Happy Sunday people of Razz! What better way to celebrate this fine day than to wager a few bucks of your hard earned pay on a little daily fantasy action? Yes, I agree….That sounds like an excellent idea. The good news is…..Well, I’m here and I want to help you. So kick back, put on your favorite sleeveless t-shirt, open your wallets (or your man purse) and let your new, favorite buddy Honcho lead you to the land of fame and riches.

After perusing the list of starting pitchers for today’s action I’ve decided to feature one of the most frustrating starters of the 2016 season. The potential is too delicious to ignore and his ceiling is “All the way up!” At least that what the young kids tell me. Anyway, allow me to present Michael Pineda for your daily fantasy pleasure. That’s right, I’m serious….and don’t call me Shirley. Pineda has recorded eight or more strikeouts in 6 of his last 8 starts and the Rays own a 24.1% strikeout rate. Tampa Bay has struggled to reach base with any regularity this year as their OBP stands at .307 — which ranks just 25th in all of baseball. Pineda has always been above average when it comes to control — registering a 4.35 K/BB ratio and allowing just 2.46 walks per nine innings. So there you have it. I’m rolling with Pineda and I’m not looking back. Won’t you join me? Here’s a look at some of my other favorite plays for today’s action:

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