You know how that should go. Countin’ money you know how it goes. Pray the real live forever man. Pray the fakes get exposed.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Drake. We’re six full weeks in and I’m just gettin’ tired of these fakes taking up roster spots due to their name value. Ya know? Pray that real live forever, man! Ok, well, I don’t really pray about fantasy baseball, but I hope that some of the bigger names turn it around and come back to life for the sake of our fantasy baseball teams. When it comes to ranking the Top 100 hitters in terms of rest-of-season value, though, it’s time to cut bait on a few. And, honestly, I may even be late by a few weeks in bringing out the scissors. You’ll see a lot of names at the bottom of the rankings this week that dropped out. Don’t freak out. Don’t get emotional. Look at the stats, even the deeper stats, and you’ll see it’s more than time to get the hotter players in your lineups regardless of name.

Now, in order to find one of those players that’s owned in less than 20% of leagues, I’m having to stretch a little. I don’t want to highlight a prospect again, because apparently that’s a precursor for an injury. C’mon A.J. Reed! The most prominent pickups of the week were guys like Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Marcell Ozuna, but they’re getting snatched up fast, so hopefully you’re ahead of the curve. In case you’re not, though, here’s a name that you can still find in 98% of leagues, and just may be the next name to creep his way into the Top 100.

  • Aaron Hicks, OF (2.1%) – Told you. Deep reachin’ here, but let me ‘splain myself for a second. Coming into the year many pundits were declaring Hicks a great sleeper and breakout candidate even though he would start the year as the Yankees fourth OF. His profile projected very similarly to Carlos Gomez pre-breakout with great power, speed and plate discipline. Last season his pace for 600 ABs was 17 HR and 20 SB, while hitting in Target Field (Minnesota). The trade that brought him to the Bronx bang box was going to do wonders for his potential, but he needed to get past some of the dinosaurs roaming the outfield in New York first. And now it’s happening. Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, Alex Rodriguez and Brett Gardner were certain to miss games. Now with A-Rod on the DL and Ellsbury nursing a bad hip Hicks is finally getting those needed at bats. Past 15 days? .275/7/2/6/0. In 2015 he reached double digit HR and SB in 390 ABs. His AVG sits at just .210 right now, but that’s largely due to sporadic playing time and a .220 BABIP (career .270 through 1000 PA). If the PT continues, Hicks is a great roto addition, especially if you’re willing to cut bait with those bigger names that are providing negative value to your team.

Enough creepin’…Here are your Top 100 Hitters for Week 7, with a NEW #1 (gasp)!

