On March 18th, Grey and I took part in the 14-team mixed-league Yahoo! Friends & Family league. I really like this one for two reasons:

  • Daily roster moves let me leverage Streamonator and Hittertron – although it’s tougher than RCL because pickups must be made the day before (no starting lineup-based pickups) and there is a newly-instituted 125 add/drop rule (i made 180 or so last year)
  • We get to play with our Friends at Yahoo (Behrens, Pianowski, Dalton, Funston) and Rotowire (Erickson, Liss) plus the polarizing and prolific tweeter Michael Salfino and some folks from Rotoworld. If you can successfully snag a closer or free agent from this group, it is a real accomplishment (my 2015 snags included Hector Rondon, Jake Petricka, Kennys Vargas, and Josh Harrison)

Some other wrinkles are:

  • It is 4 OF / 2 UTIL vs 5 OF / 1 UTIL. This adds a little more value I suppose to DHs and bench bats. My plan is always 5 OF in this format but I am a little more hesitant for roster flexibility to draft a 6th.
  • The SPs are SP/RP/7 P which is pretty much the same as 9 P.
  • 3 Bench and 2 DL spots
  • A 1400 IP cap which several leaguemates perceive as easily attainable and thus Ks should be treated as K/9 and, thus, aces are worth more (i.e., you can’t goose up K’s with more GS or middle reliever IP). There is some truth to that but 1200 starting pitcher IP in a 14-team league means that you need as much quality starts as you can get – whether that’s through aces and FAs/streams (my RCL preference) or overall depth.

Here is Grey’s draft review and commentary from all the drafters. Here are the draft results.

Now on to my team…

Pos Name Pick
C Evan Gattis 9.115
1B Victor Martinez 4.54
2B Neil Walker 10.138
SS Jose Ramirez 17.227
3B Lonnie Chisenhall 20.278
OF Andrew McCutchen 1.3
OF Jacoby Ellsbury 2.26
OF Starling Marte 3.31
OF Khris Davis 14.194
CI Mark Trumbo 7.87
MI Brett Lawrie 16.222
UT Billy Butler 19.255
UT Travis Snider 21.283
SP Jon Lester 5.59
SP James Shields 6.82
SP Gio Gonzalez 11.143
SP Hyun-jin Ryu 12.166
SP Drew Hutchison 18.250
SP Jake Peavy 23.311
RP Glen Perkins 8.110
RP Jake McGee 13.171
RP Brad Boxberger 15.199
B Dan Haren (SP) 25.339
B Joel Peralta (RP) 22.306
B Nick Franklin (2B) 24.334


