This week Donkey Teeth and I (totally normally sentence) talk about how awesome it was that so many people signed up for the Razzball Patreon show, and I get an absolutely bonkers good idea. Seemingly, at the moment the podcast airs I realize that once the season starts, I can start putting up the roundups and Buy/Sell columns early on the Patreon page, so people can get them, and the advice they contain, hours or even a day before everyone else gets them. Then, we talk about the NFBC Best Ball league we were roped…bamboozled…C’mon, thesaurus, hoodwinked into by a bunch of Razzball commenters, and how the league is, being polite, set up in an interesting way. Also, because I am absolutely mystified about all things to do with Repulsive Giant Baby, we discuss that for far longer than anyone could/would imagine. What’s that, you don’t know RGB? You thought RGB was Roy G. Biv? Don’t be silly! I have a tweet for you:

Then, when the podcast can’t literally get better, it manages to take a turn for the sublime when we talk about the Titans’ NFL Draft War Room and how there might be not one, but two future Joe Exotic husbands there. Finally, (this is not in order), we talk about the Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance, and Donkey Teeth has a firsthand encounter with Scottie Pippen. We appreciate everyone who has signed for the show already — it really helps! And everyone who signed up for our ad-free membership. You guys are literally the best. I’d hug ya, but then we’d both get The Rona and that would be it for both of us. Again, here’s the ad-free subscription for $9.99, which helps big-time. To sign up to our show, go here:

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