The Top 100 Hitters

Rank Name Pos Team
1 Jose Altuve 2B HOU
2 Manny Machado 3B/SS BAL
3 Nolan Arenado 3B COL
4 Josh Donaldson 3B TOR
5 Mike Trout OF LAA
6 Bryce Harper OF WAS
7 Anthony Rizzo 1B CHC
8 Paul Goldschmidt 1B ARI
9 Mookie Betts OF BOS
10 Andrew McCutchen OF PIT
11 Giancarlo Stanton OF MIA
12 Starling Marte OF PIT
13 Kris Bryant 3B/OF CHC
14 Carlos Correa SS HOU
15 George Springer OF HOU
16 Ryan Braun OF MIL
17 Nelson Cruz OF SEA
18 Jose Abreu 1B CWS
19 Edwin Encarnacion 1B TOR
20 Chris Davis 1B/OF BAL
21 Jose Bautista OF TOR
22 David Ortiz DH BOS
23 Yoenis Cespedes OF NYM
24 Joey Votto 1B CIN
25 Robinson Cano 2B SEA
26 Ian Kinsler 2B DET
27 Daniel Murphy 2B/3B WAS
28 Charlie Blackmon OF COL
29 Eric Hosmer 1B KC
30 Dexter Fowler OF CHC
31 Gregory Polanco OF PIT
32 Miguel Cabrera 1B DET
33 Matt Carpenter 3B STL
34 Rougned Odor 2B TEX
35 Freddie Freeman 1B ATL
36 Xander Bogaerts SS BOS
37 Adrian Gonzalez 1B LAD
38 Brandon Belt 1B SF
39 Christian Yelich OF MIA
40 Francisco Lindor SS CLE
41 Todd Frazier 3B CWS
42 Buster Posey C SF
43 Hunter Pence OF SF
44 Gerardo Parra OF COL
45 Stephen Piscotty OF STL
46 Hanley Ramirez OF/1B BOS
47 Ben Zobrist 2B/OF CHC
48 Lorenzo Cain OF KC
49 Matt Kemp OF SD
50 Adrian Beltre 3B TEX
51 Travis Shaw 1B/3B BOS
52 Ian Desmond SS/OF TEX
53 Jason Kipnis 2B CLE
54 Mark Trumbo OF BAL
55 Carlos Gonzalez OF COL
56 Kyle Seager 3B SEA
57 Adam Jones OF BAL
58 Albert Pujols 1B LAA
59 Justin Upton OF DET
60 Miguel Sano OF MIN
61 J.D. Martinez OF DET
62 Victor Martinez DH DET
63 Trevor Story SS COL
64 Jackie Bradley Jr. OF BOS
65 Odubel Herrera OF PHI
66 Marcell Ozuna OF MIA
67 Adam Eaton OF CWS
68 Jean Segura 2B/SS ARI
69 Troy Tulowitzki SS TOR
70 Dustin Pedroia 2B BOS
71 DJ LeMahieu 2B COL
72 David Peralta OF ARI
73 Corey Seager SS LAD
74 Wil Myers 1B/OF SD
75 Chris Carter 1B MIL
76 Michael Conforto OF NYM
77 Evan Longoria 3B TB
78 Aledmys Diaz SS STL
79 Jung Ho Kang SS/3B PIT
80 Jonathan Villar SS MIL
81 Addison Russell 2B/SS CHC
82 Neil Walker 2B NYM
83 Jacoby Ellsbury OF NYY
84 Melvin Upton, Jr. OF SD
85 Josh Harrison 2B/3B/OF PIT
86 Steven Souza, Jr. OF TB
87 Kole Calhoun OF LAA
88 Byung Ho Park 1B MIN
89 Yasiel Puig OF LAD
90 Starlin Castro SS NYY
91 Brett Gardner OF NYY
92 Brian Dozier 2B MIN
93 Joc Pederson OF LAD
94 Jay Bruce OF CIN
95 Anthony Rendon 2B/3B WAS
96 Maikel Franco 3B PHI
97 Wellington Castillo C ARI
98 Nomar Mazara OF TEX
99 Mike Napoli 1B CLE
100 Brandon Phillips 2B CIN

Dropped from Rankings: Michael Brantley (41), Jason Heyward (67), Logan Forsythe (74), Lucas Duda (80), Eugenio Suarez (83), Prince Fielder (90), Carlos Gomez (93), Corey Dickerson (97), Brian McCann (96), Yasmany Tomas (97)

  • Yep, there’s a NEW #1 this week, Jose Altuve. And he’s more than deserving. I was hesitant to jump him the past few weeks, because Bryce Harper is apparently the second coming of Barry Bonds. But it’s that Bonds comparison that’s scaring me. Bonds was always able to produce stats with such an incredible BB%, but Harper’s numbers have really slowed the last two weeks as pitchers just won’t pitch to him. Doesn’t help that the 1 and 2 hitters in the Nationals lineup haven’t hit for anything this year, either. I jumped Trout back over him, too. The trio of 3B aren’t slowing down, Machado now has SS (so sexy) eligibility, and Altuve is on pace for one of the greatest single seasons in baseball history. Don’t necessarily trade Bryce for any of these guys yet, though. Make sure it works for your roster, but it wouldn’t be ridiculous to do so.
  • A pair of 2B are making a big jump this week: Rougned Odor and Ben Zobrist. I was hesitant to rank Odor earlier in the year with his slow start and mediocre OPS down the stretch last year, but man…he’s been ridiculous. A 900+ OPS that past 15 days may not be fully sustainable, but it will be north of .830, which is significant for a 2B. The high OPS is a reason I used to consider Zobrist in his Tampa days, but have cooled on him the past 2-3 years. No more. His fully revitalized his power stroke for the Cubs while maintaining his incredible plate discipline (18.8% BB%) and hitting .319. Oh, and he might get 100 R with 75 RBI. So valuable. Both of them.
  • The aforementioned big pickups of the week are Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Marcell Ozuna. Bradley’s been absolutely unconscious. Just out of bounds. He’s hitting almost .500 the past two weeks with 20 RBI. 20 RBI!!! He ended 2015 on a hot streak, but I was hesitant to declare he could keep it up. He’s been a huge cog in the recent explosion of offense in Boston, and should be owned in all leagues while he’s doing this. Same with Ozuna. The crazy reasons he was demoted last year are fully vanquished as Ozuna is carrying the Marlins lineup the past two weeks while Stanton sputters through May. .446 AVG with a 1.207 OPS past 15 days is other-worldly. Get both of these guys before they cool off.
  • Michael Brantley and Logan Forsythe both drop from the rankings due to injury. I don’t know, and neither do the Indians, how long it will take Brantley to get back in the lineup. I’m popgun it’s fast, because I still believe in him, but lingering injuries after a player was supposed to ‘be back’ really scare me. Same with Forsythe’s shoulder injury. That could really sap the power in his swing. He’ll be reevaluated in a few weeks, and maybe he can get back in here then.