  • This league drafts aces and RPs more aggressively than other expert leagues. The Hit/SP/RP split for this league was 65.4%/22.8%/11.8%. In comparison, my 15-team ToutWars draft was 66.5%/23.9%/9.6% and 15-team LABR was 67.3%/23.4%/9.3%. I think part of the reason why the overall SP investment was lower is that daily moves with no FAAB puts a lot less pressure on fielding a full staff. So mid to lower-tier pitchers are worth less. You would think that it would put less pressure on closers but it’s the opposite – no one wants to count on outsmarting all these sharks to find saves on the waiver wire.
  • My split of 65/23/12 mirrored the room. Grey was at 63/25/12. Scott Pianowski hit one extreme with 76% on hitting and Chris Liss hit the other extreme with 56% on hitting.
  • I got pick #3 which definitely beat last year’s pick #12. McCutchen fell to #3 (Stanton #2) which made for an easy first pick. Not surprisingly, the 2nd/3rd round SPs I was willing to take (Scherzer, Strasburg, and Felix Hernandez) were all gone by the 23rd pick (my #2 was 26th). I was targeting Ellsbury or Marte with my 2nd pick in the hopes of solidifying SB early so I did not necessarily have to use a Hamilton or Revere gambit. I was ecstatic to get both of these players and set up a great R/SB foundation when combined with McCutchen.
  • Victor Martinez with my 4th pick is not how I would have drawn up the draft. But it brings up a good point about drafting when you have 1 minute to make your picks and an unpredictable group. You have to trust your rankings. V-Mart was the best hitter on my board, setting me up with a great R/SB/AVG foundation and a lot of leeway to invest in strong HR/RBI-centric players.
  • Jon Lester and James Shields are a boring SP1/SP2 (especially compared to Grey’s Cole/Arrieta) but I think I got solid value with these two and the move to the NL will help their numbers. I would have taken Matt Harvey but Dalton Del Don snagged him before my 4th pick as his SP2 to pair with Strasburg. Remember when taking Harvey in the 7th round was bold?
  • Mark Trumbo over Kris Bryant with my 7th pick was my biggest post-draft regret. Naive for me to think Bryant would make it back to the end of the 8th round. I liked Trumbo’s 1B/OF eligibility (though Bryant may get OF) and I hadn’t drafted him yet despite having him ranked above ADP. Oh well. Since I wanted another power play to balance my team out, I ended up taking Evan Gattis in the 9th round. I do not love that pick either but – like Trumbo – my $ rank him high and I wanted him on at least one team. I did not enjoy watching quality catchers last until the late rounds.
  • I really like the value/potential in my SP3 (Gio Gonzalez) and SP5 (Drew Hutchison) picks. I am not thrilled about my SP4 Ryu’s balky shoulder and will be happy if I get 140-150 IP from him this year. Jake Peavy and Dan Haren are uninspiring SP6/SP7 plays that I made just because I thought they might make solid home start streams. If they are on my team by May, I’ll be surprised.
  • Generally happy with my RPs. Like with Tout, I tried to wait as long as possible without having to rummage through the last 5 or so closers. Perkins with my 8th pick is okay (though his health bothers me). My McGee / Boxberger (15th) duo should give me a full season of saves and a solid MR play. Joel Peralta (22nd) was a shot at grabbing some April saves while Jansen is out. (Note: I picked up Kevin Jepsen with my first add as a hedge against Boxberger – can never be too safe!)
  • Jose Ramirez makes it onto yet another of my teams. He comes with 2B/SS eligibility in Yahoo. I like him as a speed play and he could be a plus for Runs and AVG if he gets to hit out of the #2 spot. With 3 bench spots, no way I’m backing him up with Lindor at this point.
  • Picked up some additional roster flexibility with Brett Lawrie (2B,3B) and Lonnie Chisenhall (1B,3B). It gives me a backup at every position except C and SS. I had hoped Nick Franklin (2B,SS) would provide even more flexiblity as a bench bat but his oblique injury led me to cut him as there will be no room on my DL with McGee and Ryu.
  • FWIW, my pre-season values like my team best. It liked Dalton’s 2nd best. He just happened to grab both my preseason ‘cool’ picks in Matt Harvey (4th) and Kris Bryant (7th).
  1. HolyGhostClaw says:

    Wow, Arenado going 10 picks earlier than the last Yahoo ADP I saw. Damn it! I was hoping I could wait on him until around the 50th pick…

    Then again, I’m not in any ‘pert leagues, nor am I a ‘pert. So maybe I’ll get lucky?

    Pray for Mojo…

    • @HolyGhostClaw: Arenado’s had a good spring and seems to be gaining momentum. I’m a moderate fan (prefer Dickerson for a top 45 pick) but would definitely take him over Frazier (who is being drafted top 45). I might take him over Longoria.

      But I see some mock drafts that seem crazy to me – e.g., Marte making it to the 5th round – so I think ADP is still the best gauge unless you play with sharp people (e.g., a Razzball Commenter League).

  2. Mike says:

    I have a 16 team HtoH league yahoo draft tonight. 3rd pick, I am passing on steals and closers, it is a hold, slugging league. Going after Abreu or Cabrerra. I like a OF with my 4th pick.

    • @Mike: Sounds like a good strategy – hope your draft went well!

  3. J-FOH says:

    I almost wrote up Chisenhall for my catchers and corners post as a deep league/ take a flyer guy. This makes me feel better about my instincts. And why hasn’t anyone posted in here yet?

    • @J-FOH: It felt like I kept missing out on 3B in this league after passing on Bryant. I like Chisenhall as a flier but he won’t be long for this team if he gets off to a cold start.

      • J-FOH says:

        @Rudy Gamble: what about Valbuena? Did you consider him?

        • I’m less enthused by Valbuena. Total placeholder for the Astros. I see him as solely an AL-only play where I see Chisenhall as maybe providing value in 14-15 team mixed.

          • J-FOL says:

            @Rudy Gamble: Im thinking along the lines of splitting the two based on matchup

      • J-FOH says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I checked and he didn’t get taken, he’s also 2B, 3B eligible…cust Kayin’

  4. mike says:

    Need help: 12 team keeper league I have first pick…Best options are Cano, Upton Brantley, han ram..or should i just go kris bryant and take a chance???

