I put in a long day at work on Monday. I drove four hours from home after a weekend with my family straight to the office. With the fair in town, we were doing some pretty cool digital projects that highlighted the dirty jobs at the fair. Well, technically, we called them dirty deeds… done fair week. Yes, you’ll be singing AC/DC all weekend now. After learning how to be a rodeo clown at night for about four hours, I was just exhausted when I returned home.

My alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. on Tuesday as I stirred in bed to start another day. Right before I hopped in my Prius — yes, I drive a Prius. What of it? — I hopped on Facebook and saw Razzball post an article about Troy Tulowitzki. I immediately clicked it due to my 75 percent shares in fantasy leagues, thinking that he was hurt. Nope, he was just traded to an equally impressive offensive ballpark.

I was shocked, nervous about the turf despite none of his injuries throughout his career being based around his back and couldn’t wait to start him in DraftKings.

Well, the Blue Jays get left-handed pitcher Danny Duffy tonight, which means it’s time to break out the big guns in Toronto, eh?

Straight to the cash, homie.

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