We’re off and running in the second half of the baseball season. Get busy padding your steals category before September comes and you’re staring up the standings at someone who did.

  • Danny Santana has taken up the mantle of back-from-the-dead outfielder that Hunter Pence had carried for a month on the Rangers. He offers some power and speed. Ride the wave with him while you can.
  • The Royals finally called up Bubba Starling to play some centerfield. Athleticism is the part of his game that isn’t in doubt. If he can get on base, he can steal a few.
  • Kevin Pillar and the Giants get four games against the Mets this week. Pillar’s good for double-digit steals every year. This year isn’t going to be any different. Throw him in for a few games if you need a steal.
  • Andrelton Simmons has been back from the IL for a couple of weeks. He’s swiped three bases since being activated. It’s nice to see him running following his ankle sprain.
  • Manny Margot has shown some signs of life at the plate lately. He could be a league shifter if he solidifies playing time and gets on base. The steals will come if he does.
  • Hector Neris blew a save for the Phillies Saturday. Giving up a home run to Juan Soto isn’t all that concerning. Still, Gabe Kapler is a risk to mix and match in their pen. Keep an eye on the situation.

Here are the catchers being run on the most.

Name Team SB CS CS% Inn SB/Inn
Wilson Ramos NYM 62 8 11.4% 566.1 0.11
Jonathan Lucroy LAA 41 15 26.8% 533 0.08
Josh Phegley OAK 40 18 31.0% 560.1 0.07
Jeff Mathis TEX 39 4 9.3% 429.1 0.09
Yasmani Grandal MIL 38 16 29.6% 657.2 0.06
Omar Narvaez SEA 37 9 19.6% 550.2 0.07
Buster Posey SFG 34 13 27.7% 476 0.07
Robinson Chirinos HOU 33 9 21.4% 607.2 0.05
Brian McCann ATL 29 3 9.4% 411 0.07
J.T. Realmuto PHI 28 26 48.1% 668 0.04
  1. Andrew Burns says:

    Hey, thanks for the info, as usual. Is there any way you can add a column indicating who each catcher plays in the coming week (or whatever time frame)?

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      Easier said than done. Catchers tend to rotate often.

      • Psychboy says:

        Oh right! See, that’s why you get paid the big bucks! ;)
        Thanks though….good stuff and helpful.

        • Roto-Wan

          Roto-Wan says:

          If you want to take a guess, the starter usually gets Sunday off and if a day game follows a night game. Certain pitcher’s get matched to backup catchers as well if you feel like perusing the game logs.

  2. David says:

    It should be noted that Lucroy is injured and Phegley is losing time to Chris Herrmann, which is why I benched Mallax Smith this week. If Lucroy/Phegley were to start his five games, I start Smith no doubt.

  3. Harley Earl says:

    Just curious,

    Thinking about a short term pickup with Margot for some SB. What do you think of his matchup this weekend against Miami and Alfaro?

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      Should get a chance to run.

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