    • @mike: It matters how your team looks this year. There is NO doubt that Bryant is the most valuable keeper. But taking him over one of those guys will probably hurt you in 2015. If it was me…..I’d probably take Bryant :)

      • mike says:

        @Rudy Gamble:
        Thanks Im feeling bryant too seems like a cant miss….My keepers are Donaldson,Trumbo,Puig Strasburg and J Abreau….Next year our league moves from 5 to 15 keepers…You think thats enough of a base to make a run this year or should I go for the future??

  5. e says:

    So I’m taking a look at who might be available for my first pick in our keeper league, I am already keeping Jose Abreu and Josh Donaldson. Of the people who might be available when I pick, who would you take?

    Ian Desmond
    Freddie Freeman

    • @e: Scherzer. I think he’s the 2nd best pitcher and you’ve already got a strong power base.

  6. Pager24 says:

    Hey Rudy,
    I think I may be an idiot? for some reason I am having trouble finding where to sign up for the $19.99 yearly pass. Could you please give me the link to that?

    Thanks for all your great work! well deserved

    • @Pager24: No worries. Just go to razzball.com/streamers and hit the ‘Subscribe Now’ button. You’ll need to create a CoinTent account and then choose the $19.99 option. Let me know if you have any issues and appreciate the support.

    • @Pager24: We found an issue this afternoon that led to the subscription box disappearing. Can you try it again?

  7. Chris says:

    Hey Rudy,

    I like it, I think you’ll compete. Vmart, Butler and Lawrie obviously could be huge either way. Do you think pitching is more important in a 14 team league than a 12?

    Let me know waht you think of mine. I know I’m screwed at 2nd should I pick up Panik, weeks or bonifacio?


    14 team league 5×5

    C-Norris (1)
    1st- Pujols (22)
    2nd- N Franklin (1) I know I’m screwed should I pick up Panik, Bonifacio weeks?
    SS-Escobar (7)
    3rd pedro(11)
    CI-Posey (22)
    MI-Peralta (8)
    OF-Marte (18)-Trumbo (16)-Revere (14)-Cabrera (Melky (13) Pollock (11)

    SP-Strasburg-(30) Lester-(20) Fister (11) Alex Wood (10) Tyson Ross (15) Salazar (6) Weaver (5)
    RP-KROD (5)-Cishek-(9)-Boxberger( Res)

    Again, Would you pick up Panik, Weeks, or Bonifacio at 2nd?


    • @Chris: Thanks. It would make things a lot easier if V-Mart has a solid season (.300/20/90 would be great). I’m not too worried about lower picks like Butler and Lawrie – hopefully they do well but inevitably you can’t get too attached to the lower players on your roster or else you won’t pull the trigger on a worthy FA pick.

      I think 14-team makes streaming pitchers just a little harder. But so many SPs come through as the season goes on that I also don’t want to waste innings on mediocre matchups. So the Streamonator helps me decide whether to start, say, Hutchison @BOS (i would think no). You also have to ensure 2 closers in this format – sucks fishing for RPs.

      Your pitching looks great for 14-team. Great bargain on Wood and you were able to stay thrifty on RP. Crazy Boxberger lasts until reserve when i took him in the 15th and was told I sniped two people.

      The offense looks very good for R/SB/AVG but looks weak on HR/RBI. I think you’ve got enough power sources that you can scratch to middle of the pack with some FA pickups for DH (Aoki ugh). I think you can definitely spare some speed at some point – Alcides Escobar would be a good one to ditch for a better hitting 2B/SS.

      Re: Franklin, yeah, hear you on that. I’d take Panik over the other two.

      • Chris says:

        Thanks a bunch! 6 wins a week would be awesome, which I think I can come closer thn most in my league. Would you trade Lester for Arenado or Lester for Wong? and would you do it now or wait?

        • Lester for Arenado yes. Ross for Wong

          • Chris says:

            How about Lester for Altuve?

              • Chris says:

                Hey Rudy,

                I hope you get this I just traded Lester for Seager what do you think?

                • that’s a fair trade.

                  • Chris says:

                    Thanks for the response I think it helps my team a ton. I just hope Salazar can get his but back up soon and have a good season.

  8. bossmanjunior333 says:

    How did you get Gio (143) there? He’s ranked #95 overall in Yahoo. I’ve been targeting him around 100 overall in my drafts, is that still ok value?

