Looking for value in a baron steal world is not very fun.  Scouring the waiver wire every day, wandering the earth looking for value or a good match-up is lonely territory.  Kinda makes you feel like the guy from Kung Fu, but just not with all the sexual asphyxiation type stuff.  Listen digging for steals and even saves for that matter is a matter of right place or being first to the waiver wire.  Not every move is a good one, especially in the stolen base category.  It’s fantastic that guys steal bases, but they also have to get on base.  Stealing first is still a non-entity. So look at the match-ups at hand and do not be afraid to gamble on a guy.  Check the OBP, check the catcher/pitcher rates of stolen bases against.  And god forbid do not fall in love with the one-stat wonders of the world this late in the year.  You don’t wanna be stuck holding a guy and miss out on the next guy to accumulate stats.  Play, ditch and go re-fishing for stats.

Trea Turner – Is it crazy that he is still third in baseball with 35 steals?  Explains a lot about the haves and have nots in the stolen base game. Can’t be activated before August 29th, but is starting a rehab process with Dr. Drew at Malibu Passages.

Keon Broxton Should be the first 20/20 man to get to both pillars of their respective categories.  That is completely who I had my money on the entire time to be the first.  Worrisome stat is that he has zero steals in his last 17 games.

Delino Deshields – No Cargo makes him a better option.  If he can keep up his .470 OBP (he won’t) but if he can he could be an interesting candidate because we know Carlos Gomez is a such a titan of health this year.

Kelby Tomlinson – Don’t Panik, the pseudo-intellectual glasses make the bases appear closer then they actually are.  Joe Panik is on the DL with a concussion, and Kelby has 3 steals in the last 4 games played.  Depending on the time frame.  KT maybe a MI for the duration.

Billy Hamilton – Congrats on 3 straight 50 steal seasons and making everyone fawn all over you for three years.  First player with three straight 50 stolen base season since 2007 and one Juan Pierre.

Juan Minaya – Seems to be the choice for the saves in the land of White Sox.  This isn’t a chasing situation, it is more of an avoid, buy a helmet and pray.  If you are a gluten, the bad kind not the can’t eat wheat kind Aaron Bummer is next up just in case.

Brad Hand – Comparatively since the AS break he has better numbers then Kenley, Wade and the entire back up band of Earth, Wind and Fire. Do you remember the 21st night of August…..yea it’s my post ad libbing is kosher.

Bud Norris – Reaux Chambeaux for the next save situation in the land of rocks and Trout. Scioscia gonna Scioscia, just like Dusty gonna Dusty.


  1. Duda Want to Build a Snowman? says:

    Keon likely hitting 20/20 before anyone else is even crazier when you remember that he’s been sent to AAA and benched / played in a part time role for a considerable chunk of the season.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Duda Want to Build a Snowman?: Yea has missed a few, only minor league games though….seems like more. Still only batting .230..womp womp

      • Chucky says:

        FWIW Broxton has more HRs and SBs than Mookie in 140 some odd less ABs….just saying.

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