Good luck in Week 7! Drop those comments and check back next weekend for the new names in Week 8!

  1. Warren says:

    Wow, dropped JD quite a bit. Don’t think he will bounce back ?

    • @Warren: I really hope so, but I need to see it before I believe it. His BABIP is low, so he’s getting a little unlucky, but nothing too crazy. It’s the big drop in ISO that worries me more. For whatever reason all of the non-Kinsler/Castellanos middle of the Tigers lineup has been super-sub-par this year. Frustrating. I wouldn’t drop him, by any means, but I’d definitely stash him or look for someone that is willing to still pay name value price for him.

  2. knucks says:

    Ouch, Franco dropping 30 spots after a decent week. Prob has to do with the potential of that Phillies lineup just dropping off badly this summer? Not like they’ve been lights out though. Winning low scoring games.

    • @knucks: I dropped him that low after the past month he’s had. .238 AVG with a .690 OPS just doesn’t do it. I almost cut him this week in my 12-team mixed league. I think he’ll rebound, and this is probably his worst, but I need to see more of his three-hit efforts from last week, not his 2-16 in the four games between them.

          • knucks says:

            @[email protected]: hah yes exactly like that. Or pretending I see an a with a circle instead of an “att” sign

  3. MJP says:

    How is Reddick not on this list?

    • @MJP: He’s having a nice season, but he’s not blowing anyone away with his counting stats. His BABIP is inflating his AVG a little, and the 4 HR/2 SB is nice, but six weeks in that’s nothing ridiculous. Every OF on this list I’d take one Roddick right now, but he’s close to entering if guys like Pederson, Bruce, Gardner and Puig continue to disappoint.

    • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

      @MJP: wow, good call, but i only play in OBP/OPS leagues, i’d rather him than many names above, one huge example, d.peralta, who was quite hurt at time of this article (maybe not DL’d yet).

  4. KB says:

    No love for Duvall? .901 OPS and seasons of 30+ HR in minors. Great American good place to hit and could move up to 5th or 4th after probable Bruce/Phillips trades.

    • Cheese says:

      @KB: To call Duvall a top 100 hitter at this point is a bit of a stretch.

      • @Cheese: I have Duvall in an NL-Only, and I’m loving it. He has massive power upside, and could be another version of Jay Bruce. But he hasn’t proven it enough to garner a Top 100 ranking. Coming into May you couldn’t make an argument he was even ownable. He’s a name to watch, especially if he continues to rack up hits beyond the HR. However, I’m also not making a ranking on ‘probable’ trades. Bruce basically was traded, then it was rescinded, and Phillips can decline whatever he wants. A hot two weeks for Duvall, but I want to see him learn to drop that K%. 30.1% is scary.

          • @Dnut Eastwood: Not Myers or Mazara. Could make a case for Saunders, but they’re probably similar. If Duvall cools off this next week you may regret it, though.

  5. Clint says:

    So, I’ve just been offered this in my 12 team, 8 keeper roto league:

    His DeGrom & Puig
    My Strasburg & Trea Turner

    I don’t really see enough upside from Stras to DeGrom alone to roll w/it but maybe I’m wrong? I’m struggling in pitching right now between Stras/Kluber/Price as my anchors.

    • @Clint: I actually think the higher upside lies with Strasburg. I wouldn’t take this. I’m not a fan of Puig (could he be a more athletic Nick Markakis?), and there’s still a high potential for Turner. Hold fast.

      Kluber and Price are due for a turn around looking at their peripherals. Don’t get impatient with them.

    • Bro Montana says:

      @Clint: Nah to the ah to the no, no, no!

  6. Cheese says:

    Heyward completely off the list… interesting. Scared of the injury?

    • Dusty says:

      @Cheese: Batting .297 since he came back from injury. If he bats .297 ROS in the 2 hole, the Cubs (and fantasy owners) will be thrilled. He’s better than a third of this list.

      • @Dusty: You’re absolutely right. He SHOULD get there. But he’s been borderline droppable, and we’re a full 6 weeks in with zero HR. I want to see him continue to hit this week. He’s an incredibly easy candidate to re-enter the Rankings as he shows he’s turned it around. That lineup is damn good, and he’s a great player.