    • I got him at a similar spot in LABR. I think there are a lot of attractive SPs around pick 100. I would wait a little to get more value

  9. The Balking Dead says:

    Hey Rudy! I’m actually digging your draft quite a bit, plenty of quality picks and yes, Trumbo over Bryant might bite you in the butt later, but it’s not the worst move ever if Trumbo stays healthy. Always love seeing your guys posts on these leagues and the self-evaluation.

    Also, had a question about a trade in a 14 team h2h keeper league (keep forever), which side do you like:

    Machado/Myers/King Felix?


    • @The Balking Dead: Thanks. That’s a tough call. I would go with the Arenado/Dickerson/Duffy side even though Duffy has little value. I’m not sold at all on Myers (and hate Petco) and prefer Dickerson. I prefer Arenado to Machado. It’s only F-Her that makes me tentative but H2H requires a greater # of GS so aces have a little less value.

      Crazy that this would be a joke of a trade 12 months ago.

  10. Glenn says:

    Hi Rudy – Your comments were closed on your “Lineup Position Impact on Runs & RBI” from May of 2009 so I am using this path. I do not come close to any of your indexes. Please Help. Lets take the easy one. (RBI-HR)/(H-HR). Per the Baseball-Reference.com 2008 AL stats for Batting 1st the formula should look like this (936-185)/(2633-185) = .3068 (rounded up). You show 78! Where am I going wrong? Thanks Glenn

    • Well if the average is around .39, then the index is .3068/.39 * 100 = 78

      • Glenn says:

        @Rudy Gamble: .39 is the average of what? Thanks again. Glenn

        • @Glenn: the average RBI per non-HR hit. So if the average RBI per non-HR hit across all 9 lineup spots is 0.39, then the index for leadoff is 78 (.3068/.39*100) and would be read as a leadoff hitter gets 22% less RBIs (78 minus 100) than the average hitter per hit.

          • Glenn says:

            @Rudy Gamble: Sorry to be a pest – but I am still not getting it. Please give me the actual figures you are using to come up with the .39. The total RBI’s over all 9 lineup spots is 21541 and the total HR’s are 4878.

            • @Glenn: I ran the analysis a number of years ago. I don’t have them handy. Steamer and I did a deeper analysis a year or so ago where we totaled ‘expected’ vs ‘actual’ runs and RBIs based on run/rbi expectancy for each event (e.g., 1B, 2B, 3B, HR) and then indexed them.

              It ended up pretty similar. For runs on a per PA basis, it was:
              1 118
              2 114
              3 97
              4 93
              5 96
              6 91
              7 89
              8 92
              9 101

              and for RBIs it was:
              1 80
              2 91
              3 106
              4 114
              5 107
              6 101
              7 100
              8 99
              9 102

              I think the fact that 4th has a smaller run expectancy than 5th is counter-intuitive and, with enough sample, that 4th place hitters are slightly higher than 5th.

              If you want to recreate this, feel free. But I can’t share with you the formulas we used to create run and RBI expectancy. Those are proprietary.

  11. PhillyYorker says:

    Carlos Gomez for front of the line in waivers (Kris Bryant, obviously) in a keeper league?

    • Eh only if ur out of contention

  12. Nicholas Pieroni says:

    Rudy I forgot how to play fantasy baseball when I drafted this team…..
    is it as bad as I thought?
    Darnaud, Votto, Kendrick, Crush, Han Ram, Stanton, Harper, Springer, Gomez, Wright, Castillo, Mauer
    Wood, Cashner, Holland, Walker, Paxton, Odorizzi, Salazaar, Betances, Jansen, Feliz, Burnett, Wilson, Gravemen

    Honest thoughts all….. I can take it

    • Don’t know the league format but your offense is amazing.

      • Nicholas Pieroni says:

        @Rudy Gamble: head to head points

        Singles (1B) 1 Doubles (2B) 3
        Triples (3B) 4 Home Runs (HR) 8
        Walks (BB) 1 Runs Scored (R) 1
        Runs Batted In (RBI) 1 Stolen Bases (SB) 2
        Strikeouts (K) -1 Intentional Walks (IBB) 1
        Hit by Pitch (HBP) 1 Caught Stealing (CS) -1
        Hitting for the Cycle (CYC) 25 Grand Slam Home Runs (GSHR) 15

        Innings Pitched (IP) 3 Earned Runs (ER) -2
        Wins (W) 10 Losses (L) -5
        Saves (SV) 7 Blown Saves (BS) -3
        Strikeouts (K) 1 Hits Allowed (H) -1
        Walks Issued (BB) -1 Shutouts (SO) 10
        Complete Games (CG) 10 Quality Starts (QS) 3
        No Hitters (NH) 20 Perfect Games (PG)

        • @Nicholas Pieroni: assuming this is 8-12 teams, your offense is ridiculously stacked and your pitching is weak. You’ll have to do a good job mixing/matching starters based on matchups.

