It’s the latin hit show of the 60’s, though technically Gomez was already a Latin name.  Only name that would be fun to mess around with would be Miercoles.  Not only does it sound like a person that I would get an Uber ride from, but I would probably buy incense from.  Never the matter, buy the Willy Adames family is making some comfortable waves in MLB.  Season long stats say he is a middle infielder of the highest order.  Not a stat-stuffer, but a drawer of mismatched socks that you really don’t care about getting right.  Until!  The last 14 days.  When anyone slashes .359/.409/.564, it makes me notice…  You may not have noticed, because you are too busy styling your hair or doing random acts of jaywalking.  For the purpose of life and SAGNOF though, he has 3 steals over his last 12 and anyone that pumps the OBP at a 400 clip is definitely cool with me.  Hell, they can take my sister to her Quinceañera. But to be fair, the joke is on them because she’s almost 50!   Adames, for the rest of this year, is firmly in the grab and hope phase of fantasy.  He has skill at the plate with showing off for the ladies and hitting homers (5) in 161 plate appearances, which for a full season would be 20, which isn’t too awful.  You know how many MI eligible guys have 20 HR potential with 15 plus steal potential?  Quite a few, but that stat potential never gets old, especially at a discount.  So if you are struggling up the middle a grab for an eligible Adames might be he play for some SAGNOF goodies for the time being…


Team  SB’s Against Week’s opponents (Team Steals)
White Sox 99 @Det (53), vs. KC (62)
Mets  93 @NYY (46), @Bal (43), @Phi (41)
Blue Jays 85 @KC (62), @NYY (46)
A’s 74 vs. Sea (65), vs Hou (58)
Phillies 74 vs. Bos (94), vs NYM (45)
Twins 67 vs. Pit (54), vs. Det (53)
Yankees 67 vs. NYM (45), vs. TB (81), vs. Tor (34)
Giants  67 @LAD (42), @Cin (59)
Orioles 65 vs. NYM (45), @Cle (94)
Tigers 64 vs. CHW (79), @Min (38)

Jonathan Villar – Didn’t Buck say he has more than a green light to steal bases?  Makes sense since he has one in past 11 games.  For stupid reference, Adam Jones has 3 during the same time period.  And Adam don’t steal he is a good Christian boy.  If you picked up JV on spec, move on to the guy in the lede.

Billy Hamilton – Makes himself useful for a week at at time once a month.  Five steals last week, and 7 over the last 13 games. I wish there was a ring of one-trick ponies that all got together and wore funny hats like the Fraternal Order of Water Buffaloes from the Flintstones.

Adalberto Mondesi – He is the batting version of Dellin Betances.  People steal over 30% of the time off Betances when on base.  Mondesi doesn’t even get on base at a 30% clip, but has 3 steals while getting on base only 7 times in the last 16 games. And none of those are from walks.

Scott Alexander – Is the best case scenario until we see who gets the first, second or even third one.  Sleeper here could be J.T. Chargois or even a overflow starter like Maeda.

Trevor Hildenberger – Best closer since the Hindenburg disaster.  With the same amount of letters in his last name I mean.  Rodney is in Oak-town and he and Addison reed should split duties, but personally I like taking the duty all to myself.  sleeper could be Trevor May who has been pretty good.

Corey Knebel – Don’t trust a Corey with an ‘E’ in it.  Full on committee is in effect in Brewers land.


  1. Tyler says:

    Pick one RP


    My league heavily weighs Saves. Currently I have boxberger, yates and alexander. But need to drop 1 to pick up a SP and or drop both alexander and yates for hader and a sp.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Tyler: Alexander is the drop. I have zero confidence he gets the amount we think he does. Though hader shouldn’t be on waivers imo

  2. Racehorse says:

    Smokey –

    Thank Gawd you’re here !

    16 team H2H keeper w/holds & saves

    Who do I go with down the stretch, Joe Jiminez (FA) or Kyle Crick (on my roster)?

    I already have Shane Greene, so Jiminez on my roster means a handcuff and a probable guaranteed closer for 2019 … but the Tigers stink …

    Or do I roll with Crick who’s 3rd behind Valsquez and Kela on a contending Buccos team?

    I’m in 1st, and I’m boat racing my entire league due to a powerhouse offense … but come playoff time my Planet Jupiter sized lead in the standings means little if I make the wrong decision.

    Whaddya think?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Racehorse: before I answer. Who else is on waiversholds wise to gauge

      • Racehorse says:

        @Smokey: Moronta, Petit Pazos, Stanek, Strahm, Oberg, E Ramos, Conley, Biddle …

        I also have Devenski stashed in a DL slot .

      • Racehorse says:

        @Smokey: Here’s my bullpen as of today …

        1. Greene – CL
        2. Barnes
        3. Glover
        4. Crick
        Kenley – DL
        Devenski – DL

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @Racehorse: Moronta

          • Racehorse says:

            @Smokey: drop Crick for Moronta?

            • Smokey

              Smokey says:

              @Racehorse: yes. Leave Devenski on dL until you need the spot

          • Racehorse says:

            @Smokey: also, what do I do with Devenski?

  3. Hi Smokey,

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  4. Chucky says:

    Scott Alexander has absolutely, positively nothing on the ball. The Dodgers will go the way of the Edsel and the Nationals.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Chucky: they are going to abuse the hell out of him and he will be broken ala Morrow.

  5. For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

    putting challenge getting screwed at OAKtown for some reason, even though he’s been a good deal better than rodney esp, but also familia all year. now 4th in line. have these in 15 team roto dynasty holds + saves together: rondon, hand, putting challenge, romo, brach (just got to replace madson, who i got to replace kelvin).

    -drop putting challenge for any of:
    – rogers (tearing shit up at the TONS of volume MIN lately)
    – floro (sort of 8th inning now at LAD, but it’s really along with NFL comish
    – chargois (man MIN gave up on him quick), pedro)
    – hunter
    – gearrin (now 8th inning at TEX town)
    – wily P
    – mayers (appears to be the new overworked STL lefty, even with matheny gone that role has tons of volume over the years (siegrist/lyons)

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