        If for some reason he’s been dropped, pick him up and stash him. But as of right now I’d choose any of those other OF over him. His injury scares me. His approach scares me. And his pst five games aren’t enough to turn the tide quite yet.

        • Dusty says:

          @[email protected]: I’ve got my shares of Heyward, and it’s not been pretty. He’s the opposite of category juice. A good day is 3-for-5, 2 runs, and nothing else. Hope he can squeeze out a 80/10/70/15/.285 type year.

          • @Matt: @Dusty: I still think can reach a lot of those numbers, and hopefully get north of 10 HR. Don’t cut bait on those shares quite yet, like Matt (funny spelling…) is saying below.

        • Matt says:

          @[email protected]: Jason Heyward, borderline droppable?! Maybe if you’re a straight trash fantasy baseballer! lol

          Heyward 3 year (2013-2015) April #’s: .188/.272/.313
          Heyward 2016 April: .224/.333/.271

          Sure, his slump has continued into May but .348/.464/.348 last 7 days and hits in 2 hole in #2 scoring offense in league. Only fools be ranking him outside top 100 hitters ROS. haha.

  7. David says:

    Great read!!

    My weekly pts lineup is almost set, but I’m having a hard time picking between Blackmon or Marte (pending paternity leave).
    I know hitter-tron likes Marte, but I wonder if it takes into account that he might miss at the most 3 games this week….. decisions decisions….
    Blackmon isn’t really stealing much…. (turf to lingering results?)
    Anywho, who would you pick for this week ?

    • @David: First, congrats on getting married. Marriage is incredibly fun hard work. Cherish it.

      Try to get as much info as you can on the paternity leave and base your decision on that. I’d go with Marte if everything is normal, but choosing Blackmon to be safe is far from risky. Blackmon’s incredible, even if he’s not stealing as much as he did prior to the toe injury. Hopefully he gets back into the kleptomaniac ways we’re used to.

  8. stu says:

    Still not buying into Castellanos?


    Would I be stupid benching CarGo for Ozuna?(I have Betts and Cain at OF and T Shaw at Util) Your rankings say CarGo but Ozuna is on fire and I’d like to get him in my lineup.

    • @stu: I’m not. I probably should, though. He may just be a case of personal bias. While he’s not hitting .360+ like he did in April, he’s still at .310+ for May with more power. The power is the big thing. If that maintains and he reaches 25 on the year he will have been an incredible draft-day purchase. You could make an argument for him being above every 3B from Longoria down.

      • @[email protected]: I’ve benched Cargo for Ozuna the past 10 days. I wouldn’t trade Cargo to get Ozuna, but I’d play Ozuna over Cargo right now.

  9. Jedimasters says:

    I have a question on the Catcher position this year. It’s horrible this year outside of Posey and Castillo. Are there any Swharber like prospects that will come up this year to provide a boost?

    • @Jedimasters: Look for the Cubs to promote this year’s version of Schwarber during the summer: Willson Contreras. He’s raking…no, mayshing (reddit with a southern redneck accent) in AAA. Also, if Tom murphy gets a call in Colorado he could do some serious damage in Coors Field. Massive power.

  10. Luke says:

    What do you think of Brian Dozier and Maikel Franco moving forward?

    Do you think it would be a good idea to move those guys for Ian Kinsler and Travis Shaw, or at least one of the two if possible?

    Thanks for the insight!

    • @Luke: I think Dozier needs to turn it around. He’s never been a solid AVG performer, but his first half stats from 2015 carried his overall value for the year. He really tailed off as the season ended, and has started very poorly. He still has .250/90/15/60/20 upside, but he’ll have to turn it around. He’s a Watch List type player. I traded him for A.J. Ramos straight up in an RCL, and I’m LOVING the decision. Franco, on the other hand, should be fine. His OPS won’t blow you away, but he should still reach 25+ HR and get near 90 RBI, although he may hit .255 in the process.

      But as for the option of trading them for Shaw and Kinsler…YES! Do it NOW! Kinsler and Shaw both better than Franco and Dozier ROS, imo.

  11. bob says:

    Where do you think AJ Pollock will go in next year’s draft? Thoughts about him coming back off his elbow injury? If he were playing this season as expected, where would he be ranked in your top 100 hitters?