  13. Eric says:

    Hey Rudy,

    I suggested to Grey to throw in a free copy of Who Is Grey Albright with any yearly subscription package, and he told me to ask you. Thoughts?


    • @Eric: It’s his e-book – he can throw it in if he wants :)

  14. Scooterboy says:

    Just finished a 10 team h2h espn draft. I broke my rule for the first time. I usually go 1B/OF in all my drafts, but had Rizzo staring at me at pick 17 and went for it. I figured it would hurt my chances at getting a top OF, but I ended up being able to get Harper and Upton in the next two rounds. Here’s the team, what do you think?

    C Gomes (117)
    1B Goldschmitt (4)
    2B Wong (77)
    SS Reyes (44)
    3B Arenado (64)
    MI Bogaerts (157)
    CI Rizzo (17)
    OF Harper (24)
    OF Upton (37)
    OF Blackmon (144)
    OF Myers (164)
    OF Pollock (177)
    U Pederson (184)

    P Samardzija (57)
    P Cole (84)
    P Ross (97)
    P Allen (104)
    P Wood (124)
    P Storen (137)
    P Shoemaker (197)
    P Reed (204)

    Bench: Salazar (217), Pearce (224), Baez (244)

    • @Scooterboy: Your team looks solid – I think your offense looks solid – I don’t like Upton and Reyes but those aren’t bad values at those picks. I would drop Pearce and Baez for more SPs. You only have 6 and one of them (Salazar) is not looking vrey good.

  15. bossmanjunior says:

    Here is another situation where I am stuck…

    I am torn between 3 different 2B draftable at three different spots: Betts (2B eligible) at 60/61, Kipnis at 80/81, or Wong at 100/101.

    Its a shallow 10 team league so no MI and only 9 offensive positions, so looking for top 5 production at every spot, so to speak. I am already looking to grab Davis with one of my 80/81 picks and starting pitching with the rest (after drafting hitters the first 5 rounds). So which 2B I take also changes which pitchers I take. Here are a few example of potential iterations, tell me which one you prefer:

    1) pick 60/61 Harvey*/Cole and Betts
    pick 80/81 Wood/DeGrom and Davis
    pick 100/101 Carrasco and Richards

    2) pick 60/61 H 80/81 Kipnis and Davis
    pick 100/101 Carrasco and Richards

    3) pick 60/61 Harvey*/Cole and Cole/Arrieta
    pick 80/81 Wood/DeGrom and Davis
    pick 100/101 Carrasco and Wong

    * If Harvey falls (ranked #59)

    I know Grey is super high on Wong, but he’s had a rough spring (luckily no health or strike out issues though) and I worry about where he’s going to bat in the line up. Kipnis is dealing with an injury issue and Betts might have future playing time issues. I am almost inclined to take Betts because I don’t see a big difference between Cole/Arrieta/Wood/DeGrom, just happy to get two of those guys, potentially three if Harvey doesn’t fall.

    Second question, which of these starters with injury concerns do you prefer: Anibal or Richards?

    Thanks Rudy!

    • bossmanjunior says:


      Sorry number 2) should read

      60/61 Harvey*/Cole and Cole/Arrieta
      80/81 Kipnis and Davis
      100/101 Carrasco and Richards

      • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

        @bossmanjunior: in non expert leagues on yahoo carrasco hasn’t gone earlier than that this year in any of my drafts. ADP is around 120’s.

    • @bossmanjunior: I like the advanced planning you are doing but just beware that ADP isn’t perfect. You want to be able to pounce on a guy that falls and not be caught by surprise if everyone is gone. I’m just not sold on Betts this year – way too much PT and performance risk to take that early in the draft. I think you will have to move earlier on Carrasco. I prefer the value on Wong slightly more than Kipnis as I am not sure I trust Kipnis to stay healthy. I am down with your pitcher selections. I want nothing to do with Chris Davis – there has to be a safer 3B out there. I think .240 is his ceiling this year and his floor is a platoon. I’d rather have Sandoval or Seager.

