Who is Jose Reyes — your great auntie who huffs and puffs to the mailbox in hopes the Cake of the Month Club package arrived?  Does he have dishpan hands and varicose veins?  Maybe Reyes overdosed on Mr. Burns’s nerve tonic like Ken Griffey Jr.  Jose Reyes has a bad thyroid.  Carlos Beltran has a bad knee.  The Mets’s injury list looks like a BBW convention.  What’s next, David Wright has adult-onset diabetes?

I don’t want to feed the hysteria because in all likelihood Reyes will be back next week.  Reyes said, “We’re not talking about my leg, nothing like that, we’re talking about my health, so I have to be concerned about it.”  I actually understand the distinction he’s making between his real health and his leg health.  And I think it’s awesome.  He’s thinking like a fantasy baseball manager!  Thyroid-schmroid — if he can run the bases, let’s hear it for the boy.  I’m not moving Reyes down my draft rankings just yet, but then again I’m not drafting in the next few days.  Until we hear more from Camp Reyes, I’d need to see him drop into the 3rd round for me to bite.  Though I think this will probably end up like how everyone dropped Pujols out of the first round in 2008 because he claimed to be one elbow short of two then he went on to win an MVP.  Reyes isn’t going to win the MVP, but I do think he’ll be fine.  Just practice caution.

  1. Mike says:

    I’m personally not touching Reyes this year…..too much risk involved for me. Plus the fact that I am from Philly and I hate the Mets!

  2. Steve says:

    Running the bases won’t be easy dragging that goitre around.

  3. Tony says:

    @Mike: yep…. there’s always next year.

    If he goes where he’s ranked in my yahoo league i’ll do like grey said and THINK about taking him in the 3rd round…

  4. Eddy says:

    I’m currently in a yahoo mock and he went in Rd.3 pick 3, so 39th overall.

    Grey I want to clarify something, your top 100/300 is where you project guys to finish 2010 and NOT where you’d draft them correct?

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: It’s where I’d draft them in a vacuum, but you need to consider where others are drafting them. For instance, I have Stewart 100th overall, but if he’s not being drafted until 190th overall. I’d take him 150th or so.

  6. Antrim Warriors says:

    Is Reyes going down the Baldelli highway?

  7. Mikey boy324 says:

    If it’s just an over active thyroid he’ll be fine they’ll put hiM
    on synthroid and he’ll be good to go a lot of people have that condition..if it’s something else then it’s a whole other story…

  8. Antrim Warriors says:

    So will clement be seeing regular ABs in PIt?

  9. charlie batch says:

    He’ll be fine, like mikey boy said this is not a big deal. If anything be thankful they detected this early so he can be his healthiest for opening day.

  10. DonSlaught'sOnslaught says:

    At least now he has a comeback if the other Mets are mean to him about putting on weight.

    (Shoving cake into his mouth) I HAVE A THYROID CONDITION, JERKS!

  11. If I understand hyperthyroidism, when his condition is corrected and balanced, he should find it easier to build muscle, but also easier to gain weight as well, right?

    So, speculating wildly with no real scientific basis, we might see him lose a little speed but gain some muscle mass especially in the large muscle groups.

    30-30 anyone?

    Okay, that’s pretty specious, but it’s fun to think about.

  12. @Rudy Gamble: Wait, this is the Mets….more like 30 days on the bench, THEN 30 days on the DL.

  13. Indy says:

    In a 15 team league, if i were picking somewhere between 5-10th, would you still recommend going 1st baseman with reyes in the second.
    I was looking forward to starting out with Fielder and Reyes, but now i’m not sure. I dont think reyes would make it all the way around for a late third. any thoughts?

  14. Seph says:

    Same thing happened to LT Bryan Bulaga for the Iowa Hawkeyes football team last season…he is projected High first round talent for the draft..He missed three weeks in season; J. Reyes should be just fine. (At least I hope so, I traded Carpenter and Ethier for him last season in a deep keeper league to help build my team up!)

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Indy: You can always take Andrus, Everth or Alcides in the 12th thru 22nd rounds.

  16. GasTheObese says:

    Google “Steroids and thyroids”, then start whispering

  17. mc serch says:

    @GasTheObese: That’s crazy…I heard a guy the other day talking about how the nature of Reyes’ injury last year [i.e., tendon or ligament pulling off the bone] was also an indicia of steroid use…sounded far fetched at the time…..now, maybe not so much.

  18. BigFatHippo says:

    From a personal insight…..

    I have Hypo-thyroidism diagnosed about 4 years ago. The Doc has me on meds and recently put me on Testosterone gel, “Andro-Gel”………..(hmmmm, Big Mac got caught with Androstenedione,,,,,,,Parallel? Probably.)

    Anyway, it’s given me much more energy, imagine what it does for an MLB player.

    Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid gland………….

    HypERthyroidism is an overactive gland…………..

    If Reyes has Hyper, there could be something fishy here. I’m staying away.

    I’m just saying………….

  19. giantJJ says:

    it’s not the thyroid imbalance that makes me want to avoid reyes even at a discount, it’s all the buzz that his maladies could be a result of steroid use.

  20. joel says:

    obligatory reche caldwell / graves disease link (in my name)

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