    • @bob: I’ll be very hesitant in drafting him in 2017, and I was REALLY high on him coming into this year. I didn’t believe the Grey’s of the world saying he was a bust prospect. And it’s hurt me badly in a few leagues. This is the second time he’s hurt the elbow, he’s approaching 30, and maybe have over-extended his value last year. So, totally blind in the guess, let’s say…Top 40 OF on the upside? Could be a similar situation to Michael Brantley coming into this year, but with no playing time to prove his worth. Top 40 OF would put him right around the 90th overall hitter (Puig at #89 is the 40th OF right now). And that’s probably a good comp for value if Puig doesn’t turn it around.

  12. fried fish fan says:

    No Castellanos? c’monnnn

    • @fried fish fan: Mentioned my thoughts on him above. I’m probably bringing too much bias into it, and he could easily be ranked. Here’s what I said above:

      “While he’s not hitting .360+ like he did in April, he’s still at .310+ for May with more power. The power is the big thing. If that maintains and he reaches 25 on the year he will have been an incredible draft-day purchase. You could make an argument for him being above every 3B from Longoria down.”

  13. Landisimo3 says:

    12 team Dynasty… (Keep10)

    My CMartinez/Fielder/Dickerson for his JUpton …. I’m pretty stocked at SP… None of the 3 bats here are performing whatsoever… I like Uptons track record much better…. Your thoughts … Thank you!!

    • @Landisimo3: Man. I’m not high on Dickerson, and Fielder’s been waning for two years now. Upton is ranked well over Martinez in dynasty. How about this…see who the ‘other two’ are that he would be dropping, and convince him to add a little bit of value in those two slots, then pull the trigger. Upton’s been horrible, but you’re right, he’s the one with the track record, age and upside.

  14. TheTinDoor

    TheTinDoor says:

    I’m confused about your take on Harper. Ranked #6. But, “Don’t necessarily trade Bryce for any of these guys yet, though.” …”But it wouldn’t be ridiculous to do so”

    So he’s not top 5, but don’t trade him for a top 5 guy, but it’s fine to trade him for a top 5 guy.

    ROS, you’d pass on Harper until pick 6? If so, your’e nuts, but at least should stick by your call in the analysis section. Granted, there’s rarely ever a trade of top-5 talents, so it’s probably pointless, but…

    • @TheTinDoor: Haha, maybe I spoke in circles a little too much there. Let me restate: Don’t feel like you need to start selling Harper everywhere because I dropped him (not that anyone actually uses these rankings as Bible anyways). But, if I were offered any of those 5 for him in a standard 5×5 I’d seriously consider it. In terms of rankings, I think those 5 ahead of him will end the season ranked higher than Harper. Think of it like a tier, though…1-6 are all very interchangeable. Make sure it works for your team’s lineup if you move him.

  15. alps88 says:

    i need pitching.. Its just plain awful
    My offense is good
    I have Harvey, King Felix, Nola, Rodon, John Gray( i just picked up), Kennedy and Maeda
    We count net wins I have negative 8
    I was offered Scherzer for Franco and Mazzara or Baez and Bryant
    I can keep . Mazzara and Baez for $6 each next year Franco for $16 Bryant for $31
    I would not be able to keep Scherzer
    Is it worth me doing

    • @alps88: Sheesh. Lots of underperforming big names in there. I’d base everything of this decision on whether or not you’re in contention. If you have a chance to win it all, it may be worth trading Franco and Mazara (Bryant at $31 is better than Franco at $16, imo). But if you’re not in contention, hold onto your keepers.

  16. Five-On-One says:

    I am looking to ditch Fielder. Another guy has Span and Zimmerman. Would you take either of them instead of Fielder?

    • @Five-On-One: If you need speed, I’d take Span. I’m just low on Fielder. I wouldn’t swap him for Zimmerman, though. They’re on a similar plane and I think Fielder’s upside (can you have upside at this point of his career? Haha, maybe that’s the wrong word) is much better.

  17. BravesfanintheUK says:

    Wow. JD Mart has fallen… was looking to trade my Lindor for him….

    Should I hold off that now…?

    • @BravesfanintheUK: I would hold onto Lindor. He may end up the #2 SS. So, unless you have a backup plan and you’re needing J.D.’s potential power I wouldn’t do it.

    • @BravesfanintheUK: I would hold onto Lindor. He may end up the #2 SS. So, unless you have a backup plan and you’re needing J.D.’s potential power I wouldn’t do it.

  18. jal179 says:

    Would you deal Chris Carter for McCullers? Is that about the correct tier of starter to target for CC?

    Once Gattis gains C elegibility, where would he fall in your top 12 of catcher rankings? is he a must own? Is he still the Stros everyday DH when not backing up Castro? He’s amazingly still on my league’s wire and I think I need to drop a streamer SP to pick him up to use as trade bait.

