Farnsworth? We’re talking real baseball here. Pudge was hitting pretty well since Leyland starting platooning him and Inge. It was working.

    Yes I am one seriously pissed off Tiger fan.

  50. BigFatHippo says:

    Just added Inge in the RCL btw, dropped Kendall, ugh, Kendall? Ugh, Inge?

  51. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ABell: Yunel is your only keeper?

    @Frank Rizzo: As a real baseball move, it’s bizarre since I thought Pudge was a big time motivator for the Tigers. Honestly, I don’t understand the move for either team. Pudge does nothing really do for the Yanks that they need (unless he’s worked on his curve). Farnsworth helps the Tigers more though. At least it shores up their bullpen. I’m sure they could’ve done that at the expense of someone else besides Pudge. Maybe Pudge was unhappy losing time to Inge and he wanted out.

    EDIT: Typo.

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    BTW, now I’ve read the article. He waived his no-trade. He was obviously unhappy as I just speculated. He wanted out.

  53. wakeNbake says:

    I know the Yanks arent getting vintage 2003 Pudge but this is still a steal for the Yanks. The Yanks bullpen is deep enough with Veras, Enwar Ramirez, Marte, Rivera. I cant believe the Tigers made this trade to be honest.

    @Grey: Grey this may be a crazy idea but how about the idea of Farnsworth closing in Det? Its possible isnt it?

  54. ABell says:

    if i took this deal it would give me Johan, ARod, Beltran, Bedard, and Cueto/Yunel/ Chris Davis/ Abreu for the last two keeper spots.

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @wakeNbake: It’s not crazy at all. It’s a definite possibility. But Farnsworth’s got two big competitors in Rodney and Zumaya.

    @ABell: Yeah, take it.

  56. BigFatHippo says:


    Just added Farnsworth too. I was thinking the same thing.

  57. wakeNbake says:

    @Grey: yeah, maybe if Rodney falters. I dont think theyll move Zumaya to closer until next season. Wouldnt they have named Zumaya the new closer instead of Rodney if Zumaya was healthy enough to pitch on back to back days? So maybe if Rodney falters Farnsworth would be next in line.

  58. wakeNbake says:

    @BigFatHippo: haha… I want to Add Farnsworth but cannot brind myself to click add next to Farnsworth’s name. Anyone else having this same problem?

  59. Frank Rizzo says:

    I’m a suddenly unhappy Tiger fan.

    I’m probably putting up an offer tonight….

    Give Miggy/Cain

    Get Teixeira/Billingsley

    The guy I’m offering to is much bigger Tiger fan than I. Heck, I just sold him Granderson a week ago.

  60. wakeNbake says:

    start Parra at home vs. Dempster ?

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @wakeNbake: Parra’s been great at home, so I would.

  62. BigFatHippo says:


    In the RCL, you have to take a chance, any chance to get a leg up on those bastards.

    So far I haven’t gotten any legs up (or hoofs).

    JP Howell was dropped if that ells

  63. BigFatHippo says:

    If that tells you anything.

  64. BigFatHippo says:

    I hate laptops

  65. BigFatHippo says:


    You gotta make Scrappy Doo a new Razzball term.

    Get Rudy on it.

  66. gotcha BFH….on the list of ones to add…

  67. SaltyBiscuits says:

    Hey All,

    Any chance Kevin Gregg gets traded at this point?

    You have to think the Marlins still think they are in contention…

  68. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SaltyBiscuits: I don’t think he will, but I guess you never know. Why have you heard something?

  69. JR says:


    Nope. The Marlins are buyers now; they’re even looking for relief help. Not to mention Manny…

  70. wakeNbake says:

    ****Manny to Marlins, Bay to Redsox, Hermida to Pirates****

  71. BigFatHippo says:


    Got any proof?

  72. wakeNbake says:

    @BigFatHippo: Rotoworld’s saying the deal has been agreed to and the only hold up is Manny agreeing waiving his no-trade.

  73. BigFatHippo says:


    I can picture Manny in Florida, being Manny.

    Thought I saw him once in Key West, but that might have been a he-she.

    Looks like a done deal in the forums, with Hermida going to the Pirates and Bay to the Sahx.

  74. wakeNbake says:

    Would it be very stupid to drop Kobayashi? I hate this guy, Im scrounging for saves but I dont think the ERA and WHIP destruction from Kobayashi are worth it.

  75. JR says:


    I just came here after dropping him. Cleveland sucks!

    I’ll stick with Rodney. Oh, wait…

  76. BSA says:

    SI.com’s Jon Heyman reports that the Diamondbacks have offered Chad Tracy to the Reds for Adam Dunn.

  77. wakeNbake says:

    @Grey:the guy who was holding onto Manny Corpas in my league while waiting for Fuentes to get traded for some reason dropped Corpas yesterday. Should I use my high waiver priority to grab Corpas and hope for a Fuentes trade tommorow??

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    @wakeNbake: How quick does he go through waivers? You have to decide now? Be nice to wait until tomorrow. If you need saves, I could understand you grabbing him.

  79. wakeNbake says:

    he comes off waivers in the morning…. so Im thinking somebody else in my league might be thinking the same thing. Hell its only a waiver claim and I need a closer so I think ima give it a shot

  80. Mike says:

    @Grey: in your opinion its Casilla or Embree who gets to close if Street is traded? I think Devine is coming back this weekend also, is he in the mix?

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: What are you doing awake, man? I’m trying to finish the roundup — lots of stuff. Phew. I’ll say Casilla, Embree then Devine, but I’m half-asleep. Ask the same question in the newest post in ten minutes when it’s up then I’ll answer tomorrow over coffee.

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