  16. David Brys says:

    Who will have a better year: Hosmer, Pearce, or cj cron

    • @David Brys: Ugh, any team without any of those three :0
      I’d say Hosmer. No faith that Pearce is for real and Cron’s PT will be crunched when Hamilton gets back.

  17. Buffalo Runner says:

    2nd RCl draft. not sure how I did,, but here goes…

    6 Jose Abreu, CWS 1B
    19 Bryce Harper, Wsh OF
    30 Michael Brantley, Cle OF
    43 Evan Longoria, TB 3B
    54 Buster Posey, SF C
    67 Chris Davis, Bal 1B
    78 David Ortiz, Bos DH
    91 Gio Gonzalez, Wsh SP
    102 Alexei Ramirez, CWS SS
    115 Brett Gardner, NYY OF
    126 Garrett Richards, LAA SP
    139 Glen Perkins, Min RP
    150 Joaquin Benoit, SD RP
    163 Joe Nathan, Det RP
    174 Ian Kennedy, SD SP
    187 Andrew Miller, NYY RP
    198 Carlos Beltran, NYY OF
    211 Jered Weaver, LAA SP
    222 Ken Giles, Phi RP
    235 Coco Crisp, Oak OF
    246 Jhonny Peralta, StL SS
    259 Chris Tillman, Bal SP
    270 Javier Baez, ChC SS
    283 Darren O’Day, Bal RP
    294 Danny Farquhar, Sea RP

    • @Buffalo Runner: I like your power foundation but this team feels awfully weak in speed. I like Gio/Richards/Kennedy/Perkins/Benoit but I’d like it a lot better if there was an ace. Would totally prefer a pitcher at #67 vs Chris Davis. I like the MR depth.

  18. SteveNZ says:

    Hey Rudy – is it just me or has Car-Go fallen a bit in your Yahoo 6×6 OBP rankings recently? Just looked and he is down at 50 with a value of $16.

    I’m sure he wasn’t that low when I drafted him a couple of weeks adjourn for my H2H team.

    • @SteveNZ: Yes, I took down his playing time. I believe in his bat but not his health. Found myself increasing his DL time throughout the preseason.

      • SteveNZ says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Ah. I guess you’re not keeping him for $30 in a 10-teamer then, are you?

        • Not if I could avoid it.

  19. Warren says:

    Hey Rudy, two questions for ya.

    1. What are your thoughts on Neil Walker in an OBP league? He looks good on your player rater, and if he stays healthy I think his production wouldn’t be far off from Cano at a MASSIVE discount.

    2. The only top 15 pitchers not kept in my upcoming auction are Bumgarner and Greinke. Would you pay a premium for one of them or load up on a few from the Cole/Shields/Carrasco type tier?

    • I seem to be getting Walker around picks 130-160 in every draft. I like him in AVG or OBP leagues as a good counting stay guy. I wouldn’t pay premiums for those SPs but I’d pay their $ value in my player rater

    • thanks for your patience! glad we launched in the pre-season vs. opening day :)

      • George Bell says:

        @Rudy Gamble

        Your player rater assigns higher values to pitchers in 10 team yahoo roto leagues vs 12 team leagues. Can you please explain the reasoning as I can’t figure it out on my own?

        Also, if the league format is altered to add one more pitcher and one less batter should I be targeting pitchers even higher?


        • @George Bell: It isn’t that all pitchers in Y! 10 team are more valuable than 12 team – it’s only the aces. Strasburg goes from $27 to $25 but his less elite teammate Doug Fister goes from $3.5 to $6.5. As you reduce the # of teams in a league, the replacement level gets higher and lower to mid-tier SPs are less valuable. But aces could increase in value. The same dynamic happens with hitters.

          The Yahoo rankings already assume each team is using 9 pitchers (because that’s how it ends up working in reality) so no adjustments there. Yahoo is already at only hitters – you’re talking 9 hitter league? That impact would vary but would generally devalue the lower tier hitters and might slighlty help the higher tier hitters.

        • George Bell says:

          @George Bell:

          It appears that I am mistaken, only high end SP and RP are valued higher. In a 10 team roto snake draft does it make then make sense to target 2 aces in the first few rounds?

  20. George Bell says:

    The league starts 9 batters and 9 pitcher, 2 of which are RP. This setup is new to me.

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