    • jal179 says:


      And lastly, any Goldy worries? Would you moveGoldy straight up for Correa? My other 1bs are Hosmer and Crush, SS Suarez with Trea stashed and their 1b is Freeman.

      • Matt says:

        @jal179: Hosmer and Crush sure seems like you’re fine at 1B regardless. I’d probably do it–Goldschmidt should be fine and that side may even ‘win’ if you look at it in a vacuum….but purely from a team perspective correa would seem to hold more value to you. Can you even play all of hosmer, crush, goldschmidt? I guess you can at 1b, CI, and util….

        Then again, I might way overrate Correa—I traded all of Cano, Tulowitzki, and J. Zimmermann for him several weeks back before this recent surge from Cano :(

      • @jal179: Crush meaning Carter, or Chris Davis? If Davis and Hosmer you’re set at 1B. However, I’d shop Hosmer (sell high) for Correa before I’d shop Goldy. Add a SP into it or something. Or send Suarez and Hosmer for Correa? Don’t sell Goldy yet if you can help it.

    • @jal179: I’d probably hold onto Carter rather than deal for McCullers. Let’s see how McCullers comes back from the injury first. I really think what he’s done the first six weeks is sustainable, even with the string of 0-fers last week. He’ll be streaky, but could reach 40 HR. I’d sell him for something higher if you’re shopping.

      As for Gattis, I don’t know where I’d put him. C is just a stupid position this year. It’s essentially Posey, so far Castillo and then a plethora of poop all about the same. His upside is higher than someone like Wilson Ramos, and Ramos is a top 5 option right now. Hopefully he’ll get 350-400 AB the rest of the season between C and DH. With that he could still hit 20 HR.

  19. Scooter G says:

    Any one who is struggling that you would be targeting as a buy right now? It seems like a lot of the guys with high preseason ranks who have struggled this year have traveled pretty far down or off your list like heyward, JD, a jones? Who are you buying these days???


    • @Scooter G: If you can still get Adam Jones on a buy-low, I’d target him first. Then Upton. Then J.D. Then Heyward. They’re all OF, though.

      The key is looking for someone who holds a crazy low BABIP, as there’s typically a regression/progression back to the mean. It’s a stat that shows luck, or the lack thereof. Tulo, Franco, Cain and Edwin are some other names.

  20. jo bono says:

    drafted turner but he’s starting the season slow so I picked up Drury a week back and he hasn’t produced much but a solid avg. Got Valencia in the FA, is he worth a pickup over Drury? scared to see what happens to Dru’s playing time when peralta gets back in the lineup

    • jo bono says:

      @jo bono: eugino Suarez is floating around the pool too

      • Matt says:

        @jo bono: Snag Valencia immediately no questions asked. .300+ average, .360+ OBP, .500+ slug% with 23 HR,76 RBI over the 125 games he’s played last year and this year (~420 at bats)…

        In case you don’t want to think, that’s a 30+ HR full-season pace since start of 2015.

        • @Matt: Yeah, what the weird spelling Matt said…but he won’t hit 30 HR.

  21. jal179 says:

    Once Gattis gets C eligibility, where does he rank amongst the catcher pool?

    Does he still get everyday at bats at DH once Reed gets called up? Tyler White still a factor?

    Gattis could be a real steal– McCann like numbers makes him top 5 C no?

    • Matt says:

      @jal179: I agree with this, snagged him 2 or 3 days ago to hopefully give me something at a position thats been perpetual dumpster fire for me this year.

      For yahoo league, 5 starts gets him C eligibility. He’s due for start #1 at some point during upcoming White Sox series. .250/.290/.450 with 20 HR has to put him in the top5 C range.

      • jal179 says:


        So from your perspcetive Gattis is still almost an everyday DH correct?

        I’ve got Ramos at C who has been a real savior from my drafted Weiters.

        Problem is by dumping a streamer like Colon I’m putting myself in a deeper pitching hole until I make a trade which seems nearly impossible in my very conservative trade league.

        ROS — Ramos or Gattis?

        • Matt says:

          @jal179: Yeah, I’d think Gattis is everyday DH and 1-2/week catcher. Gattis should outproduce Ramos based on production history alone (this year aside) but they probably aren’t too different… And I don’t know how you could drop Ramos and his .350/.387/.540 slash line so far….Gattis hit 27 HR last year, 22 in 108 games the year before, and 21 in 105 games the year before that so we know the pop is legit.

          Colon is nothing to hold on to, but I get the streaming thing… If 12+ team league, you’d have to assume someone else would snatch Gattis once ppl catch on to fact that he’ll be catcher eligible again soon. I’d be tempted to snag Gattis and trade Ramos but tough call considering Ramos #’s this year vs Gattis .203/.257/.313 in the 20 games he played thus far.

          And if your leaguemates won’t make trades, it could put you in a tough spot. Gattis has OF eligibility however so at worse you can play him there or at util and hopefully get average production.

          So in summary, you really can’t go wrong, but I’d probably snag Gattis, throw some offers around, and if nothing happens then go ahead and drop 1 of Gattis/Ramos in a few weeks. A few weeks shouldn’t kill your pitching too hard.

          And in meantime, think if there’s additional droppable players you can use to stream. If 12 team league or less, I’ve found that being fairly liberal with dropping non-stud pitchers is a good strategy (i.e. low K, average ERA guys like Colon are pure streaming options)

          • @Matt: I like you approach to this, Matt. I agree, the upside of Gattis is higher, especially given that Ramos won’t see 450+ ABs.

    • @jal179: No idea what the ‘Stros will do, but I’d target Gattis because of his C eligibility. I think it ends up with White at 3B, Reed at 1B, Gattis at C/DH with Castro there some (he’s actually hitting right now!).

      I’d put him around the Top 5. He’ll have better upside than guys like Ramos, who is currently a Top 5 option.

  22. Matt says:

    Thoughts on Cam Maybin? Any hope that .267, 10 HR, 23 SB season he posted last year is repeatable? Surely he’s got a chance to move into the top 100 ranks now that’s he’s with a team with an above average Off.

    • jal179 says:


      Is he guaranteed an everyday spot? Moya looks like a lean, mean prospect…

      • Matt says:

        @jal179: Guess that’s a good point….Probably depends on how Maybin starts out. Moya to me continues to look more like a platoon/bench OF than a fixture in the OF due to the trio of high K/lowBB/bad defense.

        Maybin went 2/2 with a walk and a sb in his 1st game tonight…

        • @Matt: I would agree that Moya is a flash in the pan. His numbers in the minors aren’t those that typically translate to everyday ABs.

          I don’t think maybe does again what he did in Atlanta last year. Could he hit 10 HR again? Yep. Steal 20 again? Yep. In the same year over the course of a consistent 500+ ABs? Nope.

  23. Steve says:

    Thoughts on Trayce Thompson? Need a UTIL bat, Guyer, Kendrick, Hicks or Trayce…

    • Steve says:

      @Steve: Trayce looks like a remorseless hitting machine. I’m grabbing him. #1 NBA draft pick & NBA champion dad, All-star NBA champion bro… He’s got some potential.

      Who do the Dodgers sit to keep him in the lineup though…prob doesn’t matter, he’s on fire.

      • @Steve: I don’t believe Trayce will see enough ABs. Pedigree? Off the charts. And I hope he does ascend into an everyday player. He’s hitting really well right now. But if you’re asking me for a current pickup that I believe more in for the rest of the season, I’d rather have Hicks.

        • Steve says:

          @[email protected]: That’s fair, I like Hicks too. I just need a UTIL player until Trea’s called up or DeShields figures it out in the minors and gets called back up.

          I remember JD two seasons ago, when he busted out hitting HR seemingly every at bat, I wonder if we’re experiencing Deja Vu, you have to imagine Trayce has access to some of the best hitting coaches due to his family connections.

          Who knows.

          Thanks for the feedback [email protected]

  24. Josh says:

    Is it time to drop Carlos Gomez for performers on the wire? I am worried about throwing away a decent draft pick so early in the season but he has been terrible. Any chance he bounced back?

    • Matt says:

      @Josh: No matter the what the pick was, a .182/.232/.248 sure isn’t helping. If it’s a deep league w/ long benches you can keep him and hope he bounces back, but otherwise I’d be cutting.

      It’d be different if he weren’t already retreating towards irrelevance last year, but was already down to .255/.314/.409 last year (and even worse after getting traded to houston). K’s up to near 35% is absurd and supported by equally absurd swinging strike rate.. Fly balls way down, hard hit % WAY down..hence the 0 HR so far. Ground balls WAY up (up nearly 10% since his last real good year 2 years back). Contact % WAY down (down nearly 10% from last year even). This despite seeing way more pitches overall in the zone than in years past—pitcher’s sure dont fear him! Need I go any further?!!

      He may be hurt. Whether he is or not, I’d consider a DL stint for him if I were the Astros. And I’d move on if I were you.

      • @Matt: Depends on who you cut bait for. I dropped him in an RCL, and just don’t see a rebound happening. Hopefully he is hurt, just for the sake of explanation, but I’m not sure what to expect. I dropped him for Melvin. Happy about that one.

  25. OuchmyKP says:

    Love the posts [email protected] but JD below Justin Upton…..what flavor koolaid were you drinking when you wrote this? Even Goldy has had a rough start and he’s still in your top 10.

    Plus, JD = JUST DONGERS. He should be at 19 at least.

    Lastly, surprised no Castellanos. I see a lot of other players like Story and Aldymeis on the board but no Nicky C. I’d put him at 62.

    My values could be off as I go by fangraphs and percieved potential. Otherwise, always a good read. Cheers.

    • @OuchmyKP: What’s your KP? I mention Castellanos in comments twice above. Here’s what I said:

      “He may just be a case of personal bias. While he’s not hitting .360+ like he did in April, he’s still at .310+ for May with more power. The power is the big thing. If that maintains and he reaches 25 on the year he will have been an incredible draft-day purchase. You could make an argument for him being above every 3B from Longoria down.” That would be about 10-15 lower than your 62. That BABIP’s going to regress….

      I appreciate the feedback, and the pushback. I have Upton over J.D. because he can provide more value in a 5×5 than J.D. But in reality, they’re all in the same group right there. Sano, J.D., Justin, Jones, Cargo. Need to see something turn around for them. Soon. As for J.D. at 19, you thinking that is the exact reason why I would tell people to still sell him based on his preseason/name value. He’s heating up, but not quite to the levels of last year yet. 38 HR is prob the ceiling, 28 more likely.

  26. Matt says:

    My closer-less team (DL’d Perkins is all I got) just got offered Ryan Madsen, David Wright for Jung Ho-Kang and Ian Kennedy. I hate Wright, but do I gotta do this deal?

    12 team, 6×6 H2H leauge using OBP/Slug% (no batting average) and has QS/Kper9/IP in the pitching categories (no wins).

    If I made the deal, this is what my team would end up as:

    C- J. Castro (Gattis when he gets eligible)
    1b- rizzo
    2b- zobrist
    ss- Correa
    3b- J Lamb
    MI- J Villar
    CI- D. Wright
    OF- J. Bautista
    OF- Gregory Polanco
    OF- Conforto
    OF- Melvin Upton Jr
    Util- Gattis
    Bn- Puig
    Bn- Brock Holt

    • @Matt: @Matt: You may be struggling in the power department a little, but Kang isn’t the savior of that anyways. Get saves if you need em. Kennedy’s nothing to worry about. Wright’s nothing to desire. But the replacement value of what he’ll do, or even a FA CI compares to Kang isn’t that drastic. If Holt has a hot hitting streak he could go there, too. I’d probably do it.

      I’m also the guy that traded Dozier for Ramos in an RCL, tho.

  27. Christian Herman says:

    Thoughts on jake lamb

  28. Christian Herman says:

    How is villar a better hitter than jake lamb?

    • @Christian Herman: I’d say Lamb’s upside is .265/60/15/70/5. That’s like Chase Headley in a good year. Ugh. Highly nominal from the 3B position. Villar’s is .280/70/8/45/40. At a weak SS. Gimme those 40 SB, or the 48 HR/SB # vs. the ~20 HR/SB # from Lamb.

  29. DzChronic says:

    Once he comes up would you drop Schoop for Trea Turner?

    • @DzChronic: Probably not. 2B has a lot of options, but Schoop may be one of the top 3 power options at the position. He’ll be streaky, like he’s shown to start the year, but he’ll outproduce Turner this year, imo.

      I’m stashing Turner in leagues where I’m weak at SS. After a few games he’ll gain eligibility there and rise in value overnight since the position is weaker than 2B.

  30. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    ellsbury and a-roid either had or were about to exit their DL stints when this was posted. i like hicks too, but wouldn’t it have been a better “buy” post on him back when ellsbury was hurt like just over a week before the 16th?

    • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

      @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey: if you want people to see movement in these have them be in green/red or have a number to the right showing movement (like -8, +4 etc). JB does that for his pitcher ranks, it’s quite useful.

      • @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey: We’re hopeful to add the green and red marks like JB’s post soon. There’s something in the coding we have to switch still.

        As for highlighting him a week ago, possibly. But I fully believe he’ll hold his value. Someone in that OF or in that lineup will be hurt again. And soon. And he’s performed well, so if any of them start to suck, wouldn’t surprise me to see Hicks simply jump them for ABs

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